Monday, January 30, 2017

Heart Panes. Creative project (still) in progress

by (me!), Sandra, tvgp.  -what are the chances I can be done by Valentine's?  Xoxo

Aww, written by my (Charlie rose!)

and public "Thank you!" here to Carla Graci for sending it my way.. and to Gayle king for sharing it so she could!  I've always known he is all that... /she says with a smile...

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Secret Fairy Door Treasure Hunt in the Enchanted Alden Woods

now, I have to figure out a way to create a link which shares a slide show because I have like 40 pictures.. but for now:

and although it was my day off,  i drove to alden lane specifically to take some pictures.  it did help keep my spirits from sinking..     as the process of putting things in boxes is..

awful.    but i went and immersed myself in all these smiles..    and what an outstanding, off the treasure map charts! Sue Fordyce did at creating the map, the clues; 95% of the doors, the fairy garden making station..    and then,   -please!   is that not the most beautiful, radiant, perfect! alden lane fairy princess...!!

/that part was my idea...     and, oh! when i pulled in the parking lot, to hear a couple young girls shout with delight, "i see a fairy princess!!   mommy, mommy...  hurry!  daddy.. hurry up!"

the turn out was spectacular..   and the smiles and pictures say the rest...

"thank you!" to everyone who made this event possible!      In Jesus loves a treasure hunt's name, amen! 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The New Yorker Caption Contest Winner (taryn!) -knows (me!) writeousmom

-so fun to come across during my unpacking/repacking..        /my 37th? move..      when the potential for depression is a little higher than other times,

-things like this turn out to be the pick-me-up-and-keep-me-goings:    -now prelude to this,


which should help you appreciate this...   because this picture is from when I was collaborating with artist, nancy eddinger, on comic strips for the arts & crafts industry:  Sandyland

and what you can see here, is Taryn, at a much younger age..   8? years old.   and she has  -on her own initiative,  taken the panels, and provided her unique comic spin

so, this past recent Christmas, her Grandpa Pez gifted her with a year subscription to The New Yorker Magazine,  -and since she can legally participate in the contest now, and has met the age requirement + only had time since then to further develop her craft..

I'm predicting a winner.

now,  -he also gifted (me!) a year subscription..

so:  I think there might be two...


I'm not sure when the first magazine will arrive in the mail?  but looking forward to it, and..

already need to provide a change of address.


In Jesus I cant thank my mom and Rick enough for taking me in's name...    amen!

The Heart Seen by (leonard stegmann!)

   speaking of leonard..    he just emailed this fantastic addition to the heart seen collection.  it was taken in san gregorio beach.   I do like how it is all dark, and cave-ish..  looks like a tiny little heart shape too, in the upper left corner...   "thank you!"  

and when i saw this! on (steven pressfield!)'s website... (me!) sandra, tvgp

straight to comments with this:

“84, Charing Cross Road!!” -this is a direct cerebral hyperlink for me to a true story I must share -write now!-

LOVE the book! and the movie too!

For years I referred to Leonard Stegmann and myself as “The 21st Century 84 Charing Cross Road”

because my introduction to blogs came via Leonard Stegmann, who, beginning in 2005, wrote an entertaining blogumn, like 5 days a week for years!

REVOLUTIONARY to me, was that as a READER I could RESPOND to what i had just read

/kinda like i’m doing write now.. only this is when it was brand new

SO! Five days a week, for NINE YEARS, I read and responded in comments to Leonard’s blogs. As he has a sense of humor much like my father and brother, I felt like I could be as playful, lighthearted, and facetious or funny as I would be with family.

Of course I did wonder, what Helene and Franks relationship would have been like if they had access to blogs..

Anyway, -It was my great joy to read and respond.. read and respond.. to Leonard’s blogs for years.

And he did/does credit me for helping him keep going, as a writer.

Now, -I tried forever! to pitch this to agents/publishers; because I knew other people would find it entertaining, but -big fat nothing, until one day

a bite! -some interest! at last!

and so I went back to share the good news with Leonard, and..


I went into a bit of a panic.. contacted him immediately.. “Leonard.. there must be some kind of virus! where are the archives?!?”

and that’s when he explained to me, there was no virus.

they were -UNpublished.

apparently, when he turned his blog posts into books with Amazon as Publisher, the rules/regulations say that the stories cannot be published anywhere else online. so he unpublished everything; which vanished my 5 days a week/9 years worth of comments

-they were very entertaining.. a lot of thought/craft went into how I would respond -it nearly killed me.

but, they sit in his blogspot domain UNpublished. -when I asked to have copies of his archives for just my own memory archive

he said he would republish for a short time, and I could copy/paste only my comments; not his posts.

so, if you could imagine 84 charing cross road, with only Helene’s letters, and not Franks..

my comments were in RESPONSE.. so, what good/use?

I just let it go.

And have continued to do an enormous amount of creative non-fiction writing on my own blog.

