Friday, February 25, 2011

GREEN ART: WORKS IN PROGRESS by (me!) sandra, tvgp

these won't make it inside the ruby hill gift store
one is a birthday present for a friend
and the other is the sun i will send to jessica frank at cbs sunday morning news in new york in hopes it will be used between segments on their awesome magazine show
i'm going to package it along with a cool map of the livermore wine country, some ruby hill info -and a little note about how we (in the tri valley) are growing so beautifully
in fact, beginning to attract wine lovers in numbers that will soon rival napa
conversations between mom & daughter artists:
daughter: "so.. what do you get if they show your sun on the program?"
me: "oh.. well.. you get your sun shown between segments. lasts about two seconds."
daughter: "do you get any money?"
me: "nope."
daughter: "do they show your name? who made it?"
me: "nope."
daughter: "so, why do you want your sun on the show?"
me: "because it's cool, that's why."
daughter: "do they let you know if they're going to show it?"
me" "i have no idea.. i'd like it either way.. if i knew, i could call people and tell them to keep an eye out for my two seconds...
and if they didn't tell me.. and one day i was watching the show, and just saw it.. that would be a cool surprise too"
daughter: "that would be cool"
me: "i've seen a couple suns repeated.. and i know there are way too many artists in this world for them to ever need to repeat the same sun.. so, i feel called now..
daughter: "can we go to jamba juice.."
/and life goes on...
and now that i think of it.. they've probably never repeated a sun -just a segment, so seemed like...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

ARTIST SPOTS AN ARTIST a poem by (me!) sandra,tvgp

ORIGINAL POST 02/19/2011: inspired by charlotte severin's "spotted horses" painting
currently displayed at towne center books, downtown pleasanton:


look at you
my human masterpiece
making memories manifest

an instinct here
an impulse there
two hands that will not rest

this world -your empty canvas
to show -who knows
what your eyes see

living creatures black n' white
spotted so aesthetically

earthly colors
human hands
artist's instinct, artist's eye

living creatures, drawn & painted
-who knows
how many times

back then, write now, into forever
art is instinct, art is why.