Friday, September 19, 2014

Mamma~razzi strikes again! (Me!) Sandra, tvgp

Coming soon.. I mean it is once again red carpet season for all of us mamma~razzi types..   Homecoming!  And this year I have 3 star couples on the high school campus: my daughter/her boyfriend; my son/his date; my nephew/his date...   Oh! The fun/creative ways they ask and invite..    I have gold again in my personal albums..


Nephew: " that she said yes.. I'll have to wing it with the dancing"

Auntie sandy: "let me and your mom show you a couple moves.. We've been at it for years!"

My son: "don't listen to her. Go to YouTube"

(Me!):  "what?!  I can teach you the lawn mower, the sprinkler.. You can make those work for a lot of songs.."

My son: "never.. 

(Me!):   " just remember..  Its not HOW you move... Its THAT you move.."

/but they had both already tuned me out.

Charlotte Severin @ Alviso Adobe an upcoming poem by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

PRIDE & JOY does it again! By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Dont you know.. We danced another perfect night away last night at Barones music under the stars.. Save only a couple songs here and there.. We were out on the dance floor from the time pride & joy started until..

Well, write here is where I should say, 'their very last song'

But here's why we weren't there for the last song:

The crowd wouldn't let them stop!   And now I know theyre awesome, fun, true professionals in every sense of the word.. But I also know, that even they would like to get home eventually.

But honey.. When it was near 10pm.. That dance patio was once again -packed-   (if I had a way to squish the letters together when I wrote -packed- I would..  You couldn't dance without making contact with more than just your own dance partner..). -and once again happy dancing people were spilling over into the spaces between tables and chairs; yours truly and Mr Motown included..

Pride & Joy attempted to play their last song.. Tried to wrap it up..

But the crowd would not have it.. 

Add on here.. To our utter surprise and total delight.. Joe Barone joined them on stage.. Partnered up with martin.. And sang and danced.. Not just for a few seconds.. For a few songs!  Worked the whole stage and seem to be -much like the rest of us; having the time of his life..    I'm not sure what he had beverage spirits wise, but I think we should name it and everyone should have some..

Oh! These rare opportunities we each have to just let loose sometimes -let the music take over..


Everything perfect again: climate, God's very own sky lighting; with that preset slow dimmer.. Great crowd.. Pride & Joy..   Me, my sister, and the variety of dance partner friends we've made over the years..

I am very conscious of the fact that these...

These are the good ole days.

There is only one more music under the stars night and then the season ends until next year..

I refuse to think about that write now though..  I'd rather just start planning what to wear..

"...what is hip?....".      /oh  -do I LOVE that song..!  

In Jesus name.. I thank you all!   Xoxo.  Amen

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MONEY, mOnEy, MoNeY! By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Time travel a little so you can join us for lunch yesterday at red robin. Me and my.. Ottimo pasto.  <-----TTOD. (Temporary term of endearment):

Split a double cheese burger.. Steak fries.. Cold beer..  

Watch a little sports action on the TV monitor above..  Football.  And what-do-you-know..  Inevitably the subject of Rice comes up:

In case you are reading this from a great time distance, the upshot is this: RICE is the last name of an NFL player who  -video- reveals, hit his fiance in an elevator.. Knocking her out, I believe, then dragging her out on the floor..   -something like this..

Very domestic; very violent.

He was initially suspended for two games; then six; and ultimately after the video evidence "surfaced" and  left unquestioned what actually took place..    -public outrage,  and now he has been entirely cut from the NFL.   K.. I'm just providing an outsiders/layperson summary.. 

My hot date for lunch.. Rick, who may I remind is a retired police officer..  He thought..   This punishment was a little extreme.  That perhaps the three strike rule would be better suited to the crime of domestic violence..  So, if I heard him correctly

-and trust me that I did because I asked him to repeat himself for me at least three times to be sure..  And yes, he thought..

If you punch a woman one time..  There should be some type of consequence; if it happens a second time; a slightly greater consequence.. But if it happens a third time!   "You're out!"

K..  The three strike rule for domestic violence. 

Externally, I remained very calm. Very calm and open.. 

It is a good practice I've learned to stay open to other peoples points of views..

But, had he, in that moment, started choking on his food, let's say..

It might have taken me a couple extra seconds to try and remember whether or not I knew the Heimlich..    /which would make me no better than..; -write.

So, I took another bite of my half of the double cheese burger.. Which was outrageously delicious by the way.. And I had a fry or two, and a sip of my beer..  I caressed his back; gazed affectionately into his dark brown eyes..  And then after enough time had passed.. I said,

"So let's say you own a bank.  You're the C.E.O. of a bank or something.. And you have a star employee (one of my favorite analogies this bank one..)

He is on time everyday
... never calls in sick..
Gets along with everybody..
Lands your bank some of its greatest clients and contracts...