Have let go of the 21st Century Charing Cross Road pitch & dream,

and currently believe my memoir could sit on the same shelves with Jeanette Wall’s Glass Castle, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, and Anne Lamotts work..

so that is the goal I’m working toward now

Thank You for letting me share,

Sandra Harrison Kay, literary & mixed media artist

Thursday, January 26, 2017

what could be next... a handwritten letter on stationery?! wonders (me!) sandra, tvgp

don't you know, my almost 51 year old self just smiles with happiness and curiosity to see the 20-somethings enjoying polaroid cameras..

really?!    -here you have in the palm of your young, strong, beautiful hands, cell phones which can take extremely high quality photographs  -instantly!-    

that you can zoom in on with the tip of your finger, share in the blink-edited-out of a no-more-red-eyes..

and you just bought a polaroid camera?   where not only is the quality low-grade, but

what suprises me,   (me!), most of all, is the fact, that once you click the button..

  -you have to   ~wait.

your generation has virtually no training in this area..   microwaves; on-demand tv; speed dial; electronic door openers; instant this and write-now that..     research that used to take months/days..  

takes hours/seconds with internet access.

so,  -to witness you self-imposing some patience exercises.    -and self-imposing exposure to -process

I am very impressed!   and fascinated.     and "thank you!" Daniel here for letting me take a picture with your polaroid, because

aren't they just pure fun!   opening, pushing the botton (not flat glass); having the photo slide out..
the magnificent sound effects of everything..    and then the patience and suspense involved in waiting..  wondering...

with anticipation and uncertainty..   for the results!

many spiritual virtues are put to the test here..      and, what better way to initially gain and/or deepen your -appreciation- for the evolution of photography.


appreciation; can this be quantified?


anyway, this got me to thinkin'...

I wonder what you might self-impose next?  you young people who inherited an on-demand, instant everything world and culture..

  -maybe you will handwrite a letter to someone you love, on beautiful stationery, with a pencil or pen?  and put it in an envelope, and lick it sealed, and place a stamp..   and mail it...

and this too..   will require patience; effort; thought; creativity...   reliance on the united states postal service..      you will experience process..    and wait, wondering, did it arrive today?    and surprise and delight the recipient

who is so accustom to email or texts ...   /or bills..

and you will initially gain and/or this will deepen your  -appreciation-  for the evolution of person-to-person written communication; and perhaps even the evolution of language itself...   /inspire investigation into graphology...

but, in this patience-required exercise; you must hurry...    because I think stationery and ink and even artistic, beautiful stamps are on the endangered species list...

graphology .. just needs a vocabulary update: type~ology.  -because even with digital fonts making uniform the shape, size, of letters of the alphabet..    doesn't everyone still have a unique way of employing the fonts; selecting them.. arranging them...

especially notable when provided a blank page and not forced inside a template.   -unique expression..  keeps finding a way


and speaking of evolution..   just saw hidden figures with a group of amazing women in their own-write last night at Livermore cinemas, where..

   please!  in electric recliners with popcorn and a beer...

and, its brilliant; this movie..   a story long over-due to be shared, and will no doubt inspire millions..

but, it struck me, what a great example it is, for what ive been preachin' &; teachin' for a while now:

my greatest concern:

technology out-evolving human-beings.    -and don't you see it so clearly in this movie!   a rocket ship...

and, simultaneously racism; sexism..

oh, isn't it fascinating how unevolved human-beings can contribute to something like

-the world wide web...      innovate some of the greatest communication tools in human history, but

cant communicate sometimes just among themselves.


we've got some catching up to do with the tools we create...

   /a.i. is coming to mind here..


In Gods ways are higher than our ways...     and thoughts higher than our thoughts..  

/and now, cant you see   -based on our pathetic human thoughts & such slow to evolve ways...  

cant you see it..

-in thank God for Jesus name,  name  amen!

Monday, January 23, 2017

naming miracles... (me!) sandra, tvgp

stealing the show at alden lane on a rainy day

 there were several people looking out the window from the garden store..   obviously mesmerized by something..    and when I inquired..  turns out it was this show stopper.    you can see from the picture at the top, the attraction; especially, on an otherwise gray, rainy, cold day

but what you cant see from that angle, is this:
-how this gorgeous flock of flowers reaches out from the fence
-as if it is stretching, reaching, with all its might


there was a brief flash in my imagination of a crowd of people
at a baseball game; fans in the stadium..   everyone reaching out in hopes of catching the fly ball..

and when I learned its proper

 -not proper, but its current -scientific?- name


not to offend, but the analogy for (me!) would be..

have you ever met a particularly attractive person; someone who just takes
your breath away, but then you learn their name..

and there is huge disconnect.

that's how it felt.

and often times at alden lane, i'll learn the formal name of a given spectacular plant, flower or tree and it is.. usually something that,
A. I cannot pronounce
B. I will never remember
C. I cannot spell properly without research..
D. don't like
E. doesn't match the appearance of..

