Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Heart Seen.. some fantastic contributions!

those are my recent heart(s) seen, and I have a fantastic contribution from squidmann and spike too:

per email:  Growing right there on the path above Poplar Beach


and a wonderful contribution from their neighbor Deb:

per email:  This one found by my friend and neighbor Deb.  She says she didn't even realize it was heart-shaped until she brought it home!


may your blessings continue!   "thank you!" for these fantastic contributions!

Miracle in Progress for (me!) sandra, tvgp

I keep repeating... "it is not an inappropriate use of the word MIRACLE!"    -to be the recipient of the gift of time, energy, purpose, help from Robert..   and day by day..   stack here, pile there..   sort, shred or file:  

I can hardly believe my eyes.. to see the top of this chest again!


and want to speak briefly here about human memory storage again.   as mentioned earlier, Robert helped me organize 15 years worth of writings by month and year.   also:  miracle! 

but what I will end up doing, ultimately, is re-organizing by subject/event/person/topic

because if I want to find, the calaveras, story for example

I have not, do not lock in, the day/time/year; I lock in, 'calaveras'

if I want to find my daughter's report card, or son's art work

I am never
have never, most likely will never think first of the date/year..

I will just have a file by name/subject, and be able to go write to it.

I have been encouraged by recent requests to find a few things for others..

and, having done the organizing we have so far, was able to lickity-split go write to it!

it is just as wonderful and gratifying as I imagined it would be.

Praise God!   Thank Jesus!

simultaneous to being organized and decluttered; I have chipped away also at an annoying debt..

simultaneous to chipping away at an annoying debt, 

I have increased my physical exercise, with Robert and I taking regular walks


as I prayed would be true from the onset of the shelter in place  

we will come out on the other side stronger, better!   and i'm not sure what God has in store next...

but we will be ready.


hallelujah & amen

Hellyes Bike Ride with friends (sebastian! & valerie!)

it was orginally an authentic typo; the s where an r should be...   but, then when I read it out loud

Hell Yes   vs.   Hell Yer..   I decided to keep it.   We are so grateful local parks have opened so we can go on bike rides.    No picnics, or playgrounds or social gatherings yet, but..  we can social distance ride our bikes and saw many people social distance walking.   Believe we spent some 6 hours..  I came home quite beat up..  allergies got the best of my eyes, nose..   tired and sore, but..  I still can't wait to get out soon and ride again.  hallelujah & amen

i spy my lucky #! (me!) sandra, tvgp

so fun..   adding to this collection.

"Happy Birthday!" (CC!) & (Catherine) from Robert & Sandra

     lots to look back on with gratitude; lots to look forward to with excitement

our birthday prayer for each of you!  in Jesus name,   amen

Public "Thank You!" to our neighbor (jean!)

email shared with her permission:

Hi, Sandra, I'm Jean McKay and I live on Whitman Way behind you, actually one house up! I walk my dog each night and over the months have enjoyed your art! I've wanted to tell you but time just slips by! When I saw your California Flag, I couldn't believe the artistry. I thought Sal Pizarro of the Mercury News needs to hear about this and perhaps run an article. Then I thought perhaps I should get the artist's OK first as she might not want lots of people driving by and ogling her yard! haha Well, privacy is sometimes important. So, at least I've introduced myself now, so perhaps you'll be kind enough to give me the go-ahead to email Mr. Pizarro about my talented neighbor. I've really enjoyed your artistry and your writings and your arbor day project. Thank you. Sincerely, Jean McKay


i am so grateful to live in a neighborhood with people like Jean.    we have since met her in person and enjoyed a long conversation...    what a blessing!   xoxo   Thank You Jesus, amen.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Our Turn. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

on multiple occasions i have the same remembrance:

my children are age 2 and 4 years old; around that busy time

and i am at a mom-friends house who also has young busy ones.   she is on the phone with her retired father in law, listening to him; rolling her eyes..  making sure i can see how restless she is.. anxious to conclude the conversation. when she finally hangs up,  immediately she says to me

"he is oooing and awwing over a stupid squirrel on his tree!  who has time to watch a squirrel?!?"

and she is having her pant leg tugged on by one of her toddlers "im hungie mommy"

and im not sure why the experience locked into my memory the way it did; but it did.

fast forward 20 years, give or take a few..

and robert and i can spend minutes upon minutes staring out our kitchen window when we pour our morning coffees..

