Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Sanity Plea -se. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

the end of December ='s inventory at work.. 2 to 3 days of it, which, only after genetics, is the leading cause of baldness.  the beginning of January ='s, the packing up and putting away of all Christmas products, décor and displays.  this is very similar to moving.. and involves many, many, cardboard boxes..

anything reminiscent of moving is just..

but add on, that the Christmas items getting packed away must also be inventoried.

it is a marathon of monotony and I think sometimes I might just be losing my mind.


flesh  "you could just keep walking …    to the parking lot...   get in your jeep and go..."

holy spirit  "or you could continue toward the warehouse and get the job done"

and so I went to the warehouse and got more of the job done.

and I was thinking silently to myself     /the word silently is necessary here, because I do sometimes think out loud

, I was thinking..   I was briefly proud of myself for my new level of endurance for the monotonous and how much I had already accomplished toward the greater goal

inventory -check/done!  it is behind me, like satan…

and packing Christmas..    the lions share is done! check!

by end of day tomorrow it will be behind me too

and then,

in that very moment, i saw a flash vision of my W-2 in my minds eye, and heard a whisper in my minds ear

Tax Season.

and I had to laugh

out loud.

which appeared to my co-worker, just passing by, rather odd.  

/there she is again, all by herself, -laughing...

        -think she might be losing her mind


it is in fact, a great team effort..   taking down, dis-assembling, organizing, running inventory tapes, labeling, packing, storing       -and I am blessed to work with dedicated co-workers, all in and on board to get the job done   -write.

thank you Jesus  -amen.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Speaking of Jesus... (me!) sandra, tvgp

not as frequently as I used to, but more frequently than I would ever wish to

I find myself in the presence

within earshot,

or in direct conversation

with a fast talker.

I do not use the word fast here with the definition of speed/words per minute

but rather colloquially

a fast talker..  a bullshitter…  a manipulator..   a great debater, but skilled for win, not truth.   an influencer, persuader  -but again, for the win; for selfish gain; not for truth

the skilled salesperson  -making the sale/profit without any regard for proper match between consumer and product

the academic with a superiority complex  -not using knowledge to help teach/grow a person, but rather to demonstrate how much more educated they are than another   -using knowledge to belittle someone, and exalt themselves

the jealous and insecure  -with a verbal skill for marginalizing the accomplishments of others..

I could go on

it has to do with motivations/intentions   /which I also awe at...


of the many, many, many qualities I love about Jesus

Jesus was not a fast talker.

Jesus was not a sales personality type.

Jesus was not a scholar with a superiority complex.

Jesus was not belittling anyone to make himself look better in the eyes of others or to boost his own ego or marginalize anyone elses accomplishments

and we are living in a world now where -follow- is a very important word

how many people 'follow' you
who do you 'follow'

popularity is falsely being associated/correlated with actual human value/self worth..

one of the benefits of being in my 50's write now, and not a tween, teen or young adult

is that I already know better

and I could not care less about how many people 'follow' me

and I am very grateful and proud to follow Jesus.


Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Fabulous Fireworks. photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

and so you can see then, if i so easily awe at seeds which yield pretty colorful flowers; how much more in awe i am of human beings

from the union of..  into cells..  and then consciousness, conscience, moving, breathing, running, swimming, decision making, learning, making up and changing their minds, breaking and healing hearts, immune system, gifts/talents, regrets/forgiveness, inventions, intuition, instincts...  learning, ignoring, focus..   determination..  imagination/dreams..

hope. faith. love.

the spectrum of physical/mental/spiritual abilities we can consciously aim to master;
the amount going on in and through and on us, on its own..  the pumping of blood, beating of the heart, blinking of eyes..shedding of skin...

there have been 
and are now
and will be

many discussions about human beings as masterpieces

"you are a masterpiece!"

and its true.

I think it is a good exercise to consider a piece of technology and marvel at all its capabilities, bells and whistles

and then compare it to all that human sentient beings can do and -feel-


-imagining/making/designing/manufacturing/distributing the very technology that can do so many amazing things

and then to note

God is to humans; as humans are to technology


today i'll be thinking about intuition, inspiration and fractals.

In Jesus Name!   amen & amen.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Great Treasure!! to (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I always pack it.. and I always delight in coming across it again when I unpack boxes.. I remember I had juju read it out loud when I lived with her and just giggled and laughed..   and this weekend when I came across it, I had my sexy robert read it out loud.. and I just crack up every. single. time.  i am more grateful to have this misspellings, uncorrectly interpretated into almost engl-ish-ness paragraph than some of my most esteemed highly polished and professional literary works.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

... in a castle in vegas... (sexy! & tops!)


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Mountain Charley's Los Gatos

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