i'm always light heartedly saying..  this is when you need some poets
these scientists..?!

but then there are a large number of plants, flowers, trees
miracles, all of them

that DO HAVE, what is referred to as a
COMMON NAME   ("thank you!" to everyone who has contributed here)

and, what common name ='s is,   -prettier, easier to say, remember and spell and a better match of sounds to appearance.

what is a great, perfect example?  I will come back to this..

the point today, is that,

apparently, according to the passionate professionals/knowledgeable sources/certified/trained horticulturists at alden lane

this very spectacular living, breathing, reaching, grasping, golden
show-stopper, sunshine on a rainy day flower-tree above

does not yet have a common name!!

it only has this name:


/honest to God, who comes up with these names?    we forgive you.

I mean, I do respect the identification process..  and you know how I adore scientists

but, come on

step back and look three times at these pictures  -please!

leucadendron * proteaceae * fynbos * shrub

no, no, no..

this will never do.   

so I was very excited then to learn, it does not yet have a common name,
because that means we can come up with our own!

sunshine on a rainy day.  yes.  maybe. closer.

-there is something so pronounced about the way it reaches/grasps..
how vibrant..   how showie~offie

then, I was thinking..   how can we remember the formal name...

maybe something that phonetically connects it..


leuc..    sounds like,   -luke!

then I came across this passage from the Bible:

and decided yes!   -so for (me!),

the common name, I have projected on this sensational creature is:

The Golden Luke 2:40,   /how is that as a batting average?

it does come in other colors!  so, adjust accordingly..

In Jesus magnificently creative vibrant name,   ~amen!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

cerebral hyperlink to.... (martha stewart!)

i'm only sharing two, of what must be dozens that happen each day.. but, on this occasion, I had a customer come through alden lane, who, during our small, friendly talk, at that register mentions she used to work for

martha stewart.    -she had a fun story about crashing a van she was driving during the time she worked for Martha..    and so, I verbally bullet~pointed my Martha stewart story

and we exchanged names/numbers..

and  -she told me about Martha stewart and snoopdog..

and I told her about  -the Justin Bieber roast...

and there you have it.

the older you get; the longer you live; the more cerebral hyperlinks you will have..  and the more effort you will need to employ deciding whether or not to  -open- for more information/details, or skip and keep going...

   -there was just no skippin' this one

In Jesus knows all about redemption and resurrections name..   amen!

cerebral hyperlink to... my (robin williams!)

  -the picture didn't upload.  but, it was just of a piece of small metal wire..  maybe, a paperclip someone had played with for a bit, set down, but did not throw away.    -when my eyes landed on it,
and I picked it up   -had to take its picture.  and I was positioned write near a garbage can.  -so that is the picture that is not here but should be.   a small metal wire, in an odd shape, in the palm of my hand, and my hand is just above the trash can.

cerebral hyperlink to a scene in my favorite movie of all time; and one of my favorite actors.

miss you. love you.  in Jesus is the thirst quenchers Name..    amen.

Friday, January 20, 2017

FOR MADABANDON from (me!) sandra, tvgp

01/20/2017:    -k-,    greg from alden lane, showed me this picture on his phone..   of..  what did he playfully call it?   -unicorn horn farm?   -anyway,   he showed me where it was at alden lane..  so then I took a picture with my own camera:

and, i'm like..  /to myself only, at first:  that's the rat brain! or vegetable..    from madabandon's blog..!

   -turns out, according to gerry and greg.. it's broccoli..

but, I tried to retell, what you can see here below..     how a long time ago, my blogger friend had this picture from a farmers market,

and then,  different day/different time, but...   -then I saw the same thing  -or what looked very similar, but was described as a peek inside a rats brain..

then I was all grossed out, thinkin'    -OMG, are people buying and eating rats brains at the local farmers market,  -thinking its a vegetable?

anyway, check this out:  the top picture is from,   and the other I took of the TV when the dream life of rats show was on..

original post 11/28/2008:

hey my blogger friend..

had to take a picture of this image from a documentary on the science channel titled

dreamlife of rats, -a look at how laboratory rats are used by scientist to understand the human brain. this picture, i took from the program on tv, is a micro-close-up in the brain

doesn't it look so much like your -vegtable? -had to share it with you

in-not-my-wish-for-the-nation day -by (me!) sandra, tvgp


i'm going to wear all black today.  carry a small flag and a big cross and pray for our country.

I will not lose heart;
I will not grow weary;
I will not give-up
in Jesus name,   amen.

photo by vanessa frick "thank you!"

Thursday, January 19, 2017

photo by anne jewett.. of (me!) sandra, tvgp -authentic warrior fan

public "thank you!" to anne..    pleasure to take a quick break from inventory, merchandising, cashiering, and get to be an Instagram model.   love these hoodies!

and did you see that last game!!  awesome! 
and extra gratifying to see them win with such a margin over the cavaliers..  honey!

