Monday, December 19, 2016

Xyron and the original jaw-dropping WOW! factor.. as seen & experienced by (me!) & (brian perrin!)

it was great fun then..  and it was great fun just now, very recently to see brian perrin's reaction to my xyron

"what does this do?"

"it's a sticker-maker"  I said with a smile.  "no batteries..  no plug...   no mess...   it just turns your paper into a sticker..    instantly!"

and it turns out, that is exactly what he needed at the time.   he had sale signs on what must of been 5x7 white paper, and needed to frame them on larger, like, 7x9 red paper backgrounds.

   -so I showed him, how you just roll the paper through...   remove the plastic film stuff,   and voila!

he stood there, and his bottom jaw, literally dropped.    "We have to have one of these!"   

When he said, 'we' He meant Alden Lane.   

And then I explained how it gets even better...   because you can just change the cartridge and you can laminate, or turn paper signs into a thin magnet..

Alden Lane currently has a very large..   very involved..  slightly time-consuming   plug in/heat needed laminating machine.


no heat, no batteries, no plug,   -no wait, laminating tools.

the joy..

the joy is in getting to be the person who demonstrates it to someone else for the first time.   -the analogy for me

is getting to see and experience the difference between a manual typewriter and word processor

"WHAT?!?   it's that easy?!?   WHO INVENTED THIS!   THIS IS AWESOME!"


it was my reaction..   back in the day,

when I was first experimenting with the creation of mag time frame kits..   and adhering designer paper backgrounds onto wood surfaces.

Initially I was using spray adhesives..     it did work, but..   you don't want to do too much of that in an indoor environment.   and I ran into complications when it got breezy in the backyard..

and sometimes it did not come out evenly..    sometimes drippy..     clumpy..


and I don't remember exactly who or when..    was it sue at California Stampin' in Pleasanton?

but someone introduced me..

and the timing..     the timing!   -to have this available for teaching workshops, and providing in store demonstrations

if ever two innovations were made, literally   -for each other.

Mag Time Frames were already a 'help-you-sell' to independent scrapbook store owners, because they opened up a whole new canvas for every paper/embellishment on the shelves in the stores..

but Mag Time Frames also helped introduce scrapbookers/stampers to Xyron   -and helped sell a large number of those too;  along with the cartridges

which included permanent, or repositionable adhesives; laminate; magnet..

    /lets remember here..   the paper-to-magnet cartridge is such that the magnet is too thin, too weak for anything outside of DIRECT to metal surface.   If you try to hold up a piece of paper with the magnet..  the paper will fall..

        -and,  it was the pull-strength of Mag Time Frame magnets that made the product/innovation the first of its kind in the hobby/craft industry.

                 /oh no!  here SHE goes again...


i'll stop there.      in a trade magazine somewhere, I am quoted as saying

"every house should have 3 Xyron Machines, and only one T.V."

because...   how much more fun to be creating/doing...   than sitting/watching..

and I was hopeful during my Mag Time Frame days, that Xyron might partner with me in some way..

     collaborate...     take me under their wing..     help cross-promote...

I looked for that opportunity from a number of the large corporations..   Sizzix..    and..

Ive forgotten now the names..     I made countless efforts; wrote many, many letters..  made many many calls..

but I have more wonderful testimony about Xyron though, because..

The Xyron I have and am using write now are from many years ago..

and so are the cartridges.   and the adhesive cartridges have been through several moves with me, and in any variety of temperatures..

and they still perform like new.

and i'm certain this tool has only improved with time..    i'm certain it has evolved..   and maybe the price of cartridges has dropped..

i'll research their website again soon...

but Xyron   -the battery-plug-trouble free sticker/laminator/thin magnet maker tool..

A revolutionary innovation in the hobby/craft industry.   And I'm not certain WHO designed/invented/created this tool..

but it is still receiving jaw-dropping results from people who are seeing it for the first time.

"Congratulations!!"             -huge blessing to both practical & creative people everywhere

and i'll be busy using mine today to finish my recycled wine bottle art project...

In,  I'm stickin' with Jesus Name..      amen!


and, quick note here.. to say what a delightful surprise to cross paths in Ricks Picks recently with Jon & Chris..

husband & wife,  -and in the friendship circle during the time I dated Jacques    -so, its been a while..

turns out Chris is a scrapbooker..    and used to join in on the scrapbook social get togethers at Stampers Warehouse in Danville

"I used to have my product in their store!"

and I knew I was at risk here, of boring her to death with my Mag Time Frame stories..

so, I restrained..

but, fun to learn that even though the store closed many years ago,   -there is still a group of them that get together at her home and scrapbook together..

  -that's awesome.

such a beautiful combination of making and keeping memories at the same time.



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