Sunday, March 29, 2020

Synchin' with Stevie Wonder (sexy! & tops!)

As around the sun the earth knows she's revolving, and the rosebuds know to bloom in early May
Just as hate knows love's the cure, You can rest your mind assure, That I'll be loving you always.

As now can't reveal the mystery of tomorrow,  But in passing will grow older every day
Just as all that's born is new, Do know what I say is true, That I'll be loving you always.

until the rainbow burns the stars out in the sky    ~ALWAYS
until the ocean covers every mountain high   ~ALWAYS
until the dolphin flies and parrots live at sea  ~ALWAYS
until we dream of life and life becomes a dream  ~ALWAYS

Did you know that true love asks for nothing? Her acceptance is the way we pay
Did you know that life has given love a guarantee? To last through forever and another day

Just as time knew to move on since the beginning, And the seasons know exactly when to change
Just as kindness knows no shame, Know through all your joy and pain, That I'll be loving you always.

As today I know I'm living but tomorrow, could make me the past but that I musn't fear
For I'll know deep in my mind, The love of me I've left behind, 'Cause I'll be loving you always.

until the day is night and night becomes the day  ~ALWAYS
until the trees and seas just up and fly away  ~ALWAYS
until the day that eight times eight times eight is four  ~ALWAYS
until the day that is the day that are no more

Did you know you're loved by somebody?

until the day the earth starts turning right to left  ~ALWAYS
until the earth just for the sun denies itself   ~ I'll be loving you forever
until dear mother nature says her work is through  ~ALWAYS
until the day that you are me and I am you  ~ALWAYS
until the rainbow burns the stars out in the sky  ~ALWAYS
until the ocean covers every mountain high ~ALWAY


Mmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmm

[there is a 40 sec. video here of lip synch by robert and i..but it is mp4 and so not compatible in some platforms. But we had a great time creating it]

   -technical difficulties.. stand by
I'll be loving you

until the rainbow burns the stars out in the sky  LOVING YOU
until the ocean covers every mountain high LOVING YOU
until the dolphin flies and parrots live at sea LOVING YOU
until we dream of life and life becomes a dream  BE LOVING YOU

until the day is night and night becomes the day LOVING YOU
until the trees and seas up, up and fly away LOVING YOU...

Saturday, March 28, 2020

speaking of memory.. (me!) sandra, tvgp

what/how much should we each remember without the aid of pictures, prompts, diaries, newspapers, etc.   in a healthy 50+ year old mind..    what is a realistic expectation when it comes to memory?

as I'm organizing my writings.. decades worth.. and I peruse certain random months..

there is so much I've written, in great detail, after an event, special occasion, conversation..

and somewhere in it I write "I'll never forget when..."   or I've written,  "I will always remember..,"

and as I'm reading it I realize, I absolutely forgot about this and that..  I would never remember those details without having this to re-read..

So when I identify my blog and journals as 'external memory storage'

It's a fact.  And I am so grateful for my God given instinct to write.. because what evidence! what a resource for learning, better understanding our memory mechanisms.

Wonder how much Paul, author of so much of the new testament could remember on his own, about what he wrote..   if you fast forward a decade or two.  Same for Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.

Interesting to consider Biblical timelines
Who wrote what, when.. 

and to note: fruits of the spirit are eternally linked w/humanity.  I can name them by memory.    Spiritual amor... I will guess. -give myself a pop quiz write now:



now let me look it up...

Ephesians 6:11...    keep going...

Belt/truth..  got it!
Breastplate/righteousness... (need to study)
feet/peace..   got it!
Shield/faith..  got it!
Helmet/salvation..   (bless it, I was so close..)


-gives me another thing to do during shelter in place.    Amen.


Freedom Writers rewatched by (sexy! & tops!)

and so I asked my sexy recently.. if we were rating movies, what would our icon be? Because we keep seeing a popcorn container and/or a tomatoe for established movie ratings

/and by the way, peanut butter falcon stood way out because it had 97% by BOTH

And Robert said ours should be some kind of cheers icon.. and then decided on "shot glasses!"

so 5 filled shot glasses = masterpiece
And 1 spilt shot glass = don't bother; 5 spilt.. why was this movie ever made?

