Thursday, October 08, 2015

on bees and bullying.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp.

i was at McKay's irish taphouse recently to have a cold beer, a house salad and study/read for the new bible study group i joined recently: BSF..  /quick "thank you!" here to Lana..

so, im sitting at my table, trying to read and eat when a yellow jacket starts buzzing all around my food..  and my body.. and the table in general.

-pause here and reflect on how you handle the same situation..

it is as annoying as all get out..  the thing is coming up over here and then over there.. and you don't know quite where he's going to show up next..  but this one   

-one- tiny yellow jacket is interrupting an otherwise very wonderful meal and productive study time. i can no longer concentrate.


so, i go to one of the servers.. "there is an annoying yellow jacket i can't get rid of.. do you have something.. some food, it will be attracted to i can put out to distract it?"

and so the young woman gives me a small black plastic sample size cup, with a piece of meat in it that had fallen on the floor, and would otherwise just go in the garbage..

and i set the trap on the far away side of my table..  and very quickly.. the yellow jacket started clinging to the meat..

which gave me the opportunity to cover the yellow jacket and meat cup with an extra large plastic cup, trapping the yellow jacket entirely! and then you'll never guess what happened after that:

i ate, and read, and studied in utter peace for the balance of my stay there.


it made me think of bullies.  how easily just one or two people can ruin, and make miserable, otherwise perfectly wonderful situations..

and some people think you should just ignore;

and some people think you should endure;

and some people think you should bully back.. 

But when I remember..  the misery; the interruption; the inability to focus on school itself..

what i sure do wish...  is that someone could have found a way to just make them go away.

i could have studied and read in peace!   i rather think students deserve this..  i might even go as far as to say..  students are entitled to it!   -that navigating around and confronting violent intimidation and various types of bullying everyday is NOT

and should never be considered 'a rite of passage'

but rather..  students should be able to attend school in peace.  period. 

and so, it left me thinking..   what is analogous to the meat cup and larger plastic cup trap?


and then i was quite entertained thinking about things like.. underground casinos; virtual life websites, strip clubs, popular drugs/clubs; red light districts...  any variety of 'meat' cup that first attracts and then traps..    -and how these places help magnetically remove, by way of distraction, exactly the people who are attracted to these things..     -from environments where those things don't exist.

rEVOLc... as seen and thoroughly enjoyed by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I dont have the camera equipment to do this moment justice.. But only from a very specific spot, the reflection through our window, revealed only love,   -spelled backwards..  because it was from our across the street neighbor business sign that reads, clover creek.   -the extra cool part, was if I very gently swayed on my feet..  only one letter would appear at a time.. 


-but you couldn't see the word creek at all, and the C and R, at the beginning and end of clover were not viewable either..

I hope you can kinda see what I saw..  If you are able to zoom in on this..

when the very next customer came in, I was like.. 'Do you believe in signs and wonders?'.    -and I had her come stand next to me to see it too..

these things are not lost on (me!)..

it is just below the arm of the street lamp in the distance..

only from standing exactly write here...

The Heart Seen in the back wiring of LOVE sign


Zero. By (me!) sandra, tvgp

I think it is impossible from this age out, to go an entire day without a memory trigger.   But what day/time did that become true?

What we mean when we say men are like dogs. By (me!) sandra, tvgp

Please. The last post triggered my..  k. its yet another time, a male that was asking me a question was in anticipation of me saying things that might sexually excite..

but.. I did not understand this Pavlovian world yet..  And so, once again, I no doubt killed any arousal with my very thoughtful, and once again, literal response

I think I may have even provided a demonstration that went something like this:

k. We have this dish rag..    /pull dry, used, dish rag from near sink..

all crumpled up..

and then..   k. let's say I turn the water from kitchen sink on..

let just a little be absorbed by the rag..  watch the rag get wet..

/check here, make eye contact with male..  like, -are you watching?

and then I saturate the rag with water, and its all open and heavy..


.."and then to answer your specific question..."

this is where I squeeze the rag, short, repetitive squeezes, where a little water drains out..

"Its kinda like that.  "


so, we see that the learning curve for me, sexually speaking, was not really a curve at all really; much more of a cliff.   


Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Two. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

1. Stephen Colbert is the salt & the light of late night comedy.

2. There is absolutely no valid reason The Voice shouldn't be aired, fresh and new, 7 days a week/365..

..when you consider the human population and how many people have had their vocal cords kissed by God..

we could literally be witnessing a new singing genius everyday...

