Sunday, August 02, 2015

Mixed media in progress by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-the entire reason..  wait.  not the entire reason, but one of the main reasons i've been putting in so much time/effort cleaning the mess up in my room

-is so i could make a new mess.  its been such a long time since ive had the opportunity to make some art..  and it feels very, very good to be back at it..    and you know what song plays through my mind while im mixing my grout and tearing my papers..

"..this little light of mine..."

..The Keeshie~kabob!... by (my sister karin!)

maybe there were a few people who thought that when our dad gifted Keeshie with a bbq for her birthday..  that maybe it would just end up gathering dust and taking up space in the backyard.. 

to the contrary!  she has already graduated from hot dogs to..  "Keeshie~kabobs!"..  delicious, healthy, lightly seasoned and perfectly bbq'd chicken and vegetables on a skewer..

and something tells me she is still just getting warmed up.. 

" thank you!".  love you! love this meal.  Xoxo

The Heart Seen... by (my brother larry!)

oh! do I ever love this.. sent to me today by my brother.. mushroom from the highlands of Montana.  "Thank you!"..  love & miss you! Xoxo

Friday, July 31, 2015

"Happy 10 Year Blogging Anniversary!" to (me!) sandra, tvgp

Top Ten Reasons "i love my blog!"

1. its a living document.

in the search bar of this blog, if you enter, shady characters, this will provide an example of what i mean:  that is, i wrote my memories of being in a bank when it was robbed, and then because the story lives in the blogosphere, the best friend i mention, was able to write her memories in comments, and then! quite a time later, the ex-boyfriend i mention was able to add his memories.. Shady Characters is one of the greatest treasures in my blog; the way it captures how human memory does and does not work. and i love that my friends share straight from their heart; raw. it is not edited, polished for publication; it is very real.

2.  external memory storage.

there is so much ive blogged that i would never remember on my own.. but when you add a search bar to all the writing, this allows me, -if i can at least remember one key word,  -immediate access to experiences/memories in my life.

3. best vehicle for processing trauma. 

i was not successful processing my traumas in a traditional setting:  counselors office.  but have healed a great deal by writing about it: in my search bar, enter: he has a name.  -writing this helped me further process being the #2 victim of the lakeside serial rapist.

4. one-stop-shop for my creativity.

within my blog i have creative nonfiction short stories, poetry, humor pieces, political/social commentary, photographs from my "The Heart Seen" collection, and my "Ricky Picky" photo collection, comic strips, mag time frames, mixed media art, family recipes..  essentially, this one platform is my home for everything i think, write, create that i am inspired to share.

5. its fun!!

i have written professionally for newspapers and magazines, and have taught classes and workshops..but the more professional work i was doing, the less i wanted to write. when i switched, thank you to the blogosphere, from professional for money, to writing for pure pleasure.. well, as you can see, i have not stopped since..

6. personal evolution.

writing helps me to better see my own strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments, corrections along the way  -not to my grammar, punctuation, or spelling; but to my very character as a human being.

7. no editor!

and God bless editors, yes.. i used to be one, but.. not having an editor and being able to write freely; intuitively and spontaneously vs. according to some very outdated grammar/punctuation rules and regulations. this put the pleasure back in the process. i like to say, "read me for content not appearance"

8. imaginary conversations with important people.

-there are so many people i will never have the opportunity to meet and talk with in person and maybe if i did, i would be too nervous to get the questions out anyway, but i use my blog to document the conversations i would have; if i could..

9. do-overs:

in real life... we don't always get do-overs, but i also use my blog to create the do-overs as i would do them; if i could do them.

10. im creating what i wish my relatives had given me:

-my grandma harrison wrote 3 pages in a journal..  which i read with deep great interest and when i turned to page 4..  "that is it?!?!".  i was devastated really. there is so much i wish i knew about my family..  i wish all my aunts, uncles and grandparents, cousins, parents, siblings...  quite frankly i wish everyone kept a journal. i'd be reading them write now.

so, i am admittingly over-compensating for all my family members who do a lot of talking...   but where do the conversations go?

last thing i want to point out is, that it is only because of the blogosphere that ive done so much writing.  these same stories would not exist if i was still long hand journaling in 3 ring binders..

" thank you!" to the geniuses who created this platform.

i was born for such a time as this! 

and consider this anniversary a completely legitimate reason to have some cake for breakfast... 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

fun things to think about for (me!) sandra, tvgp

im pretty fresh off watching NOVA's what makes us human? program. -great show. very well done. im quite fond of the host who i know from watching CBS Sunday Morning..  

its all very intriguing and entertaining.. and the primary focus of this particular show, in regards to what separates humans from animals was...

language & laughter.  

and, i mean really.. they nailed it didn't they.. because when was the last time you heard an elephant tell a good joke?

anyway.. distinctions between animals and humans.. that's what my mind was contemplating as i drifted off to sleep last night...

"contemplating!".  -hey.. animals don't contemplate do they?  i wonder..

