Sunday, December 04, 2016

"JOY!" to you this holiday season, from (me!) and my (Dr. Maya Angelou!)

Kissin' The Chocolate Blues. 
page 22

Faith Alpher as Dr Maya Angelou
tv prop
verbatim from conversation on People Are Talking


"JOY is what I sign in every book, always, in every autograph, in everything I end with

Joy!   It is kind of an umbrella word...

it means health.
it means focus.
it means commitment.

It means religion, if you have that.

It's everything!   It's really an umbrella word.  So if you say, 'I'm out for Joy'

-that means I take responsibility for the time I take up, for the space I occupy.

I am out for JOY!     Yes..    "

Thursday, December 01, 2016

photo by (gerry schoon!)

  -Gerry captured this gorgeous photo on her drive into Alden Lane 11/30/16.   View from Tesla,  -approaching Livermore from Tracy.    Awesome shot!  "Thank you!" for sharing...

and every encounter of a rainbow for (me!)
is a cerebral hyperlink to:   God keeps his promises.


A SPOILED ROTTEN BLOGGER LIVES HERE. dreams (me!) sandra, tvgp

so, I was eavesdropping on this conversation recently,

and let me just pause here to tell you, I mastered the art of eavesdropping during my wine goddess days, when I was pouring wines at local wineries in the beautiful tasting rooms.

this art, I mastered; it was not for any ill intention at all.   I specifically learned to eavesdrop

-not to learn any private/gossipy information, but rather, I eavesdropped with the intention of pleasantly surprising the wine-tasting guests

so, for example,

well, I just paid attention.  that's what I actually did; not eavesdropping.  I paid attention.   -from across the room...

so that when a customer mentioned not liking this white wine, but really liking this specific red.

I listened.

then, I would show up to serve the next wine on the given flight, and I might say,

"... would you like an encore tasting of the barbera?"    -because I had paid attention, that they responded to that given wine,

but, oh!  the surprised expression and response

the eyebrows tilt in, like,   how did you know, and then, "Yes!"

I took a certain personal pride in delightfully surprising the guests.


and I keep my accomplishments up my sleeves for the most part, but

I did receive the only A+ in a listening test given at Chabot college many years ago.


and it is this skill specifically that inspires this post:  listening.

and what I heard, was this husband & wife, talking to neighbors they encountered in the store.   -and how they were headed on a cruise...     amazing cruise..    weeks!  not days..


I will skip the details of the cruise, because the point is not the cruise.  the point is what they were going to do with their dogs while they were away

I mean,


a very special, elite and expensive hotel for dogs...    not just 3 walks a day, but



you know, to help them with the stress of the absence of their parent/owners...

and apparently there is a wonderful doggie playground,

and some very   -?-     special dog foods and treats..

I could not believe my ears!

and of course, I got to thinkin'

   -well, ive mentioned before how Pleasanton is like the dog capital of California, but this!

and I just day-dreamed for a bit..



if I could only be their dog.

and I re-thought what ive thought about before:


they do not contribute to the household income.
they do not do dishes or laundry.
they do not clean up after themselves.
they do not grocery shop.   or cook.

they just get so cared for...

so loved.    and,

on the occasions they destroy the house, and make a great big mess...

the owners just blame themselves for being away too long.


I said earlier I wanted a literary agent for Christmas, but really,

ive changed my mind.

I just wanna be someone's pet.

In,   if Jesus had a dog..   what breed and what would be its name...       name.    amen! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

LOVE & SUFFERING ARE OUR INSTRUCTIONS -believes (me!) sandra, tvgp

i'm repeating my belief here,  -after watching joyce Meyers teaching today on suffering.

I believe

we come to earth with instructions.

what we LOVE TO DO, instructs us on what we are HERE TO DO.



as ive already written in great length and detail on these subjects:  love & suffering.  I will stop there.

In Jesus Holy and Trustworthy name,    ~amen.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Speaking of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show.. (me!) sandra, tvgp

the inspiration for this encore post, originally posted in 5/4/2011, is his recent interview with my Charlie rose..    

but the timing!   I literally just sent an email to Fran Reisner, of Pleasanton's Housing Department regarding affordable living spaces.

i'm not saying this is a sign..       

"that's TWO signs!"

anyway, I do love re-living/remembering....

