Friday, November 21, 2014

"We win!" Says (me!) To (my daughter!)

So, I bought Cheryl strayed's book wild for my daughter..  And towne center books offer gift wrap, so..

Proudly positioned it as a surprise gift at the head of her bed..

She is quite busy so I'm not actually sure when the opportunity to read will present itself.. But..  I said,

With a smile, I said, "I know its not a contest.. I know its not.

But! If it were...   " WE WIN!".    We being women.

I did not want to give anything away.. So stopped there.

-but for those of us who have read it..

I mean come on..  PLUS she had to deal with having a menstrual cycle and PLUS in the company of more than one man, she must deal with potentially being prey in a way that they do not..

If two people finish at the same time and its a tie..let's say

But one has great shoes and the other barefoot..

Its not really a tie then; is it.

Person i would love to meet in person (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Long list actually but at the top.. Malcolm gladwell and then.. Whoever is responsible for this awesome slogan:  "sweetest comeback in the history of ever!".  -God I love that...   

I've never accepted advertisements on my blog; never allowed it to be used that way..

Although I have promoted sometimes for free because I've had a genuine good experience with a given product or place, etc.

Interruption! Quiet please! I hear a song playing in my head..

Yes!  I would like to dedicate this song to Hostess..

".. But you are the only exception..."

I would allow hostess to advertise ..  And only those few that have read me thoroughly would appreciate why...

In Jesus name,  -amen

Last one.. (For a while..) promises (me!) Sandra, tvgp

(Can a computer make and keep or break a promise?)


Computers with an ability to exercise motives and intentions; lie and/or tell truths.. Forgive.. Grow..


Person a:  "I would never do (variable).. "

Person b: "I believe you."

/person b sees video tape evidence contrary to person a's testimony..

Person a:  "I lied.  -it was to protect you"

Person b: "I forgive you."

Person a lies in bed at night and silently acknowledges

It was not to protect you.. It was to protect me; my own reputation..
But I knew you would believe me..  And there is no video which can capture and prove that...

Luke 12:4.. For (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Oh, you know I watch the news only very selectively when I watch it at all...   And when I see images of evil people ending the physical human lives of good people..  I find this passage comforting and reassuring..

Dear A.I team..  That would sure be somethin' wouldn't it?   To create a computer which can experience comfort and reassurance through what it   -does not know; but believes...

We are spirit inside physical bodies.  It has been said many times by many sages.. And I agree wholeheartedly:

We are not humans having a spiritual experience; we are spirits having a human experience.

Victory over death has already been accomplished for the family of believers...

In Jesus name, amen.

Dear A.I. team... From (me!) Sandra, tvgp

That would sure be somethin' wouldn't it...

To create a computer that is AWARE  whether or not it KNOWS something...  And then can consciously choose whether to ignore or honor...

A computer which can distinguish between write and wrong..

"... But at the time, I did not know it was wrong..."

Now you know..

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"And" mosaic by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Sometimes customers will hold up two objects for an extended amount of time.. "I'm not sure whether I should get this one? Or this one?"

I say.."I have a philosophy about that..".  And wait for them to inquire..and then I say,

"If you get stuck too long between either and or.. Go straight to AND"

-this always gets a smile, and sometimes results in two sales instead of one.


Had a customer in recently who used to work at day art studio in downtown pleasanton. I loved that place.  I miss that place..

But.. I made this tiny vase there..  And consider it a high compliment when people think the paper is glass. 

-getting ready to do some more wine bottles..  

Objects of my desire (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I can't stop being fascinated with how my mind does /and doesn't

Work.   What things I can and what things I struggle to remember.

Always observing.. My own my mind.... (Can a computer be fascinated with how its mind works?)

I.e,  numbers are always slippery. In the park that is my mind..  Numbers prefer the slide..   Letters and objects head for the Velcro wall..

In order to ring up an item in the register I must enter a SKU.  /I have forgotten what that stands for.. But.. It is usually a 6 to 7 digit number..  Made easier to remember sometimes because it often correlates with a date

9137610 for example.. Sept of 2013.. Then the balance of the numbers have to do with a product genre..

Anyway.. Numbers.. They love the slide.  So on more than one occasion I have needed to remember a SKU during my walk from the back of the store to the front.. So I'll repeat it out loud, softly, over and over on my way to the register..