And he was like, 'yeah.. Got it. Got it'

Then I go..   "But you caught him stealing money one day?"

And then he was suddenly, absolutely, confident and definitive in his reaction:  "fired! -he'd be fired"

"No second chance?" I ask..   "No second chance." He confirmed.

And so, I was like..  "Okay.. So for domestic violence; punching a woman..  Three strikes. But if your caught stealing MONEY..  No second chance?"

Isn't that fascinating.

Now.. When I said it like that to him, I don't think he liked the way things were sounding to him.. So, he went on to clarify his position:

Namely, what he wanted pointed out, is the distinction between

On the job. And,
Off the job.

That is; if you are an employer.. You have authority over what policies/procedures; rewards/consequences; you can and will employ to given employees -while they are on the job

But what they do, before or after work, (off the field) is outside of your authority.  So..

If you have an employee who punches another employee during working hours..  -fired.  

I asked his permission to blog our conversation..  He expressed some concern that I might paint the picture a different color than he had on his brush.. And that I might be in some way attacking..

"I don't use my blog that way; never have..  I will write it and let you read it and you can make any corrections you'd like in comments.."

And if he asked me to remove this post altogether for any reason
. I would; just like that. One click; unpublished.

It has been my blogging etiquette for as long as I can remember..  I think its only been about 5 or 6 times that someone has asked me to eliminate a post for one reason or another..

And without hesitation I have honored their requests. 

But I find this illuminating..  Enlightening.  Most people, -like 100% of the time, if you pose the imaginary bank scenario I posed above

Its just about unanimous that the star employee gets fired.

Stealing money from a bank!

But then.. For other things..  2nd chances, forgiveness, start over, three strikes..

I have noticed for example, infidelity is treated very differently by different people..    Many couples seem to have a ...

Well for some you're fired, and for others..  2 game suspension.

Its all fascinating to me.  I have a one strike is already one strike too many - youre out policy! for all three: domestic violence; infidelity; stealing money from the bank

I do believe in forgiveness, and hope-you-do-better-next-times

But youre gonna have to do-over somewhere and with someone else...

When we moved on in conversation..  I showed him my cross seen.. And heart seen pictures..  Then he pointed to the fries he had just adjusted into a heart shape..   "Awww, that's so cool, but it doesn't count" I told him..   "It can't be made on purpose.. You just have to find them already made". 

"doesn't count?!".   -he seemed a little disappointed.  -it is definitely picture-worthy though..    The heart seen at red robin in pleasanton.. And look at our receipt; I spy both our lucky numbers..   

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Cross seen! By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

The heart shape from the coffee spill was seen some time ago.. But its one of my favorites..  Spotted by my sister on her counter..  We waited a long time before wiping it clean.   -this very morning, my little coffee drip spill landed in the shape of a cross..  So beautiful!  Not in a hurry to wipe that one up either..  Then I thought what a great collage..  !   My back window + the heart seen + the cross seen in the coffee spills..    This format doesn't allow me to put them together in one post.. So I did it individually:   

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I am a "real" genius! (Me!) Sandra, tvgp

What I was trying to accomplish was this:

Open the car door.

Now, that might not sound like such a tall order by itself, but let me add on, that what I really wanted to do was open the car door

-without putting anything down.

Both of my arms and hands were full you see..  Purse, water bottle, diet Pepsi, overnight bag, sunglasses, cell phone..  I can't even remember everything I was holding.. 

-had you seen me

/and there was a man passing by who could

You too, would have been very impressed with how intuitively I was able to locate and shift and shuffle my cars keys into the palm of my hand

And equally impressed with how gracefully I moved closer to my car and stood at the exact angle required for the censors key-to-driver-side-door' to read each other.  I mean, I could not even see the unlock icon past all the stuff in my arm, and yet..  I just knew. And with the effort of only one light touch..

My door unlocked like magic.

I looked at the male passerby and smiled.  It was not at all a flirty smile.  Rather it was more like a confident smile; yes..

/perhaps an overconfident smile.

He looked back at me and smiled too.  But his smile was not flirtatious in manner either.  -his smile..

And it just pisses me off some to even recall it for the sake of sharing this story..

-his smile was one of .. Cockiness.  With a capital C!

He never said a word, but nor did he pass on by. He stopped in an effort to enjoy a show... -starring him and embarrassing (me!).

Because that was write about the same time that I suddenly realized what he already knew:

The door was unlocked, yes; but not open.

In order to OPEN the unlocked door, I would need to manually lift the handle.

Now.. Had this male passerby actually -passed- by, and not stopped

I'm pretty sure I would have surrendered and set a few things down.  Not everything, but one arm and hand worth at least.

But  -everyone already knows the rules, -write:

If I put anything down; I lose.

And if it took too long to figure out my next move, same thing; I lose.

So I am very pleased to tell you here just how instantaneously I

realized! that if I stood close enough, and bent low enough, I would be able to open the unlocked door with MY ELBOW!  Yes!