And shelter in place has us watching more movies than usual, so here we go with a sample from among many:

Freedom writers:  he gives 3, I give 4 full..

Togo:  he gives 5 filled
I give 4 filled..

Peanut butter falcon:  I give 5 filled..   he gives 3 filled..

Green book:  we both give 4 filled shot glasses

Call of the wild:
The one w/Charlton heston; we both give 1 spilled shot glass
The one w/rick(y) Schroeder, we both give 3 filled shot glasses..
We dont know yet, but
We anticipate the Harrison Ford one.. we will be toasting and cheers'ing..  we will let you know.

 The valachi papers, he gives 2  1/2 filled shots..
The God Father = 5 filled shot glasses from him
  I haven't seen it yet.

Planet of the Apes, dawn, rise & war:  we both give 5 filled to dawn & rise.. 4 filled shot glasses to war.

Full Count:  we both give 3 filled shot glasses..

Amy Schumer, Growing,  I give 5 full shot glasses, he gives 1 spilt...

Rocketman: empty shot glass..  didn't even finish watching.  sleazy sex; drugs; corrupt management; dysfunctional relationships...  just plug a different rock star into the same ole' life story.. 

But from me. 5 full shot glasses and a big "cheers!" to Springsteen and I.   Fresh! shares impact of the music on the audience/fans; skips the predictable

... "cheers!" movie fans...

/they did all the work, all the writing, all the casting, all the directing, all the acting..   our job is to sit back with popcorn and enjoy, offer bias assessment and find another movie...

$2.99.. for real? asks (me!) sandra, tvgp

I had no intention.  What happened is that I was at luckys.. march 7th, I believe.  Passed by a clearance table and saw this lovely little plant in its red pot for..  $2.99?!?  I couldn't believe something so pretty, for next to nothing.. so I added it to my cart.

And truth be told, I would have brought it home and did my best.. without ever looking anything up, and if it died in a week or month..  oh well, it only cost me $2.99.

but I happen to show it to a co-worker friend, and Dona mentioned write away "that's called a crown of thorns" and showed me more closely the thick thorns..  and I was like, "as in Jesus crown of thorns?"

and based on that conversation I did do some research.  ...sure enough... 

But it is hard with the limited, skimming research to regard it as a factual truth, this was the plant used..

Especially to see all the paintings and art.. the gazillion visual interpretations which show Jesus crown of thorns made from nails.. 

And I realized, I have, until spending this $2.99, never even been curious about, or wondered about the details of Jesus crown of thorns.  And only vaguely familiar with the bible references

But it is pretty consistent that there was one

Son of God

Who died on a cross

Wearing a crown of thorns.

And it is in His name..   I pray "fruit of the spirits!" for all humanity.  Hallelujah & amen

The Heart Seen. newest contributions from (amanda!)

"Thank you!" -these are beautiful.  Xoxo

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Speaking of smiles.. (the mahon family!) "thank you!" very much

it absolutely made our day! to find this handwritten/drawn card in our mailbox yesterday.  the answer is" YES!" we are excited to create an Easter Bunny for our next yard art installation.
  -just waiting for a little sunshine so we can go play in the yard..    

we are so grateful for your encouragement! and love how you drew/included the 'thankful' yard art we did in November in your card.   also.. way creative how the wheels on the car, turn out to be the eyes on the smiley face on the other side of card.  wonderful drawing ~ this is a treasure!  we regard it as our very first fan letter since taking on this new, fun hobby summer of last year.   "thank you!"  God bless  xoxo    Robert and Sandra   (aka:  sexy & tops)

***** ***** *****



Doris Kearns Goodwin, may I present...

 my dream is coming true thank you to this shelter in place ordinance.  years worth of totally unorganized writings..  if not shredded...  in order by month/year!! 

