Saturday, January 07, 2017

JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL.. prays (me!) sandra, tvgp

public "thank you!" here to my daughter.  -turns out this is one of the creations she was painting when her and Brianna spotted the heart shape on their kitchen plate pa..

/I can never remember how to spell/ which spelling is color? tongue?  pallet/palette?..  i'm not going to look it up.  you know what I mean.


circumstances:  cell phone/dead.   jeep blue see/  -what happened? I opened the door to get in, and it was all wet..   like, in several places.  not a leak in one spot, but as if the entire top shifted and allowed the rain to leak through everywhere.   3 weeks shy of moving..    again.   money needed/lots.  money in bank/none.


            -I miss my sister in the biggest way.  she would help me laugh through this..   -first question:
so, which parent did you hit up last for help?    try the other one first..


I feel very blessed that I do have my mom and dad to turn to in a crisis.  but..   i'm just certain I should be supporting myself by now,  -embarrassed needing them write now..  but need them I do.  so, thank you Jesus, mom and dad..    /gonna have to divvy these up..             -and since my mom is taking me in soon to provide shelter.   maybe dad..   can help w/phone?   and jeep?

do I sound like a 20 something year old?    that's the hard part..  I'm almost 51!

enough of all that


I am thrilled to be utilizing my gifts/talents/energy at Alden Lane.  thrilled!   I have said it already a million times, how much I love the place, the people..   and want to contribute in any and all ways I can            -and in addition to cashiering,  -which actually includes in scope quite a long list of responsibilities; I'm getting to contribute w/marketing, publicity, branding     -which I personally consider my strong suit, so "thank you!"

ive proposed a tag line I'm very proud of..    -spent an entire sleepless night writing ideas; NEW ideas.. because my first tag line idea was already taken..

I would learn, it was already taken by a company I consider the best of the best of the best!  so, instead of being upset for too long, I was more like..  "see! my thinking is along the same lines as..."

and longer stories here about a few times that has applied, which I will skip for now, but for future reminder:   google/doodle & use of the word creative.


anyway, I was up all night..    writing ideas.. and eliminating what intuitively did not work, circling what seem to feel write..  working with.. playing with..   until,

what for me is a big YES!  and I'm extra proud of my idea because the tag lines, each..  have double meanings, where both meanings, as a verb or noun, are applicable to Alden Lane and Gardening..


I await approval from the General Manager and Owner...


nothing comes more naturally than promoting events/classes I believe in, and would personally enjoy, and/or know children would enjoy, and/or know my friends would enjoy

and the classes/events at Alden Lane are..     wonderful!!

the combination exists write now, where the classes and events are wonderful, but..

they are under-branded; under-promoted; under-publicized.    -this is like, a dream! and perfect opportunity for someone like (me!).  I can have a very positive impact and actually contribute to growth..     but all of this is contingent on an openness/willingness/receptiveness on the part of the General Manager, which I am so very happy to report is

"OPEN & WILLING! & RECEPTIVE!"     God Bless, and "Thank You!" Cyndee.

so, in addition to the tag line..  ive designed a draft for tickets for all the events/classes, which are aesthetically attractive; clean, inviting, informative..    and am working on a designated area where the events/classes calendar will be accessible/knowable  - a consistent place for customers to see, and it is going to look so beautiful you'll want to take a picture...

and speaking of pictures!  -turns out, only recently,  -for the first time?  Greg, in charge of the newsletter, website..    he offered to give me photo credit.   the history has been, that no matter who takes the picture, it all goes under, staff photo.

I said to him with a smile, "i wont insist on it, but if you want to give me credit, I certainly will not turn that down..."   so, photo by Sandra Harrison Kay.    -and, across the board, credit will be given where credit is over-due

and Alden Lane has some wonderful staff photographers..   Vanessa and Erin, with their phone cameras just yesterday,    -gorgeous!    and I know they will enjoy seeing their names also..  and the opportunity for everyone who wants to, to contribute here seems..   because everyone to my knowledge has a camera on their phones..    -and exactly because everyone so frequently takes pictures these days..  everyone just gets better and better at it.


and I am still,  

seeking a literary agent/publisher.    -it is in my mind, and I am of the personal/internal belief that my memoir could sit on the shelves with Jeanette Walls, Glass Castle; Elizabeth Gilberts, Eat, Love, Pray, Cheryl Strayed's, Wild..    next to Anne Lamott..

and, as I said to my daughter,  "maybe this is delusional..   there is a chance.. maybe this is grandiose..