  &  blessings!   and as I transition to alden lane full time, will just repeat what ive said many times over the past several years

hit the lottery when it comes to co-workers!  loved working for, and with you.
and it has been one of my favorite, favorite, favorite jobs Ive ever had..

stretched and grew..   and learned so much from each of you.

and, am going to find some way to slide-show share the ricky~picky photo collection soon..

God Bless!  xoxo

Much love!   ~Sandra

/I will myself have to type ricks picks in the search bar of this blog; ~ my external memory storage.

In God has got me on the move's name...    amen.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

PARADIGM SHIFT -the seed. in (me!) sandra, tvgp

for the best definition of what a paradigm shift is:  watch bishop t.d. jakes sermon on the topic.


I can tell you what was said   -I can tell you what was said, but not the person who said it, or when..

I just remember   -when?   but someone suggested, or mentioned..  that

when a person was severely attacked in one way or another, or in multiple ways

what that meant, was that

that person was a great big threat to the devil.     -that the greater the attacks, the greater threat that meant you were; to the enemy.

that was the seed.  planted in my heart and mind, I don't know when.  I don't remember by who..

but it has been watered, and nurtured, and cultivated over many years.  ive since heard it preached on/about by several different pastors in different ways and on many different occasions.

I suppose there is an opportunity for seculars to see this as a self-fulfilling prophesy.  but us Christians:

we know.

that seed that was planted..    it was one of the greatest gifts of my life.   it landed on good soil

/see Matthew 13:1

it marks the very first time  -ever-   that I was gifted a new way of looking at all the ugly, evil, traumatic, life-threatening events I had survived

     you mean..  I'm not just a magnet for evil people..   mean people...  trauma...

I am a threat?!   

the more and greater the attacks..  = the more mighty works I'm destined to do for God?!

this information changed things.

it changed everything.

   -I went from cursed to complimented.

the enemy has attacked me from every angle, and at some of my most vulnerable ages and stages in life.

but here I still am

and a mighty lot of work for God I sure do intend to do

and for anyone else out there, like (me!)..  who has suffered under intense, relentless, and multiple attacks     - I pray this spiritual paradigm shift for you too.   may your heart and mind be of good soil  -so this seed may be planted and take root

water with love.

Hallelujah! & Amen.

WHOSE VERY HANDSOME YOUNG SON IS THAT?!? asks (me!) sandra, tvgp AKA WriteousMom

I had just sent a text.. it said, maybe I should tell you 9:00am, when its really 9:30, so you'll be on time.

he has his own sense of time; always has.

but, sure enough, 20 minutes late..  I watched his car pull in the parking lot.   watched him from inside the bagel store, walking through the parking lot, all tall, and,

"i wonder whose handsome young son that is?!"   I said within ear shot of a customer who I knew was watching me, watching him

"mine!   that's my handsome son..   thank you very much."   


we have to schedule our visits now, or I might not see him unless its Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving..  Graduation

he has a car, and a job..   and friends..   and video games..   and a second house with his dad..

have I mentioned once or twice, how much I miss taking him to school..?


anyway..  what a wonderful visit!  -he walked me through all of his classes, what he's studying, whether he likes it or not..   and of course, we briefly discuss grades.   the car incentive his dad provided helped quite a bit..

my stance has never wavered:  A is for Awesome.  B is for Brilliant.  C is for Creative.
     -we didn't even need to address the others this time..

Don't do that again, or is this class entirely Foreign to you?!    

I just felt so happy and proud..   all is well...     and we talked about a recent death of a family friend, and discussed how   -sad,    -but how our last visit with him, included hugs, and Merry Christmas..  and group visits..         -I mentioned how he had a good life, and very good memories..   sometimes that's the most we can ask for..   and explained how, the people I ache for,  -when they die early..  are the people who are still stuck,  -who never evolved..  still stuck in addictions, or fears, or unforgiveness..       but, Paul was not stuck.  He shared lots of wonderful memories anytime you sat to talk with him..       

and I shared all about my work, and art, and hopes and dreams..

and he shared all about his work, and friends, and things he's looking forward to..

and we talked about a new movie coming out...   a dog's purpose..    and, look forward to seeing that with him.   

/and I'll go see hidden figures with my mom-friend..

and, just to sit and have a bagel and a visit; an in-person visit..       -all filled up.  put the sun in my heart on an otherwise cold and rainy and very gray day.

"Thank You!"  Jesus..   and "Thank You!" Jack..     I feel very blessed indeed.


speaking of..  skipping a longer story to say, I was asked this question very recently:

"so what do you want to be when you grow up?"

and I said with a smile, I said, "exactly who I am write now, only with more money."