Dear Doris Kearns Goodwin, 

I present to you, the archives of Sandra Harrison Kay

 Student Council 

of Southgate Elementary School 1977-78

bringing the smiles.. (taryn! & allegra!)

Saturday, March 21, 2020

An Ode to Stoneridge Creek -covid 19 inspired poem, by (tom addison!)

An Ode to Stoneridge Creek (with apologies to Trump fans) “Sheltering in Place” 
We hunkered down to shelter in place, The SARS CoV 2 was so rampant, With chapped hands and alcohol all over our face, Our Spirits were not really dampened. 
With food in the fridge and wine on the rack, The Netflix account fully paid, We gathered our books, and found comfortable nooks, And away from all others we stayed. 
To socially distance, with help and assistance From neighbors and staff at “The Creek,” We watched with alarm, the heartbreak and harm That spread through the land week by week. 
From this COVID 19 it would certainly seem, That elders would suffer the most, And would soon take its toll, on many a soul, Raising alarms coast to coast. 
It’s a national scare, but we’re all aware That Washington’s help was delayed It seemed that Fox News, shaped the President’s views And that too much a fuss had been made. 
“It was all a big hoax, a democrat joke’” Said the self-declared (un)stable genius. But what to expect from this physical wreck, Who carries his brain in his penis! 
This “Chinese virus” causes symptoms that tire us And was really not much more than a cold, But as the stock market fell, alarms raised as well And finally, the President was sold. 
What was only a cold, was killing the old So a National Crisis declared, We must all keep our distance, there now was insistence, And finally the public was scared. 
As we shelter in place, keeping hands from our face With hand sanitizer to inspire us, We give thanks to “The Creek” and the staff who all seek To protect us from this awful virus. 
Tom Addison March 19, 2020

I've been meaning to get around to this. (Me!) sandra, tvgp#


Memories 2007. by (me!) writeousmom

A picture is not worth a thousand words.  Do you know what is?   a thousand words

Friday, March 20, 2020

& Rock On; 5 ways to strengthen your immune system by (me!) sandra, tvgp

1 Corinthians 10:4

i'm inspired to share what i've learned/done/and continue to do, 
 to strengthen my own immune system:

MAYBE, it's more accurate to say, what i've learned NOT TO DO, because i know there are certain things that attack/weaken my immune system

and i know, as rhoda describes in her video  /which i link; that just as she says

fear does weaken your immune system.  Rhoda offers a physical exercise to do, 

I would like to offer, in addition, some spiritual exercises:
AND all of the fruits of the spirit strengthen your immune system:

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness & self control.

/and remember here, what I've taught you:  fruits of the spirit are spiritual LAWS; that is, they apply to all of humanity; not just specific faith systems.

so, my number one

#1.   do not watch the news for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time, and only once or twice a day.  it is one thing to be informed; and another to drown in the fear that seeps in your mind, heart, soul and spirit while you watch.   -guard your mind/heart and boost your immune system by limiting the amount of news you watch. 

#2.  do what you can do   -there are two popular Joyce Meyer sayings  "do what you can do, and God will do what you can't do"   and also,  "cast your cares; but not your responsibilities."    so write now, what we each can do is:  wash hands, be conscientious about sanitizing; honor to the degree we can, the shelter in place ordinance/mandate; when you take walks, honor social distancing, be patient in longer lines at stores; be generous/not selfish with key purchases; avoid hoarding..