"baby... look at those yellow bellies on those cute birds..  "

"honey.. go get your camera.. look how sweet.. we have ducks visiting"

"oh my goodnes..  look at the love doves.."

"baby..  baby...  hummingbird!  they're back! "

"too cute..  look at those birds, the way they landed on our flag pole... "

and we oooh and awww over every new bud that bloomed, new leaves on the ginkgo, how the plants are thriving...    stare and try to identify, by size/shape, much more than by name, how many different birds take turns eating from the seed bells we hang within view.

we are very happy.  full of joy and genuinely delight in just getting to observe nature.

but i also remember when i was too busy for such things.

   seasons of life i suppose...

but i really like this one!  our due season...   Galatians 6:9

it is continuing write through the current pandemic.

praise and thank God! we wake up praising and thanking God..    amen!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Because of Winn-Dixie... by (me!) sandra, tvgp

part II


when I searched my own memory  -no online research, I would describe my memories of because of winn dixie as follows..

a young gregarious girl..    who united a group of misfits in a neighborhood somewhere.

and that would have been about all I could remember.

when I asked my daughter, her memory/no research:   I remember the girl naming the dog after a grocery store and some blind lady with a bunch of bottles hanging from a tree.

allegra/no research:   -don't know if im thinking of the write book, but some part about the girl being abandoned


and we are all accurate to a degree; each person with vague details.. images


when I re-watched recently, I realized how much my age, life experiences, passing of time contributed to my seeing the entire movie through a drastically different lens of perspective and understanding

and as I watched, I just became more and more upset.

instead of seeing it as I did many years ago..   when my focus was on the friendly young girl helping strangers in a community befriend each other


            /forcing myself here to not start writing about all the prisoners/criminals being released because of covid 19..       or about the noble law enforcement officers being forced to work overtime, without any mention in media of their health risks.    I will not go on and on here about how this whole 'jail time shouldn't equal a death sentence' for criminals  -will in fact equal a death sentence for innocent people as drug addicts/thieves/violent criminals go free    -while there is no mention of any threat for the police officers/deputies mandated to supervise the criminals.   /and re-arrest, re-arrest

and I wont go on and on here about how..   really?!?!  we have jail releases going on at alarming rates for actual convicted criminals but you want our already limited number of over-stretched officers enforcing social distancing ordinances among otherwise law abiding and very unthreatening citizens


I have never lived through a more pro-criminal/anti-cop culture in my entire life...   and I desperately pray we return as immediately as possible to a pro-cop, anti crime culture;  -remember?  how many times I've told you

culture is malleable!   and we need to mass media, social media our way back to, or permanently towards:
                                               crimes with consequences & punishment for criminals
                                                respect with support & rewards for those who serve & protect

duly noting/regarding a corrupt cop is in fact, a criminal   -we do not justify; we weed out!
and equally aware; innocent until proven guilty..

-see what just happened...

k, so, back to Winn-Dixie,  -a film which blatantly, and yet, so subtly contributes to planting anti-cop sentiments in audiences hearts & minds

when I watched it, age 54..   it's almost all I could see:  this horrific message that children and adults should mock, disrespect, ignore and avoid anyone who is uniformed to serve & protect.

in because of Winn-Dixie..  the deputy, policeman character is presented as stupid, pathetic, weak and very mock-able


and, there is this noble message going on, about not judging people based on...   but, the way it is written, that 'let us not judge but get to know' noble sentiment applies to every person in the movie EXCEPT the police officer.

