Thursday, January 12, 2017

things i KNOW but cannot PROVE (me!), sandra, tvgp

my apologies; have to get serious again:  here is a very small sample..  3 things I KNOW to be TRUE, but cannot prove:

1.  about 20+ years ago, I was at a small size social gathering, of say, 50 people or so.  There was a clue..  something different in volume and tone, about the way one of the men in the group was laughing..    the laughter itself was appropriate, and other people were laughing in response to the same story, but he captured my attention..    what was it?

I would learn, months later, that within a week of that social gathering, he died.    -cause of death, I was told, was accidental..    I don't even remember the detail.   but I knew..

what I knew is that   -he already knew he was going to die.   that information was tucked inside his laugh..    and I Know it was a suicide not an accident.   or he was ran off the road...     the part I'm certain about, is that he knew the night I met him for the first, and last time,   -that his death was very near.


2.  for financial reasons, many people have suggested I should have stayed married longer.  based on laws, I would have been better off sticking it out to the ten year mark, vs. the seven, I barely made it to.    -what I know, but cannot prove, is that  -my spirit & health-   could not have lasted.   I avoided and prevented what had the potential to become a life-threatening illness; I avoided and prevented  trips to the hospital

but you can't prove that kind of thing.    I only know to "Thank You!" Jesus here, because, financially, I was without health benefits for lots of years, and without financial resources to pay for any doctors visits        -but guess what..   I never needed them.   I stayed healthy! I know that I spared myself, I prevented/avoided illness..        -and, "Thank You!" Jesus here again, because..   my ex-husband does provide for our children, and we can be in the same room for holidays and anything involving our children.     -so, plenty has gone write, even though the marriage itself went wrong..


3.   I KNOW we have President Obama to thank for..     -the fact our recession did not spiral down into something the likes and length of the great depression..      and, -the fact that something the nature of 9/11 did not repeat during his Presidency..

but do you see, how  -things avoided-  -things prevented-   are hard to prove.    -in every area we had peace and diplomacy and progress.. over the past 8 years    "Thank You!"  President Obama  -and your team.

  -for the capture/death of Osama bid laden..     for, all the work behind the scenes to identify/disrupt terrorist activity of any kind..

-for all the hard work, late nights, sacrifice,  -for the very careful and thorough   -thought-  you put into every ultra difficult and very consequential decision you had to make..

-for the love, grace, compassion, and yet unweary, way you represented all of us in the face of mass shooting traumas; and found the words..   and the ability to speak them..  into traumatized and grieving hearts of parents.. family/friends of victims..

-for your outstanding leadership and communication skills..       which, prevail and shine, even in the current moment..   

I could go on and on..   but, "Thank You!"     and your beautiful family..  and your remarkable staff, and our military..   and..    .. and..  and...

In Jesus Shines On You, In You, and Through Your Name..       amen!


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