Wednesday, July 23, 2014

UnNoble prayer answered for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Perhaps when I'm more evolved I will have only noble prayers; but I'm not there yet.  Where I am at: is announcing in advance whether the prayer I'm about to pray is noble or un-noble.  For (me!), noble = prayer to be a blessing to/for someone else, and un-noble is a prayer request for myself.  So,

I go "un-noble prayer coming through...  Dear Jesus..  I would like to have a perfect night of dancing this Thursday please."

Now.. In my imagination and the way I pray.. I do not actually need to define -perfect- to Jesus; he already knows.  He already searches our hearts and minds.. He knows my prayer request before I even make it..  This IS how I believe.

But I feel compelled to define it for you; my imaginary readers. K, so..

A perfect night of dancing involves several things..  Feeling good in whatever outfit and shoes I'm wearing

Perfect is outdoors on a perfect climate night; Indoors is 2nd to..

Perfect is a great dance band like Pride & Joy; DJ is always 2nd to live..

Perfect is 2 to 3 drinks..over 3 to 5 hours..  Not cold sober/not tipsy drunk; there is such thing as a perfect level.. I don't know what it is by number; only by feeling.

Perfect is with my sister/best friend and other best friends; sadly dancing with men is always 2nd to.. Because with the girls it is so purely/exclusively about dancing, moving to good music..  With dates, boyfriends, the dynamics change..

Perfect is a joyous big crowd free from any alcohol Induced conflicts arising..

I could go on..  But those are the biggies.  And I would like to once again say "thank you!" Jesus..  For answering this unnoble prayer and more than once!

Did you see the cute party top my mom gifted me by surprise?! I've never felt so pretty!   Our favorite band! At our favorite venue!?!  -awesome!  Cabana! My sister! Mary re! And more friends..

Of the nights for which I am most grateful:  pride & joy at Barones for music under the stars..  Full Moon! Even.. Perfect CLImate..

Gratitude my daughter could drop off/pick up..  Childcare.

Entourage also a great band..  The cheese balls too..  And Mr Motown back on the floor..

More please!  A whole season...!...   "Love and thank you!". Amen.


Well, there was a  -set back.  On one of the nights, one of my friends spotted a guy who had broken her heart..

Perfect would have been if he wasn't there.  -but we got through it



Monday, July 21, 2014

The heart seen!... By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Check it out: true story: I'm driving home.. Spot what looks like a heart shape in the markings on this horse..  Flip a u-turn and go back for the picture..  Tuck my car in close to the curb as possible, put on my flashers, leave the engine running.. Walk up a few steps for the picture.. In that short time, a person pulled over to see if I needed help.. "Thank you!" But just getting a picture..".  That put her in front of the next car to come by..  A truck; Which I would have been write behind, if not for this picture..   And a big chair fell out of the back..   So!  Heart seen and accident avoided..   "Thank you Jesus!"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"2 o'clock tour" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Added value service from (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Talkin' up the town... That's my value added service.  So, if there's an art festival, farmers market, where's waldo, or any fun community event going on.. I often mention that at the register.  I am of the belief people should take full advantage..  Not all towns offer these events and a lot of time and energy is employed behind the scenes..  "Pooch parade coming up in august..don't miss it!"

"Free movie tonight... Frozen!  Bring your kids.."

And so this yielded a little laughter for me earlier in the week.

I read about a Neil diamond tribute band performing near the danville library "free outdoor concert on a beautiful night.."

I think I am personally responsible for the attendance of at least 5 extra families that didn't know about it til I mentioned it..

Anyway.. My favorite postman comes in, the one who always has a good comic or joke up his sleeve..

I go, "Neil diamond tribute band tonight at the library"

He goes, .."I'm not a Neil diamond fan"

And I was searching my mind for the title of one of his songs.. Famous songs.. That, even if Neil diamond isn't your thing, you would still recognize and appreciate this one song..  -then it hit me, so I go,

"I am"

And then he goes,  "well, you should go then" -as he walked out the door

And I've been giggling about that timing and delivery ever since..


