Monday, June 27, 2016

Motown The Musical "Phenomenal!" says (keeshie & jeff!)

what a testimony! my sister said it topped her prior favorite, grease.. and Jeff said it was the best show he had ever seen too.. better than his prior favorite.. Rent.  They both were so blown away..!  Amazed!  and both put it at the tip top of their "FAVORITE EVER!" performance..


Happy Birthday! Keeshie..   "To Motown!"   our favorite dance music forever!...  and to Berry Gordy and every awesome musician~artist...    xoxo

Saturday, June 25, 2016

2 of 10000000 upcoming photographs of alden lane, by (me!) sandra, tvgp

 "yes..  step inside my new office" I say with a big smile

 -can you stand it?!

I am overwhelmed by the remarkable people and plants, flowers and trees I'm inspired to introduce to you..

personal introductions will come later, but for now, on the whole I must say

if you watch too much of the news you would falsely arrive at the conclusion that our world is doomed

but if you spend even just one day at alden lane, and work side-by-side with the high-school, college age, young adults I have encountered

you would correctly know, that our world is in great hands

hearts and minds.

I'm more optimistic and confident than ever.  and now, the flowers/plants/trees, etc.  

ive started I don't know how many ice-breaker one-way conversations with them..  I cup a flower in my hand, "i know you by face, but not by name...   what is your name?"

and to the succulents.. "oh my! you are darling! and.. so photogenic!  may I take your picture?  I need to show you off.."

.. so, true, the work is..  the training..   well, the first two weeks I came home and fell flat on my bed and went to sleep, but I'm catching on..

 hallelujah!  xoxo

The Heart Seen and seen and seen! by (carla!) and (me!) sandra, tvgp

 highly cherished, my in~person coffee/conversation visits with friends..  and just yesterday when I sat with Carla outside, in front of juice & java in downtown..  she spotted a heart shape on her paper napkin..  cutest shape! and then when I went to get my phone to take a picture of it..  I happened across one myself. 

and I never tire of these! and each time I find myself thinking.. oh this is my favorite..  no, this is my favorite..  

but I do have a new favorite..  because my favorite gum is 5, and usually I rip the sticks in half and chew only one half at a time, and I just shove the waiting half in my back pocket until I spit out the first half..  /usually to eat..  

and yesterday when I emptied out my back pocket..   look what I saw!  and now, at first I thought maybe it was a tiny white heart made with intention..  confetti from a craft project I did, because I do in fact have a heart shape craft punch..  and it would not surprise me to find a tiny white paper heart punch shape in any of my pockets..  so I actually went to peel it off..    and that's when I realized it was not a paper punch..  it is exactly how the foil wrapper folded somehow as I shoved it in, and pulled it out of my back pocket..   I just look up to heaven and smile..
that is super cute! "thank you!"

and earlier in the week.. squirting mustard and ketchup for a hot-dog..  that's exactly how it squirted out..

when people send me their heart seens..  often they will preface with something like,  "i know it looks like I did this on purpose.. but I didn't!"    and I just say,  "i know!"    "i get it!"    

it really happens just like this..   I see it all the time..   and its just plain fun.


"thank you!" Carla for the great visit.. and the books!! for my sister & I..
I'm always elevated by these beautiful casual conversations,  -catching up on life, kids, challenges/rewards of daily life..   memoires/milestones; hopes and dreams.. 


and I realized,  that when I made the wine bottle with where the wild things are pages, -and I spent that quiet time creating and remembering my aunt tina..     it was different, of very course, because she has already left this earth..  but it was the same in that..   I felt elevated afterward, having spent time with her; memory

so elevated in fact, that Ive decided to do the same, as time/energy allows with my other loved ones who have already departed..

so, i'll be doing a wine bottle with sunflowers next to spend some time with my aunt Susie..   my aunt tina's sister...    both my dad's sisters.   -and there is a list of deceased loved ones on each side of my family tree..  so ..   lots of art and visits ahead..

In Jesus elevating spiritual name,   ~amen!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Had our visit been longer.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

Kate Barton. My Cofounder/cocreator/coteacher of Movers & Shakers -a creative storytelling dance class for children, we designed and taught out of Pam's dance studio in Pleasanton...

How long ago?  15 years or so..    Great memories!  and my daughter was a mover & shaker..  and both of Kate's daughters: movers & shakers.   But the Barton family would end up moving out of state, and our direct communication would subside over the years with only occasional calls, Christmas cards,  -that sort of thing; but the bond is beautiful and life-long..

easily we can pick write back up from wherever we last left off, with no regard for how much time has passed,  with just a simple "hello!"


I laugh now to look back at her initial text..  Not Kate, but her daughter Hannah:   I found myself alone in San Francisco

And then she was coming to pleasanton -was I available to get together and catch up.

Alone in San Francisco.

Based on my own life as a young adult.. My teen to .... /won't admit.
I projected a variety of scenarios onto that text.. Alone?!?  Did she run away? Does her mother know she's here? Did some punk break her heart? Has she lost her way in the world?   

