Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mixed media on wine bottles.. in progress... by (me!) sandra, tvgp

very pleasant surprise during my late night mixed media marathon...

   -turns out, these wine bottles glow in the dark.    when I turned off the light to finally go to bed, the wine bottles were glowing..

I thought maybe it was the way the moon light was coming through the window at first..  and so picked up and carried the bottles in different areas of the room

   -sure enough..    they glow!

it's in the grout/glue recipe I guess..    will research when time allows, but..

fun discovery.      '

and wonderful analogy.   -these things are not lost on (me!).

I once had a vision of every cross, on top of every church in the tri-valley   -glowing.  lit up at night.

   -and what that would look like from an airplane at night

-awesome~beautiful.    and that's something I would love to make happen...

In Jesus is the light of the world's name..   amen!


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