    /there was a missed opportunity here to INCLUDE the police officer, but

instead, we see opal befriend, an old grouchy, controlling & mean landlord; who gets an invitation to the neighborhood party..

we see opal befriend, a lonely librarian, who gets an invitation to the neighborhood party at the end of the movie

we see opal befriend, two brothers who bullied and taunted her earlier in the movie, but who get an invitation to the party

we see opal befriend a snobby school girl, and a shy school girl,

and we see opal befriend a blind, recovering alcoholic..   invited/co-hosting the party

and, my favorite, based on my own life experiences   -we see 10 year old opal, befriend Otis, an adult male in his 30's?, recently released from jail    -and there is zero adult supervision-  of any kind

opal's father, a preacher, never even goes to meet/see/introduce himself, to this 30 year old male, who is alone in a store, with his 10 year old daughter     -her dad knows nothing about him, and yet..

when the police officer goes to assess things; he's made out to be the idiot.

the way it is written   -the audience is influenced to have complete compassion for Otis, and zero respect for the police officer

               but let me tell you...   any parent in this day and age, who is comfortable letting their 10 year old hang out alone with a 30 year old they've never met..

so, it was hard for me to stomach the movie this time around.

we each bring our real life experiences to the fiction and non-fiction movies, books, programs we watch.  we each have a real life lens, based on our age, gender, family, neighborhood..

and it is 'just a movie'

but, my real life experiences include being kidnapped/raped by predator(s) released from jail.  ex-convicts; released to repeat their crimes..

my real life experiences include polly klaas, amber alerts, megan's law   ` remember

my real life experiences include good guys being police officers, D.A.'s, judges..

and three strikes you should be out!   that might be too many...

my real life experiences include watching noble, hard working, honest, men and women who are earning a living and raising good children by serving and protecting, while they are utterly disrespected, unsupported, and over-worked  -and simultaneously held personally responsible for the ugly actions/decisions/behaviors of criminals serving time in jail  -FOR CRIMES.

my real life experiences include watching movie after movie, show after show, news report after news report place an ongoing magnifying glass on corrupt cops, while good cops are non-existent.

and a constant stream of 'compassion for criminal' stories, while there never seems to be any mention of the houses not robbed, the people not stabbed, the businesses not broken into, the property not damaged, the drugs not sold, the money not laundered, the people not raped, the children not molested, the violence not existing, the gang activity not growing - 




so, this time, when I watched because of winn - dixie,   -and every single person in the movie was invited to the party at the end, except the pathetic/mock-able cop

when I saw  'let us not judge'   -it's okay to be a recovering alcoholic, okay to be out of jail after assaulting an officer with a guitar, okay to be lonely, okay to be mean/controlling, okay to be snobby due to a death in the family..     okay to be bullied/taunted..    on and on, etc., etc.

but not okay to be a cop?  -cops are not worthy of an invitation to the 'we're all just human/we're all sinners looking for forgiveness and friendship party'

well, I thought, how can I forgive the terrible underlying message in this movie?

and, it came to (me!) in know time at all    /that was on purpose.

in the sequel..      we have Winn-Dixie as a K9! dog...  partnered with noble, heroic police officer(s).

in Jesus' name I pray for....      hallelujah! & amen!


part I:      You WINn- Dixie

Friday, May 08, 2020

The Celebrity State, a poem by (me!) sandra, tvgp

The Celebrity State

Mixed Spring Glorious Green Salad Hills Seasoned with Salt & Pepper Cows

   Business suits, Swimsuits, Birthday Suits; All with an ocean view

Stock Markets, Farmers Markets, Year Round, Rain or Shine

Almonds, walnuts,
                             Strawberries, grapes,
                                                            Lettuce & tomatoes; beef cattle, hay

Silicon Valley, Tri Valley, Calaveras Valley, Napa Valley

 technology, scenic drives, wine tasting, micro beer or bottled water “cheers”