/sing this with me..   in the voice/tone of hozier..

"...AAAaaamen, amen..."

3am -as remembered by (me!) about (keith!)

-too fun swapping memories..

my turn:  k. you had a few years and some experience on me.. 

so I remember..   /can't stop laughing write now..

I remember..   one time we were on the phone, and

[Thank you again God this was way before cell/camera phones.  As a matter of fact, if there is still anyone out there who questions the existence of God.. the very fact I met keith before cell/camera phones is proof enough for me...]

..yes. ..  we were on the phone, and you were being all sexy, and I was being all..   not. 

not because I didnt want to, but because I just didn't like.. know how.  

but I suppose between TV, and friends talking, and random exposure in the everyday world, I was starting to get little inklings..

but your motives when talking vs. what I was capable of picking up on and responding to...

grand canyon gap.

and I remember during one such conversation, how you made your voice all sexy, and you said to me.. 

'So, what are you wearing...'

and I remember glancing down at myself and then reporting to you.. Like,  -exactly what I was actually wearing

"Oh.. I have on my stripped long sleeve sweater with the snag in the wrist..  and my khakis..   and this necklace my friend made..   "

and probably I went on and on.. 

and probably you had to be just cracking up silently and using your imagination to create a little different outfit..

and we talked and talked ... and you no doubt kept trying to make it sexy/steamy, and I just didnt have a clue..

Until around 3am.

because vivid as my own hand is to me write now..  I remember waking up abruptly all alone at home..

and my brain was replaying our conversation over and over..

and..  how it finally hit me, I don't know, but I sure do remember the physical/mental punch..

"Oh my God..  oh my God..  When he said ..'what are you wearing..

That's when I was supposed to create a sexy looking outfit!

Sexy!!  oh my God..  What did I tell him I was wearing again?!

What I was actually Frickin wearing!!   -and the idiot award goes to... 

and I replayed that conversation 100 times..  and spent the rest of the night coming up with ideas for when and if you asked me that question again..

and then tormented... Because.. What if I already blew it...


spent the whole next week or month or maybe even year, beating myself mentally up, repeating my pathetic reply

" what are you wearing?"

"Oh..  plaid flannel pajamas..."

"What are you wearing?"

"Oh.. the hand me down Capri's my neighbor gave me last year and this top my mom bought for me on sale at the mall...  brown.  collar.  Long sleeves.  I'm not sure what fabric this is..  Let me check the tag..  polyester.  Yeah...  "

-will someone just kill me and put the world out of its misery.


and, but the sad part is..   dear sexy voice keith.. 

that I have no memory of whether or not you did ask me that question again, and.. 

if I was ever able to overcompensate for my disastrous unexciting literal answer...

"Thank you!". (keith!).

I will not report. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

only those who understand; will understand.

i met keith at a dance club.  -smooth dancer.. smooth talker.. great smile.   absent the memory of many other details, i remember being invited to his home..

i think i lived with my friend Lisa at the time..  it seems to me I went to the extra effort to make a copy of my license.. and provide his name, number, address..   like, a bunch of extra information on the in case.

-on the,  in case I didn't make it back.  I always needed someone to know where I was, who I was with, when I'd be back.. 

because let us here remember that by the time I was 21 years old, I had already been kidnapped and raped three different times + alcoholic abuse step father + bullies at school.. Undiagnosed/untreated PTSD..  a list I do not care to repeat so often, but which does factor in quite heavily on all my subsequent behaviors and decisions, for good or bad..

and one thing I remember quite vividly, is that on my drive over..

I had made a pact with myself and with God..   -that should anything happen to me,

like sexual assault of any nature;

I would not report it.  -the reason I would not report it, is because I was fully, completely, consciously aware of my actions/decision:

going over to a relatively unknown males house, in the evening, by myself.   -I assumed the risk..  and if it turned out bad;

I only, exclusively, had myself to blame. Period.


retrospectively, I see a very traumatized young woman trying to regain control.   stupid and brave.


as it turned out..  there was no assault of any kind...   no undue pressure..  

-just the type of kiss that creates its own momentum..


retrospectively, I see that having taken such a risk..  and having it turn out well..

well, this may have added to the bliss factor.

