Friday, November 30, 2018

GREAT FINDS! in san jose.. for (sexy! & tops!)

as I've mentioned once or three hundred times..  I have moved several times..   over 30.  but most of those moves  (all?) have been within alameda county:  hayward, san leandro, san lorenzo, pleasanton.  and the most i remember of san jose

but now!  honey...

first God introduced me to the write man..  the one; the only one.. who could inspire me to drive back n' forth to san jose over and over again...  livin' like a flight attendant out of suitcases, until..

skip, dance, twirl, fast forward:

I live here.  santa clara county    -never saw this comin'

but..   since i'm here, I have it in my heart to explore san jose..    check it out.  what does it have to offer.?  what can I possibly contribute?  and my sexy is guilty of what lots of people are guilty of:
    -seeing his own city as too familiar, and consistently heading for the somewhere elses; only to learn he isn't as familiar with his own city as he might have thought

case in point, or i.e., as the scholars like to say, or with a smile I will just say

"CHECK THIS OUT!"  this jewel of a restaurant/bar/live music hang out is like...  within 20 minutes of where we live and he had never been there before.     /of course, i'm grateful i'm not the 18th date he's taken there..  and that we got to both enjoy it for the first time together.    "ENCORE!"

Poor House Bistro   AKA:  PHB

   -seriously-    jambalaya; gumbo; red beans and rice; corn bread that tastes like birthday cake..

food standouts for my sexy:  "i'd go back for a big bowl of that gumbo and some corn bread"

then..    DUE SEASON experience again!   VIP seats..   front row..   to AC Myles live performance

   -master level!       i'd like to file this under nights I wish would never end

"Thank You! Jesus!"


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