"I am" I said
To no one there
And know one heard at all
Not even the chair..

Did you ever read about a frog
Who dreamed of bein' a king
And then became one..

Well except for the names
And a few other changes
If you talk about me
The story's the same one..

"Look what i won!" (Me!) Sandra, tvgp

And he dropped it off at the pool for me.. "Thank you David!" 

Monday, July 14, 2014

This read pairs very well with Matthew West's song "Do Something" for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

GANGS by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Really, really.. I don't do this very often.. Its just that sometimes its so ripe, so fun..  I don't even think Jesus could resist..


So I'm outside the store making everything look pretty when a man comes up to me, and he's like, "I thought that was dirt or something from a distance.. I was gonna come tell you, you have something on your face.. But now I can see.. Is that a tattoo?!  That looks like.. Are you in a gang?"

"I was in a gang," /I said with a smile.. "But then I found God."

Well.. That hit some kind of button with this secular man, so he went on to explain to me how everything that has happened in his life, good or bad, was because he made it happen.

"When something good has happened..its because I (tapping on his chest) made it happen. -my decisions.    And when bad things have happened, it is because I (tapping his chest again) made bad decisions."

This always fascinates me; this thinking.  A list of questions races through my mind, like..  Birth, breathing, heart beating, blood flow, connection to oxygen, energy from the sun, earth rotating.. Brain, mind, consciousness, conscience, FREE WILL..  Did you (tap his chest) make those things happen?!  -the list goes through my mind but does not pass through my lips. Instead what I said was,

"Who do you thank for your life?"

He said (and I've heard the question answered this same way several times by a variety of people): "my mom."

I said, "well.. Who do you thank for your mom's life?"

We all know what's coming, -write.  "Her mom"

I said, "well, how far back do you go?"

He said, "to the chimpanzees.."

Now, you must remember here that I do not have a calling to convert; so, all I did was smile..  And he, just passing by in the first place, walked along..

For me personally, there are a lot of holes, a lot of big gaps in the ape to man narrative..  And I'm well aware, as a former juror in other trials,

You could easily have two "experts" with opposing evidence and arguments; one pro creator of a heaven and earth, the other.. Pro big bang..  And they each could be quite convincing and passionate and all that...

And we know where I've landed:  -when I look at the common denominator for all human beings, of sin and death; good and evil.. When I factor in the fruits of the spirit:

Love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control

(Makes me want to tap his chest again.. Would you like to take credit for those?")

When I factor in free will.. 

All that human beings have been, are, and have the potential to become..

When I factor in the precision..  Exactly how precise the distance of the earth to the sun.. Everything that needs to be in place in order for all life + human life to exist in the first place..

When I consider our size; human beings physical size relative to the galaxies; universe..

When I consider the obvious and purposeful  distribution of gifts and limits, strengths and weaknesses among human beings..

I could go on and on..   But even if I ignore all that..

And factor in only how prayer, and my relationship with God, through Jesus, has so profoundly, deeply, permanently, -made a new creature out of me..

My own experiences with great suffering and then knowing a "peace that surpasses human understanding"

There is not one cell in my body that equates all that (and so much more I'm not even mentioning) with particles that manifested out of nowhere into space that manifested from where? And happen to collide at the exact speed necessary to ultimately form an organized, interconnected world with such an abundance of creative life..

There is a creator of heaven and earth.  And how anyone cannot be in grand awe? Of things like love, suffering, compassion, sacrifice, beauty..

I have too many personal experiences to list here.. But will close with this:  Gods thoughts are higher than our thoughts. -of this I am quite sure..

And will always be struck by one of my prayerful walks.. In which I was allowed a new way to understand the un-understandable omnipresence of God,

And in prayer, it felt as if I were invited Into this conversation:

Not verbatim, but something like this:

I am sandra.  I am a sister. I am a daughter. I am female. I am creative. I am a neighbor. I am an employee. I am a student. I am a writer. I am a mom. ....   Long list. All things equally true.