Warriors, Kings, Lakers, Clippers,

Originally Oakland Raiders   -49ers, Rams, Chargers,

A’s, Giants, Angels, Dodgers, Padres

Sharks, Kings & Ducks

Sports bars, spirit wear and a contagious world champion spirit

Snow to ski, waters to jet, lines to zip, sky to soar, mountains to climb; or move…

Power walks, beer crawls, wine strolls  -bay area ridge trails path

Tennis shoes, high heels, hiking, cow and rain boots, flip flops, bare feet, uggs

Poppies to delight, quails to charm, redwoods to awe

Luxury suites; homeless camps

Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, secular, agnostic, atheist and indifferents;
unlabeled, unconcerned and in peace – picnic together at concerts in the parks

Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Alcatraz, Angel Island, Monterey, Alameda, San Diego

Disneyland, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain and Great America

              Heavenly beauty and manmade forms of whole family fun

Gold Rush, Golden State, Gold in the San Francisco Gate Bridge

More than 800 miles of put the top down on your convertible and coast…

Natives, immigrants, locals and tourists blend into tertiary communities of hope

new shades of political purples born from deep reds & denim blues

sales too taxed, traffic too jammed, cost of living too high

California’s Indian Name would be Mighty Chief Wins Hearts Breaks Wallets

  But California was born speaking Spanish; Si

 you can establecer su propio ritmo  -crawl; surf; walk; climb a corporate ladder; go! go! go! fly!   stay grounded; grab a hammock; nap and dream… work part time, work over time, work no time just volunteer; work until you
 ‘tag you’re it’ the next generation

rent to own, own to rent, stay put, ever wander..     be yourself, be quiet, be loud, be heard, be seen in HOLLYWOOD

Born a highly photogenic child star in 1850, our 31st state always lights up for the camera, providing Oscar winning memories for each and every fan;  and is destined to receive a lifetime achievement award.

California has an amazing diversity of people, impressive spectrum of terrains, dual paned bay windows of golden opportunities, a variety of ‘keep the’ or create a faith systems, minimum wage earners to billionaires, a plethora of creative instincts and uncanny knowledge, wealth of theatre, art and museums, cornucopia of cultures, campus upon campus of education, PhD’s in entertainment; still so much untapdanced potential plus ever intriguing archives. Famous architecture. Rave worthy international cuisine. Take a selfie with our celebrity state, California; say “Eureka!” and smile.

Sandra Harrison Kay

Thursday, May 07, 2020

California Bliss by (sexy! & tops!)

and "thank you!" here to our young friend raayan for all his help/contributions.   -we light heartedly say our home is a destination for 4th graders; California History.   we've got the flag, quail, poppies, gold, a mission, seashells..  and working on a mixed media redwood.  still upcoming,  a poem about California.    -we are both pleased with our results on this installation... and keep repeating,' the bear was a real bear to create!'   the face metamorphized from looking like a hedgehog, to a long neck mongoose, a unique species of dinosaur lizard..     but eventually we landed on a head that passes as a bear head/face.   -our new yard art hobby is one of our great joys!  keeping us outdoors, in the sunshine, visiting with neighbors/passersby, creating..  playing..   'enjoying everyday life'   /"thank you!" here to Joyce Meyer.

Monday, May 04, 2020

that IS A SIGN!! knows (me!) sandra, tvgp

signs & wonders

God is the ultimate coder, if you will..

creating signs/wonders unique to, and only recognized by, people with the ability to read them

that's my interpretation.

and months ago, although I did not take a photo, 

I saw a similar explanation point   -with color/light from a RAINBOW!

and I knew...  perhaps, only I knew, what God was putting the ! in my life on that day

and, I do have a picture of this one..

and I know; perhaps only I know, what God is putting the ! on in my life write now.


hallelujah! & amen!

The Heart Seen -newest charming contributions...

per emails:

Even if you're stuck at home there are still hearts to be found!  This one was on our kitchen counter and is made of strawberry juice!

