Friday, January 06, 2017

The Good Will of Law Abiding Citizens -by (me!) sandra, tvgp

inspired by a recent conversation with my daughter.  -and as I have already written in length on the topics of poverty, low income housing, and the grand canyon size discrepancy between CEO's and lowest paid employees of a given company/industry, I will skip then to this:

a reminder:  the existence of low income, or affordable housing,  in any given community  /say, Pleasanton, for example..

   -only exists because people fought for it, and MADE IT LAW.    that is to say,   -without it being a LAW,   -well, people did not seem to do this kind of thing of their own free will,  on the basis that it might just be the write thing to do..

and, even as a LAW..   there is still the unGodly sentiment, sometimes verbalized, sometimes thought:

yes,  of course.. low income housing...  but NOT HERE.    -NOT in my neighborhood..    and NOT OVER THERE...   or over there..  or next to this...  or behind that

if you must..   IF YOU MUST DO THIS IN ORDER NOT TO BE FINED OR ARRESTED    then, maybe way over there..     and all next to each other.    /as if, poverty, low income circumstances are a contagious illness of some sort..

and, even as a LAW,  -a % of people, who seem sickened and offended by low wage hard working people..    they study up on laws, and recruit legal experts to find loop holes, and go arounds, and to create fine print, and edit mandates, so that

    -there will be no affordable housing in neighborhoods A, B, C, D,   -all the way to Z.   except, because there is this stupid law..  fine.  put some in neighborhoods, F & U.


ALL of this is just to say, and re-mention    -it took a law.   it took a law to get some results; pathetic as they may be.    it is better than zero affordable housing..

and the next area we desperately need for someone(s) to fight for a law,   -because, people don't seem to do this kind of thing just because it is the write thing to do,

the next area we need a law is here:  
the discrepancy between CEO's and lowest paid employees.

anyone actually interested should SEE THIS   &  this  /in its entirety.

we need a law to close the gap.

Now, keep in mind, in any given successful company/industry..   a mental image of ALL THE POSITIONS AVAILABLE; the hierarchy of positions in ANY company

it is pyramid shaped, yes?   a triangle.   CEO at the top,   /or CRO..   whatever..

and then..  fans out, with sales people maybe, receptionists, secretaries, marketing, human resources, janitors, engineers, social media..  etc., etc.

the POINT at the top of the pyramid i'm trying to make is this:

   -you cannot use the B.S. rhetoric about   -you too! can make it to the top..  if you work hard like me..  if you {blank} like me..   

because by pure and very basic math, our entire free market/capitalism system we are employing...

in order to get your hot cup of coffee every morning..

             CEO/direct assistants; tax people, human resources, engineers, sales people, marketing people, baristas, janitors... 

it is; has been, and will always be a pyramid/triangle.   so the number of unjustifiably high paying CEO spots available is, has been, and will always be very low

please picture several triangles in a row write here.  put CEO at top.  put hourly wage earners on the wide bottom.  

in every case, in every business, in every corporation, when it comes to positions/titles, you have a ratio of like, 1 to, as you head toward the bottom of triangle..   50, lets say, or 500, or 5000, or 500000


which is why, there is no justifying that the CEO income vs. paid employee income discrepancy has increased by sometimes 300%   -and there is no truth in the everyone can be a CEO.. 

it is       -for any CEO..    for any CEO to be able to provide for their own family, + their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren..

while some of their employees..  who are in fact,  critical to the over-all success,

struggle in the here and write now to put food on their tables and gas in their cars for just one, or two..

a 9 MILLION DOLLAR SALARY..   vs. $10/hour.   -shame and/or embarrassment should kick in here...  not greed and justification.

it is so blatant and obvious and awful and unjustifiable and ugly, that..

well, it looks like, unless there is a law put in place..

the gap will only grow.

what I learned from reading a tiny bit on the laws regarding affordable housing, is that..


Good Will is sometimes only legally inspired.   it is the good will of law abiding citizens that will ultimately land me somewhere I can afford...

now, pictures all the pyramids/triangles in a row again.   this time..  keep the tiny triangle at the top labeled CEO, and remove all the rest...   -the foundation.

In Jesus carpenter wages name..    ~amen.


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