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Mountain Charley's Los Gatos

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Hard to Shock; Easy to Awe; Best Typo Ever... (me!) sandra, tvgp

zero shock factor:  as if it happened everyday..   I went to open the door to the local UPS store to ship some Christmas packages.  Turns out it was closed.  Wouldn't open for another hour or so.  But the thing is, I had to step over a sleeping homeless man to get to the door, and then again to get back to my car.


very high awe factor:  -because I can stand and stare in awe and curiosity for very long periods of time at seeds.   like, if you lined these up on a piece of paper..  one of each kind..   these tiny, tiny, seeds..   barely distinguishable from each other by the human naked eye..    but then to know, by the picture on the package, what they become...  which flower(s), which color, what size...

how life instructions -very specific instructions- can be so small and well disguised; and then...  how anything living exists at all...                       /oh no..  

/and i'm not the fastest worker in the book section either..


Best Typo Ever!

Spiritual Hangnails for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

spiritual hangnail = minor annoyance; which fades to neutral and disappears

for sometimes a very long while, but then..

I borrow the term from joyce meyer, who is the first/only person ive heard use the expression

but it is perfectly fitting

because during pre-inventory work  -I was alone in this particular area of the store
and there was no one to show.. and even if someone was there.. they would have to know
the whole too long story to appreciate what I had to say

but lets say there was someone to show;
and lets say they knew the relevant history; it would not have to be explained

in that case, 

I would have thrown this plastic saucer at them with a hint of aggressiveness

"see that?!?"

and they would know I was referring to the U.S. Patent # embossed in the product itself.

and together we would say, 

"plastic.   saucer."

and we would both just know...

"what a joke."

and then keep write on working, until that person threw something at me with a patent #

"cork.  board."



this isn't very Christmas of (me!), but..

by the time you reach 50+...

I just ache inside..    ache for anything, anyone to be legitimate

I could start a long list..

jury duty; joke..
patents; joke..

but I stop myself

The Heart Seen... recent contributions

the heart seen by (squidmann!)

per email:  

Look! A piece of onion peel has fallen to the floor!


  was its peelings hurt?    /she says with a smile



Friday, December 14, 2018

End of the road world tour (kiss!)

Thursday, December 13, 2018

CH = LOVE & SUFFERING for (me!) sandra, tvgp

CH = love & suffering

End of Year Stats for (me!) sandra, tvgp

... m a n u a l ty p e ... affectionately remembered by (me!) sandra, tvgp

CH = manual typewriter

The Heart Seen.. recent contributions "Thank You!"

per squidmann's email:   so i'm driving along a back road in pescadero..


and i spied a heart seen at kaiser, santa clara and another one in the parking lot at alden lane


CH = for (me!) sandra, tvgp


How Lucky... to (me!) sandra, tvgp

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Spiritual sweet spot: rest of God as experienced by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Sits between, somewhere between:

Being consumed by fear and/or worry for issues out of our control; on one extreme side

And total apathy/indifference and/or avoidance; the other extreme side

The rest of God..   a peace beyond human understanding

I personally know it.. and refer to it here as the spiritual sweet spot

I am not consumed by fear or worry but nor am I apathetic.

I am compassionate; caring, with an understanding of my position as one human being, connected to God, lead by the holy spirit, with trust in Jesus.

I live with an acceptance/understanding of human suffering and deep gratitude for life and love and the healing powers of God.

AND I am more grateful to God for my inner peace than I could ever be for any material thing.    It remains my compass.

THANK YOU JESUS!  Prince of Peace, mighty counselor  -amen.

***   and on the next page, 2038: 

Regarding forgiving those who have wronged (me!) -not slight them, do not avoid them, or seek to pay them back for the harm they have done me..

I personally call that "being able to take a punch"     this, for me, has to do with knowing someone wants to offend, or create an insecurity in me, disrupt my peace 

Sometimes I am aware it is being done consciously and I can discern when it is being done accidentally/unintentionally.. but the potential to be hurt/offended/insecure still exists..    in silent prayer.. it is my practice

"take the punch. do not respond. forgive. move forward."

I am free from any/all concern that I myself might -intentionally- offend or hurt anyone

It is just not in my heart at all to do so.

But I can, do, have and will continue to accidentally/unintentionally offend or hurt 

unaware of the multitude of sensitivities people carry in their hearts and minds

Some justifiable; others not, but sensitivities all the same.

In this case I have learned to forgive myself and am pleased to be forgiven by the person/people I've offended/hurt; but my peace is not reliant on human forgiveness.

I know my own heart and trust God for understanding/forgiveness.

In my daily prayers though.. I recall specifics if specifics have occurred

And put all of this under the 'trespass' category:

...forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me..

/and.. let no weapon formed against me prevail.. all weapons used against me will be used by God to promote me..

.. Spiritual path updates..   amen.

Monday, December 10, 2018

2018 Christmas Brunch & Cookie Exchange Party hosted by my mom (sharon!)







"Thank You Jesus! Mom! Family! Friends!"   -amen

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"PTP" Christmas Party by (mickanen! & diaz!)


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The Heart Seen by (keeshie!)