JON STEWART MEET TARYN KAY by (me!) writeousmom

it's too soon to tell what my daughter might become. a fashion designer, a writer, the second female mayor of pleasanton, or the first female president of the united states

but neither will i rule out that she might become her generations jon stewart

please join us in the bedroom, where last night, we happened across a very heated city council meeting on our local tv channel 30

my kind of prime time tv!

now, i don't spend much time on local politics (obviously, or we wouldn't have all the problems that we do, write), so i just did my best to briefly explain to my daughter what all the fuss was about:

in short..

pleasanton is required -by law- to create some more affordable housing (synonyms for affordable housing = high density housing, and/or low income housing, and/or apartments, and/or rentals, and/or "you know, those people")

and my first point was to explain, that without a mandate by law, a large percentage of pleasanton residence would probably not vote to do such a thing of their own free will,

and that's too long a story, so let's keep movin..

apparently, the big debate now is over where these affordable housing units will be developed. -and there is a large group of residents, "already carrying over 40% of the burden " -of low income housing, so.. DO NOT ADD ANY MORE HERE

everyone seems to agree, as do i, that affordable housing should be spread equally throughout the city, and not concertrated in one area

only, as i'm sure you've probably guessed, no one wants affordable housing next to them . low income people don't seem to want other low income people for neighbors because... i'm not sure why exactly, but i do know why the -what shall we call them... financially secure, home owners don't want low income shelter renters next to them .. property value.

and i did go into just a brief *schpeil about the very high importance some pleasanton residence place on "property value" -because its been my experience that very little importance is placed on people value in comparison; like none..

i said, "honey, i know some people that don't care whether a mass murderer moves in next door to them, just as long as their moving in doesn't negatively effect the resale value of their property -and, if that mass murderer can INCREASE the value of their property... open arms, welcome to our neighborhood

on the other hand, honey, if they didn't know mother teresa (and, even if they did), they'd turn down a saint, if it meant a reduction in the resale value of their home

i wish i was exaggerating


then you know i had to go into one about home owners associations; confess my prejudices.. but i'll spare you that soapbox too..


let me just cut here to the comedy...

the other thing that concerns a certain percentage of pleasanton residence is -aesthetics.

very important to keep things pretty...

how pretty you ask?

well, there is a percentage of residence who are appalled by the idea that anyone might be able to see "high density housing units" from the freeway, when you drive past, or into, or as you exit, -pleasanton-

and at first my daughter just had to confirm with me what she was hearin'

"yes.. you got it, honey..," i said, "he wants to make sure no one will see apartments from the freeway..."

well, she went write into one of her routines...

sat up straight, and pretended to be driving a car, with children in the back seat

"oh my God! children... cover your eyes! cover your eyes! there's... there's... apartments!"

and then she pretended to be crying... all upset at the damage this would cause.

and what could i do but laugh 'til i cried, and encourage her to keep going...


so, next i explained how grateful i am to God, to john.. that her and her brother are being raised here, -in such a beautiful place, with such a wonderful school district, etc.

and i have to acknowledge the differences between this city and the city i grew up in.. the difference in safety, aesthetics, schools, activities, on and on and on..


when i observe certain behaviors... and i overhear certain conversations...

i just think to myself

the societal "burden" of low income housing units, vs. the societal "burden" of the arrogance, superiority and entirely misplaced value system i see with a percentage of the wealthy residence here...

it's worth taking a closer look at

what does and does not contribute to the overall beauty, health & well being of our communties.



gave my daughter a homework assignment: tape and watch at least 3 episodes of jon stewart's, the daily show

-comedians are liberated in a way governments can never enjoy

and can reach people, open eyes and ears -help people laugh at their own insanity

and inspire the change

we need laws to enforce.

did he just say... nomenclature?! asks (me!) sandra, tvgp

so, I was watchin' the Warriors claim victory in another very exciting game last night, and..

"did he just say..     nomenclature?"    -like; who uses this word on the streets...   no one.  so it stood out.   and I wondered..     he must have invested in those increase your vocabulary tape cassetts like I did a hundred years ago..    

constant quest for personal growth.  and, so, during my life threatening commutes to and from college, I would pop one in

"accouterment."     oh, I loved that one.    still use it to this very day.   like, just yesterday I said to my mom,

"thank you for the use of your kitchen, and all your baking accouterments."

I didn't say I use it correctly; but I do use it.   and I prefer my own pronunciation to the one on the tape.   they say,  accou -ter-  ments.    I prefer,  accou -tre-   ments.   