None of it even remotely close.  In fact very Far removed from the truth:  this beautiful, confident, intelligent,valedictorian, world-traveling, young college woman was simply on a business trip with her dad, and her dad had to leave early..

She is the daughter my parents deserved but didn't get, -I say with a smile.

Anyway..  What a blessing! of the best kind.. Her spontaneous visit here..  and we got together with my daughter..  the two not seeing each other since they were 4 or 5 years old.. and had a wonderful visit.

and over the course of just a one night stay.. she informed and introduced me to and

and this is all of great layperson-level interest to me.. DNA, gene sequencing..   the progress; the possibilities..

and I told Hannah, I don't think they can do it yet.. But I am certain, for example, that I was  -literally-  /smile.  -born a writer.   And even more certain that I was born, quite specifically a non-fiction writer

-not a novelist.  

And she just laughed in a kindhearted way..  like, medical/physical/biological,  -yes..   But..  Too many environmental factors for something like... Being a writer..

But I know I'm write.   I just don't know what/how ...what test would reveal this truth..  the way you can use blood or urine or spit to determine other factors..

and I enjoyed learning about

She mentioned it is said, -common knowledge, that tony Robbins was once involved with landmark and may have borrowed what he learned when launching his own career..

Dear Hannah.. Type tony Robbins in the search bar of this blog.


I'm so proud of you honey! So grateful for your visit.. To see you in person.. To know about your travels to other parts of the world.. The teaching, coaching, inspiring and contributions you are making..


and, I just feel compelled, based on our conversation, to summarize here on a topic I have already written about in great length

I just want to point out again some things about love and about God for you:   explain in more detail what that means exactly, when I say God is Love.  They are one in the same..

- point to love on a map. where is it?

it was here before you were born. it will remain long after your physical death.

it cannot be purchased.   if you love your family very much, every day, all the time..

this does not mean that another family, somewhere else, cannot love as much..    It is not a limited resource or commodity.  It is infinite.

it does mature and grow and deepen; it can spread...

it travels at its own speed.. In any and every direction; but It is also everywhere at once and answers only to its own laws, not physical laws

it is spiritual.

it is not outside of you.. Not something you visit, pick up, leave behind, divide in half..

the experience of loving and being loved takes place inside you; you recognize and interpret it..   You cannot pull it out and hand it over to another

But you can share it..   And watch it multiply.. And give others the opportunity to experience it inside themselves too..

Love is a knowing.  Love is a truth.  Love is limitless. Love is eternal. Love heals. Love Conquers.  And this applies to all of humanity for all of time..

Love is omnipresent..

Love is God. God is Love.

..and God so loved this world...


but I fell asleep before I got a chance to explain...


look forward to crossing paths with you again at some unknown time..   I love you sweetie!   Carry on with your great work and contributions! Xoxo the world needs you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION for people nearing RETIREMENT, from (me!) sandra, tvgp

What will you do once you retire?  I don't know..  but DO SOMETHING!

And this book, The Social Cause Diet, by Gail Perry Johnston, is a great place to start..

Write where i belong. (Me!) sandra, tvgp

I am at all times; write where I belong.


write where I belong:

in a two-story.  telling two stories.  from first the secular and then the spiritual perspective.

with a view unlike anyone has seen

before; and into the ever~after.

ABOVE:  open windows and walls of wonderful memories.
BELOW: arts and crafts and classes galore

UPSTAIRS: i live.





Monday, June 20, 2016

Abundant Blessings, experienced by (me!)

  what person/parent does not appreciate that was then/this is now pictures..    this just melts me.  and "congratulations!" to sean.    my re-visit to Hayward/weeks park/neighborhoods where I grew up..    I have way more thoughts to share, than the time/energy required to share them.   i'll summarize the back to back blessings from the past week/weekend with a Bible passage:

   He who raised up the Lord Jesus will raise me up also with Jesus and bring me along into his presence.  For ALL these things are taking place for my sake, so that the more GRACE (divine FAVOR and spiritual BLESSING) EXTENDS TO
MULTIPLIES through the many,
and REBOUND to

--2 Corinthians 4:14-15

Saturday, June 18, 2016

"Its Literal!" Concludes (me!) sandra, tvgp

IGNORE this post, because here SHE goes again..
12 posts competing in my mind; pictures to share; people to acknowledge, introduce,..   all currently on hold (also, literal) in my mind because bubbling to the top is:

"It is literal!".  -when people say, so n so has a closed mind, or so n so has an open mind; its literal; not figurative, or analogous, or metaphorical.

/as is, the saying, 'I feel lighter now' that I shared that secret.  -because our thoughts do weigh something; literally...  Which ive blogged about before, But that is for a different time..

For now: I am most curious what specifically OPENS in the mind, when something goes from being present, but not consciously present, to..  consciously present.   the entire process! how does it actually work? 

I.e.,   -just had a spontaneous and wonderful! visit with Hannah, a former mover & shaker, now..beautiful and remarkable young adult (and picture/intro among those competing in my mind for blog posts and on hold)

-and during a much longer conversation, she mentioned 23&me.  I had no knowledge before about this..   company, I guess its called.