Then God says: I am God. I am life. I am love. I am you. I am that tree. I am all things. I am the beginning. I am the end. I am the creator of heaven and earth...   All things equally true.

I think omnipresence, and infinity, and untangible/unmeasurable spiritual things are outside of human comprehension..

God is everywhere. We can say it.. Imagine.. Try to grasp..

God is love.   -we can't see or measure love the way we can see and measure the sun...

But life without love? 

... So I enjoy posing that question..  "Who do you thank for your life on this earth?"

I thank God.    In Jesus name.  -amen.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

BALD MEN by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Yes.. And so I cut my hair real short..  Only what a hack job I did with a pair of old, dull scissors. So I went to a professional and had it repaired...

I feel so naked.  Liberated and naked.  That's a dangerous combination isn't it.

Anyway.. Every single time I see another woman with a super short hair cut, I stare at her for moment... 

As most of them are strangers to me; passersby..  And I have nothing to compare them to.. No before/after reference..

Seems like theyve had short hair all along...

But I know this is not the case.

And so I just wondered to myself if aging men go through this too..

When they finally decide to cut their hair super short.. Or just go ahead and go bald..

Do they feel naked? Liberated? Do they notice write away.. Every other bald man..?

I'm filing this under..  Moving Write Along.

SEARCH: 323 for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Morning routines:  bible app:  read passage of the day.  And today I am reminded I have been set free from sin and death. "Thank you!" Jesus

Next: app:  where word of the day is grok. -this reminded me of A. Diapers to diapers exhibit, and B. My post titled, WRITE BOOK AT THE WRITE TIME.  Wow.. And I am feelin' it.

This post can be found/read by typing 323 in the search bar here on my blog.   /need "web version" in order for search bar to appear.. I don't see that feature from my mobile phone device.

-see the pattern?...  So much information is out there..

But, specific paths..  Compatible languages...  Missing doors.. Trap doors..

Broken fractals.

"Hey truth... I know you're out there!"

I Hit the Lottery! When it comes to co-workers (me!) Sandra, tvgp

The Heart my 'chris's outrageous cheesecake!'

The Heart Seen... In my salame....

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Evidence by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Often I describe pleasanton as "the dog capital of California". -see.