    -work; good.   -relationships; good.    -art; good.    -health; good..

bank account; not so good...

but ive done a lot of personal work over the years, with a lot of help..    and the insides are in very good shape.     and Ive met a lot of people in my life, that have plenty of money, but their insides are in awful shape..

neither one should be ignored or neglected.         In Jesus gracious name,   amen.

what the Bride & Groom should wear... suggests (me!) sandra, tvgp

when did I have this conversation with my daughter?  recently..  and did I let her get a word in? 

  -because, it flashed through my mind..  several decades worth of married peoples relationships; all I had seen, been through myself, read, heard, witnessed..

so I said with a smile, I said

"do you know what the bride and groom should wear..    MATCHING JERSEYS!   -because someone needs to remind them..

YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE SAME TEAM!!    The Same Team!    Together..  united...

common goals and values..!

My God..  the amount of husbands and wives ive seen who..    just give the ball to the opponent..

like, WTF

can you imagine if steph curry just handed the ball to a player on the opposite team?   -that's what these spouses are doing when they cheat on each other..   when they lie to each other...

why do they even get married?!  I do not understand..     you need to be on the same team..

the bride and groom should wear matching jerseys..   and the bridesmaids.. and the groomsmen..

    -and the families for that matter..  and all the guests..

honey, I know ...      I cant even repeat out loud all ive seen and know..   

but I think people need a very visual reminder that..   husbands and wives are supposed to be on the same team!   -k         and anyone or anything that undermines, threatens..

  -enemies! opponents!

don't settle for less..

   -then we've got all this free agent BS..  but at least!   at least when they trade teams

WE KNOW    -because they wear a different uniform..

   my God, at least be on the team and for the team that matches the jersey you're wearing..

  -just promise me you will not settle for less...        and Jack too..  

I love you!    I love you!    oh!, you have to go don't you..   k baby..

jerseys at your wedding.. "     xoxoxo


turn to totally different page: 

-in the Bible..  when Jesus turned the water into wine..

at that wedding; ive always wondered who it was that got married, and how long they remained married, and the quality of the relationship

and the quality of the wine..    like, how amazing that must have tasted

and speaking of teams and loyalty to:

Christian Jersey's with Bible Passage Numbers..

In Jesus faithful, loyal and holy name...   amen!

Monday, January 16, 2017

CONTENT OF CHARACTER.. appreciated/understood by (me!) sandra, tvgp

and you know, if I could have a song playing in the background today, it would be stevie wonder's happy birthday song, which helped put Dr Martin Luther King on the U.S. calendar as a National Day of Celebration..   and, plus it is far easier to dance and groove to than the traditional version..

I have no moves for that one.  cant sing it, either.


I want to be bold enough to ...   make some edits.. to one of the most famous speeches in American History:

"i have a dream, that everyone's children, will one day live in a world, where they will not be judged by the color of their skin,

or by their sexual orientation

or by their gender identity

or by their religion, denomination, or lack there of

or by their financial status, or by their ex~ten~you~waiting circumstances

or by their outstanding or lack of formal/expensive education..

or by their very human flaws/weaknesses/idiosyncrasies,   -which we all have some variation of...

or by the brand names they do or do not wear

or by where they dine, or by their worst mistake..   -you get the point.

I have a dream, that one day, everyone will live in a peaceful world, where each person will be encouraged to know, manifest and master the fruits of the spirit  [love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control]

and evolve, during their brief lifetimes, into humanitarians.

I have a dream, that love  -really will-  conquer all.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Heart Seen... by (taryn!)

...YOU are the salt and light.!..   what a wonderful, flavorful addition to the collection...   "Thank You!" love...  xoxo

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dear Fellow Tax Payers, from (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Oh! They love to tell you how the whole world might fall apart if minimum wage for hard working, honest, good, ethical people gets raised to

$15 hour?!?

but..  am I reading this correctly? Superintendent gets FIRED

and still collects $256,000 + health benefits for a year + 4 vacation days..

and reimbursement for mileage

and a life insurance balance of $803.

and tax payers are denied any other details..

and all of this is being labeled:

"quick and responsible"

/as a hard working, over-taxed paying, contributing citizen of Pleasanton for 20+ years,who works two jobs, sometimes 7 days a week

And can't even qualify for 'affordable' housing.

this is difficult to read and impossible to swallow.

In Jesus I think would turn the tables upside down.. name,  -amen.

The Heart Seen... by (keeshie!)

Awww,  how blessed is this child!  sweet as can be..   -details to follow, but my understanding is this baby was born a year ago..  family in Turkey.  "Thank You!"    -made my day..    xoxo

The Heart Seen... by (juju koop!)

... if this does not put an instant smile on your face...   "Thank you! JuJu!"   grateful to add to collection.   Xoxo

Friday, January 13, 2017

RESERVED: brian perrin's talk/livermore amador valley garden club


HOW 'BOUT FUN & BEAUTIFUL by (me!) sandra, tvgp

designed/photographed by (me!)..    