I felt almost...


very close




He Is A God of Few Words. as heard by (me!) sandra, tvgp

one of those things I've wanted for a long time to do, but still have not done, is just go through Kathy Cordova's book, and a few of my books about the lives of Saints, and just highlight.. Exclusively highlight, in a specific way, what words people have described hearing God say to them..

without research and by recollection and personal experience alone:

Our God IS a God of few words..  vs. A God of non-stop conversation/explanation.   I offer two examples to make my point.

Solanus Casey in his book says God told him to "Go to Detroit."

Joyce Meyer says God told her, 'go east, west, north, south'

-that alone made me want to revisit Kathy's book, among others..  See if there was a pattern..  of brevity.

But I'm about to add on my own similar experience,  -because what I heard God say to me very recently was:

"I was there."

and now trust me..  I was hoping for much more..  I'm still waiting and still trying to process..  

But it is very clear to me God is having me revisit my life when I was in my early 20's..    because how many people/memory triggers in a concentrated amount of time..  I know not to ignore or dismiss this kind of thing..

So in prayer, I've been asking..  'What do you want me to know? learn? Understand?'

And very clearly I heard God say..  "I was there."

and God said absolutely nothing else, despite my praying for more..


it is in fact a very important spiritual lesson:  in your good times, in your bad times, in your joy and in your suffering

You are never alone.   -ever. 

So many people I talk to want the presence of God to = the absence of suffering.  

'How can there be a loving God if...  /suffering variable here.

but rather I have learned and come to understand and appreciate, free will = inclusion of suffering
love = you are never alone. God is with you..  comforting/healing..

patient, compassionate,

God is with us ALWAYS; ALL WAYS


I'm combining this recent experience + Oprah's super soul sunday interview with the remarkable time lapse nature photographer..Louie schwartzberg

In which we see God as not only a synonym for love, and truth.. But Nature.  Living energy..

and that triggered the memory of me on my nature walk a couple years back when through prayer I was invited to make 'I am' statements, like:

I am Sandra. I am a daughter. I am a mom. I am a sister. I am a friend. I am creative. I am an employee..    etc. Etc.

and God communicated to (me!):

I am God. I am love. I am peace. I am you. I am that tree...


and it was that experience that allowed me to graduate from a vague understanding of God as all things.. To a deep understanding.

Omnipresent.  God is eternal love; peace; truth; energy; spirit; life itself; everywhere at once, without beginning or end..

There is no place God isn't..  If you will.

In Jesus name,  -amen.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Heart Seen. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

At Pleasanton Montessori Preschool..    and oh! how many cute, beautiful, radiant children's faces did I get to see..  there is no counting, but it made my day!

Monday, October 05, 2015

Someone put my car in reverse again. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I cannot begin to adequately describe how much I love the view from almost 50...   and 'what a trip'  /borrowing a dated catch phrase..

it is to have what feels like a memory excavation taking place.  and without getting too far off road.. seems worth first noting, it is the very essence of who we are: a collection of memories.   -and worth noting also..  the contrast between   -at least as you get older,

those things/people which can trigger memories vs. do trigger memories vs. cannot.   I.e.,  -I see people and objects all day long at work, but nothing is triggered, and then..

BAM..   -like, i am currently working side by side with a woman i used to work at San leandro hospital with 25 years ago..    + lady Di, as she was known, stopped in the store/also from my San leandro hospital days..  + my reconnection with Rick Cahall, who I dated 25 years ago..  And! my sister dating the brother of someone I dated/was temporarily engaged to 25 years ago..

it really is like having someone pull the lever of a memory pinball machine and letting it shoot over there, and then PING off that memory and shoot over there..   and


and consciously learning to stop the automatic process that is

trigger = memory.  it can be overwhelming..

like, last night, because we are going to the zoo soon, and because there has been a lot of talk of elephants with my coworker artist friend who just adopted an orphaned elephant..

i found myself revisiting elephant related memories.  and you know, my sister collects elephants; i , giraffes..   so there are visual triggers everyday..  but it was last night,

that i revisited the memory that my first true love: Michael Jackson  /not the king of pop..  

His father was killed by an elephant at the Oakland Zoo..   he was a zookeeper, and apparently an elephant named smokey trampled him..  and this death had something to do with the zoo changing their policies regarding contact between zookeeper/elephant..   and then I just spent some time remembering Michael..  and then..  the dream in which it sure seems like he made direct contact with me.. and then memories of   -learning from his sister, he had taken his own life, and.. there was talk of how he had been on medicines for depression / bipolar disorder..   

and i wonder if his family would appreciate the pictures I still have of him..  the letters in his handwritten penmanship..  

and that leads to other memories, and unless -as I continue to do: you stop the automatic process,   -well just imagine 50 years worth of this memory triggering that memory which triggers another memory; it can impede on the opportunity to create new ones..

but even discussing the process itself triggers another..

and spiritually speaking, I feel like..  OK God..  why so much from 25 years ago..?  what all do you want me to see? and understand?

and in the middle of what has already been feeling like a memory excavation..

enters a few days go, from stage very far left:   keith.