#3.  ENJOY! everything you possibly can!  do I ever know the power of this as a way to strengthen our immune systems  (I wonder how many of my friends remember when I gifted them martha becks book the joy diet many years ago).  it's true!  fill as many hours/minutes of each day doing things you enjoy, whatever that is for YOU..  for some people it is reading, some it's crafting, some it's gaming, some it's movie watching,   -for some it's talking on the phone w/family, friends..    cooking, learning, singing, dancing...     do it!    and be conscious when you're doing it, just how good it does feel.   and be conscious and say out loud, each time you enjoy anything  "oh! I love this coffee... it tastes so good"   "oh! I love this book, this author..."       "oh! it feels great to finally clean this closet!"   "I l

for many this is a great time to revisit photo albums; print and/or digital and marinate a little each day in great memories, vacations, bdays, gatherings..   good times of any sort.   -remember them; out loud..

and for God's good sake; if there is anything that makes you laugh!  a book, a movie, a funny friend..  it is my experience; as it has been shared by the sages for all of time:  LAUGHTER REALLY IS THE BEST MEDICINE

here is a picture of a few books in my personal library (all autographed/personally inscribed, of course) that really made me giggle AND laugh OUT LOUD

#4. Pay attention to your vocabulary/consciously override any negatives w/positives.   i.e., you are not going to hear me say "stuck" in the house; you will hear me say, "blessed with unexpected time to.."
and since the time is going to pass and the world is going to spin at the same pace, whether we spend it negative or positive; in fear or with hope; frustrated or grateful; unproductive or productive..

you have a great opportunity to use this gift of time as wisely as possible

imagine 3 or 5 weeks from now; imagine being on the other side of this unprecedented pandemic, and pretend/share with someone how you spent your time

#5  Bless others   -this does wonders for the recipient's immune system; but it does wonders for the giver too.   It is the very definition of a win/win.   And no act of kindness (which is a blessing to others) is too small.  If you can bless big; of course! do it..  but if you can compliment...  smile... offer a word of encouragement.. spend a little extra time with..   make a small gift for..    send a funny text to..


I will close here with gratitude;   -we are spending our time -our 'shelter in place' at home, together, doing projects..  but for many, many.. healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store staff, gas station personnel, corrections officers, reporters,  etc., etc.,    -they are stepping up to the plate; on the front lines of this pandemic    "thank you!"   God bless you seven fold

 and share how my sexy and I will be spending our time today:

delicious hot coffee, while we watch hand-in-hand our spiritual trifecta tv shows:
Joyce meyer * joel osteen * bishop t.d. jakes

we had the most flavorful..  oh! a favorite, favorite:   blt's with mimosas   "cheers!"

we will clean up/take showers..      go for a walk outdoors; honoring distance, etc.

we will continue on our big indoor projects:   organizing all my 15+ years of printed out writings (which have gone from box, to box, to storage and..  ended up a big jumbled mess), 

and I am so grateful to at last! and finally! have my special things out of storage, and out of boxes  -and have a space to SEE what I've been doing with my life..

only weeks/months ago, I had 13 or more apple boxes filled with unorganized keepsakes and trash..
when my children came to visit, I was like, "well, there you have it:  my life.  50+ years worth..

but now, I am slowly DISPLAYING what I've been doing with my life:   parenting; mag time frames; good neighbors holiday boutique; the heart seen; diapers to diapers; movers & shakers; sandy land comics; kissin' the chocolate blues; marathon; mixed media art; 

and it turns out:  I have been very engaged; creatively productive..   living a life i'm proud to look back on; and grateful to participate in..

my kids like to tease me..  "oh mom!  look..  there's still an empty space on your wall"

and I tease back, "that's only because i'm not finished yet!"

it is my absolute taste..   as it has been.. and most likely always will be:   wall collages.. eclectic..

I love for my eyes to fall on something/someones they like to see...   everywhere; in every direction!

/wait 'til my kids see what I do with the ceilings!

and my daughter recently showed me a picture of   -beyonce? and family..  where because their careers in entertainment are so over-stimulating; when they come home  -they don't want to see anything on their walls; nothing on table tops or shelves.. it is blank, blank and more blank..   and it is so they can de-stress..

but when my daughter showed me, I was like, "oh, no, no...     

because an empty canvas of any kind for me is just...     oh! it is just waiting for me to fill it!

-but the point for everyone is to custom create environments that are pleasing to them.   home, room, office, garage, etc.

and I can't wait to continue filling these walls...    so grateful!    my new space/room is affectionately called studio 213.