RESERVED by (me!) sandra, tvgp

this space is being reserved for some humor; soon.    amen.

VICTIM BLAMING as seen/read/understood by (me!) sandra, tvgp


not sure who coined the phrase/term, victim blaming, but the only time I read about it, or hear about it, is in relation to sexual assault/rape victims.

so, somehow,  -quite unconsciously, irrelevant/unnecessary/unjustifiable questions get posed to a rape victim/survivor

like,  -what were you wearing?  why were you even there at that hour? what did you have to drink? and I could go on and on, but these conversations have played out a million times already,

and I'm pretty confident, mature/evolved people of both and all genders, arrive at the conclusion, that they didn't even realize they were victim blaming, until it was brought to their attention,

and most people agree..  and arrive at the conclusion that you want to put ALL OF THE BLAME,  -WHERE IT BELONGS
   -which is on the evil rapist and not on the human being that was raped.   


but what feels worth pointing out   -one last time, is that,

victim blaming is written into our current laws.    and for this reason, we want to look closer at

where victim blaming and personal responsibility may in fact overlap:

so, pay attention:

write now, as it stands, not in matters of sexual assault or rape, but in matters of having your car broken into:

   -if your car is broken into, and your car was locked,   -felony.

   -if your car is broken into, but you left it unlocked,   -misdemeanor.

this has always; and continues to fascinate me.   and I believe the value of what is stolen, factors in also..


the point:   is not that a very similar thing; is that not also a form of victim blaming.

"he stole my laptop, my stereo system! my wallet...!"

"well, ...  was your car locked?"

because..   stealing is stealing is stealing to me...   and ALL THE BLAME should go on to the person who did the stealing

and we should not BLAME the person who may have, in a hurry, with lots on their mind, may have forgotten to lock their car doors

and we should not reward any type of stealing    -because it was easier  (?!?)

but the ways our laws are written,  -each citizen has a responsibility:

to lock your doors.
to get an alarm for your home/office.

and the consequences for thieves are less severe the less they have to work at stealing from you; and more severe if they have to work harder at it..

is everyone comfortable with this?


now,   -cant put any blame on me, at six years old..  when a masked man broke into our home..

   /but curve ball here;    -the lock was broken.

can't put any blame on me, when at 17, a serial rapist, came up from behind and shoved a gun in my head

/but I was in fact asked all the typical questions..

 -can you blame me.. at 16,  when a rapist lied about age, name, place of birth, occupation, and had plotted all along to kidnap..       -can you blame me, when I learned he had kidnapped/raped and used all the same maneuvers, modes of operation, on two young girls prior to me who opted out of going to court and prosecuting? 

my contribution was being young, naïve and stupid and vulnerable.   so, I am very happy we successfully prosecuted and he was sentenced to 20 years!

the upshot,

is that I believe we should each stay in the practice of locking our car doors and windows, and being aware of our surroundings, etc., etc.

but as far as blame goes..      it should always go to the person committing the crime; the criminal.

   -for committing the crime.   and I'm not sold on the idea that we reward criminals according to how easy or difficult their criminal action was; and punish and/or blame innocent, law abiding citizens for naivety or forgetfulness or vulnerability

I'm thinking here of children, youth, and the elderly..


it is a dangerous world


on the subject of crimes/criminals/danger:   I had to change the pin on my Verizon account.. and wonderful customer service during the process..

but, "identity theft"     -and, I just laugh, pray, and smile, and pray..     to consider how much I share here on my blog

   -how dangerous.

there is no getting around that fact.    -but, deep, deep, deep in my heart, soul, psyche

if you want to understand why I take the risk

it is because all of the crimes I mentioned above that I have survived

I survived them BEFORE the internet, blogosphere, identify theft..

I could have so easily, and on numerous occasions been killed   -and not a soul reading this write now, would even know I ever existed..

so, there is no relationship for me..   the one people speak of

     -don't put yourself out there = staying safe.
In Jesus knows sufferings and resurrections' name...     amen.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

to alden lane high school & college students, from (me!) & (President Barack Obama!)

in my recent post, great come-backs, I mention how I got all attached to the young adults when I started working at alden lane in june, and then how..   they all abandon me


in pursuit of a higher education.  left with little warning.  and how I suffered abandonment issues, and then..   how "happy!" I was to learn that a % of them return to alden lane when they have school breaks and return to their families and homes.   

and so ive thoroughly enjoyed seeing their faces, and hearing their voices again..  seeing them here and there around the nursery.    excellent work ethics!   very impressive what they each do..  how they contribute..

but different colleges = different schedules, and for some,

very tiny gap between, "welcome back!" &  "today is your last day!?   -already?"

and, ive been wondering how I can say goodbye properly.  wish them well...    look forward to a future return..

and, so, let me please thank    -who has turned out to be, within my life and voting time,  my favorite President of the United States of America to date:   Barack Obama.

and the reason i'm thanking him..  /again,

is because "he said it for (me!)" in his recent farewell speech, which I just finished watching

and  paused/replayed/paused replayed, several times to capture:   /I will bracket code my editorial + creative license variances

"...  and that's why I leave this [nursery] tonight even more optimistic about this country than when i started

-because, I know our work has not only helped so many Americans

it has inspired so many Americans!  