-tomato; to~motto.     anyway..   I did just spend 5 plus hours in my mom's kitchen.  yes, (me!).  

prelude to her  32nd (?) annual cookie exchange party.    and "thank you!" here to anne, I got myself some two-handed, five shapes at a time, lean n' roll, cookie cutters

and, I cant say anymore than that.   recipes; packaging; details;

everything is top secret until the day of the cookie exchange party.   only my mom knows the secrets, because you have to call in your recipe to her, and this way she avoids any duplicates

I guess technically, if you call in a recipe, and she says, no..  you have to pick something else;

technically, you then know someone's recipe..  cookie type.   but..

anyway, i'm very excited.   proud of my cookies..  in the freezer write now, waiting for final creative touches the night before

and, more details later, but there will be drinking, games & prizes! ..    this is no ordinary cookie exchange party I promise you.      -pictures from 2014:


look how far off track I got.   -back to the warrior game

lots of the time, I'm so involved in watching the actual players and plays, I don't really consciously hear the sportscasters commentary

but, exactly because he used the word,  nomenclature

it jumped up and out at me

so,   hey keeshie..

here's another fun fact about   TRIPLE DOUBLES

apparently the phrase "entered the  nomenclature   during Magic Johnson's legendary career"

/but if we didn't at first even understand what a triple double was..

how?!  would we understand nomenclature

which I believe, should be pronounced,

I mean, if you are going to use it all, it should be pronounced, nomen~culture.     that makes more since don't you agree?

why doesn't anyone ask (me!) first...


In,  Jesus...  vocabulary ..     I sure love words like, hallelujah!   name.  amen!   

Monday, November 28, 2016

All i want for Christmas... (Me!) sandra, tvgp

Yes. So I went to the north pole located at the museum on main street in downtown pleasanton.  And was invited in to sit on Santa's lap and "tell me what you want for Christmas"

so, I said with a smile,

I said.. "Santa I've been asking for the same thing for YEARS now!
All I want for Christmas /again;   -is

One handsome, single, literary agent with chocolate and flowers in one hand and a lucrative contract for me to sign in the other."

and Santa and Mrs Claus both laughed.  

Then Santa said,

"Well, sandra...    Have you been good this year?"

and I said with a smile, I said

"Oh.  I keep forgetting about that prerequisite."


Analogy to neuroscience and memory. to (me!) sandra, tvgp

Ive written this in parts before.. The entire earth as a mind..  Write now I'm just hunting for analogies to memory...

To see boxes of memories in now outdated video forms.   All those memories..  -there

but without any ability to access them, unless they are


how from one generation to the next, there seems to be this...

perpetual ...    chase?   hide and seek...?   cat/mouse situation with peoples memories.

"Here!  We've made it easier, faster, better than ever for you to capture your memories."

and then just about the time you've accumulated a library of memories in one Format

"Switch!".    and now you have them...  But can't get to them...

industries and businesses are born from it..   

and I'm just curious..   How many memories get trapped in the ongoing format shuffle.   Lost.   Thrown away.  

How many converted?    What memory..

What memory was captured at what time, in what format, which has been through the most conversions and is preserved even today..

and can be further converted, so that my great grandchildren can view it?    I'm just wanting/needing to convert handheld video recorder tapes to DVD's...   But my understanding is DVD format and is already on its way out...

but all of this...   Is there analogy to human memory storage?   I still enjoy thinking about all my memories..  And marvel at what it takes to Access them..     A picture/direct route..

first letter of a persons name..

revisiting a geographic location...

random mention in a conversation...

still marvel at how..

Just recently  -clear as I can see my own face in the mirror,

I saw, in the movie screen in my mind,   the face, of the district attorney in San Francisco, who helped me put a rapist behind bars for 20 years.   I remember his face so well.

-not his name.   But his kindness.  His support.  His follow through.  
His face.

I can pull up a picture of his face, at will.  I challenge myself for curiosities sake alone..

Stamina?   -when I pull up a face..  How long can I hold it there before it subsides/fades..

Of course.. I need to save these exercises for when I retire..   

I have to get ready for more work.. And I cannot simultaneously pull up faces/memories while I get ready and work..

it is a dedicated and focused-oriented exercise..

In Jesus remembers and   -does not forget/but. -erases- 
Name.    Amen!

NAME THAT STAR for (me!) sandra, tvgp

I can, without researching/asking, name the following:  jimmy durante; Gregory peck; lou Costello, mickey rooney.   -the others look familiar, but...
how many stars can you identify in these pictures?!   -found this envelope during my, "can I go through your treasure box" time at my mom's house over Thanksgiving.  These photos were gifted to her by Al Bova, a security guard..   my mom said he told her, "you're the only one who believed me when I told them about meeting these stars"   and that's why he gave the pictures to her.   "to Al, to the Hollywood legends of their time!  and the people who appreciate them..   
in Jesus Christ was a superstar,s name..    amen.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

chain breaker song on (klove!) radio

"i can testify!"

he's a pain-taker
way maker
chain breaker

"thank you Jesus!"  amen

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Heart Seen... by (carla graci!)

