Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ALDEN LANE'S AWESOME! SCHOOL TOURS photographed by (me!), sandra, tvgp

tour guide: pam    -exceptional!
tractor/hay ride driver: cirilo    -way fun!
children:  2nd graders:   -precious!


it all went by too fast..   let us enjoy it, again..  & again,  at our own pace:

In Jesus Name,  a very big "Thank YOU!"

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Heart Seen... by (carla graci!) on shower door

 now, not just the heart shape, but the way the light lands across it like that...and the angle you captured it:   honey, you are surrounded by love! & blessings!

-and, Carla shared with me, that she employed the black n white filter to better show the contrast..

beautiful heart seen!    xoxo  "thank you!" 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

irresistible sky shot & a pleasant surprise -from (me! &.... )

I am grateful for the camera on my phone, but.. wish I had my canon.   "Anne.."  I said, "you know how its important to stop and smell the roses..   well, you need to stop and see the sky."

~ very special.     and,

my guess is..   /wait til you see how smooth a transition I'm about to

my guess is,  -well, I don't remember what the name of this cloud pattern is..

-to me..  its when clouds write their own poetry
-to anne, its marshmellow~y

but if you want to know the actual name..  and weather related implications..
 you would need like,

a 5 time emmy award winning

gorgeous meteorologist


loves the Raiders & shops at Ricks Picks

"Thank You!"   -for your graciousness in taking this picture

I have a dad, brother, and number of family friends
smiling very big write about:


"Hi Dan"    "Hi Larry"   "Hi Motown"   "Hi Bob"   "Hi Tyler"

~from Roberta Gonzales.

The Heart Seen... at (Barones!) by (me!) sandra, tvgp

  ... who came up with this brilliant idea..?   they magnify and illuminate not just the menu, but..  my dad's personality.   love 'em.

AND, what a very special treat! to dine inside Barone's restaurant..    my dad,  Praise God, is post back to back heart surgeries and tired of hospital food    -craving a good steak dinner


and "Thank You!" Chris and Dad, for such a wonderful visit, and delicious dinner    -service, meal and company all sublime..      and look,   -heart seen on my plate

..  for the love of filet mignon!     

pairs very well with family time, I must say.     And even though we're family, and we've been so, for a good long beautiful time..      still   -we all learned something new about each other, and extended family members..   

      ~ Chris's dad was in battle of bulge..  WWII...      ?    never knew that...

and I just cant have a steak and my dad in the same room without this very important cerebral hyperlink:    -when I was unexpectedly laid off from the hospital in my early 20's

no savings. no way to make rent.  carpet pulled out from underneath me..      /again.

I called him crying.  and he said,

"Sandra.  you are not the first person to get laid off from work.  and you are not the last.   go take yourself out for a nice steak dinner.   and tomorrow...

start looking for a new job."

and I meant to retell that story over dinner, make sure my son knows it, but.. we talked about so many other things.   -great advice though.    as pragmatic as it gets...   

Love You Dad!   Love You Chris!    Love You Jack!    Love You Barones!

amen & amen!

I have a 4 point prayer for health related:    1.  remember:  you are not alone. God is with you.   2.  Gratitude for ALL healthcare providers   3.  healing...    healing...  healing...    4.  trust God   

and in any given week, I may have immediate family members, friends, strangers to pray for.. that's how I pray.. 

Thank You Jesus,   amen!