-who i was just crazy about in my early 20's..  

like, -crazy; crazy..   like, butterflies every time I saw him, or heard his voice,

like.. melted when he smiled at me..  like,

unable to fully articulate sentences or get my thoughts out in an organized fashion..

like,..   I think I may have stalked him some..  You know the kind? where you intentionally drive in the neighborhood where someone lives in hopes of accidentally running into them..

Oh.. I had it bad.   poor guy..

and, but what fun to be back in contact, -because the memories this guy triggers..!

I could spend the rest of 2015 and all of 2016...

and I'll start, by ending this post with this:

I have several photos, letters, cards, pages worth of tangible memories from my first true love: Michael Jackson..

But.. not 1 picture of keith..   or card.. or note..  or sweet picture of us together.. ;nothing.

/that is probably because we were wearing nothing.   -and I just want to Thank Jesus here one more time that I am not having my teenage or early 20's experiences write now in 2015..  the age of Snapchat/Instagram and

Insta-blackmale..    /oh..  you think that is a typo?

anyway..  Honey!  my reputation would require three more full emersion baptisms in a row..

but...  let me tell you.. 

if you are going to have wild oats for breakfast..  

you want them hot  -write.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Herein Lies The Danger.. as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

k. upshot:

my bank account gets tapped by the FTB.. and as I live on the financial edge, this causes a negative balance; overdraft fees and ultimately I had to close my checking account because of the financial hemorrhage..    -this is not where my primary concern lies.. 

THIS is:  

without a checking account, I had to obviously stop direct deposit from my employer, and receive a good old fashion paycheck on paper instead..

I take my good old fashioned paycheck on paper to

-pay close attention here please: my employers bank;   -the very bank where my employer has his funds..   to cash it.

Not only is this the very bank of my employer, but! it is the same bank I personally go to, a couple times a week, on behalf of my employer, to get change for the store and/or make deposits.

Upshot:  they KNOW me..   they KNOW

1. Ricks picks has an account there
2. I work for Ricks Picks..

they've seen me several, several times..   Weve had multiple conversations..

now, -I go in to cash my check. " -from my employer who has an account there!".   -and we already know, my check is not some large amount of money at risk of throwing the bank financial status in any kind of turmoil..

But they CANNOT and WILL NOT cash the check

even though ricks picks has an account there... and they KNOW I work for Ricks picks..

Apparently the system will not allow them to cash my check unless I have an I.D. they can scan, and plus they need a fingerprint, and plus even with all that, because I personally don't have an account there, the charge $5 to cash the check..

My concern is this:   any time you have computerized systems in place that do not allow humans to use their own judgement and override..

we are digging our own graves in the name of over-precaution.  the ultimate decisions when it comes to

banking, healthcare, grocery shopping..  long list..

but ultimate decisions should still and always be made by humans not machines.  -when common sense and/or unique circumstances are entirely blocked..  

So.. that just seemed ridiculous to me..  that despite ricks picks having an account there..and for a good long time..

and despite them KNOWING.. not guessing, that I work there..

that because I did not have my license on me.. I had to be driven all the way back home to get it..

Drive all the way back to the bank...

And! Give my fingerprint and Get charged $5 to cash the old fashioned paper check..

it is so sad...  

pathetic really. 

***   my good news is that I should have my tax debts paid off in full by my 50th bday.   Woo hoo...

and,  may I confess that it is kind of exciting, -not having a checking account or a debit card and using only cash..

I feel so off the trackable grid..

"Ha! Now no one will know I just bought two tacos at jack in the box at 11:59am..."

-this secret is safe with (me!)...

Friday, October 02, 2015

Hebrews 4:12...

Love to the very broken hearted.. from (me!) sandra, tvgp

I will write more when time allows.. I am newly aware of the recent tragedies/lost lives; violence & terrorism in our neighbor state..

and remain aware that violence/terrorism are ongoing throughout the united states and around the world..

it is unspeakable; unarticulatable.. the unnecessary grief; despair and fear this inflicts on humanity..

