Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Spiritual sweet spot: rest of God as experienced by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Sits between, somewhere between:

Being consumed by fear and/or worry for issues out of our control; on one extreme side

And total apathy/indifference and/or avoidance; the other extreme side

The rest of God..   a peace beyond human understanding

I personally know it.. and refer to it here as the spiritual sweet spot

I am not consumed by fear or worry but nor am I apathetic.

I am compassionate; caring, with an understanding of my position as one human being, connected to God, lead by the holy spirit, with trust in Jesus.

I live with an acceptance/understanding of human suffering and deep gratitude for life and love and the healing powers of God.

AND I am more grateful to God for my inner peace than I could ever be for any material thing.    It remains my compass.

THANK YOU JESUS!  Prince of Peace, mighty counselor  -amen.

***   and on the next page, 2038: 

Regarding forgiving those who have wronged (me!) -not slight them, do not avoid them, or seek to pay them back for the harm they have done me..

I personally call that "being able to take a punch"     this, for me, has to do with knowing someone wants to offend, or create an insecurity in me, disrupt my peace 

Sometimes I am aware it is being done consciously and I can discern when it is being done accidentally/unintentionally.. but the potential to be hurt/offended/insecure still exists..    in silent prayer.. it is my practice

"take the punch. do not respond. forgive. move forward."

I am free from any/all concern that I myself might -intentionally- offend or hurt anyone

It is just not in my heart at all to do so.

But I can, do, have and will continue to accidentally/unintentionally offend or hurt 

unaware of the multitude of sensitivities people carry in their hearts and minds

Some justifiable; others not, but sensitivities all the same.

In this case I have learned to forgive myself and am pleased to be forgiven by the person/people I've offended/hurt; but my peace is not reliant on human forgiveness.

I know my own heart and trust God for understanding/forgiveness.

In my daily prayers though.. I recall specifics if specifics have occurred

And put all of this under the 'trespass' category:

...forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me..

/and.. let no weapon formed against me prevail.. all weapons used against me will be used by God to promote me..

.. Spiritual path updates..   amen.


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