"9137610, 9137610..."

And inevitably! I will get stopped by a customer en route

"Do you have any 14" dark blue candles"

And I know in that very instant.. My numbers are gone.  So, I help the customer.. Go back to re-remember the SKU.. And on my smart days I just write it down..

But! In great contrast to that...  Without ANY effort at all.. I completely remember -objects.

My eyes have taken in literally thousands of unique items.. Pottery, pictures, knick knacks of a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes..

I was in a home, -a very beautiful home, recently, and the owner showed me a piece of pottery purchased at the store..

I KNEW instantly.. KNEW.. Not guessing/wondering.. That that particular piece of pottery had never crossed my path.. My eyes or hands had never touched it. It had obviously been purchased before i started working there; or in a very rare and unlikely event, it was merchandised and sold in one store while i was working at the other or even more unlikely but not impossible.. Was processed, merchandised and sold in between my shifts..

But i can observe that about my mind.. Without any effort, without -trying- to..  I am in fact remembering the lovely objects i touch and merchandise on the shelves..

I wont necessarily remember when it came in the store, how long it was there, or who bought it..

But i do remember "it"

I believe (can a computer believe?)  if 12 people who purchased objects from me.. Even if over a year ago..brought them back in..

And 1 of the 12 was not really an object I personally merchandised and sold..

I would easily, quickly, know write away which was which.

- I pay close attention when people tell me they are 'numbers' people.. Or NOT numbers people..

I wonder if its similar to being write or left handed..

Numbers vs letters vs objects..   Predisposed

I sure think so...

(Can a computer do that? Observe its own mind? Observe its strengths and weaknesses; contemplate? Wonder? Know vs. Guess.. And know when it knows.. Vs. Know when its guessing..)

We are a masterpiece if there ever was one...

In Jesus name, -amen.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Genesis 9:13... Beautiful to (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Dangerous reading for someone like (me!) Sandra, tvgp

-please! I am only to page 17 and already I am filled with the desire to (can a computer "desire?")  write 20 pages worth of my thoughts..

Because I have in fact spent a great deal of time (can a computer appreciate time the way a human mortal...)  thinking on this very topic..   The distinctions between computers and humans..

Computers, in my opinion (can computers have opinions?) Are the single best thing in the whole world!  when It comes to needing an analogy for human behavior..

Nothing lends itself better; nothing covers more ground.

And nothing has helped me to better appreciate  (can computers appreciate anything?) our complexities than comparing us to..   

Humans ARE God's masterpiece..

And anyone.. The greatest artificial intelligence team in this universe..

Anyone who experiments in this area, I trust (can computers trust?)

I trust ends up with a very high awe factor for God's creation..

(Can computers experience awe?)

-his thoughts are higher than our thoughts..  (Can a computer have a "higher" thought?)

-his ways are higher than our ways..   (Can a computer acknowledge a higher way?)

.. Oh! I could go on and on.. It all leads me to WOW!

I want to revisit a prior blog..  Yes.. You can program one computer to fix and trouble-repair another computer if and when it breaks down..

But you cannot program the computer to -care.

You can program a computer to -mimic

Mimic behavior, vocabulary, gestures, etc.

But you cannot program one computer to experience caring for or about another computer..

Try your hearts out..    /she says with a smile..

(Can a computer "try its heart out?")

More later..  Must get ready for work..

Cant remember what i tried to help myself remember (me!) Sandra, tvgp


I was cleaning out my purse, which my children affectionately call my bowling bag...

And mixed in with the ATM receipts, foil wrappers from gum.. Half candy bars and whatnot..

I find a little note I wrote for myself..

Apparently yesterday I was suppose to..  What? 

These initials mean nothing to me..  J.J.?

I just should no longer abbreviate..  That's the take away..

And may I apologize..  If it was really important I suppose I'll get a call..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"What time does it say?" Asks (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Monday, November 17, 2014

2014 word of the year by (me!) Sandra, tvgp


-that is my vote.  But i couldnt frickin' type it on the website because the Frickin' advertisement pop-ups blocked the window.

"And if I have to come up with one more Frickin' username and password, I'm gonna lose my Frickin' mind!"

I love this word!  I hear people use it all the time..  Always from one form of frustration or another..

And that encapsulates 2014..  For every so called Frickin' technological advance..

