Thursday, December 20, 2018

Spiritual Hangnails for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

spiritual hangnail = minor annoyance; which fades to neutral and disappears

for sometimes a very long while, but then..

I borrow the term from joyce meyer, who is the first/only person ive heard use the expression

but it is perfectly fitting

because during pre-inventory work  -I was alone in this particular area of the store
and there was no one to show.. and even if someone was there.. they would have to know
the whole too long story to appreciate what I had to say

but lets say there was someone to show;
and lets say they knew the relevant history; it would not have to be explained

in that case, 

I would have thrown this plastic saucer at them with a hint of aggressiveness

"see that?!?"

and they would know I was referring to the U.S. Patent # embossed in the product itself.

and together we would say, 

"plastic.   saucer."

and we would both just know...

"what a joke."

and then keep write on working, until that person threw something at me with a patent #

"cork.  board."



this isn't very Christmas of (me!), but..

by the time you reach 50+...

I just ache inside..    ache for anything, anyone to be legitimate

I could start a long list..

jury duty; joke..
patents; joke..

but I stop myself


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