Friday, February 23, 2018

"Sandra... To The Rescue!" photo-intervention by (me!), sandra, tvgp

I received not one, but two..    two emergency calls   /well, texts really

and in them..    pictures of ..


I have to go put on my sweater and socks just to write about it..

two pictures, and one video of


yes..  as far as the eye can see..    nothin' but white.

not everyone knows this about me, just yet

but, I am like a self-appointed first responder for these types of emergencies.

and, so,

I said to myself, I said

'this calls for some immediate spiritual resuscitation!'   /not mouth to mouth; text to text!

and, I took off my sweater and socks

and I put on

shorts and a t-shirt and some sunglasses

and I hurry, real-quick, sent them back these pictures:         I am a life-savor; it's true.



and if you stare at these pictures, say for 5 minutes, every hour on the hour

you'll be able to breathe again..  /without seeing your breath.

love you!   xoxox    

Thursday, February 22, 2018

MY THOUGHTS ON GUN CONTROL (me!) sandra, tvgp

my children attended a wonderful, safe, elementary school.


while there, I met a mom-friend who originated from somewhere in new York, and whatever school her children had previously attended in new York

well, it had metal detectors the kids had to pass through, very strict drop-off/pick-up laws/regulations, and no one felt safe; ever.  day to day life included a chronic low-level fear factor of potential fights, kidnappings, and/or physical violence of one kind or another.

it sounded hideous to me; awful.


and, of course, as random acts of violence have increased on school campuses..   everyone wanting to feel safe and protect themselves, leans quite naturally toward wanting to make sure we have metal detectors, stricter gun-purchasing laws/regulations; and that civilians writes to bear arms are protected so we can protect ourselves and our loved ones,  etc.


my inclination is less about making sure I can protect myself, my family   /although that desire is obviously the highest,


it is much more toward wanting to desperately locate, name, categorize and protect the safe environments that already, currently (barely) exist today.  the ones that are safe without need for guns.

like, I think we should have categories, very similar/analogous to our other endangered species:



if you were to categorize your neighborhood, your work place, your school:

and, if at your school, for example, on this given day, you don't feel threatened..  you don't feel like the teachers need to carry guns to protect themselves; their students..     if it doesn't seem necessary to have a metal detector;  if you feel relatively safe..   and you can drop your children off without being pre-occupied by potential kidnappings, bullies, gang violence, drugs, random mass shootings..

and if the children attending the school, don't have to be chronically pre-occupied by real or potential threats of violence...


these places in the world deserve the quickest, strongest, highest priority protection!  

but, not armed protection; that defeats the entire purpose

"save our safe places!"

currently these environments.. the ones where no one needs a gun.  I would identify them as critically endangered

and guess what follows, if nothing is done..



if we act fast!

to identify and preserve these environments/neighborhoods/workplaces where humans can not just
-feel-  but actually be safe; without the need for personal firearms at all times, and metal detectors, and law enforcement present at all times

these rare and wonderful healthy environments where safe and secure humans can grow, play, thrive, learn, explore, contribute, love, care, share..

if we can figure it out quick enough; and act..

then instead of going from critically endangered to extinct..

we can go from critically endangered to



near threatened

least concern


so for (me!)..

I am enormously grateful my children attended an elementary school that was safe, without the need for metal detectors and without each teacher needing to pack a gun for on-the-in-case

and that is the direction I pray we head and spread..

not the other way around; not every school, every teacher, every student must have a gun


so, I know for certain, there have been species of animals that went from
least concern toward potential extinction, and then  -thank you!- to identification/preventative measures

back to least concern again.



In Jesus    -did not pack a gun or switchblades'  name.. -      amen &; amen.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

I-Spy TWO very blatant typos.. (me!) sandra, tvgp

no worries, we all make mistakes..  

I mean, this is an accidental mistake isn't it..

didn't you mean to type STEAM?


funny, how sometimes, one mistake leads to another..


in the same article, another minor, accidental oversight

because i'm pretty certain that should read

science, technology, enginerring, 


and math.


exactly my point

the way those double rr's stand out to anyone paying enough attention.

you can still make out what I meant..

but don't you just want to correct it in the worst way..


In Jesus' ultimate creative name..    amen.

CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST! with (me!), sandra ttgp

original post 2007


more good news! email dated july 20th, 2007:

congratulations! you've won second place in the pleasanton weekly's photo contest with your firehouse submission! we plan to run the pictures in the next issue and you will be contacted shortly regarding the prize and pickup. if you should have any questions, please give me a call.

emily atwood

staff writer

pleasanton weekly

i'm so delighted! when i read in the weekly the contest info... a call for pictures that capture the essence of pleasanton.. how could i resist? i just happen to have about eight hundred from this year alone. but i went easy on them, and only sent in about 50 i think..

and this one, from a series i took of jack and taryn at the old firehouse just behind lion's wayside park feels special.. "this old firehouse is going to be a beautiful theatre soon.. and maybe they'll perform mommy's plays one day and sell her art..

and maybe i'll write a play for you two.. "

so it holds memories and it holds hopes, but it's the way jack is holding his frosty from meadowlark dairy that melts me.

and this was really a great afternoon... checking out the firehouse from every angle, peeking through every dusty, dirty window we could reach. and where fire trucks used to occupy the floor, it was now mostly vacant and dusty, save a few folding chairs forming a semi-circle around an easel display which showcased the architectural designs of the future, firehouse art center.

i really can't wait.

and then in the back, between the firehouse and lions wayside park, just a wide open dirt, rock patch of land. and there taryn and jack took turns seeing who could throw rocks the farthest, and then we all stopped for a few mintues, when they i-spied a baby... what? ... mouse? possum? ... don't think we were ever sure.. but it was wiggling near a little dirt cave, this bran new little living creature, squirming to get out of the hot sun and back into the shade of its haven. and we just watched for a few moments lost in the miracle. wanting to get as close as possible without scaring or threatening

and then we moved on, to play in the big ditch behind the bandstand at the park. -hours, of free entertainment for the children. i sit and read or write, and they go exploring..

and i'm so conscious of how relaxed and free we are; roaming, playing, dreaming. and how time is the greatest marinade -making more flavorful and tender these simple moments beneath the sun and near the trees.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

True Love. as experienced and shared by (me!) ~writeousmom

I first learned about love from my parents

not in a classroom, but in our home.

I did not learn about love by reading books, or studying, or just hearing about it and asking questions.
I learned about love by being loved

there is no greater joy than getting to APPLY what you've learned!

and so, when I became a Mommy at age 31

I was madly, crazy, wildly in love
before she even left my womb

so awesome, the experience
I was blessed again 2 1/2 years later
with the world's best son.

true love.


and speaking of true love


it is the anniversary of my baptism!
I gave my heart to Jesus 
~the very source of truth and love
on Valentines Day 2010.


and I am surrounded on all sides 
with love;
and ever since.

hallelujah and amen

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Saturday, February 10, 2018

type VOOPS in the search bar of this blog -by (me!) sandra, tvgp

addendum/follow up; get this:   the boss, just written about in prior post

 -apologized-      and then shared about recently being diagnosed with cancer.


In Jesus',   no one will ever beat his record for healing, rescuing, or restoring-   's name,    -amen.     Go for the Spiritual Gold

Thursday, February 08, 2018

The Quantum Traffic Factor by (me!) sandra, tvgp

what Ive loved learning about quantum physics is this:   at the quantum level, all the previous rules and laws you thought applied to the whole natural world; -they change.

and so it seems an appropriate word to use when describing commuting in traffic along 580.

because, let's say, i'm scheduled to be at work in Livermore at 8am.

keeping in mind, (factoring in), my employers expectation is that I be on time.  and my goal is

1. to arrive alive   2. to be on the freeway the least amount of time possible  3. be on time to work.


on average (where average no longer exists), it takes approximately 45 minutes (where approximately equals give or take another 45 minutes) to get from san leandro to Livermore

let's say Monday, I am late, and arrive at 8:10, instead of 8am.  and on this occasion, I had left my home at 7:15am to arrive at my work destination at 8am.

by natural rules and laws, the math we all grew up with..  if I want to arrive on time, I should leave my home by 7:05am, instead of 7:15am    -write.

because if i was ten minutes late, in stands to reason, I should leave 10 minutes earlier then in order to be on time

am I write?