  Especially so many young people out there  [like YOU]



let me tell you,

this generation coming up: 


ive seen YOU in every corner of [this nursery]


   -You Know that Constant Change has been America's hallmark    -that it is not something to fear; it's something to embrace


               -You'll soon outnumber all of us,


OUR FUTURE is in [GREAT!] hands."


so, President Barack Obama said it better, clearer, calmer, louder, and on a much larger stage than I can.    /but let us learn from that also..

when someone can say or explain something better than you can;

let her.


GOD BLESS each and every one of you on your academic, and school-of-life journeys

In Jesus is watchin' over you's name...



every characteristic/reason I read the audacity of hope, and that inspired me to vote for Barack Obama in the first place

was still present and evident and shining bright in his farewell speech.

and, does he not demonstrate in word and deed, with great consistency, in peace and in crisis, in prosperity, in lack, in every situation  -with allies; with enemies

does he not demonstrate a manifestation and mastery of all the fruits of the spirit..    ~he does!

he is my personal definition of a fully evolved human being;  -humanitarian

and we've been very blessed.

things i KNOW but cannot PROVE (me!), sandra, tvgp

my apologies; have to get serious again:  here is a very small sample..  3 things I KNOW to be TRUE, but cannot prove:

1.  about 20+ years ago, I was at a small size social gathering, of say, 50 people or so.  There was a clue..  something different in volume and tone, about the way one of the men in the group was laughing..    the laughter itself was appropriate, and other people were laughing in response to the same story, but he captured my attention..    what was it?

I would learn, months later, that within a week of that social gathering, he died.    -cause of death, I was told, was accidental..    I don't even remember the detail.   but I knew..

what I knew is that   -he already knew he was going to die.   that information was tucked inside his laugh..    and I Know it was a suicide not an accident.   or he was ran off the road...     the part I'm certain about, is that he knew the night I met him for the first, and last time,   -that his death was very near.


2.  for financial reasons, many people have suggested I should have stayed married longer.  based on laws, I would have been better off sticking it out to the ten year mark, vs. the seven, I barely made it to.    -what I know, but cannot prove, is that  -my spirit & health-   could not have lasted.   I avoided and prevented what had the potential to become a life-threatening illness; I avoided and prevented  trips to the hospital

but you can't prove that kind of thing.    I only know to "Thank You!" Jesus here, because, financially, I was without health benefits for lots of years, and without financial resources to pay for any doctors visits        -but guess what..   I never needed them.   I stayed healthy! I know that I spared myself, I prevented/avoided illness..        -and, "Thank You!" Jesus here again, because..   my ex-husband does provide for our children, and we can be in the same room for holidays and anything involving our children.     -so, plenty has gone write, even though the marriage itself went wrong..


3.   I KNOW we have President Obama to thank for..     -the fact our recession did not spiral down into something the likes and length of the great depression..      and, -the fact that something the nature of 9/11 did not repeat during his Presidency..

but do you see, how  -things avoided-  -things prevented-   are hard to prove.    -in every area we had peace and diplomacy and progress.. over the past 8 years    "Thank You!"  President Obama  -and your team.

  -for the capture/death of Osama bid laden..     for, all the work behind the scenes to identify/disrupt terrorist activity of any kind..

-for all the hard work, late nights, sacrifice,  -for the very careful and thorough   -thought-  you put into every ultra difficult and very consequential decision you had to make..

-for the love, grace, compassion, and yet unweary, way you represented all of us in the face of mass shooting traumas; and found the words..   and the ability to speak them..  into traumatized and grieving hearts of parents.. family/friends of victims..

-for your outstanding leadership and communication skills..       which, prevail and shine, even in the current moment..   

I could go on and on..   but, "Thank You!"     and your beautiful family..  and your remarkable staff, and our military..   and..    .. and..  and...

In Jesus Shines On You, In You, and Through Your Name..       amen!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hallelujah & Amen from (me!) sandra, tvgp

  I will get a better picture and repost this soon...

details to follow.. photos by (me!) sandra, tvgp

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

MY CHARLIE ROSE.. on (stephen colbert!)

  -how do I "thank you!" squidmann...   too funny.   and last time I saw my Charlie on Stephen Colbert he was dressed as FrankenRosenStein.    makes me appreciate Colbert even more; for what he brings out in my Charlie..


and you've all seen this picture once or twice;    -write.    Charlie just about to kiss the heck out of (me!):

yeah.  I have a poster.



he is featured as a 2017
 in towne & country's

and I found it hilarious, how Stephen Colbert asked him,

"are you sexier in the town
or in the country?"

but anyway, if you visit the website...      the caveat is:   he has a long term companion.

so, FALSE ADVERTISING..      but!   honey, I had already researched this information, so it came as no surprise..  

of course she is talented, beautiful, a socialite, wealthy..  

so..    "i must challenge her then to..     a dance-off!"             

yes..    to the theme of the Charlie Rose Show...             

and I will dance ON that round old oak table...          and make him forget her name..