   -and so, where was I?    

yes, we will continue work on our projects.. organizing, decorating..  and we will watch movies later..  the news is small increments...   make some calls..

make some love..

and pray before we fall asleep..   and wake again to coffee, spiritual trifecta...


In Jesus trustworthy name..   with love AND gratitude          -amen.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

I spy my lucky # (me!) sandra, tvgp

like I have, 

and like I've never seen it before

King-Synch-Kong-Song Surprise! as discovered by (me!) sandra, tvgp

You will need two devices

One one device, go to youtube and find the king kong song from 1970's; Jimmy Castor Bunch

On the other device, go to youtube and find evolution of dance by Ricardo Walker

click on them simultaneously so they start at the same time.

mute the music/sound entirely from the evolution of dance video

let the king kong song play as you watch the dancers.

"is that fun or what?!?"


oh! I live for these happy accidents...  here's how it happened here just two days ago I think.

we had watched a Godzilla movie..  wonderful/fun, and we started remembering the "Go, Go Godzilla" song..   

and then Robert was trying to remember the King Kong song, 

I had no memory of a King Kong song..

so he was on his phone, searching..

and I was on our tv, with youtube up, and the evolution of dance presented itself; it is nothing I searched for..  but I thought i'd pass some time by clicking/ watching while Robert looked for the King Kong song on his phone.    Not wanting to interrupt.. I had muted the tv, so he could hear the music his phone was playing..

when he found the version of the song he was searching for...

I was like, …  no way!  check this out...

and totally enjoyed watching this unexpected perfect synchronization; very fun!  

give it a go..

I could re-watch several times and still smile just as big

to the saints of synchronicity  "thank you!" & amen.


try saying king-synch-kong-song several times in a row as fast as you can.

next time someone asks me if I speak any foreign languages, i'm going to throw that in with the lyrics from lady marmalade

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

National Day of Awe & Appreciation by (me!) sandra, tvgp

have got somethin' very important to say!

pay attention you youngins'


so, if you asked globally, /I don't know exactly how many years ago, but more than several

;and if you asked..

and it almost didn't matter who you asked when it comes to age, race, political affiliation, sexual orientation, economic status, faith system... favorite tv show..   ice cream, etc.

because EVERYONE was answering the same question

like, almost 100%

the same way.

and the ANSWER was


and the question was..

if there was a fire in your home, and you could only grab...  
what would be the most important?   (after people/pets, of course)


AND so pause to factor that in.. i'll spare you the 13 page essay on why pictures, 
family pictures, friends, weddings, bdays, etc. are as important to humans as they are

but just stop to pause and acknowledge, HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE TO 

and, so, 

well, who exactly?  when exactly?  on what date and time did someone(s)
create the CLOUD?

because, for the gazillion of people who now get to put their vital pictures in a cloud storage of some kind..

if there home caught on fire... and after people/pets, they could grab only one thing..

the point im trying to make is this:

it is A VERY BIG DEAL FOR GAZILLIONS OF PEOPLE that this storage innovation exists!

and, in my imagination..  im like..

I don't understand why we don't have a national day of awe & appreciation
where everyone is encouraged to join together for a day and just..

just celebrate these monumental life enhancers; and dance around the street, and have a parade, and make a big deal about it the way we did the Warriors World Championship.

I asked my children recently..   when did we all stop to celebrate cloud storage?

we seem to just keep skipping past the awe and appreciation and on to the next thing..

like, nothing is any big deal.  but I promise you, as a person born in 1966

this digital photo storage thing IS A VERY BIG DEAL!   -both the digital aspect and the storage aspect

especially as I continue during this current covid 19 lockdown to go through my boxes and boxes of print photos from my own, and my other family members lives..

my children will not cart physical pictures from this location to that location..

and im pretty sure, even the pictures I pass on to them, will be digitized and originals will get tossed.

so, anyway..

in my imagination we should have a common day, where everyone around the world celebrates an innovation, or problem solved..  big or small, a few or several..

each student in school on this day, shares about something they are grateful for
each person working stops to share and recognize a technology or problem solved they are grateful for...

as thanksgiving day is to family & friends; awe & appreciation day is to things that improve our daily life

so, the picture thing..  digital/storage; that's a biggie!

but there are these things I come across everyday, that make me just stop and whisper "thank you!"  and I literally never know exactly who I should thank..  but would love to..

couple smaller examples:

as you know I've moved over 30 times..   I've dealt w/countless cardboard boxes..