" wonder!".  -do animals wonder where their next meal is coming from?   -wonder what will happen if they sleep all day vs. go out in the wild? -wonder what direction they should take? decision they should make? 

-do wild animals ever get wild ideas?  and then discuss the pros and cons..   do they have regrets?   are they ever self-conscious about their appearance?  

are there any animals who use forest fires to have a big BBQ?  and cook their prey instead of having to eat it raw all the time..

I mean, how unsanitary..      "sanitation!".   hmm,  what does separate us humans from other animals species?

" transportation!".   -do birds fly because they can get there faster? and do they ever stop anywhere along the way just because its beautiful?  do they ever change their minds?

are there any animals with faith or belief systems? who are "curious!" about the origin of their existence? whether or not they have any famous relatives?  and speaking of relatives.. our closest relatives; the apes..  how come some populations have, in theory, evolved into humans while other populations remain apes? if we "time travel!" into the future.. in what year have all the monkeys and apes finally learned to stand up, shave and wipe their ass? 

do animals have any concept of our time in history? calendars? -remember birthdays?  -get sentimental...   stare up at the stars and "wish!" they could "explore!" outer space...  

are there any animals who have been "inspired!" to draw or take pictures.. or the equivalent.. to try and re-capture a scene in nature..

are there any animals who point at something  "on purpose!" so other animals will look in that direction  -and then run.. 

do animals have secrets?  hopes and dreams?  do animals pray?   meditate? 

i haven't "studied!" animals in any "great depth!" but..    are there any animals who trade? negotiate? barter?

-like, are there any animals who use there skill sets/instincts "gifts! & talents!" as a form of "currency!"   -and "place value!" on this to trade for that?

can animals "believe!" things they do not know..

are there any animals "conscious of their consciousness?  ..of their conscience?...

are there any animals that are also.. " trend setters!".

like,  (yawn) ... i wonder..  does one animal look at another animal.. (stretch..turn off lights.. return to bed) and "think!".. 

i like your mangled hairstyle... how can I get my mane to look like that? that where the term copy-cat came from...?

democracy.. free speech.. freedom of religion...scientific method..  chocolate... coffee..  ZZZzzzzz.....

What scientists know about human evolution, by (me!) sandra, tvgp

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Girl Scout Troop from London visiting (ricks picks!)

customers come in solo, sometimes in pairs, whole families will come in, and sometimes 3 to 4 friends together; but pretty unusual to have this large of a group to come in all together to shop.. so I had to ask..   and then delighted in their accents and stories.  -you can meet them here:    "Pleasure to meet you!  Blessings!".

sandy land comics by (me!) sandra kay & (nancy eddinger!)

..another treasure/reward as i continue to declutter my room and life..  sandy land comics.  inspired by time devoted to mag time frames and my experiences in the arts & crafts industry.   I did the writing; Nancy Eddinger did the illustrations.  We have 16 one panel and multiple panel strips we submitted to publishers in 199?    -and in reviewing them today I still find them funny, relatable.. and can't imagine why these aren't in print write now...  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

1 Corinthians 10:13 translated by (me!) sandra, tvgp

every morning i click on two apps:  1. to find out the word of the day; most of which I will never actually use in my conversations or writings, -its just fun.  And 2. The bible app for my passage of the day.    -& when I shared it with my sister this morning, we were both like..   ?...     what does that mean in plain English please.   So I'm going to attempt a bullet point translation as I understand it.    

First!  as it appeared:

1 Corinthians 10:13

There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.



*  there are no temptations that are not common to everyone.  I.e.,  greed, revenge, lust,  etc.    /I believe the list is short and finite.

* God will not allow you to be tempted beyond your ability to overcome.  -and I believe we become stronger each time we recognize a temptation for what it is..  and fight the good fight..    

* there is an exit strategy.   and I believe exiting IS the strategy in many cases.  that is why we are taught to -flee!- away from temptation

vs.  hang out near or with or around and just hope we don't succumb.

-having failed on many occasions before I learned to succeed; I hath a deep appreciation for thy passage.. 

The Heart Seen.. by (me!) in my raisin bread...

..yes, yes.. now i remember...!

my beautiful aunt June & amazing uncle bill...  

google:  bill and June Vaughn pottery.    -stunning!  

Thanks for the visit!  Love you!

they look suspicious... ~ly like (my family!)

my mom, her sister. .  who passed along to me & my sister, how to also be best friends..     -and then..    its been so long I'm not sure who those other two characters are?... 

favorite neighbors in downtown pleasanton (main st. sunglasses!)

the reasons i love my job list is very long..  but certainly you will find on it, somewhere near the top: location and neighbors.   -same things that contribute to whether or not i love where i live..

and when it comes to neighbors..    ricks picks is extra lucky.

and..  having just recently posted about our stores new butterfly stamp...

see that?     2 stamps!   10 smiles!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lost & Found Spell -excerpt from Six Months on the Fence by (me!) sandra, tvgp

page 3:   ...On the inside cover of all my journals is my phone number, email address, and a little note to entertain, inform and warn the person who finds my journal should, God Forbid, I ever lose one.

