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Friday, November 17, 2017

The coolest things that (charly!) said -as heard by (me!) sandra, tvgp

sometimes someone will say something during a conversation, or in passing

and it hits me the same way a beautiful sentence, or paragraph does when i'm reading

    -in a way that makes me hunt and grab a highlighter,  -make sure I re-read it write then

and can find it easily again later


someone this time was charly

and these favorite things she said..    they took place in two different conversations, and several months ago, at this point

but I remember

I will remember these for a long time:

1.     about her boyfriend, she said, "I get to feel more like myself when i'm with him, than I do when i'm all by myself..."

there is so much tucked in there...    and it cerebral hyperlinks to the newspaper clipping in my scrapbook, the e.e. cummings quote    -which I must have read/clipped/saved from the late 1970's or early 80's

I don't have time to go on and on...  but,   I do wonder, how far back and by how many poets, writers, scholars has this struggle been identified and articulated using different words?

to know when you are being yourself..    when you can be yourself..
                the understanding of who that is exactly, and the liberty to be it..

is this a permanent challenge for humanity?  for each individual?  or relative to cultures..  families..  societies..  the times...

but we sure do have a common denominator when it comes to how rewarding, wonderful, comfortable, peaceful, joyful it is      "I get to be myself"   "and I can just be myself around this person..."

and, as it has been already identified..
and the rewards are as great as they are..

shouldn't we each work on it; toward it from an earlier age...

               life!   the free indeed kind of liberty and, the pursuit of

 relationships, places, circumstances, environments that let us just be ourselves...


and then,  2. on a different day.. when we worked side by side helping sue with one of her, ultra awesome, over the top, children's birthday parties at the nursery

when we were walking enroute..   passing one row of gorgeous plants after another, 

charly, who is one of our horticulturists, 

she said, "if the little girl me could have known that she was going to get to do this for a living..

she would have been very happy."


you can't use a highlighter on verbal conversations...

but you can use your blog!


In Jesus, my Bible is full of many pink, yellow, and double underlined scriptures, name


Thursday, November 16, 2017

with love & healing prayers for iran -from (me!) sandra, tvgp

Robert's Cooking. photos by (me!) ~top shelf

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

daytrip: Coyote Lake in Morgan Hill "thank you!" (robert!) -from (me!) sandra, tvgp

...has to be three of my best sundays of the year:  capitola, vasona, and then:

coyote lake in morgan hill


excerpt from a handwritten love letter   /snail-mailed

              ~there is just something about being out in nature that awakens in my spirit the truth

of how blessed and natural

sex & romance are.   yes..   comes quite naturally to me when I'm with you.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

"Happy Anniversary!" to (lance & carol!) from (me!) sandra, tvgp

the highlight of my day! to meet and talk with lance and carol yesterday, in Ruthie's Room, AKA: The Christmas Shoppe write now..

and to learn lance proposed to carol at Alden Lane, near the fallen oak, that sits outside what we call the kids club area

it is a very beautiful, romantic place within the nursery

they have video of the occasion I might be able to share at a later date

for now,

from what I remember..    they met at church.   and carol was so sweet to describe how she had a table at one of the fundraisers, and realized that this man..

this man, being lance, of course

"... he was hanging out at my table for a long time, and I was wondering, why..   why? is he hanging out here for so long?  why is he still here?

and, then...    oooooohhhhh"

and it dawned on her, that he might be interested.

she was interested write back.

and, carol shared how she wished and hoped he would propose to her at alden lane, but it would not be proper to verbalize this desire

and lance shared how   -he did propose to her at alden lane!  on july 30th, and they were married that November, on Veteran's Day, "so there's always a parade on our anniversary"

and they shared some sweet, fun stories from their wedding day

   -carol wore a pink, bubblegum colored dress and used pink and white feathers to line the aisles instead of rose *pedals

and one of her bridesmaids,  -accidentally ended up with two left shoes, instead of one write, one left, so just went barefoot, tossing the feathers on the floor...


and we just talked about good memories in general:   pictures and memories

what treasures they are!

and so I was highly honored that they wanted to take this picture

with (me!)

   -and remember being at alden lane together, on their 11th anniversary, and remember the picture they bought together from 2017     (it lights up  -as they did the room...)

I am so grateful to be part of your memories, and to have you two now in mine

"thank you!"

"happy anniversary!"

