Thursday, December 22, 2016

THE DARE & RISK PATTERN IN HEALING as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I am going to bullet point what I wish I had time to detail:   -what happen is that I watched/listened to a variety of ted talks while I was creating/fulfilling my mixed media on recycled wine bottles order.   -pictures to follow

in the for a long time now, very predictable, seen over and over and over again patterns of human behavior category:

-how daring/risking to go public with any socially taboo issue

1. leads to healing
2. leads countless others to healing also.   

and how I believe healing   -true and complete healing

both, individual and collective, is literally impossible without bringing a given issue into

the light.

I could go on and on, but, will bullet point here:

pick your issue/topic, any given:     cancer; homosexuality; sexual abuse; clinical depression; miscarriage;   -the list is long, the pattern is undeniable

the issue is a variable; the pattern is fixed:    

  -first, an issue is somehow taboo in a given culture/society or family   {explore reasons for that later}

-next, a person, or small group of people, dare/risk, to share their issue publically; breaking the power of the taboo issue to be silenced

-next...   dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of people break their silence also..

and as a result..   incalculable amounts of people grow, learn, heal.

dark/light is quite synonymous with   silenced/spoken


same pattern:   variable + dare/risk + fixed = healing

just change taboo issue    /which is itself a variable,

to...   media produced false expectation.    we see the same thing; same pattern

over and over and over and over,  for years..

and i'm sitting there, listening, thinking..   "we already know this!!    its already been going on for YEARS!  DECADES!

AND Yet I'm listening to young adults talk as if..       its all a big surprise, and they are the first to come across it..

specifically, I'm talking about a couple, who   -under the influence of glossy, magazines, and happy family advertisements,

where everyone is always beautiful, happy, smiling and connected and in love with life and each other


 -where images are CREATED and manipulated with very specific CAPITALISTIC PURPOSE behind them

and have very little to do with REALITY

   -well, anyway

the pattern, long established, and still thriving is this

people fall under the power/influence of media images/shows/commercials, etc.

-these images create a FALSE EXPECTATION inside people/individuals, groups, families, neighborhoods, etc.

and its all a set up which pits reality against false images, and the result

is everyone feeling like they are FALLING SHORT



INSECURE   and afraid to CONFESS their experience is not what..    

         -and for me personally, the

CURE and HEALING ARE SO OBVIOUS I don't think I should even have to write or mention it


well, it is part of the reason that I went on my MASS MEDIA DIET many years ago.   and I remain on it today..

it is the diet I went on that got the best results, in the shortest amount of time, and they have been very long lasting..

the quality of my life skyrocketed...

but, you are inundated out there..    and this diet requires a certain discipline, determination, constant vigilance

but it is worth it!

     in Jesus is the LIGHT of the World...

and things brought into the light...

      and one of the most beautiful, time-tested, patterns in this dark/light world is

the healing powers of God's love.   - & name



At 8:13 PM, Blogger Karin Montgomery said...

I completely agree with all the above:)


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