I consider that..

but then I look at all the writing ive done/and continue to do..  the quality of that writing

and I combine that with my journey of multiple traumas to overcome, and the new creature I have become..

and then I'm like,

so everyday, I keep sending emails.      and simultaneously, I accept, that if/when a match is made:  me with perfect agent/publisher; it is of God's will.

and if it never does.   that is also of God's will.    and most certainly I want to stay living within the Will of God

God's will and not my own.


I have a growing list of what I'd love to write about though but don't have time.
* 50/50  ...
 * my love/respect/admiration for President Obama
* the two, pretty close together interviews by my Charlie Rose, with two different A.I. experts
* the interview by my Charlie Rose, in the archives, with the authors of SuperFreakenomics
             -freeing up cerebral bandwidth..

* re-visit of the 7 habits of highly effective people   -sharpen the saw..    -begin with the end in mind

and,  fruits of the spirit:   SELF-CONTROL

 which, is more frequently, colloquially used to describe our ability to resist or avoid or conquer temptation     -junk food, bad relationships, wasting time online.. when you should be..

but, what a great joy and accomplish, to master self control in the way that
YOU are IN CONTROL of YOURSELF; not circumstances or letting other peoples moods/opinions CONTROL YOU

   so, I observe this a lot in myself, and watching others..    and I appreciate how far ive come in this area.    and I admire President Obama for being a master of this fruit of the spirit

not letting other people control his mood, temperament, not letting people manipulate his principles, values, ideas..   

and I see Trump as being..   a master of manipulating others   -who have not developed this skill yet and do let other peoples moods control them; let loud and overconfident weigh more than whats write and good for the nation; and world..

and him as being someone whose mood and temperament are very easily agitated..

I see him as someone who seeks to control/dominate vs. lead..  they are two very different things.

may I admit here to still being in shock.   I thought we held a higher standard for the highest office in the United States of America..    when it comes to communications skills, maturity, ego, ability to listen, think through life or death issues; see long term.. 

does it already exist somewhere? the list of requirements, the uncommon skill set necessary...

he is over 35...  and was born in the United States..

anyway..   it is our new normal, as the saying goes these days..  and in a couple more weeks..

and so,

I'm in prayer.   and doing the best I personally can, with my unique set of strengths and weaknesses, unique set of obstacles..    unique set of opportunities

and I believe he is doing the same; the best he can.

and will repeat here..  especially as it is a NEW YEAR.    -it is a great exercise:

to keep in your heart, soul, mind, that everyone you encounter, at home, at work, when you are out and about

everyone ALREADY IS doing THE BEST THEY CAN.   -on that day/in that moment.   and as they CAN DO BETTER; THEY WILL DO BETTER.

-because where people seem to default, is that.. they look at everyone as if they could and should be doing better WRITE NOW.. YESTERDAY!

and the internal/spiritual exchange that takes place during encounters with others is very very different depending on which thought you carry as you communicate with others.

   -I cant believe you cant already  vs.

I see you can do these things..

          &    I see you cant...   how can I help you?   what do you need in order to...

so, i'm exercising that mental muscle with Trump..

as I consider how people sometimes confuse loud with powerful, and confuse powerful with
               -well, it can be said that all dictators in history were in fact, power-full; yes..

there are different types of power..   and different applications, and very different results,  so, what matters more than loud and or, power-full

is..   human writes.   civil writes.   and when power-full people use that power against human or civil writes..   

i'm already in deeper than I have the time, knowledge or energy for..

in Jesus omnipresent, omniknowledgable, omnimysterious and trustworthy name!   amen.


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