I am in prayer; navigating my everyday responsibilities


with love; the only hope; only cure... 

and that is where I stay focused: on every act of love that surrounds a tragedy: first responders, -responding. family/friends reaching out and caring..  total strangers reaching out and caring..

-remember how long ago I sent the brain initiative committee members on the hunt for the 'care neuron'

wonder how they're doing...  


and, I'm saying this without ..  Prior to any fact checks..  But rumor has it,  victims were asked by gunmen if they were Christian, and if they answered yes, they were shot..

and I think there is much confusion here..  As in, if you are a Christian, and a gunmen asks you..  and you say 'no'

that you are therefore denying Jesus..  or surrendering will..

but from where I stand..  The God I have come to know and believe in..

Well, I have said it many times: our God is a God of hearts.  -I will look up the passages later.. But there are many which speak to a God who searches minds and hearts; knows your personal truths..

So, -what I believe..  Is that there are some people.. In church.. Who say they are Christians, but they are not.   -and God KNOWS this..
-you cannot fool God

and in that same way, but reverse!   if an evil person with a gun to your head says "are you Christian?".   -and you answer 'no' to save your life

even though you really are a Christian.

God KNOWS this too.  

God KNOWS the TRUTH..   and what does the truth do?


i'd love the opportunity to spend long hours writing and further exploring.. And sharing where I have arrived on the topics of suffering; evil..

and love & healing..   

but it may already be sufficiently covered in prior posts..

In Jesus name..  my broken/healing heart reaches out to everyone in pain..    with love.  Amen.

Music Under The Stars at Barones.. Best Season EVER! for (us!)

long list of public "thank yous!!"  -but let me start by saying.. WOW! to the Peelers..   there is still one more Thursday night ahead, but we cannot attend, so last night was our personal finale..

and when it comes to live bands, live music.. Pride & Joy is at the top..  and we love something about every band we've had the pleasure to listen/dance too..    [Link here to list of bands on Barones website]

but the peelers put the grand in our finale, because...  like, what a mix! ..of not just songs; but genres..   DJ's and bands know..

you are at great risk of killing the mood sometimes if you jump from  one type of music to another..    -only the experienced ones accomplish this with purpose:   -intentionally vacate the dance floor and send people back to the bar for drinks.. keep the money and the spirits flowing; lure them back on the floor... 

but the inexperienced can accidentally vacate the dance floor; kill the mood.. send people, not to the bar, but out the door looking for a new place to get their groove on..

so, my first admiration is for the artistic risk the peelers took, -and it was their first appearance at barones..

when i heard the lead singer say, out loud to the somewhat confused audience, "we are known for clearing out an entire dance floor..  and creating a whole new mix".   -i knew, he knew..

and they knew.. exactly what they were doing.  creative destruction applied on the dance floor!   so, a little R&B...  and the R&B people are busting a move, and then..

Wipe out!   -time for a little country...

Country song clears the R&B dancers off the floor, and the country music lovers come out of the closet..

who knew?  the country song reveals how many country music lovers/dancers are in the audience..  and it turns out there were a fair number..   singing along to the lyrics.. having a wonderful time, but..

Wipe Out! again..    just when the country music lovers have their rhythm going; time for some 80's...

repeat; repeat; repeat...  R&B; country; 80's; classic rock; rap; 70's.. and a long list of songs I was hearing for the very first time..

the joy was in the unpredictability of what was coming next..

I'd give anything to see the whole night from the birds eye view, and if I had the creative means to do it, I would create a mini time lapse video using colored dots to show what it looked like..   Different colored coded dots to represent who liked what music..

and one of the most gigantic blessings ever! is that Motown,

well, his dot would be

/k. hold on here.. I have to go look up how to spell..


-psychedelic.   but the definition isn't exactly what I mean..  what I mean is..

multicolored; not in a rainbow way..but abstract;   oh my gosh.. Skip please..

