Thursday, February 04, 2016

My favorite # = 504! (me!) sandra, tvgp

not to be confused with my lucky number: 213.   504 became my favorite number the very second i learned it involved creating a modified schedule and curriculum for high school kids who are not quite thriving in the existing system.

-that's (me!).   and in fact, i took the California state proficiency exam; passed; and graduated at age 15..

went on to encounter real life..   and then, years later.. Jr college, -where I was also put in a 504-ish program..

and then to a 4 year college where I should have been on a 504, but still managed against all odds to earn a B.A. in

~mass communications; -of course..

Anyway..  all of that rehash just to say..  it was one, and is one of my regular prayers "Thank you Jesus!" for my 504 plan..

because...   i just still don't quite fit in the existing system.  best I can do is provide some entertainment by sharing my chronic attempts...


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

truth; I do. (me!) sandra, tvgp

"That's A Sign!!" says (me!) sandra, tvgp

- you know how my dad likes to tease me.. 'you think everything is a sign..'

k. but check this out:  my sister's FAVORITE movie.. knows every word, every song.. no counting how many times she's seen it..

Coming to The Vine in Livermore..   -we are so there! but the extra cool part.. the ad is placed -same shape and same size as The Heart Seen article on the reverse side!

oh, i do delight in these things; I do..   -opposite sides of the same coin...

1st runner up... as read by (me!) sandra, tvgp

wild life encounters on the way to school and work.  the sight of these always trigger the two same memories that i recently tried not to repeat out loud but did anyway;

the first memory is just how, with my children, when they were younger,  -we would give each other imaginary points for i-spying different things during walks and drives:   if i remember correctly, you got 25 points per wild turkey.  so, like, on this morning, "100 imaginary points!"

and the 2nd memory i tried and failed not to mention out loud was how the wild turkey was almost America's first bird, instead of the bald eagle.   Very entertaining reading if you just type turkey vs. bald eagle in google search.

from a layperson neuroscience perspective; sure is challenging to override auto-memory programming; initial associations created in the landscape of our brains. 

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

"Are you a Christian?". asked (me!) sandra, tvgp

-check out who i asked this question without knowing in advance who he was...


what happen was i noticed a small crowd gathering outside the store, so i went to investigate why..

and WOW..  my phone camera doesn't do it justice, but there was a huge, gorgeous, very vibrant rainbow..  and, actually a double rainbow, with the second one less vibrant but still visible also..

everyone was clicking to capture a picture.   and a wife and husband i recognized by face as ricks picks customers were passing by and stopped..    we took a second to agree about how beautiful it was and then    -because i know it carries a different and more significant meaning for Christians than say, seculars or agnostics or aetheists, etc.  I asked the husband, because he was standing closest to me, "are you a Christian?"

and when he said yes, i said "God keeps his promises!"

and then he said, "...what promises are those?"

and ill-prepared for a follow-up question; it was just a comment, i said, "....all things are possible with God...   

...and, i'll tell you the promise i hold on to the most!... 

-all things work together for the good for those who love God and are called to his purposes..."

and i added, "a reminder of God's covenant with his children.."

and he said, "..that he made after what?"

and then i was like...    ?...    "i don't know..  you got me on that one.."

and he tried to politely guide and help me to remember and answer correctly but i had nothin'

so he kindly and generously offered,  "..after the flood."

"Ooohhh yeah,   -after the flood..   that's write...  thank you.."

and we spent a little bit longer exchanging conversation, his wife, himself and i

and a little longer admiring the rainbows... 

and before he left he handed me his business card:

Biblical Counseling

Ed Beuerman

...  so, um, yes..  I guess you can safely say he is a Christian.  

and safely say..  i am not as bible literate as i will be...

"one day!"

ive looked the passage up on more than one occasion  -the rainbow as a symbol of Gods covenant

but i dont have it retained/locked in my memory.   what is locked in: God keeps his promises

and one of those promises is:   God CAN & WILL work ALL things

-which includes TRAUMA, SUFFERING, DEATH and EVIL

and he CAN and WILL use it for GOOD for those who love him and are called unto his purpose...  /and I don't have memorized which passage that is either; I just know its in there...