Monday, January 09, 2017

VERIZON -a very new experience for (me!) sandra, tvgp

briefly, due to time constraints:

based on my last experience purchasing a new phone at Verizon some 3 or 4 years ago..

based on that experience, I had it in my mind; heart and soul, that I NEVER


wanted to enter another Verizon store again, and have to purchase a new cell phone

UNLESS, I had with me:

1. my very own lawyer: to help me deal with all the convoluted contract; fine print; BS, the average person does not understand or have the time to read..

2. a highly trained therapist: to help me deal with, handle, process the trauma of unexpectedly learning that all my most prized, treasured, photos..    -gone.

3.  an undercover agent:  to help me know what the hell they do when they take my cell phone behind closed, opaque doors, and return...   and why they even have to do that..

4.  three friends:    -just to serve as witnesses to the madness..

5.  a bodyguard:   -because I would just feel safer

6.  a great book:   -to entertain/educate me while I sat on the floor waiting for hours..

7.  a teenager:  so that after I did finally endure the multiple traumas of purchasing a new phone, I would have the help necessary to figure out how to use it


so, the incentive for (me!) personally, to ever return was..    zero

and/or:  only if I absolutely have to


and very recently, when my cell phone died:  I absolutely had to.


and I am beyond delighted to report, that I had a polar opposite experience.  polar!

it was recommended, only moments prior to me having to go, that I might want to check out the Verizon location in Dublin; the one in the shops at Waterford plaza on tassajara, so, "thank you!" here to my treasured friends Carla and Catherine..   

and, I did not have the time or budget to hire the accompanying staff of 8 I mentioned above, so I ventured on my own

  /only, as a Christian, we know we are never really   -alone.

and before I got out of my jeep blue see, I sat quietly and prayed.   and I held a beautiful

and I do mean beautiful

vision in my mind.   specifically, Jesus and I locked hands.   When his hand locked with mine, then my body was enclosed within the shape of a cross

but at the bottom, where my feet would be,

my feet kind of elongated, and branched out, deep, deep into the earth..

and then I was like,  "Thank You!" Jesus..  and I braved my way inside the

    -very spacious, and very clean, and  -very uncrowded store.     and I bellied up to the phone bar, and shook hands with Ryan, a handsome young man, with a wonderful nature/disposition, calm and reassuring voice,

  -a graduate of St. Mary's I would find out..

and he seemed,   -dare I say,

almost..                 trustworthy.

and we small talked along with  "no-more-contracts!" talked..    yes.    pause there.

VERIZON  -no more contracts!  my heart did a cartwheel and my spirit skipped a beat.

and, he didn't try and talk me into a cell phone or plan I couldn't afford..

and he gave me the "great news!"   -that even though I didn't know it   /or use it..  

all my treasured photos/videos have been in a cloud!   glory to.. Praise God!

   -now it is not glitch-free, the transfer of data/graphics to the new phone..

but it is pretty close.    and, the rest I do have a very handsome, intelligent, wonderful, cell-phone- savvy teenager, slash, son, to help me out with..

   -first call on new phone was to my beautiful mom..

I had been three or four days without a phone..     "your voice... sounds so beautiful to me..."


the experience was literally, and figuratively, and actually, and practically,

the polar opposite of my last experience, several years ago,

and I am very   -very-   grateful for it.

"Thank You!"   Verizon for all your customer-friendly improvements
 & "Thank You!"  Ryan, for being   -YOU.    and making my experience a less traumatic
and more positive one.



in the hierarchy of needs in 2017:

shelter; transportation; communication.    -and ive been working so hard just to keep these three things going..

as they break or falter, or need repair..  I say to myself:  "oh.. I'm in adversity training again.   oh!  it is time for another crisis management skill test..


GOOD NEWS!    -well, have you ever thought your computer or printer died only to embarrassingly learn you forgot to plug it in?

   -similar.  the hard top on my jeep did not come loose, or shift,   -that is not why it was all soaking wet everywhere inside.

it was all soaking wet inside because

each of my windows was accidentally left cracked open..  just a tiny bit.   I didn't notice until I went to show Anne..

oh!  you know, solvable problems are my very, very favorite.

In Jesus rode a donkey's name...    amen!

/same issues in the Bible, huh     -shelter.  transportation.  communication.

~the more things change; the more they stay the same

Sunday, January 08, 2017

The Heart Seen... by (me!) at Alden Lane...

 I mean to tell you,

love is everywhere

such a pleasant surprise; every single time.