So, I shimmied everything against gravity up on my shoulders, and i tightened the grip on everything in my hands, and then using only my tiny little, sweet little, elbow

I managed to tuck under and thrust upward the handle of my  unlocked driver side front door.

And the door did    -want to-   open.

If not for the violent manner in which the cocked handle snapped back and pinched my tiny little, sweet little, elbow skin..  This really would have been one for Womens record books..

But damn it if that frickin' pinchin' pain grenade didn't cause me to drop

every. Single. Frickin'. Thing.

You know what this makes the score, -write.   -comes from some of the clearest unwritten rules of all time.

My purse went sliding down first...  and like an avalanche just seem to take everything with it.   -felt my cell phone go for an unexpected flight; then watched it crash land.... My pepsi.. spinning and spitting in twelve different directions..  And private objects from my opaque overnight  bag were lying naked on the hot cement for everyone to see

And this is win the male passerby who neglected to PASS BY goes

are. a  REAL. genius."

And I know, -and you know,

That for a brief moment there, he thought he had won.  But just before he started to skip

I go,

"Yeah, well its kinda hard to fake that sorta thing; thank you.".  -real authentic and gracious-like

And so,

For anyone still keepin' score:

We have a tie.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Funny the way it is... By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

If i had the creative means to do so.. Then as you read what im about to write.. There would be music playing in the background. For todays post it would be: funny the way it is by dave matthews.  -love that song! We could go on and on and on, couldnt we..

Because in the course of one week i encounter:

An atheist. Here, locally.  Who thinks believing in God is just plain crazy...

A new believer.. Here, locally. Who, despite great material wealth and comfort was experiencing an indescribable void. Who "found Jesus".  -started serving/helping others.. And found the void was filled.

And then.. A.. -what do we call these people? Not here locally, but i heard it on the news..

He (they) murder Christians..  

You cannot imagine just how "funny-the-way-it-is" this is to (me!).

When you are raised in an environment where freedom of religion is practiced; where a Christian church, synagogue, buddhist temple, and infinite facilities for seculars co-exist sometimes ON THE SAME STREET..

And yes, people sometimes try to influence each other; sometimes try and convert with peer pressure maybe..

But a gun? Homicide? in my imagination..  And in my imagination only, -because im sure not signing up for this travel package,

But i like to ponder that:   what the experience would be like.. To go from an environment where freedom of religion is practiced to..

Risking your very life for whatever belief you landed on..

And vice versa..

To pluck out one of those murderers..

And have him attend a different service, different church, different faith + home of atheist + home of secular..

"See..   Its not so bad.. Its not so scary..  Everyone gets along..  Everyone is just trying to figure it out.. No need for violence.. Life is confusing and challenging enough without all that.. "

How is it that freedom of religion exists at all?   -but it sure is one of the most beautiful living testimonies of all time.

In Jesus name..  /with no gun to my head...

I say freely


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Two reasons i sleep well (me!) Sandra, tvgp

There are two reasons i sleep well every night:   1. Medicine 2.   -because everyone i love

Knows how much i love them.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Pompei! As thoroughly enjoyed by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I think that was the name of it.. Pompei. Im close.. 

It was my favorite dance number when i went and saw jazz n taps dance recital in june, i think it was..

Some of it flashed in my mind yesterday when i met and was talking to a young dancer and her dancing mom yesterday..

I said all of this before.. When i saw a jazz n taps recital some number of years ago.. How thrilling! To see such a variety.. Fresh! New choreography! Fresh, new costumes!

It took place behind my back when i stopped looking..

I dont know the exact year.. I just know at some point long ago i was bored to tears with what i was seeing..

Same ole steps in a different order.. Over and over and over again

Same 'type' of costumes..  In different colors..

I stopped paying any attention..

A revolution took place..   Dance has evolved into exciting places i never imagined.. The spectrum! The creativity!  Its gone spectacular...

I loved the entire recital; every number.. Especially i delighted in seeing my mom friend catherine and her daughter natalie.. I bought tickets for both days..

This amazing combination, when they get it just write:

Choreography; true to the music.
Costume; true to the choreography.
Lighting/stage; true to the choreography and music.

And great choreography to me =  well, actually it is the music selection that would come first; inspiring the moves..

And if you select a piece of music that it is exciting.. That contains some mix of fast, slow.. Element of surprise; some unpredictability..

Well.. For me.. And i sure hope im remembering correctly, but there was one performance that had it all..

Pompei.  -and i wasnt there to judge.. I was just there to enjoy

And I enjoyed the whole thing..

But "wow!"..   Who wrote that piece of music? Who choreographed? Who designed those costumes? Who chose the lighting?

What dancers executed this number..  ?

If i could only see 1 dance again from that recital...

" encore!".      Love, gratitude, appreciation..