I was always getting tripped up, closing them.. like, which way exactly do I fold the four flaps so it stays closed without tape?    

and now, I've come across several different WONDERFUL cardboard box designs that have made life much easier when it comes to cardboard boxes..

like some are literally labeled; each flaps has a number 1, 2, 3, 4.. instructing you how to fold

oh! the mercy of it all..  i'm so grateful

and some have these cuts/designs that fold and seal in a way that, no matter the weight of what is inside; you don't need tape; they kind of self-seal through folding patterns

awesome!  "thank you!"

and, I don't know why it's not on the market yet, but.. if anyone can help

speaking of packaging tape.. write now everyone always struggles to find the new starting place once you've used a strip.  the clear tape adheres back to itself, and is so camouflaged..  and then you have to run your fingers over and over... trying to tell by touch/feel, where you can start peeling again..  

and what I do,  /and what many people do, in similar ways, 

is find something nearby, to stick to the end of the tape, so when it adheres back to itself..   

like, this:

and so, doesn't it make sense, that maybe they should already have it with a string/device attached so the consumer doesn't have to make-shift something every time.

/you're welcome..

and then, another smaller than pictures/storage, but absolutely worthy of some awe & appreciation

label maker adhesive strip backing

in my youth, whenever I used these, you type your label, 

autographed books      -for example, and that part is in fact, easy

and you print it out, the machine has a self cutting thing, very helpful

but then after you have the label in your hand..  it would take like 3 to 5 or just give up minutes to remove the backing so you could adhere your label to your project

you had to be very patient trying to separate the label from the disposable backing.. it could only be done from one end or the other..   and, if you put your fingernail, just write..  just between, and 

and inevitably, just when you thought you could separate label from the back; folding it this way and that..  yes you have it!  whoops, no you don't!   then you would realize all the effort crinkled up your label, and you have start all over

so, when I used a newer label maker, and I discovered that the backing has been designed to SOLVE THIS PROBLEM... by being pre-slit all the way down the center; horizontally!

-you just barely fold, and..   instantly you can pull off the label from the back, toss backing in the garbage and apply your sticky label..

well!    -whoever you might be...  "THANK YOU!"

and as ive mentioned before, I was never once curious about, or taught..  in my youth, about HOW a NATIONAL HOLIDAY gets officially placed on a calendar..  I just loved having days off from school!   -but when I saw the documentary about HOW the Martin Luther King Jr Day became official..   the obstacle course; the time, the energy, the effort,  -Stevie Wonder's Happy Bday Song.., etc., etc.

well, I do not have that kind of energy, determination, or calling on my life

/which is why God gifted me with this blog, you see..

because here I can just share what I would do IF I had the energy, determination and calling...


i'm going to close this post here with great awe & appreciation for "MY STICKY NAILS!!"

ANOTHER BIG PROLEM SOLVED! for many, many, many people...!!

so, 1st we had what I will describe as 'regular nail polish'   which took a long time to dry..

then we got  -gel

which I have already described as the greatest manicure I will never get again!

and, but..

now we have sticky nails!  and it is real nail polish, easy to apply, already & immediately dry, last through showers, doing dishes, arts & crafts for 10 or more days! 

and best part of all...     easy to remove!  no damage to my nails!

and if you see the picture of me praying at the top of this post:  that is a French manicure I gave myself yesterday morning which took all of about 20 minutes..   no waiting for anything to dry and!  I got two packs for $15

awe. & appreciation.
more later...

im off to sort through hundreds of print photos..  and thousands of papers

be well; God is with you,