Nice one in the field today!     /actually, nice two..    


high charm squidmann & spike!   the color/shape of strawberry heart..   and the way those two little white hearts are hanging out and stand out next to each other in the field of green w/tiny yellow flowers..   love 'em!   "thank you!"    xoxo


and this beautiful heart seen..   in our friends yard during our first be-social-at-a-distance BYOP
/bring your own picnic..       visit.

"thank you!"   -great to get together again!   xoxo

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Collateral Blessings of Covid19 by (me!) sandra, tvgp

* while we pray for, and help as we can, those adversely affected; we also pray with gratitude for some equally unprecedented collateral blessings


for time off work

for time off the road/a break from long, taxing, dangerous commutes

for time to organize and spring clean

for the return home of children in college

for online visits with friends

for time to watch movies, read books, eat popcorn, play in the yard

for long walks on beautiful days

for the meeting of neighbors, as they walk,  -many introducing themselves for the first time  (from a safe social distance of course)

for stimulus and unemployment help

for life at our own pace

for time to create, cook, plan, dream, imagine

   -and, I have found..   with nowhere to go really,  that has also ='d nowhere to spend..  and I have saved more money during this crisis..    and paid more on bills...    collateral blessing!

there is more...   but, we are, most of us, familiar with the term collateral damage..

there is such thing as collateral blessings too.     -count them..

in Jesus Name,   amen.

Dear 2020 Graduates, from (me!) sandra, tvgp AKA WriteousMom

 oh! i sure feel for these seniors, these graduates, missing out on all the events/celebrations/parties, due to covid19, and our shelter in place..     part of me is inclined to point out:

well, all that time, you've been hittin' the books, and learning this, and learning that..

that's only half of what you need to know to thrive in life...     "not all storms are in the forecast" as joyce meyer likes to say.    much of life..

or, i pray, not 'much', but a  % of life..    adversity.     I say, with a lighthearted spirit, 'I feel like my whole life has been one long adversity training class'

so, here you are in highly adverse circumstances; no warning, no direct training; *unprecedented
all plans must change

     -how you handle this...    what is going on write now;

it is a different type of grade you will receive; a different lesson and different reward for navigating this crisis successfully..

graduating with honors from this real world adversity training course; that is your new goal.

and, if I got to hand pick the commencement speech all graduates would view online, it would be this one

   -because sometimes, someone does such a stellar job of it..   you don't need a new and different person, at different schools, each giving a new speech every year

you just "encore! encore! encore!"   the best ones.


Carry On Seniors!    You've made it this far....          xoxo      I love you!   WriteousMom

R.O.I. as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp


it is not the first time i'm sharing that R.O.I. is my all time favorite business term!

Return On Investment.

in business, where financial profit is the singular objective; and the return is always communicated in dollars and cents; it is vital to any investor to learn in advance

if I invest this much $$$, what will I get in return?  and then of course, to learn, how long it will take, etc., etc.

but I use r.o.i. for many of lifes experiences

love, joy, peace..   all fruits of the spirit..


and above is an excellent example.  AWESOME R.O.I. when it comes to poppies!

I mean to tell you, 

last year I purchased just a couple packets of seeds, and those packets probably cost $1.49, or $2 something at the most..

and LOOK! at the yield..  hundreds last year; and with no additional seed spread..  hundreds again this year!   can we quantify their beauty?  the impact on our spirit through our eyes?

PLUS! the poppies attract the bees/butterflies..   pollinators..  

can we quantify the value?  it is enormous!

we do have the cost of occasional waterings...

but, when you do the spiritual math  $2 to $4 dollars for all that?!?!?

it is the equivalent of a home-made family video generating Disney/Pixar block buster ticket sales.


speaking of...       one day, I wish to have the family video I made for my dad's birthday available to the whole wide world for viewing..        it is all heart; with very little to no technical/movie making resources.


and technology will continue to change/evolve.. but it is always being used, at any given time/era,  to communicate the same heart issues.