Thursday, September 03, 2015

most animated guest chef award goes to (massimo bottura!) from (me!) sandra, tvgp

don't miss this:  famous, award-winning skinny Italian chef, Massimo bottura being interviewed by my charlie rose.

watch those hands!   the same way I know I must be part Irish because I like beer and write poetry..    the same way I know I must be part black for how I long to be responsive in church and talk during movies, -the same way I know I must be part elderly Asian for my mismatched outfits, and part native Indian for my spiritual dances and chants.. -the same way I know I must be part man for not carrying a purse..

is the same way I know I must be part Italian..  because I talk so much with my hands.. 

but Massimo!   -he wins.   You really should just mute the interview and exclusively observe..   

of course this triggers my elementary school memory:   I'm in the principals office for something; can't remember why.

what I do remember is talking for a while and then the principal goes, "sandy, do me a favor..  sit on your hands"

And so I did.   I sat on my hands, but then when I went to talk some more..  I started stuttering.. 

I REALLY NEEDED my hands to talk.. and I sure get the feeling that's true for a lot of people..   and I cant help but wonder..

if during this very ambidextrously~animated interview, -if my charlie were to stop Massimo mid-sentence, and ask him to sit on his hands..

what would happen?


so, then stuttering became a problem..  and when I was in Jr college, the counselor recommended I put a rubberband  on my hand.  Everytime I stuttered I was supposed to snap the rubberband which would cause a sting and I guess that was supposed to decrease my stuttering

but when I snapped the rubber band, I looked at my counselor and was like..   'I ka, ka, ka, kinda la,la, like that..'

and so, the short version of the story is that things kept getting way worse before they got even a little bit better.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

First dates. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-yes, well, -the only kind of first dates im interested in these days are:

origins of gravity; origins of consciousness; origins of conscience.

speed date:   tell me about your first encounter, -your earliest memory, of when you became conscious of your conscience.

and! did you honor or override it?    

Now, your most recent encounter with your conscience...


I think we have the makings here for a new HBO special! ....

Monday, August 31, 2015

ask yourself... for (me!) sandra, tvgp

every single person on the planet has something or someone that is the most powerful influence in their lives.

what is the most powerful influence in your life write now?


Saturday, August 29, 2015

3 & 10.. as Dreamed by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

these are the two websites I wish existed:

3 dot com.  -where there are never more than 3 choices to make for any given item you currently find in a grocery store.  -and no movie has a scene which captures the need for this better than the scene in the hurt locker.    landed it!  ~exactly.  plus..  wow of a movie.. but I skip here to:

10 dot com.  10 dot com is one website where anyone, stuck in any crisis, can quickly access 10 testimonies of real people who have experienced the same or very similar crisis.. and successfully navigated their way out.    'Tests into testimonies..  mess into message' kind of thing..

yes! I have my dreams...  

and I still dream to have the heart seen dot com, where people from all over the world post, share and archive their found heart photographs..  found heart = a heart shape not created by human intention.


Friday, August 28, 2015

you REALLY did a great job! says (me!) writeousmom

i had the great privilege recently of taking my son for a driving lesson in the writeousmom~mobile.

now, let me say for the record..  it is an entirely different experience giving a lesson to my son than it was my daughter a couple years ago..

the lesson itself was not so different; the actual experience..

-more, the internal experience is different.  -because my son has spent so many hours playing race car video games..  and because he talks about cars and speeding more often..   -because of his comments when im driving and he's in the front

"Oh I'd just go write now..  gas it".   and he is just joking of course, because if I did just go.. Lives would be lost..  so I joke back..

and tell him I must postpone him getting his license at least 6 months for every terrible driving comment he makes..

and I think at last tally..   he is really not supposed to get his license until he's like.. 43.

but all of that has been just for fun..  

now he is 15 1/2 and its time to get serious...    not simulated video game driving where a totaled car gets repaired instantaneously; or a life that gets wiped out, is easily replaced..

this is the real deal.   

and I'm giving his lesson same place as my daughter..  

church parking lot.