"Merry Christmas!"

 you are enveloped in my morning prayers..             amen.


petals?  pedals?   pettles?

no one cares, if you are talking vs. writing..

to say; two say; too say  let's words flow..

to spell; two spell; too spell   ..very slow...

speak it and its understood
write it; be corrected

hear it  -and..

here it?

say it and the wrong words not rejected.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Grateful to Veterans Day. by (me!) Sandra, tvgp


it is my contention that for all of time, there has, is and will ever only be one war being waged.

that war is oppression vs. freedom; good vs. evil.

it wears many masks; it goes by many names, but it is always, at its core

a fight for freedom.

   -for countries, nations, individuals.

break it down, crack it open, look inside:   a fight for freedom.   played out, again and again.. over and over, in households, in schools, in work environments, in neighborhoods, in gangs, in churches, in cities, states, countries, in governments, in boardrooms, in print, in conversation, online,  in relationships of every kind, in situations of every kind,

unwrap it; dissect it:   a fight for freedom.

inside your heart and mind, this fight can be on par with any war in history or to come.

and on this veterans day, as an American citizen, I will take time out to pray and say and "thank you!" to all our veterans for their noble service

and I will think:  as our military fights for our "freedom"

puts their lives on the line to protect our "freedoms"

     -I wonder if I could google and get an exact number?

what percentage of the American population alive and on the planet today...

what percentage?   how many citizens would describe themselves as



IF you have an addiction of any kind; you are not free.

if you are drowning in debt; you are not free

if you are trapped in a cult, or gang; you are not free

if you are being bullied on a school campus, or anywhere; you are not free

if you are in an abusive relationship; you are not free

if you are preoccupied with worry, concern, fears, phobias; you are not free

if you are living or working in an environment which you pray to escape; you are not free

if you don't know where your next meal or dollar is coming from; you are not free

if one false move will cost you your job or house; you are not free

if you are slave to public opinion; you are not free

if you are consumed with jealousy, or hate, or plots to revenge; you are not free

if you are a slave to a trafficker; you are not free

if you are being drugged, manipulated, exploited, used; you are not free

if your family will only love and support you IF...(criteria variable here); you are not free

if you have a sexual or political or religious orientation you must hide to survive; you are not free

this list could go on and on

but it is innately the goal; a spiritual law because it applies to all of humanity

we seek freedom from oppression.

we seek freedom from oppression in everyday ways as individuals

and we seek freedom from oppression and dependency as a nation.

it is ultimately the only war going on at any given time.

call it a fight for democratic values, racism, ageism, sexism, territory

call it whatever you want

name the characters, set the scene, describe the weaponry of the given times

one war:  good vs evil, where freedom is very, very good

oppression is evil

and the fight is always worth the effort; the cost

Image result for freedom in not free bumper stickerit is why, if I had to pick a favorite bumper sticker, it would be one of these:

when is it ever handed to you?

but we do certainly seem, each of us, to be born with an internal GPS for seeking it; and more importantly

knowing when we have achieved it.

I can tell you,  -having lived in gang and drug infested neighborhoods/schools; having been in, and observed abusive relationships, as a kidnap/rape survivor, a PTSD survivor; having lived both financially stable and under the poverty line for great lengths

I very clearly know the difference between oppressed and free

and Praise God that,   -I am not just  -free, in the superficial sense of the word,

but as, Bishop T.D. Jakes preaches so well,

"I am free indeed!"

and being free indeed..    in my opinion, observation and experience

is the most worthy pursuit for any human; the greatest, most rewarding accomplishment

if I could myself, change and edit to accommodate what I have learned:


... the free indeed kind of liberty!

which results in peace of mind.

and where happiness is a direct by~product

            /admittedly this is not as catchy as life, liberty and the pursuit..


we are all soldiers in a fight for freedom;

and there is always only one war going on

and it is worth it.

we are all born slaves to one thing or another; and our purpose is to break free..

carry on every soldier!   ~there is much work to be done

and, let me conclude with this veterans day inspired question:

countless noble lives have been sacrificed; and will be sacrificed..

countless American lives  -individuals serving in the military write now, are on the line for you

there lives are literally on the line for you..

for your "freedom"     -and you will probably never meet.  


are you free?   indeed?

would that not be the best and most appropriate form of gratitude; to honor their service?

hallelujah & amen!

sunset at alden lane photos by (ava!)

and cyclamen by ava

gorgeous photos!   great eye!

"thank you!"


Thursday, November 09, 2017

my awe increases: ALDEN LANE IN 41 PICTURES by (me!) sandra, tvgp