...during a walk in downtown st. Helena...   Look how beautiful!  A blessed place to be...   puts the happy in the thanksgiving.   Xoxo

master merchandiser by day.. rock star by night (john dell!)

treat to learn one of my co-worker friends is a vocalist/guitarist in a rock n roll band:

and, had the great pleasure of watching his band perform live last night at, what was a new brewery to me

and alex

it's called, Eight Bridges.     -very cool space..    and, turns out Alex is a sprite/water drinker, but


I love the hops!   so,  -gave their hoppy salvation a try, and when I visit in the future,   I will order just the same.    Pairs very well with live music!

and, nothing but praises for heart stone's lead singer, Samantha Vaughn..  

I told alex, "if I could let it out like that...  I would never write again."   and, the whole band is what you hope for..

talent; chemistry; joy  -you can hear those things in the guitars, drums..  and what a range!   Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd to Blondie and Bruno Mars.. 

You were awesome John!   -great to see you live.    wonderful band!

and, when it comes to dancin' I need the Motown sound; the groove..  so I didn't get out on the dance floor

but there was a lady off to the side, dancing alone, all..     just lost in the music.   I told Alex, if I was not self-conscious, I would get out there too.   just make up some moves..     it's inside me.

but, I prefer to blend in with a crazy crowd.   and the other woman who seemed to respond to the music in a wonderful way..   jumping, moving, taking pictures..    singing along

turns out she is the lead singers mom.    Samantha told us, "My mom has that kind of energy 24/7.  I only have it when I'm performing on stage."

and, "Thank You!" Alex for checking out John's band, and this new brewery with me..

does make me all dreamy about having live music and handcrafted beer at Alden Lane...

love the outdoor venues!     -as a matter of fact..  I was just looking at Alden Lane's parking lot..  like, what an awesome space for a tailgate party...

In Jesus Musical Name,  ~amen!


heartstone rocked again at R-place in livermore..    the very next night.   and, coincided with one of rick cahalls visits to the tri-valley from Tahoe..

they played til 1am, or something, longer than we could stay, but!  had we..   I would have cheered for an encore of the ooh, la, la paris song

I have to work hard to keep myself off the dance floor for that one.

and very Pleasanton surprise to cross paths with..   "Shinn!"      -the cerebral hyperlinks here are many..       1.  purple heart veteran     2.  my only two part profile ever written for the patch    3.the only mother/daughter profile link, because my daughter interviewed him also     3. the veterans day parade     4.   -and how the patch profile I wrote,  as it is internet searchable,  helped put him back in touch with a long lost brother..

he had a friend to visit, so didn't join us at our high top, but   -always a spirit lifter to see him..

and speaking of friends,

  Rick had a friend to say hi to at mavericks in Pleasanton    -but,

don't you know, we somehow

honestly I have no idea how conversations take the twists and turns they do, but, ice cream got mentioned, and then I got to go on and on again about how, after going without ice cream for decades it feels like,

I learned about the soy ice cream at creams in Livermore..    "and I can eat ice cream again!  I am so, so, happy!"

and so, we parked for this quick side attraction...   cold and raining out, but didn't matter...   perfect for ice cream

then off to mavericks where I met one of his long time friends of 30+ years mary kay..    an outstanding country line, and country free dancer    -and a spectacular live band here also..

it is the first place I will bring my aunt betty   Sandra     /that's a hard but important change to implement..

when she comes for her next visit.   She loves the country music and dancing!     don't know if we can talk her onto the mechanical bull..      bad back,

but   -good dancing feet!     and I smile here to remember her at barones..     dancing with the biggest smile on her face..    "i have a blister on my foot, but I cant feel it write now"

drink + live music + dancing  =  Band-Aid


church soon, and cookie-bakin' prep for my mom's upcoming  32nd (?) annual cookie exchange party.   so have to close here

feel very blessed and grateful

"Thank You!" Jesus..           amen

WHAT A FIRST KISS! learns (me!) sandra, tvgp

there have been a number of times ive heard my Charlie rose speak of his regret.   And that regret, is that..   here he has interviewed and filmed how many people over the years?   thousands!  he is a master level interviewer/conversationalist, and yet

"i never interviewed my own parents."   and he wishes he would have recorded their stories; and if he had to do it over again...   he would.


in this same way.  I didn't write thousands of How They Met stories, but I did write dozens.  And yet..  when it comes to my mom and her husband now of 30 years.

well, I never really asked how they met.    And of the long list of things I'm grateful for, and treasured about this recent Thanksgiving

(save room for pictures here)

I'm super grateful they shared their How They Met Story.   /and without asking permission first..
I'm going to share it with you:

Go back 30+ years of course, and my mom is 43/44 years old, and has been divorced for some healthy amount of time, and is dating someone new

Rick is, 35/36 years old, he's divorced, and is also dating someone new..

but on the dance floor of the Peppertree in Hayward, even though they were dancing with different people; they would occasionally lock eyes with each other.    that's the prelude.

