Thursday, December 20, 2018

Hard to Shock; Easy to Awe; Best Typo Ever... (me!) sandra, tvgp

zero shock factor:  as if it happened everyday..   I went to open the door to the local UPS store to ship some Christmas packages.  Turns out it was closed.  Wouldn't open for another hour or so.  But the thing is, I had to step over a sleeping homeless man to get to the door, and then again to get back to my car.


very high awe factor:  -because I can stand and stare in awe and curiosity for very long periods of time at seeds.   like, if you lined these up on a piece of paper..  one of each kind..   these tiny, tiny, seeds..   barely distinguishable from each other by the human naked eye..    but then to know, by the picture on the package, what they become...  which flower(s), which color, what size...

how life instructions -very specific instructions- can be so small and well disguised; and then...  how anything living exists at all...                       /oh no..  

/and i'm not the fastest worker in the book section either..


Best Typo Ever!


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