-this allows me to talk directly to Jesus during the lesson..

pray over and through the " brake! brake! brake!" part of the experience and express my gratitude for the privilege, and up my faith.. my hope... my prayers.. my trust..

because all parents with driving age young adult children know..

once they have their license.. and they start driving independently..

you, as the parent

have no control over what happens on the road.   after you teach and talk about safety.. and caution and warn, and build confidence and grow their instincts, and establish what a responsibility it is..

then, at some point..   you let them go. 

sign of cross, sign of cross, sign of cross..

and it is easy..  a great temptation... to be consumed by worry..

but what I have learned to do instead

is to look everywhere I go, day in and day out..   and for every adult I see, I say to myself..

she survived; he survived..  look at all these people who learned how to drive!

and so having successfully helped launch my daughter out into the driving world..  I was a tad more prepared


and you REALLY did great! son, on your first lesson..  it will stand out to me as a beautiful and entertaining memory, that at the end of the lesson..  the way you looked at me and said,

"K.. is there anything you would tell me I did wrong, or could do better, if you weren't being nice?"

and the truth is..   No. You REALLY did great.   It was your FIRST lesson..   not your third.  And you should not compare yourself to someone who has been driving ten years.  It is a process.. 

you even pulled in a parking spot backwards this first lesson.  -very impressive..

but I knew you wanted to hear something..   so, I made it up:

how maybe you could be easier on the brake.  -shoot for a smoother stop...

but  the truth is..      no one gets that perfect the first time.  that would freak me out if you did everything smooth and perfect the first time

and every car will be different..   you will adjust accordingly each time..

so, sorry I lied to you, k.     You REALLY did great! I'm not just being nice. I'm being real.

Love you!  Xoxo

wedding gift wine bottle art by (me!) sandra, tvgp

with a "thank you!" here to my daughter for selecting the perfect font and size to personalize this bottle..  and of course a "congratulations!" to victor & julie..    ~many blessings...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Happy Birthday!" to the best (mom!) in the universe..

1 week or so before her birthday, she stayed the night with us..  spoiled us with her good cooking, good love, good company.. and subtle hints like this:

"..look how tattered and torn my pajamas are..    they were my favorites..

..but boy are they old..   just look...

100% cotton..  my favorite, but..   and all I have is the bottoms.. can't even find the matching top anymore..

how long ago did you get these for me..  I can't even remember.."


and so, can we even call it a surprise?   did we ~surprise~ her with new, beautiful 100% cotton pajamas..

but what a smile when she opened this gift.   and when she said,

"Oh! pajamas! I really needed these.. how did you know?"

we just each looked at each other and laughed.

"Happy Birthday Mom!".   love & appreciate you!   Xoxo

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Add to list.. (john brazell!) -for (me!) sandra, tvgp

colloquially speaking, the word cougar is dropped frequently these days to define, seriously and/or playfully, an older woman who seeks out, and/or responds willingly to..  

a much younger man.

and may i say for the record:  i have no such desire.

the only reason i mention it at all, is because..

when i look at my taste in music; there is no denying a specific pattern:

not my taste in dancing music.  my taste in listening music. there is a notable distinction.  the list im about to abbreviate, the music these artists share with the public.  -with rare exception, none of it makes me want to dance, like say: uptown funk, in which..

my entire body must respond.

but this music..   it is wonderful to listen to while im working, or driving, or arts n' crafting.   it has to do with melody, lyrics, voice:

john mayer
jason mraz
james morrison
marc broussard
george ezra
ed sheeran
vance joy..

the list is longer, but how many names do you need to spot the pattern?

i do not watch music videos, so it has nothing to do with appearance/creative visual interpretations

but everything to do with melody, lyrics, voice...  some magical combination of the three.

and "thank you!" here to the pleasanton downtown association

and their hosting/creation of 'sizzling saturday' nights in downtown..

ricks picks has enjoyed having a live musician in front of our store on saturdays nights from 6-9pm for three weeks in a row now.

-just turns out, that just like steve martin happen to visit ON MY DAY OFF!

-these talented musicians show up just as i am leaving, so i don't necessarily get to enjoy..

but i did get to talk briefly with john brazell, and he did very generously gift me with one of his CD's

and i did stay long enough to hear, beginning to end, his song, city girl.

and adding that experience to now having listened to his entire CD, i can say with happiness and enthusiasm

YES!  add this handsome young man to my favorites list!

he stands out..  ~for blending in so perfectly with whatever that x factor is.. that unites my taste in listening music.

continued success to you john brazell!  and "thank you!"