-to my KNOWLEDGE, no prior exposure to the company's name, no prior introduction to who they are or what they do..

So,  -felt like I was hearing that name  -23&me-   for the first time.

I asked a couple questions, and Hannah explained who they are; and what they do..

-fast forward, and I'm watching TV. /my charlie rose, of course..  then channel surfing,

and I happen across a commercial  -by 1 guess who:


-so, feels like now, I am SEEING the commercial for the first time.

the TRUTH is..   probably that commercial has played before me before..  and who knows how many times, but I never NOTICED it..

follow?    my guess is, I have in fact SEEN this commercial before, but never REALIZED I had seen it..

Only AFTER hannah's INITIAL introduction, did I suddenly become AWARE and CONSCIOUS of the fact 23&me has a commercial airing on TV.

-in fact I would further guess...  Well, if they have any t-shirts people wear, that say 23&me on them,   -several have probably crossed my visual field, without me NOTICING

if I ran across someone wearing a 23&me T-shirt tomorrow however; ...    in the words of k.t. tunstall:  "suddenly I see!"


what are the actual cerebral/physical/biological steps in this process?

unaware to aware to suddenly aware.

-closed to open to wide open.  Non existent to existent to fully acknowledged.

I won't pretend to know, but add it to my list of neuroscience fascinations..

we can at least know, without initial (*enhanced) exposure to any given thing; there can be no 'suddenly I see' experiences.

I include the word Enhanced because..  initial exposure alone does not always = NOTICING.    Example is write above.

I've walked past how much/how many without noticing this or that, until someone or something, brings it to my ATTENTION; then I notice for a first time and then i notice a lot..

so there is a kind of neutral setting in the brain apparently..

"Like an APP!".   -fair analogy?   Let's SEE:

You buy a new phone, and it comes standard with a number of default apps

One which you Do Not  even Notice because you don't need or use it and it is several finger swipes away from the default screens visual desktop.   /so it is already there, but you don't know until...

A friend mentions it and brings it to your attention.

Now, you become aware it exists..  and even find it.. 

But it is technically CLOSED, even though you can SEE it.. Until you actually OPEN it..

and then OPEN, but still you can USE or not USE it..

" yes!". I think there is something in common here..  With the phone and apps..  And our own brains and the steps/process involved in becoming consciously aware of a given thing, idea or person, etc.

Obviously I do not have it figured out, I only know..

-how Hannah and I also discussed RE-CONNECTING with friends after many years have passed..  /which she did while she was here.

and the 2nd most important thing about that is:

you cannot RE-connect, without an INITIAL connection..

so, INITIAL connections become a vital curiosity..

but the most important thing about that is:

How very wonderful and blessed and beautiful it is to have a FRIEND to reconnect with!

what a truly pleasant, and all too short surprise to see you Hannah! I am so proud of the young woman you have become, and so grateful for the positive and significant contributions i know you will make in this world..  

more later.. Love you sweetie.   "Thank you Jesus!" Hallelujah! Amen!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Traveling Motivations -by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i wanted here to springboard off a passage i read in the art of hearing heartbeats. I will take it out of context and paraphrase in order to jump.  essentially the character was saying:  -you do not need to travel.. the range of human emotion can be experienced within this very village.

-which is a truth.  human emotions are spiritual laws, which I've already explained are separate from religion because spiritual laws apply to all of humanity while religious laws apply only to those in a given religion..  I.e.

Love & suffering = spiritual laws
belief of Jesus as son of God = religion

but the point I'm out to make this morning is why I would want to travel.  

it would be for 2 primary reasons.  the first, -to see more of the earth, the landscapes, etc. with my own two eyes vs. books, other peoples albums, TV..

the second, would be so that I could better learn and understand human truths, from human constructs,

I.e.,   /starting very simple here:

beauty is a truth AND a variable.  -there are certain landscapes that humans innately find beautiful; no matter who sees it.. Like, all of humanity finds this given spot beautiful

but when it comes to beautiful women, let's say..   every culture has them (spiritual law) but the criteria changes not only by culture, but by time period within given cultures (human construct).

the diversity of cultures has to be the number one quickest path, that yields the most lessons that can and should be learned..

-every culture has celebrations. (truth)
what, when, why, where and how they celebrate (construct/variable).

-every culture has dancers and singers (truth)
what, how, when, what % of population, etc (constructs & variables).

so, plug in at will the

Every culture has _________   (weddings?) traditions
Then name the variables..

the really interesting thing to me also, in regard to emotions; internal experiences..  is how the range is common, but the triggers are a variable..

what makes one person feel pride or shame in one culture can be entirely different from another.  So the experience of pride or shame is common, but not what creates/generates the feeling itself.

how could we know much about anything, anyone, ourselves and others without the diversity of cultures..  what a teaching ground! the world is... humanity...

in Jesus has the whole world in his hands name! Amen!