Friday, November 30, 2018

CH = Self portrait poem by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

while doing some pre~inventory work, I came across stellaluna; and re-read the whole thing.
what a treasure.   it CH's to my self portrait poem.  but I want to re-visit now, how it is I came to write a self portrait poem in the first place:

it was during a stretch of time I was blogging actively, and had a blog friend that went by the name madabandon.  he is a musician, composer, photographer, painter  -amazing artist with a variety of skills at the master level.   among his archives, several 'self portraits'  -all painted.  and I thought about how common that is..  for painters and/or photographer artists to include self portraits in their portfolios.   you can probably pull up a variety in your minds eye write now..  famous self portraits.

but I am not a 'painter'.   I am an artist though..   I express with words..
and I posed the question and challenge to myself:

create a self portrait with words.

this is the result:

self portrait poem:

i am rudy. pistol pete.
but mostly fisher king
i am maya, pi & braddock
a giant redwood tree.
i am million dollar baby
but parry through and through
i am mother goose and gilbert
a me of many you's.
stella luna, owen meany
every child in silence screaming
i am every poet ever born
awake, but always dreaming.
i'm eleanor
i'm roosevelt
i'm jefferson on tuesday
rogers in a gypsy skirt
love everyone that moves me.
i'm seabiscuit
the shop girl
charlie rose
and sunday morning
i'm every artist ever born
creating without warning.
i'm every woman ever born
i'm blessed. i'm loved. i'm cursed.
but i am mostly fisher king;
here to quench your thirst.



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