this is why all commuter traffic falls in the quantum realm

no practical math or numbers apply; like, ever!

when I left 10 minutes earlier...   I did not arrive on time;

I ended up 25 minutes late! instead of ten

the reward for my effort cost me additional time on the freeway itself, three near death, near miss accidents by only-I-matter drivers, and more stress in general from the way the punch card so unmercifully documents clock ins and clock outs without any regard for

-the quantum traffic factor-



on behalf of a friend of mine, employed by an entirely different company, who does an entirely different commute,

well, I heard about a very unfortunate exchange between a boss and my friend, the employee

like, it reached this extreme, over my friend being late

"let's take it outside and see who is still standing.."

.  ok.


and my friend had even called  -proactively-  to explain about being stuck in traffic..

the boss still laid into my friend upon  -safe- arrival

I would like to shoot said boss in the head..   and we know I am a Christian,  mostly a proponent of non-violence and humanitarianism in general, so even to facetiously entertain is telling, isn't it


it is my opinion that there should not even be bosses, period, in 2018   -only coaches.  but I must save that writing/explanation for another time,

my point  -any employee who must travel on the freeway for more than 15 minutes for anything, and in any direction


1. get an immediate raise.

2.  should be only, exclusively, consisted greeted this way:

"glad to see you!"

because honest to our very good God..  it is dangerous out there!  it is crazy stressful!

when I heard about my friend almost losing it..

I was like..   yes..

if you are pressured to be somewhere by a certain time; that is a level of stress..

if you get stuck in traffic..  that adds to the stress..

if you call, and receive upset instead of compassion/understanding..  that adds more stress

each asshole who cuts you off, or tailgates,  adds to the stress..

each motorcycle that appears out of nowhere..    stress

if you see or pass an accident..    stress

when you add all that stress, accumulating by the minutes and the miles

it does not bring out the best in anyone's personality

and if you have endured and survived and arrived safely   -but late

and you tried to call

and you still get upset upon arrival

so,  it made perfect sense to me that my friend was ready to punch out the boss.  I understand.


and I do the sign of the cross for every motorcycle that passes me on the freeway.  I hear lots of complaints..    how they shouldn't even be allowed to drive in-between automobiles/trucks the way they do

I say,

"this speaks loud and clear to how awful traffic is!  people are willing to risk their lives to not have to sit in it"



it speaks to how much I love Robert, because..    for me to be willing to drive to san jose

do you remember I dropped out of san jose state because the commute was killing me.


I pray every time I get on the road.  and I blow kisses to every highway patrol/sheriff/police officer for the way they help drivers suddenly remember speed limits and manners;  and the internalized sentiment for most of us, I believe, witnessing the high level of accidents we do

is, -we still just keep going to wherever it is we need to go

hoping it wont be for us when the ambulance comes..


in Jesus'   -please don't call it a highway to heaven's -  name..

i'd like a country road...


My heart belongs to Robert... (me!) ~tops

it has first of all, in my interpretation, to do with Jesus, and some very divine choreography

a match made in heaven; as the saying goes


over the past number years, if you expressed an interest in (me!), and I learned along the way that you were a commissioned salesperson     -outwardly, I'm sure I was understanding, diplomatic, I like to think, -gracious, about my exit strategy, but I would have pretty immediately had an exit strategy.

I am not judging, I am only observing.  I am aware of the importance, how many dinners have been provided, mortgage payments, kids through college,  -etc.  commissioned sales positions are responsible for..   it is just for (me!) personally.    I am not compatible, in a romantic way, with any man who makes his living this way.   you become inadvertently, highly trained in the art of bullshit..  you are rewarded, recognized, celebrated for sales..   -period.    and not whether or not the sale was justified, affordable, or necessary or appropriate for the customer. the higher you can get the profit margin

which is synonymous with  /the more you can financially screw over your customer

the more money you earn, the greater your recognition, status, rewards..

I am not attracted to masters of bullshit; although I do see its value in our capitalistic society

where I have previously described, and hold to, my definition of:

           capitalism:  when how much money you make is more important than how you make it.


and now, I currently work at alden lane nursery   -and of course, it is the sale of plants, flowers, trees, seeds, fertilizers, soil, sod, gift items, d├ęcor, etc.   that

-help keep the nursery open
-provides income/health benefits to every employee/the owners
-allows the nursery to host spectacular events, etc.

there are sales quotas to meet and exceed; yes!   as is true with any business

but, one of the things I have been enormously happy to witness, is this:

there is not one horticulturist among them who will sell a shade only loving plant, to a customer they know has a full sun backyard, just to make the sale.

but I have seen and witnessed the analogy of that in many other businesses  -where they will consciously sell anything to anyone with unjustifiable mark-ups and zero regard for customer or aftermath

I hungered to be in an environment and around professionals who value people over sales.  it makes me very proud to work there.

so, my point is this  -if Robert, even with his sexy smile and sexy dancing and gorgeous body..  even with his Christian beliefs, and single status,  -devoted father, strong work ethic, great cooking

        -if Robert shared with me that he was a commissioned sales person..

my heart would have retreated immediately.


and if you expressed an interest in (me!) over the past number of years..  and say, tried to impress me with your giant fancy home..

-retreat. ten steps slowly backwards..   now run!

here's why:  I don't want to have to be all uncomfortable and worried all the time about things looking just so.  about a house that needs to be perpetually in magazine cover shoot mode.   it's exhausting.   -these beautiful homes!  and they are beautiful..    see architectural digest magazine:    but, you're never supposed to be able to tell a human has been there..     pristine = I have to be too careful all the time

I prefer comfortable to careful.

If Robert brought me to his architectural digest style home..   I would not look and think, "beautiful!  and he's rich!"   I would think,  "oh no...   I'm exhausted just looking at it.."

so, this is in part,  -how he seduced me, Robert..

by not having a commissioned sales position, but a noble profession; and great work ethic

and by having a comfortable, you can be yourself, relax and enjoy atmosphere in his home..

 I am fascinated by how compatible we are..   Spiritually matched.  Energy matched.  Love of God, life, each other; just like he pointed out..  friends, family, dancing, partying,   -work hard/play hard/pray hard


and now, I am just so, so grateful, Robert is not an alcoholic, and/or a vegetarian.    because "neither am I!"

and, I enjoy wine tasting..   mimosas, beer, a drink or two when I go out dancing..

social drinking is off limits for alcoholics   -the way seafood is off limits for people who are allergic to..

and I have friends who do not drink alcohol when we go out..  it's not a super big deal.  it's just that it is a blessing that we can, and do,  both of us,  enjoy wine tasting, mimosas, beer, etc.   it's something we can do together.


I understand the benefits of vegetarianism..  but I am not one.  I love lunch meats, steaks and bacon.. none of these are restrictions for me..

and none of these are restrictions for Robert..   we both love a sunday brunch that includes a mimosa and blt..   we enjoy them equally and together.

I wouldn't run in the other direction if you told me you were an alcoholic or a vegetarian..

but it would slow my momentum..

and it just feels like an added blessings that Robert and I have these things in common also.

all of this factors in..


where we are currently not a match:  physically.

when he flexes his arms..    my, my, my..

and I just flexed my mine..

and so there is some definite work to be done..     but I have every intention of doing it..

and we are going to do that together also..

my heart and my body belong to Robert.    and I have a feeling i'm gonna be not sleeping with my very personal trainer very soon and very often..

I call it all cross-training; yes I do.

hallelujah and amen!     "Thank You!"  Jesus for my Robert..    xoxo  I love him so   ~tops.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

divine intervention as experienced and read by (me!) sandra, tvgp

Friday, February 02, 2018

sunday mornings. inspired by Robert, written by (me!) ~tops

and then we undress
and then we caress
and then we release every longing

true love in our sex
mutual pleasure the best
our post ecstasy cuddle so calming

Thursday, February 01, 2018

when time/energy allow.. writing topics for (me!) sandra, tvgp

Every Age Aquarius... treasured by (me!) sandra, tvgp

we both have February bdays
and we are 3 years apart
this made it so that, for some of our milestone celebrations
13, 16
18, 21
well, our mom hosted some pretty special parties  "Thank You!"
in this pix,  I'm 18, larry 21
blue dolphin restaurant, san leandro, ca 

now both in our 5th decade..  
In Jesus',  -that is just wild & wonderful-   name    amen!