Lost & Found Spell.

if found, return to me    ~without reading past this page
then luck and love will be yours for life no matter what your age

but should you read beyond this page    -I've cast an evil spell:

impotence for gentlemen -  and breath that all can smell.

women - you will never mate - your back will always ache

and the only orgasms you'll ever have are the ones you'll have to fake. 


-that was written by (me!) some ten years ago now, and fun to come across during my decluttering/excavation process..

half of what is keeping me going is wondering what else i might come across..

in Jesus name,  -amen.

I spy my lucky number! (Me!) Sandra, tvgp

it has been my non~guilty pleasure for some time now: the vine cinema & ale house in livermore

a cold handcrafted beer, salty popcorn, kick off my shoes, and stretch out on one of their super comfy couches..

get lost inside someone else's story on the big screen for a while.


and a true pleasure to introduce to others.. local friends/family who have never been; friends/family visiting from out of town..

people whose only movie theater experience involves cramped rows of seats squished write next to each other.. 

to suddenly have some elbow r o o m..   a couch, sofa, with not just a narrow arm rest with a cupholder.. but a table! for your drinks..

which can include wine or beer or soda, water..

and where you can have restaurant food delivered..

it almost doesn't matter which movie is playing the experience is so good..

but it was a good movie too.   Mr Holm's.    /which I can only seem to say and hear in a way that plays off of the popular classic song: Mrs Jones.   "  ... me and Mr holmes, Mr Holmes, Mr Holmes..

we've got a thing...     going on...   Da, dut, da dut, da... "

anyway:  if they had to do it over again.. my mom, my aunt and friends..   they would have lunch first, somewhere in downtown Livermore, and then just have drinks/popcorn in the theatre.

-because although the food itself was good..   and the seats comfortable, and the tables convenient.

-they found it hard to eat in the dark.    

/and it is,  but may I personally highly recommend zephyrs blue~cheese bacon burger.  -which was delicious and sustained me from this afternoon movie all the way until breakfast the next day.

The Heart Seen.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-only from a specific distance, -but a very pleasant surprise. Rick called needing picture of bamboo style wind chimes.  I grabbed a couple from this display, and added to that display.. tried to put the 6 we have of that style in one area so I was only taking 1 picture.. And.. well, -check it out:  

Two more reasons i love my job. (Me!) sandra, tvgp

the annual 'where's waldo' event hosted by our downtown main street neighbor: towne center books.

ricks picks, with its huge variety of a little bit of everything is a perfect store for .....   

"can you give us a hint?"

-because it can be a little overwhelming also, for the little ones.

-that's when we offer to play hot & cold, and treat waldo like an easter egg.. cold and you are nowhere near; warm you are getting closer; hot! -all you have to do is look from where you are

"I found him!!"

and then they run to the counter all excited to get their stamp on their passport.

there is something extra special about every single person who plays this game..

but these two caused a little extra melting of my heart.  -not quite the height of our counter, so it was partly in the way they had to reach up..

-those sweet faces; sweet voices..

and then.. I gave them each two butterfly stamps in the ricks picks square.  And then asked if they also wanted a stamp on their hands.

-they both did.

and smiled so big.  and said "thank you!" without their nanny even having to prompt them..

and then the little girl...

Well, she couldn't seem to figure out how she could admire the butterfly stamp on her hand and hold the where's waldo passport paper at the same time.  So she handed the paper to her nanny.

"Can you hold this.. I can't. I have a stamp on my hand!".   -and she held up her hand.. Smiling at the butterfly all the way out of the store and on to their next adventure...

-so precious..


and my confession here is this:  " me too!".   -honey, I am nearly 50 years old and have never lost my joy for the simple pleasures of a stamp, or a sticker..

I love stamping these passports and stamping the kids hands..

I wanna stamp everyone who comes through the door..

and close here with a big "thank you!" To Anne..  Because at first we were each just initialing the boxes with a pen..


but she brought the butterfly stamp and ink pad.

and if you could see the smiles..    -for such a very inexpensive, simple thing..

-talk about return on investment!    -and so I have recommended we keep a stamp at all times; forever!  Even after the event ends..

because even for the kids who aren't participating in the game..  when you offer to stamp their hand..

Immediately transforms their experience at the cash register and they leave with a smile..

how much was this stamp and ink pad?

I think, when you evaluate from a purely business stand point.

time, cost, investment, vs. return...

we are way outshining some place like...   Safeway.. Where the kids can have a free cookie..

plus, -this is not a sugary snack that some parents want to avoid..

it doesn't harm your teeth, or ruin your dinner..

yes..  from a strictly business standpoint

1 tiny stamp. 1 standard ink pad.  =  over a hundred stamped passports and hands

and who ever gets the stamp, smiles.
the parent smiles.
The person giving the stamp smiles.
anyone standing in line, witnessing the smiling children, also smile..

that's like, 5 smiles for every 1 stamp..

~very good business in deed.