A new set of frickin frustrations..   Its a Frickin non-stop obstacle course..

I'm Frickin' tired of it!   And so are all of my Frickin' friends..


I looked it up -that is, I typed it in the search bar at

Its not in there?   Its been around forever..  How can it not be represented?

It is such an entertaining word! So popular..   The publics attempt to clean up their vocabulary while still expressing great frustration..

-in my most recent use..  I said, "I can't fuckin' beleive it!"

And then.. "Oops, sorry Jesus..   /sign of the cross..

I mean " Frickin.  I just can't Frickin' believe it.."


Funniest thing of late.. To (me!) Sandra, tvgp

My niece:  "(childs name here) got in trouble and had to do paper math!"

(Me!)/auntie sandy: "he had to do paper math?  What does that mean? -paper math..

Niece: " he couldnt use the computer!"

Auntie sandy:  "that is considered a punishment now?! Having to write on paper with a pencil?  That is hilarious..."

So be warned all you undisciplined children..   (Waving a piece of paper in one hand, holding a pencil in the other)  or you'll get this...

-slam paper/pencil on desk..

Correction.. From (me!) Sandra, tvgp

That is not accurate, what I wrote previously; the gospels: Matthew, mark, Luke, john; each eye-witness testimonies to a period of Jesus life on earth.

Matthew was a disciple; yes.
Mark was not; he records peter's stories.
Luke interviews people who had first-hand accounts of Jesus.
John was himself a disciple; not to be confused w/john the baptist..

John the baptist's life story seems to lie in contrast to everything ive learned and heard preached.. And i need to save that hard lesson for a future time.

In Jesus name, -amen.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

I spy a theme.. (Me!) Sandra, tvgp

The Heart Seen... In my peanut butter toast...

"HAPPIEST STRUGGLE!" For (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I had to tell my daughter; had to!
I had to tell my sister; had to!

Now I have to tell you-   I have to!  It is THE ONLY WAY anyone could ever KNOW.. If I tell you..

Because.. IT CANNOT BE SEEN by an outside eye..

Only communicated.

But I'm writing it down: November 15th 2014.   -a very! Significant day in my life

Why?    -because I had just recently written about guns.. And I was taking a brief trip down memory lane.. Just me, my memories, a cup of coffee in the morning; my quiet time..

And as I was recalling this and that I thought to myself..  
Which side of my head was it when he shoved the gun?

And tucked within the same second i had that thought was the EXCITING REVELATION that "i had to struggle to remember!"

It feels like a miracle!  -for decades if and when i recalled the experience i would literally re-experience the sensation of metal against my head..

I cannot get that sensation to return write now even if i try!

It has been ENTIRELY REMOVED.    -wow-

"Thank you!" Jesus!   Amen.


My daughter:  "what side was it?"

(Me!):  i just pointed to the write side of my temple.

Daughter. "Oh! -the same side as your tattoo."

ASK this question.. For (me!) Sandra, tvgp

And so I have admitted before.. That not until I was an adult.. And not until after much bible reading and many sundays in church

-as a pretty good listener I must add..

I mean I would describe myself as a better than average reader and better than average listener..

And still, I had no idea until I was directly told, that the gospels;

Matthew, mark, Luke and john

Are each eyewitness testimonies to a period in Jesus life on earth

Each told from their personal perspective.  So.. You can read some similarities and some unique perspectives..

This tripled my interest in reading.. In comparing and contrasting their individual testimonies/stories/MEMORIES..

And recently I checked in with my son and nephew..  Both attending church on a semi-regular basis; both in youth groups.. 

"Did you know matthew, mark, Luke and john..

The gospels..  Did you know they are each sharing their own memories about seeing Jesus..  Sometimes seeing the same thing but from different perspectives.."

And neither one of them knew that until I told them directly.

-this is the way the gospels should be introduced and taught:

Compare and contrast.

In Jesus name, -amen.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Public "thank you!" To (catherine!) From (me!) Sandra, tvgp

-she's done it again!  Such a huge talent for hospitality and party-throwing.. "Thank you!" Beautiful friend..  Loved every minute.. The food, wine, great company of your wonderful friends, spectacular variety of cookies.. And the awards!   Very fun!   -great kick off to the holiday season.. Much love & gratitude..  Xoxo

The Heart Seen... By (squidmann!)

Compliments of their cat Celine..