Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The Heart Seen... by (me!) sandra, tvgp

just look at this sweet, sweet geranium leaf (?).   I said to it, I said, ".. who ate your heart out?"  and when I asked around, I learned it could have been a worm..  or an earwig.  I was not inspired to dig around and find out which creature it was..   "no thank you.   i'm not that curious.  happy to take your word for it.."       sometimes, I prefer to just live with the mystery.


I am however inspired to write much more than I have time to write about when it comes to my novice pruning/gardening/planting/cleaning projects I had the privilege of accomplishing yesterday

"thank you!" here to Shirley..   we pulled out dead, over-grown, plants/flowers from the pots in the entryway at alden lane,  -went shopping in the rain, for new plants to pot..   and then, added potting soil..   arranged new plants...     insert, water...

they all look beautiful!     -save the fern, of course.   which I

"it was my very first!  lower your expectations..."

In Dear Jesus  -who maintained the garden of Eden's?  name     amen!

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