DOG PEOPLE as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

once again.. my spacing is not honored here and i dont have the patience or time to correct it: \ yesterday they started handing out flyers to announce the "Pooch Parade" coming up in downtown pleasanton, august 6th, 2014. -that got me to thinkin' again about how often i describe pleasanton as "the dog capital of california." -and that got me to thinkin' about this story that i wrote for the pleasanton patch. i believe it captures the essence of dog people as i've come to see them. -enjoy! **** TULLY'S CORNER: MEET LILY and then JAN & LARRY BROWN by (me!) sandra kay, writeousmom here is the unedited version of this story which published in the pleasanton patch 5/23/11. *** TULLY’S CORNER Meet Lily and then Jan & Larry Brown by sandra kay AKA: WriteousMom Thursday morning was particularly gorgeous climate wise, and so without knowing who I would randomly interview, I knew on my drive over my “who” would be outside, so I could soak up some awesome sunshine. Ah.. lovely lady with the cute dog.. I’ve mentioned this before, but Pleasanton is like the dog capital of California -I like to tell people “It’s mandatory. No dog. No live in Pleasanton..” -but of course, I don’t own one. I mostly observe them from a distance. And in this case, a very short distance, because I invited myself write over to their table. What a cutie! Lily is her name. She is a bienheim colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. If you read about them, (and I’ve provided a link for your convenience), you’ll learn they come in only 4 colors: bienheim, tri, ruby and black n’ tan. Lily, it turns out, has two male siblings she shares her home with, one tri-colored and the other ruby. They were being groomed and would be picked up later. I quickly imagined Lily returning home to her brothers, and in dog speak, sayin’ something like, “well, don’t you both look handsome, but guess who got her picture in the Pleasanton Patch boys... !” Actually, she didn’t have a sassy personality at all; very great natured. And by the way, I’m writing this story, true to how communication takes place for dog owners here in Pleasanton -dog(s) always get introduced first; name then breed; then disposition; then a few pictures, mention of awards, cute stories from the morning walk, etc. –and owners, if they introduce themselves to each other at all; always after dog introductions, never before; and first name only, unless you ask which I did. So since I’ve honored dog/people etiquette, by introducing you to Lily first, now I am most happy to introduce you to her proud owner: the beautiful Jan Brown from Livermore. She’s hangin’ out at Tully’s because she is a little early for a beauty treatment at Heavenly Day Spa.. But wait.. whose this? Well, I must introduce him too then, because her husband just joined us: Larry Brown. And now I have to -have to!- turn this story into a Tully’s Corner/How They Met hybrid, because as we all got to talkin’, and I learned their love story.. too good to pass up! Let us shift then to HOW THEY MET: They’ve been married 31 years now, so put yourself in around, -whatever year that is when you subtract 31, from 2011 and subtract another year or two to count pre-marriage dating late 70’s, early 80’s Jan is divorced, with two young daughters. Larry is divorced with two young sons. Jan is working as a front office and chair side assistant for a dentist in Livermore. Dr. McFarlane. He’s retired now, but enjoyed a successful practice and had an excellent reputation -which included being known for his faith. “The Mormon Dentist” colloquially speaking. So one day, Larry goes in for his 6 month check up. /And don’t we love him already for being so proactive. I only go when something hurts. Anyway, Larry goes in for his well-check, which includes some routine x-rays and crosses paths with Jan before seeing Dr. McMormon… Has his appointment. Schedules his next one (because he’s that kind of guy), and goes home with a nice, clean, healthy smile. But meanwhile! Back in the office, turns out Dr McFarlane~McMormon is also, like, Dr. McMatch-Maker He realizes his divorced male patient with two young sons -that just left- would be a perfect match for his divorced female assistant with two young daughters, so he masterminds a way to get Larry back in the office, and runs his idea past Jan Next thing you know, Larry is getting a very important, life changing phone call that went something like this: “Hi Larry, this is Jan from Dr. McMarlane’s office… I’m afraid your x-rays didn’t turn out and we’ll need you to come back for some retakes..” Larry being the responsible proactive man he is, takes the bait hook, floss and sinker. I’m projecting here for sure, but I’m guessing on the day of Larry’s return, Jan dressed up just a little bit, accessorized, put on a little extra lipstick, maybe; leaned in a little closer when she shoved those yucky cardboard/film things in his mouth No matter.. it worked! When Jan left the room to look at the fake x-rays, (which, “we didn’t charge for” she is very careful to point out), Dr Mc Match-Maker enters the room to talk in more detail with Larry. Told him how wonderful Jan was.. how he thought they would be great together. He gave Larry Jan’s telephone number and the appointment was over shortly after that. We need more dentist like this, don’t we. So Larry, he describes himself as a “drinkin’ smokin’” man at the time, and he thinks because Dr McFarlane is Mormon, so is Jan, and why would she want anything to do with him, but calls her anyway. He was on the tail end of a luke-warm long distant relationship anyway, and so why not, write… Jan was not Mormon, she described herself as just a seeker at the time, and Larry had been raised Catholic, but was not practicing, as they say Those are a few of the things they learned about each other on their first date at the Livermore Station, which was an old train station converted into a restaurant. They did fall in love, blended their families, her two girls, 5 and 7 years old; his two boys, 11 and 13 years old at the time, and have been married, now, as I mentioned, 31 years. That’s beautiful all by itself, but made even more so, when I learned that in 1999, both Jan and Larry were invited by friends to the non-denominational, Calvery Chapel of Livermore. Together, they re-dedicated their lives to the Lord, and were both baptized, and have been members ever since. “That’s the reason we are still together,” Jan said, “God is our glue.” *** and delighted to share that jan & larry, brought their daughter jill to ruby hill winery the next day.. wonderful visit! /and they were of course included in ruby hill's facebook~guestbook "thank you!" -you are the best! i love your story! love, ~sandra