Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014

"PLaYiNg iN TRafFiC" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

"Ready or not" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

The Better Half. A poem by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

This is how I live my life-ith:

I cut my donuts with a knife-ith.

   -eat the frosting!
   -eat the sprinkles!

"To the garbage! With the cake"

F the costing
Welcome wrinkles

And with a smile
I sleep and wake.

69 by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Usually, as you know, I pride myself on being  woman of letters..

But there's so much fun to be had with this particular number:


I remember when they tried to form lines at this one place..

"Everyone born from '69 - '70 over here"  a young man said.

"no babies are born from '69. Its just for fun." I said with a smile.

And only about 3 people got it write away and laughed...


But even more fun than that!  Was the time I was handed 69 as my table number at a restaurant.  -such a handsome young thing gave it to me

"this is a special occasion then, isn't it," i said with a smile, "Usually I do all the work"

No reaction initially, but then I saw him whispering back n forth with a coworker, -then a smile of his own

Then, well..    What outstanding customer service I received!

The Heart Seen.. In my Sisters blood..

..from a cat scratch..

The Heart Seen... On prospect in danville..

"The Road Not Taken" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Friday, July 25, 2014

THOUGHTS ON SMOKING by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

According to some of the classic movies, and even popular music today..

There is some sort of strange correlation between sex and smoking..


People seem to enjoy a cigarette after love-making,

The way I enjoy cheesecake after dinner.


If I remember back..

There are 20 cigarettes in a pack.. And, 10 or 12? Packs in a carton...

That's a lot of after sex dinner  tobacco mints..

Maybe smokers aren't dying from cancer after all..

But the exhaustion weakens their immune system..

And doesn't that also explain why they can't seem to catch their breath.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Heart Seen.. After a coffee drip spill clean up..

The Heart Seen.. In the raviolli dinner i made for my kids

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

UnNoble prayer answered for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Perhaps when I'm more evolved I will have only noble prayers; but I'm not there yet.  Where I am at: is announcing in advance whether the prayer I'm about to pray is noble or un-noble.  For (me!), noble = prayer to be a blessing to/for someone else, and un-noble is a prayer request for myself.  So,

I go "un-noble prayer coming through...  Dear Jesus..  I would like to have a perfect night of dancing this Thursday please."

Now.. In my imagination and the way I pray.. I do not actually need to define -perfect- to Jesus; he already knows.  He already searches our hearts and minds.. He knows my prayer request before I even make it..  This IS how I believe.

But I feel compelled to define it for you; my imaginary readers. K, so..

A perfect night of dancing involves several things..  Feeling good in whatever outfit and shoes I'm wearing

Perfect is outdoors on a perfect climate night; Indoors is 2nd to..

Perfect is a great dance band like Pride & Joy; DJ is always 2nd to live..

Perfect is 2 to 3 drinks..over 3 to 5 hours..  Not cold sober/not tipsy drunk; there is such thing as a perfect level.. I don't know what it is by number; only by feeling.

Perfect is with my sister/best friend and other best friends; sadly dancing with men is always 2nd to.. Because with the girls it is so purely/exclusively about dancing, moving to good music..  With dates, boyfriends, the dynamics change..

Perfect is a joyous big crowd free from any alcohol Induced conflicts arising..

I could go on..  But those are the biggies.  And I would like to once again say "thank you!" Jesus..  For answering this unnoble prayer and more than once!

Did you see the cute party top my mom gifted me by surprise?! I've never felt so pretty!   Our favorite band! At our favorite venue!?!  -awesome!  Cabana! My sister! Mary re! And more friends..

Of the nights for which I am most grateful:  pride & joy at Barones for music under the stars..  Full Moon! Even.. Perfect CLImate..

Gratitude my daughter could drop off/pick up..  Childcare.

Entourage also a great band..  The cheese balls too..  And Mr Motown back on the floor..

More please!  A whole season...!...   "Love and thank you!". Amen.


Well, there was a  -set back.  On one of the nights, one of my friends spotted a guy who had broken her heart..

Perfect would have been if he wasn't there.  -but we got through it



Monday, July 21, 2014

The heart seen!... By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Check it out: true story: I'm driving home.. Spot what looks like a heart shape in the markings on this horse..  Flip a u-turn and go back for the picture..  Tuck my car in close to the curb as possible, put on my flashers, leave the engine running.. Walk up a few steps for the picture.. In that short time, a person pulled over to see if I needed help.. "Thank you!" But just getting a picture..".  That put her in front of the next car to come by..  A truck; Which I would have been write behind, if not for this picture..   And a big chair fell out of the back..   So!  Heart seen and accident avoided..   "Thank you Jesus!"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"2 o'clock tour" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp