Saturday, September 30, 2017

NIGHTCLUB DISCLAIMER part II by (me!) sandra, tvgp

and while I was dancing with Robert, I was thinkin' ....

wouldn't it be nice, if there was some...   I don't know...   an obvious code of some kind..  like,

a ring on your left ring finger [at least in theory] indicates you are married;  -it does not however, 100% indicate if you are happily married; or monogamous

but I'm off point already

I was thinkin' ...    /well, I'm not going to share everything I was thinkin'...


wouldn't it be nice, if there was a ring, or a tattoo, or nail polish color...  or a pendant...


a missing eyebrow..

or an earring...

or a necklace...

or a patch!      

anything..  any icon; quick visual, at-a-glace- no-questions-asked kind of tangible, socially identifiable/acceptable thing so I could avoid having to

and the thing is..

you can't even whisper, because the live music is so pumpin'

so, I said a prayer, and I was like...    here it goes..      like it or not

[tap, tap on his... strong, solid, shoulder.  lean toward ear with my mouth]

no nibbling

just, kinda loud and clear

"the whole casual, recreational sex thing...    it's not for me..  I don't do that"

and, of course he didn't hear me the first time

/what man ever does..

and so, closer to his ear this time

no nibbling or softly blowing..

I said, "..if you are in the market for casual sex...   not me."      and then, I opened my hands and gestured toward the larger crowd..   "but there is plenty to choose from here"

and he indicated he heard me..    and accepted my terms.

and so, we danced some more,

and sang together,

"...ain't no party like an entourage party, 'cuz an entourage party don't stop..."


he included me in some larger group photo being taken with and by his friends.   AND

he walked me to my jeep blue see

and he seemed to know, to recognize my decal:

AND  he gave me his telephone number.




besides all the entertaining twists on nursery rhymes I learned from my dad, I learned this

            1 out of every 10 women will say yes  [at barones I think your odds a little better, like 1 out 3 or 5..  or, including 3 or 5...]

also, my dad often mentioned his "3rd date" rule,  which referenced the fact, that there was no woman he ever dated that he couldn't land in bed by the 3rd date.


having successfully communicated my nightclub disclaimer    /disclosure?

I must now successfully communicate my dating disclaimer..


don't you wish...

don't I wish..


if my fingernail polish is    -purple...    that means...


having these conversations is just so awkward.

necessary, but very awkward.


seth was emptying the contents of a small trash container into a larger bag 
and as he did, some torn paper spilled out on the floor
in the cashier's kiosk
where ava and I were working side-by-side

"oh!  a heart!"  I said with a smile
"do you have your phone? take a picture for me"

and the wind took it for a little ride, but she was able to 
find it again and get a picture


to my delight and surprise
TWO heart seen pictures arrived via text
because she spotted another one after she clocked out.

you are doubly~blessed!   xoxo

 what happen here

TSA opened her luggage, and when they re-packaged
everything, they weren't as careful as she was when she
initially packed; and it arrived home broken

"but there's a heart.."  and I pointed to the larger heart
-because I didn't even see the 2nd smaller one
until I posted this write now

but it is an heirloom from her mother
now in heaven

so, isn't that beautiful.

you are loved & blessed; blessed and loved.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

the bible
the secret
the law of attraction
your life is waiting..
finding your own north star

they are spiritual
and secular texts
that provide the same primary message about thoughts & feelings

Nightclub Disclaimer -by (me!) sandra, tvgp

let me start by sayin' I'm not even sure that's the write word..  it sounds write: disclaimer.   but anyway..

dear perfectly handsome, nice to talk to and dance with person I met last week at barones.

may I spare you the guessing game:

casual and/or recreational sex:     no.      you will get none from (me!).     if that is your desire..   there are plenty of other women in that same market..

my dad always said, 1 women out of every 10, will say yes..  

and we could all clearly see the behavior of the two women who appeared to be auditioning for a soft porn movie on the sidewalk outside the club after it closed..


my point:

God does not give as the world gives.   and God gave (me!) a most rare.. ultra rare! one of a kind, wonderful human being and dance partner who

never hits on me; never acts inappropriately.  never makes me feel obligated.  is married; respects his vows.   but loves to dance as much as I do; maybe more..

a platonic friend dance partner who allows me to have a great time, without ever having to negotiate the meat-market aspect of the nightclub scene

and as a result..   I get to focus on the awesome bands, the live music, the beautiful outdoor environment, the dancing!   the friends..

and it is the happiest, most fun and awesome night of the week for me, may - October.


am I not the luckiest, most blessed single woman~mom in the whole world?    to have a male dance partner friend who loves to dance, never makes me feel obligated..     just have a great time, and go our separate ways

and this spares me from having to mislead anyone, or provide disclaimer

and spares him from having false expectations projected on him by any other women he asks to dance..    and spares his wife from any concern that another woman is undermining her..

it is my definition of a miracle; huge blessing!  HUGE!

and, so..  but usually Motown leaves early,

and there was mary & I, still dancin' up a storm..   closed the place down, and just before it did close a gentleman came and danced with me..

handsome.  great dancer.

and then we all went to the bar inside, after the outdoor closed, and band left..

and talked..

for a bit.

and, he inquired if I would be back this Thursday.. as in  -tonight.

and mary explained to him, Motown was married..

and, she was explaining the dynamics..

but now,

lets say he is there again tonight, and our conversation picks up where it left off..

at what point?

like, how..

honest to God, should I just have it put on the back of my t-shirt:

not in the market for casual/recreational sex.

-because there is an awful lot of guessing...   potential mixed messages...

wrong projecting, false hope..    expectation.

   -see, the very second a different male..    who I do not know...

and who does not know (me!),


it always serves to remind me..   just how blessed..

you are my miracle Motown!   in a nightclub world full of...  

we get to be in it, without being of it.

we get to

   ~just dance.

hallelujah!  & amen!


on this same topic..

rick cahall surprise visited me recently, and took me out to dinner..

I know him well enough to say it playfully, but straight up:

   "this dinner doesn't buy you any...  no sex."

and I told him, he'll probably go down in my own personal history books as the last person I ever had sex with..


he tried to talk about how..

how, when you get older, things change..    and he told a couple funny stories about senior citizens and sex..

and I just smiled and laughed, but I thought to myself..

the answer is still the same:  no

check back at 61..   no.

but wonderful to see you!   "thank you!"    

and I did explain how I learned that about myself..

how I learned casual sex is never worth the aftermath for me personally..

I cant just hop in and out, with other people who just hop in and out...

and now that I apply what I learned..  -about myself  /quite apparently doesn't apply to everyone.

I am a much happier, much more at peace, healthier, more confident and creatively productive human being.

"Thank You!" Jesus..     amen

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

645 Bancroft Ave. San Leandro, CA

pleasant surprise, this lovely, casual coffee house..  got in a 3 hour visit with sue-sue... and we've decided to do a coffee house tour..great idea sue-sue! I'm in!  Love you! "Cheers!" & amen xoxo

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

netflix original pick of the week.. from (me!) sandra, tvgp

Monday, September 25, 2017

SHE SAYS WITH A SMILE... (me!) sandra, tvgp

 -if i got paid for dreaming big or power napping, i'd be rich.  i'm very good at these things.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Public "Thank You!" to (kari lizer!) -from (me!) sandra, tvgp

it remains the hardest and longest I have ever laughed.   -and,  -ive heard reports that laughter is a social thing,  -that people will laugh more in the company of other people

but I was alone watching tv

and I doubled over, fell off my daybed..

curled up on the floor, laughing so hard, tears..

   -no one could have played the scene better; no one.

Julia louis dreyfus, as the old Christine,   in what I am identifying as the 'unsend' scene,   -where she chases the cord in a panic to the outlet in the wall and yanks it unplugged in a desperate effort to unsend an email..

and then,    the scene where she describes to her son's teacher about what her son found in the drawer ..       "... for my neck pain..."


and when I need to instantly transport my mind, mood and attitude..  I pull these scenes up in my imagination.   so, "thank you!"


In I even heard Jesus' laughing's name...     amen!

sometimes it's slobbery
sometimes it stinks;


Saturday, September 23, 2017

"...unless you know what it means..." smiles (me!) sandra, tvgp

customer:    is that a real tattoo on your face

(me!):    yes, it's real..

customer:   what does it mean?

(me!):   conquer the world with kindness

customer:  [moving closer toward me for a better look...]

(me!):   unless you know what it means....?....

customer:   [gestures he doesn't know]   no..

(me!):   okay then, yes..  it means conquer the world with kindness then..

customer: in what..   

(me!)  japanese calligraphy

customer's girlfriend or wife:   "conquer the world with kindness..    I like that..

(me!):   "thank you!"


and that takes courage now doesn't it....           big smile.

Friday, September 22, 2017

"..Mary Re is in the spot tonight.. music under the stars (barones!)

I sing it like this:

Let's get it crunk, we gonna' have fun
Up on in this dancery
We got ya open, now ya floatin'
So you gots to dance for (me!)
Don't need no hateration, holleratin'
In this dancery
Let's get it percolatin', while you're waiting
So just dance for (me!)

Come on everybody get on up
Cause you know we gots to get it crunk
"Mary Re is in the spot tonight!"
As I'mma make it feel alright (Make it feel alright)
Come on baby just party with (me!)
Let loose and set your body free
Leave your situations at the door
So when you step inside jump on the floor


It's only gonna be about a matter of time
Before you get loose and start loose your mind
Cop you a drink, go head and rock your ice
Cause we celebrating No More Drama in our life
With a great track pumpin', everybody's jumpin'
Going ahead and twist your back and get your body bumpin'
I told you leave your situations at the door
So grab somebody and get your ass on the dance floor

We don't need, don't need, no haters
Just try to love one another
We just want y'all have a good time
No more drama in your life
Work real hard to make a dime
If you got beef, your problem, not mine
Leave all that BS outside
We're gonna celebrate all night
Let's have fun, tonight, no fights
Turn the Dre track way up high
Making you dance all night and I
Got some real heat for ya this time
Doesn't matter if you're white or black

Let's get crunk cause Mary's back!!

on a broken plate; my memory served... (me!) sandra, tvgp

to the accuracy I cannot speak.  but to the memory, as it presents itself to me

well, it goes just like this:

I'm guessing I was 14..  give or take, and had learned the art of crank calling people from my older brother    /a bart simpson of his time

with great certainty I can tell you:  on my own, without learning it..  without having someone else show me how..   I would have never came up with the idea.. or initiated crank calling on my own.  I did not have that kind of an imagination..

and i'm sidetracked here to wonder:   who made the very first crank call in history?  and what

oh, my goodness...   I'm mean prank, don't I..  prank call.

okay.. so, who made the very first one, and what did they say?     I remember my brother having me pick a telephone number out of the phone book   [CH: the jerk/steve martin]

and, go, like

"is dave there?"      and person would say, "no dave lives here"  or "you have the wrong number.."

but I would call the same number again,

"can I talk to dave?"     -same response.

and continue a couple times repeat calling, and then about the fifth or sixth time, my brother would coach me:

"now call one more time, and say..   Hi.  This is Dave.   Has anyone called for me?"

    -and, we thought this was absolutely HILARIOUS....

and, just about every prank call I heard bart simpson do on that TV Comedy...  I was already familiar with thank you to my brother.


but, from the broken dish my memory is served on...    in the particular case of this memory

of this WILD memory,  -where a series of prank calls resulted in a friendship that has spanned several decades..

in this case, my brother was not there.  

in my memory, it was just the girls..     me n' sue~sue for sure..  and maybe one or two others, but

rather than being witty, or funny, or silly

us girls..   under the oceanic influence of mass media from which we all almost drown..

we were predictably,   -well, the adolescent version of seductive..     when you know the what, but not really the why or how

and we decided to pick numbers randomly out of the phone book, and try to sound like a potential mistress to upset the wives..


we tried to put on a sexy voice, and say like, "is Mr Davis there...?"     and this only really worked if a woman answered, and then we would try to go like,

"will you tell him i'll see him again on...      Friday.."   /all sexy, and try and make the Mrs. suspicious.

-of this, I am not proud.   but I do remember...

and what you learn as you get older, is that, to a 14 year old,   -in our minds, we really sounded older..

like 20!

or, 25!     like, a real, genuine potential threat...

but to anyone who IS 25 or older, a 14 year old trying to sound 20, sounds exactly like a 14 year old trying to sound 20:  it is so blatantly obvious.

and that was the advantage the person had who answered the phone we next prank called.  to my memory it went something like this:

".... yes, is Mr Souza there...    "  /all breathy~sexy

"... senior or junior?..."

[grasp at phone to cover speaker..  look at sue-sue in a panic..    senior or junior?   there is a senior AND A JUNIOR...    what do I say?"

".. senior!"    in a loud whisper..

"... Mr Souza senior please..."       /in blatant 14 year old trying to sound 20+ voice; highly questionable, entirely entertaining

"well,   Mr Souza senior is not here..  this is Junior...     I can pass a message on.."


and, now,   -if eddie's family does not have a senior/junior with matching names,  -this whole memory goes to trash..    but this IS how I remember it


and, then..   the way a 20 something year old, can detect 14/15 year old teenagers trying to make prank calls   -the junior on the phone, engaged us in a longer conversation for his personal entertainment

I have some memory of saying my name was  -tina.    and when asked my last name, I said,

entirely unrehearsed and unprepared "curshner."       I knew it phonetically, had heard it somewhere..   and that's what popped out,  'tina curshner.'

but then, the junior male person on the phone, who knows he is speaking to teenage girls who really have no idea what they are doing..  he goes,

"how do you spell that?"

                 -I had no idea how to spell the last name I just made up...


long silence.    looked at sue-sue.  covered the speaker.   how do you spell curshner?

and so,

I think I spelled it that way, but with the tone of a question mark in my very breathy seductive voice as I pronounced the letters..

             c?...    u?...     r?       shhhhh...         n.e.r.

and then,

junior with all the advantage of knowing..    he goes, like..

"that's different.    -the famous music producer don kirshner spells it with a K..   K.I.R.S.H.N.E.R."

and, after the next long silent pause, that lasted several years..     I go,



and, then according to my own personal memory..   we chit-chatted for a while..   sue-sue got on the phone, I got on the phone, and we learned not only was there a senior and junior.. but even more brothers..

we hit the jackpot!

and then we learned they lived not too far away...

and at some point,  -when the gig was up..     and we got honest about who we were and what we were doing

we adventured to go visit them and meet in person..   and there was a son, our age... sue-sue's age.. I was couple years younger..

and then we actually became friends, and met for coffee at denny's..   and went bowling together..  us, and eddie souza (sousa?)    -the youngest of 4 brothers (?)

and we stayed friends for a long while in our youth..   and life sent us ultimately in opposite directions, and we lost contact..

but, for sue-sue and eddie..

the friendship picked back up..     remained...

and exists to this very day.    


and I know sue-sue does not share this memory in common with me..    but, she wanted me to share mine

how we met eddie sousa.


with love, laughter, fond memories..      xoxox

~being 14.


and spiritually speaking..  I think the wisest men on the planet today; the oldest and wisest:  still adolescents in God's knowing eyes.    amen.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cerebral Hyperlink Overload.. for (me!) sandra, tvgp

in the course of one working day..   too many to count.   I will 'click open' three:

The peanut butter story

because I had cause to clean up a bunch of ants yesterday.   -and there was some liquid ant bait, but, I wanted the job done a little quicker so I packaged taped them; to death! I am a fan of adhesive solutions.

and then,

and then, as I was walking past josh, for the 3rd or 4th time, I said in passing, "think I might invest in some of those roller shoes..."

and then he mentioned working at this other nursery, where he did a lot of walking from one side of the nursery to the other, and he said, "I used to call it the GREEN MILE...   "


having just been to see beach blanket Babylon..    any song that played on the radio in the cashier kiosk  that was a part of the show..    -so, all new cerebral hyperlinks; songs I had heard prior..  but usurped by the entertaining, humorous, performances; iconic costumes...

putin on the ritz...    -a new permanent visual image established.

more later..

in loving Jesus with all my heart, my soul.. and my mind's  name..  amen!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

lucky & blessed are synonyms -believes (me!) sandra, tvgp

you have probably heard, 'luck is when opportunity meets preparation'  or something close to that.  but i believe,

lucky and blessed are synonyms; secular & spiritual interpretations; vocabulary.

how lucky we are to be blessed!  how blessed to be lucky...


let us experiment:

lucky are those who are poor and realize their need for Him; the Kingdom of heaven is theirs.

lucky are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

lucky are those who are humble; they will inherit the earth..

lucky are those who hunger and thirst for justice; they will be satisfied.

lucky are those who are merciful; for they will be shown mercy

lucky are those whose hearts are pure; they will see God

lucky are those who work for peace; they will be called Children of God

lucky are those who are persecuted for doing write..   the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs..


and, amen,

amen & hallelujah are spiritual synonyms for the secular,   that's write! didn't I tell you!

thank you, ~ totally organized universe that just popped into existence without a creator...  -for the series of random, but unpurposed events that lead eventually to that good thing that just happened...

and/or    who wants to second that..

with love & healing prayers for london -from (me!) sandra, tvgp

Sunday, September 17, 2017

someone get oprah on the phone for (me!) sandra, tvgp

the customer brought up a token gift for a friend to the register, and with concern in her expression, and tone, she said,

she said, to (me!)    -sandra, tvgp..

"live. love. laugh...    do you think that is too,  religious?  over religious-ee?"

so, I said with a smile,

I said,

"heavens no!   those are spiritual laws..    they apply to all of humanity  -it doesn't matter what faith system or religion..   no religion has the monopoly on love..  or laughter..

just like the way physical laws apply to all of humanity, no matter what age..  no matter what you believe..

that's true of spiritual laws as well.    everyone!  any age, ..  any nationality...    any religion, or even no religion at all!  

love.   live love laugh..   no worries, that would be a great gift even for an atheist or agnostic..

great gift!"


and perhaps she was just asking a yes or no question,  but after she bought the gift, I thought to myself,

I really need to talk to oprah, and be on one of those super soul sunday shows, so I can set the record straight.


in Jesus holy name..     amen! & amen!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

he never spoke a word. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I was home~schooled:    and the cat, who did not even speak one word of English, trained me to interpret his gestures and expressions in under three days.  

what the cat did
what the cat nonverbally communicated
how I responded


strut toward my bedroom
"window time write now"
here let me get the door for you...

jumped on my bed
"... the blinds..."
quickly i turn the wand to open the blinds

stare at me
quickly pull the cord so blinds go up

jump on window ledge, glance at pull cord then at me
"that damn thing. it annoys me"
immediately tuck the cord out of his way

look directly at me for one second and then out the window
"that will be all"
"may I be dismissed now, sir..." 


and it is true.  I am allergic.  but that doesn't stop (me!) from eskimo kissin'; and that doesn't stop me from pet~sittin.

and speaking of pet-sittin'

I have dog only, multiple dog, multiple cat, and dog & cat sat for a few friends over the past couple years and...

in one home, due to a sibling rivalry, the cats needed to be in separate rooms.   -and so in separate rooms I kept them.  I brought one out at a time, to exercise and play..   feed, etc.     and, it seem to me the cat was pretty quick to figure out that when I teased it with a certain string toy...  it was ultimately going to end up in the room with the door shut.

the cat did not want to be shut in the room; it wanted run of the house, at all times.


even though the cat had learned, after my first few successes, that if it chased the toy into the room, I would shut the door..

 even though the cat began to demonstrate a reluctance by not getting too near the door anymore...  

eventually...  her reluctance to go inside the room, lost against her stronger instinct to chase the toy.

so, my patience grew...

because I had learned also..   that



and in my most recent cat~sitting adventure..     the backdoor was open for the dog, and, but..   the indoor only cat, got out.


searched the backyard   -nothing.

what feels like a bolt of intuition hits me..    I quickly open the front door.    there is the cat, on the fence.

if I go to grab.. it will flee.

I tease it with a string that is on the ground...

it looks enticed. I'm optimistic.   I wiggle the string...

when I look up again..

there is a second cat on the fence, that looks IDENTICAL to the one I am pet-sitting..


I have no idea which is which..

I try to entice them both off the fence, and in the house..  

if it worked, I was going to take pictures, send to owner, and figure out "which is yours?"

I wiggle the string..

when I look up again..   the identical twin cats dash down the fence and out of my visual field.

I call the owner, and try to mask my concern...  

"There are TWO!  I don't even know which one is yours...  this is terrible.. I'm so sorry... and they ran..   I don't know what to do?!  what do you want me to do?"

and the owner said, I don't think, even if the door was open...  my cat would not go outside... look under the bed.. with a flashlight if you need one...  he is a good hider...

and sure enough..

the TRIPLET..     runs out from his hiding place under the bed.

I was suddenly so glad about being unsuccessful with the TWINS on the fence


if you ask me to...

pet sit.

I will.

but, i'm like,  Dear Jesus..      will you help me sell some of my art please...



"... if i'm well, you can tell they've been with me now...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Thank You!" Ava ~great recommendation! in downtown san leandro /we name dropped..

how to heal from cataract surgery:  shopping/eating; repeat.


fun greek related cerebral hyperlinks from me n' my mom..   
coming soon..

The Heart Seen.. & Memories Shared by (mary [gerace] re!)

   we both grew up on Peterman ave in Hayward    -went to the same schools    /that is,  when I went to school...

she was a dear friend to me..    my brother was her 1st boyfriend..      and, my family, my parents, my sister, my brother..   we all cherish her still; love her!     mary re

ive had the great honor of staying in touch..   watching her baby girls grow into amazing young women..    attending her wedding to jon...     occasionally visiting over the years..

and three years ago, we had a goodbye party at barones, music under the stars, when she moved to texas,

this heart seen contribution is from her; from that very night

     -and, another of her heart seen contributions, was the very most beloved when the exhibit was at the alameda county fair:

  it is of her dog (RIP) riley.. who happened across an ant hill; scratched his nose raw...       but what a heart seen in the healing!  xoxo

 I am so very happy to share..     SHE'S BACK! from Texas,  [having escaped the flooding, with their former house still standing, and providing shelter for friend victims of the flood]

and,  we have so many memories..     I'm not sure where to even start..

but I've invited her as a guest blogger, and her response, which made me laugh out loud:

Sure!  Do I have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth??

      and my response to that, is:      Please Do!

  -one of my strong memories   -quite entertaining, possibly humiliating if videos exist..

taking turns dance~charading and lip syncing to Queen album   -bohemian rhapsody

    you, me, sue-sue, Debbie (?)

are you mary, as grateful as I am, that cell phones with video capability/instragram/social media/facebook did not exist when we were teenagers?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The most important thing she said (jacquie williams courtright!) as heard by (me!) sandra, tvgp

so, at our meeting [and in our employee newsletter] Jacquie reminded everyone

"use your senses not your schedule."

and what she was referencing/referring to, was plants.    -she was explaining, that some people continued to employ their plant watering  -schedules-   even when we just experienced the extreme heat wave we did..     temperatures in Livermore, for example reached 115 degrees.   -ultra hot.

of course plants,  -just like people,  require more water when temperatures are that high.

   -it seems like common sense to me, but, I do realize...

I do realize, I, like many other people...  sometimes we stick to schedules/regimes/habits of behavior; 'what we've heard'  or 'what so n so said'  over using our own common, or 5, or 6th sense..

but it reminded me...

how my children reached a point where they would roll their eyes, and in an annoyed tone,

   -before I could finish the sentence, they would go, like

"I know, I know...  listen to my body."

and I repeated that very often throughout their childhoods exactly because I was seeing the same thing with people, as Jacquie sees with people and their plants..

my life experience has revealed it is VITAL to ignore schedules; and CRUCIAL to use your senses when it comes to your own health and well being

so, it may be said,   you need 8 hours sleep every night.     -but, I'm here to tell you, that that is only true for a % of humans..

some people need more; some less..   AND!  it varies with your age, the season, geography, etc.    so what you really need to do, is PAY ATTENTION, to how well you feel, perform, etc. based on how many hours sleep you get...     experiment!  and listen to your own, unique body..    PAY MORE ATTENTION to you, than to what you've been told is the  -write- thing to do

same with food, same with exercise, same with calories, same with recreation, same with quiet time, same with solitude vs. social..

USE YOUR SENSES!   LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!   don't use a schedule, or paragraph written by an 'expert'  or a brief news report, or a commercial..   etc.

I want to pause and "Thank You!" Jesus here,   -because, for over a decade, I have had no need for a doctor visit, or emergency dentist visit, or psychiatry visit

I have maintained essentially the same weight,  remained essentially the same size,

I have energy, creativity, verve, joy, peace, patience..      an appetite for life; energy for work; enthusiasm for time off to play..    good relationships with friends, family..

      grateful for daily blessings..    -daily.

and I credit my health, happiness to Jesus, first and foremost, and then next..

to exactly what Jacquie described; prescribes:

I use my senses.  I pay attention to my senses; not schedules.  I listen to my body, not experts with cookie cutter advice.  I don't step on a scale, I don't count calories..

I listen to my body    -when its hungry; eat.   when it's not; don't.    -that is revolutionary for many people.    thirsty; drink..     not; don't.       and I drink, lots of water..    each day, without counting whether its 8 glasses..     and I pray, lots throughout the day, without keeping track of how often; how long..

I use my senses.   I listen to my body.

tired; sleep.   energy; create..    I do not live according to a clock   -I live according to my senses..  intuitively;   honoring what my body tells me;.... not 'experts' or friends, or family.. or someone else does; or insists on..

we are all unique individuals..

I know my sleep, rest, water needs may be different from yours.   So nor am I going to advocate/dictate that what works for me, will work for you...

I know for example..    because MY BODY TELLS ME...     that just prior to starting my period, I need more sleep and more food; with great consistency..  I hear this, with my senses, I listen, I honor by providing myself with more sleep and food during that time..      -and with great consistency; those appetites subside after my period ends.   and I hear, listen, and honor that too.

if we listen; pay attention; notice.. use common sense, and tune in...

our bodies communicate with us, our needs, just as plants communicate to gardeners..

I need water..

I need more sun..

I need shade..

this soil; not that soil..

near that plant; but not that one..


more space..

smaller pot...

whatever the need/requirements might be

   -there is an ongoing message and opportunity to communicate when you learn to observe and pay attention..   and take note of external changes in temperature; environment, circumstances etc.

and the language is very clear

and the results speak for themselves...

happy, thriving, producing    vs.   slouched, losing color.. stagnant

so, at least for me..  based on my life, and my life experiences:   I do not use books, or tv experts or magazines to dictate to me how much of this, how little of that..  yes to this/no to that..

I listen to my own body and honor what it tells me.    and for over a decade, longer, in some areas..  shorter in others

- the result, is that I am a happy, healthy, creative, loving, caring, enthused about life, relationships,  -with an ability to directly address, process, and prayerfully work through the ongoing challenges intrinsic in life.

it is the upshot for gardeners when it comes to watering plants

it is the upshot for humans when it comes to health & wellbeing: what/how much to eat; sleep; drink; rest; play...



amen & amen!


and these bible passages come to mind,  -because in each, Jesus healed on the Sabbath:
  Matthew 12:10; Mark 3:2, John 9:14-16

Sabbath = Schedule
Senses = Well Being

and I do remember, not the date or time, but I remember my internal reaction the first time I read John 9..

are you kidding me?!?   were there really people who witnessed the miracle  -a blind person having their sight restored..

a blind person can now see!!     and were there really people who ignored that miracle in favor of complaining that it took place on the Sabbath?

they focused on what day, not what happened?!?

one of many very sad stories about pharisses in the bible


and then, this schedule vs spirit..   schedule vs. senses..

robin williams voice...  surfaced in my mind..    I could hear bits n pieces of the beautiful scene in good will hunting on the park bench..   the beautiful monologue

because the term visiting hours don't apply to you

Monday, September 11, 2017

Who said 'Steve Martin?' cerebral hyperlinks for (me!) sandra, tvgp

on my charlie rose


visit to ricks picks


things will even out
                  steve martin/jack handey?


self portrait poem:

i am rudy. pistol pete.
but mostly fisher king
i am maya, pi & braddock
a giant redwood tree.
i am million dollar baby
but parry through and through
i am mother goose and gilbert
a me of many you's.
stella luna, owen meany
every child in silence screaming
i am every poet ever born
awake, but always dreaming.
i'm eleanor
i'm roosevelt
i'm jefferson on tuesday
rogers in a gypsy skirt
love everyone that moves me.
i'm seabiscuit
the shop girl
charlie rose
and sunday morning
i'm every artist ever born
creating without warning.
i'm every woman ever born
i'm blessed. i'm loved. i'm cursed.
but i am mostly fisher king;
here to quench your thirst.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Heart Seen... by (spike!) & (squidmann!)

Large paint chip from our fence, photographed by Spike!

with love & healing prayers for mexico -from (me!) sandra, tvgp

              with love & healing prayers for florida

ongoing forms of prayer...   by (me!) sandra, tvgp