"Thank you Jesus!".  -amen.


the music i hear in my mind when I see a rainbow is not a church hymn..   it is Stevie wonder's "...ribbon in the sky for our love...

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thoughts on turning 50.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

as i have said before..  "i am in my spiritual prime!". i am only and exclusively thrilled.  i have zero attachment to my youth.

but i do like to say for fun.. that for (me!)../ i am one of those people who feels like their real life did not start until after i had children.

so;  by that calendar, i am finally turning 18 and just now an adult by legal standards.


i stopped getting 'fresh coats of paint'  -that is, dying my hair.  or rather having my hair dyed by professionals..   when? i did not write it down and have not kept track..

but i am just allowing the gray to come in naturally..   slowly transitioning in front of everyone.. 

my favorite conversation..    and i must point out here, that this inspires MANY conversations,  as i am a woman in my 2016 California culture going gray , apparently some type of social suicide;   but entirely accepted and common for men..

and to really drive that point home; just how counterculture it is for a woman to go without dying her hair to hide the gray at the tender, and very young age of 50!?!

this act of absolute incomprehensible rebellion inspires more conversations than the tattoo on my face!    anyway..

 one of my favorite conversations was this:

him:    ".. there is something different...  your hair..."

(me!):   " i am welcoming in my crown of splendor..."

him:   "..  i like the way you worded that..  crown of splendor..  naturally a poet would come up with that..."

(me!):   "..those are not my words..  its in the bible"

him:   "...  oh, no one ever reads that book.. you can claim those words your own."


and that gave me the internal giggles the rest of the day...


Proverbs 16:31

Friday, January 29, 2016

Larry Harrison.. my awesome brother... (gene simmons!)

-type the word toastmaster in the search bar of this blog.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Heart Seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

   -see.  to make my point..  another sticky, messy heart on the floor.  this one can be seen only as a result of a recent full store redesign still in progress..  and like the prior post, will also disappear during the upcoming pressure wash... 

The Heart(s) Seen.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

   -on the floor at ricks picks in pleasanton. im particularly fond of this find because it is write next to a mirrored coffee table; double blessings.    and there are actually several sticky, messy heart shapes to be found on the floor..

which will disappear soon because the floor will be pressure washed.   so there's an analogy for you...  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Martian, by (andy weir!) and movie by (ridley scott!)

on monday night i stood in front of the redbox at the local Safeway and over-used my index finger sliding through movie selection after movie selection, with such a hunger to get lost in someone elses story.   ...slide... slide...slide...  


went home empty handed.

then last night  -without even asking or suggesting, my nephew sets up the tv  -somehow, and asks me if i want to watch the martian.

"Yes Please!".  -my sister gave it rave reviews..  -had seen it with Matt and so, he was watching for a second time.

-that's its own testimony; sitting through a movie more than once..

and  -DIRECT HIT!  ... 15 minutes in, I was aware 'this is so my kind of movie!'.  -glued.

very well directed; edited; executed...   great film! and im trusting, without knowing, that this film is up for something..  some big award/recognition at the upcoming oscars

~where you will be seeing (me!) on the red carpet with my russell crowe

once that movie gets made. 


and it would take more time and energy than I have to share in detail the variety of thoughts and imaginations this movie inspired in me throughout its beautiful unfolding, but

one:  -i remembered when the blogosphere opened..  and i was able to see..  there was a large population of people who DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEW with the new potential of this platform..

essentially they just moved their writing and advertising and same rules/regulations.. same business models, same everything, from printed paper to a blog.

what a waste!

and in my imagination, i thought..  please.. if humanity is presented with the revolutionary opportunity to populate another planet..

please! do not let us just do all the same stupid things we are doing here. -staying the same but just moving to a new location.

please! let it serve as an opportunity to grow and evolve and do new and improved things...   

-for this I sure do frequently pray in Jesus name,  -amen.