Rick knew he would not marry the person he was dating.  And ditto for my mom; she knew it wouldn't last with person she was dating.   

Fast forward a little here, and    -and!

my mom and her sister are at the Peppertree, sitting next to each other at the bar, and apparently my mom was wearing a scarf that had kiss marks all over the design.   

Rick:   "I went up behind her and gave her a kiss on the back of the neck.   not a little peck either..   a slow kiss, and I told her I wished I could give her a kiss everywhere the kiss marks were on her scarf."

(me!):  "You did not.  Are you making this up?"

but, they each re-told the story, and convinced me it was true.  My mom said, she was especially happy because it was one of the first times a man paid attention to her first when she was with her sister.   She was used to men being attracted immediately to her sister.

We have this very much in common.  My sister is the beautiful blond blue-eyed...    but you know what else we have in common:   My mom and her sister are best friends; through thick and thin, through good times and bad; through sickness and health..  til death do them part

and my sister is my best friend for life too.  

anyway..    I understood.

and, then ive never heard of such a precious lie in all my how they met interviews.   my mom, it turns out, was self-conscious and concerned about their age difference.   And Rick was concerned that her concern might terminate a romance that had true potential

so..   well, they were both divorced with children.  My mom, with three young adult children at the time, and Rick with two younger...

so what he did, was..

he kind of made up a story about having a third child, an oldest sibling, a few years older than his younger two.  

his intention was to close the age-gap between them in my mom's mind and eyes.

and I cant remember write here.. how long until the truth was revealed.  but..

apparently his strategy worked and she forgave the untruth he told


this past October they celebrated their 30 year anniversary.


and you know who else is celebrating 30 years very soon

My dad and his wife, Chris.      It fascinates me how their lives paralleled 30 years ago; my parents.

Both my mom and my dad, re-married 30 years ago.  They both married spouses younger than they are.  (is it by 9 years for both of them?)   They both married spouses that had two young children; a boy and a girl.

but, I'm quite interested in learning my dad and Chris' How They Met story also..

its just fun.

the part I do know, is that my dad,   -he told me one hundred times he would never re-marry anyone who had children

then he married a woman with a 3 and 6 year old.

-because that's what love does, doesn't it.   it overrides your every personal vow, your pros/cons lists,
your i'll nevers, and I wonts

and turns them into I will and I do's.


In Jesus' love conquers all name.     Hallelujah and amen!


there you have it; bloggers blessing.  -just had breakfast with my dad, son and daughter at jim's in the raleys shopping center.   turns out, my dad and chris met on a blind date!   -I believe ive been told, but did not retain..

chris had a co-worker friend, that was a friend of my dads friend.. something like that.  and they had been sending chris on a date here and there with no real luck

the way my dad tells it, she went on the blind date with a high level of reluctance.

my dad was in a relationship that was nearing an inevitable end, and with his temporary girlfriend out of town at the time, he agreed to the blind date

and it was Chris's birthday, and they met at a restaurant in san Francisco, near pier 39.   My dad said there was no immediate chemistry kind of thing, he thought she was nice

but she had two young children, and he had personally vowed not to date someone with young children.   his youngest was a senior in high school at the time, so he had already raised his family

but several months, and a trip to Tahoe later, over the 4th of july

/which, my dad winks here to mention.. was their 3rd date

and they started to bond.   by may of the following year, they were married, and now are celebrating their 30th anniversary in a matter of months.

chris is 13 years my dad's junior, and he says, its like two generations apart the way their birthdays fall.  so, the music, movies, culture from my dad's youth..     hold no sentimental value for Chris   -and Chris's no special value to my dad.  "We are opposites in every way!"  he says..   and I know that's true politically to be sure

and sport~ically.   and musically.    and with movies..     and books...    and tv shows...

they really are opposites.     but you know the one thing they do have in common:

Jesus.   -both Christian.

and I'm just gonna go ahead and Thank You God for that write here.