"He dances to everything!".  and since he seemed game; I stayed game..    and it became quite a fun thing to dance, and then stop.. listen closely for what beat was hitting us next, and then..

figure out how to dance to it..    

and because the peelers knew what they were doing.. everyone stayed in on it..  and who was dancing with who became mixed up too..   so Motown & craig danced with different people, Keeshie danced with new people, I danced with new people, and I witnessed that kind of cool effect..   mix of music; mix of who was dancing with who...

very fun; very fun

and this has been our great joy for how many years? my sister and I..   Barones music under the stars..   and I swear to you..  each year it becomes even more of a blessing..

the addition of pride & joy; favorite band/favorite venue..   and then Motown & craig " thank you!".  -spoiling us! with dances, drinks, appetisers, authentic friendship..

the childcare providers, which include our parents, my daughter, my daughters friends.. who help make our 'cast your care' nights possible -by not only providing trustworthy childcare, but transportation to & from..   !!...   so we can enjoy a couple beverages worry free..    /and they do enhance the experience; no denying..

and Michael.. "Thank you!"..  always the handsome/gracious escort/organizer/traffic control for the most talked about restrooms in nightclub history...

our waiters/servers, who have come to know us through repeat visits and greet us with smiles and warm hugs!  and take such good care of us at whatever table we land..   /and extra thank you here to Motown & Craig for saving table space for us!    -and to my mom, and aunt Betty, who saved us a table too...  and joined us for one of the music under the stars nights..  

and Steve, and Jamie, and Alexander, and ...   well, my track record with names is not good, but.. There are at least a dozen people we know by face.. and by dance floor.. who just add friendship, add joy, add to the magic that is Barones..

And yes, I realize I have not won an academy award, and I have no restrictions in the blogosphere when it comes to how many people I'm allowed to thank...

So, despite the music que I still hear in the background..   

" I would also of course! like to thank the directors: Joe & maricela..

for making these magical nights possible...   and the entire cast of characters in, around and behind the scenes..  from the cover charge collectors to security to..   everyone!

-write in the middle of some of the most challenging/demanding weeks sometimes..

the thing my sister and I could count on..  each other; everyone mentioned above..  and awesome live music under the stars...


we are already counting down to the 2016 season...

A toast!

"To uptown funk, In Jesus name..    amen!"

Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Holy Trinity as understood/explained by (me!) sandra, tvgp

over the years and through a variety of conversations, I have found the Holy Trinity dialogue akin to Abbott & Costello's classic 'who's on 1st' comedy routine.

I do not make that comparison with any I'll intention or disrespect; I mean it ....   well, if you jump in and listen, it really does start to sound silly..

"The father, son and holy spirit..  "

"They are 3..  "

"No. They are one"

"The father, son and holy spirit..  Are one..? But we just listed 3..?"

"They are 3, but all one.."

"Um.. what is the definition of TRInity.. Does not the Tri.. Stand for 3?"

"Yes, but the three are actually one.."

"Why do we not call it the ...   Holy All-in-one?"

"Because there are three:  the father. The son. And, the Holy Spirit.  -that's a Trinity."

"But..  K.  Wait a minute..  Didn't you just say they are one?"


and, honest to God, I've eavesdropped on these conversations that can go back and forth like that for a half hour

/that is..  also, by the way..  30 minutes..   half of 60..  which is considered  'whole' but is really only a portion of a larger number

all things being relative to infinity.  how can we have a 'whole' anything really?  -write.   its all a portion..


i am no scholar, but, i find that my humble little human brain will struggle to land on a definition/understanding of all things un-understandable,

and if my heart, my mind and my body all agree..  

the trinity that is one (me!),

well then, sometimes not even the Pope, or Bible, or CEO of the official true religion can influence what I managed to finally make sense to (me!)

-it would kinda be like someone trying to tell Cheryl strayed, upon completion of her epic trek "this is not actually where you finish..

what you really need to do is go over there"

at which point Cheryl is quite justified in saying:

whatever the hell she wants.


I've landed here:

God.   -that's one.  God is love.

Love! is experienced BETWEEN people..

So, we have the Son..   that's two: God and the Son..

The Love that exists between them... The Holy Spirit.  -that's 3.

and, then I get write back into an Abbott/costello routine when trying to describe how love is experienced BETWEEN people, but

actually resides WITHIN each individual..   Inside/outside at the same time..

Anyway..  I realize the bible has a lot to say about the characteristics of Love,

But for (me!).. one of the KEY characteristics of TRUE LOVE is


The greater the sacrifice, the more true the love.

So..  this brings me to:    God gave his only Son..
and thoughts about the magnitude of that sacrifice..

and how we see this love and sacrifice everyday when we encounter families and people who risk their lives

-military, first responders, missionaries, etc.

to save the lives of others.


God, the Father; Jesus, the Son; the Love between them = the Holy Spirit..

so, when you allow your life to be guided by the Holy Spirit

you are guided by True Love.