Monday, September 24, 2007

MY WORD! (at last!) sandra, ttgp

i've been waiting patiently..

when we appeared on in a word last month

dyan knew her word: evolving
kathy cordova knew her word: miracle
jim ott knew his word: renaissance

but i didn't have my word. only knew i couldn't select one without experiencing that same "bark of recognition" elizabeth gilbert describes in eat, pray, love when she found her word: antevasin
(pg 203/hardback)

but as God, fate and luck would have it, i found mine saturday morning reading my yahoo astrology guide -daily career, aquarius- for sept 23rd.

said: "with the kind of verve you have today, you could do anything. give a three-hour speech to a rapt audience? no problem. lead a happy-birthday serenade for a very special co-worker? you'll hit that high G."

and embarrassing but true.. i had to look up the word verve. i'm sure i've never heard it and know i've never used it

but there she was and there i barked "my word! i found my word!"

vurv, n., enthusiasm that animates a poet or artist;
gusto; spirit; animation; energy {Fr.}

and i can't describe why it is so gratifying to find and know your word,

but i highly recommend it.

and if you'd like, for $10, i will create a beautiful frame with your word on it for you to display and enjoy everyday.

BEAUTIFUL FISH & MTF SHOW (mine!) sandra, ttgp

oh! do i owe a hundred thank you's to my sister for all her help, love, support


sat 22nd, 5-7p my poetry book release

and mag time frame show at coffee beans & bistro

all the traditional work, effort to prepare, set up, make sure it looked nice...

5pm. no one there. heart ache. panic. sister w/comforting conversation

5:10 mom, dad, aunts & uncles traveling in from a distance, beloved sue

oh! patti & james..

5:15 beautiful mary re -sight for my concerned eyes

5:17 new mommy friend from school...

5:21 not sure i have the whatever it takes to energetically perform for 7 or 8 family/friends when i was hoping to perform for all of them plus 20 or 30 strangers

5:30 debra knox, kathy cordova & friends, two cherished souls from saturday salons in livermore, catherine teeter..

DEEP gratitude for every family member, friend, friends of friends and those couple of strangers


felt great to put the word out: "i'm still makin' mag time frames everybody! BUT.. AND.. that's not all!..." and i was so excited to show off my instant art empty canvas frames for children; my personalized name/word/quote boards and new designs for my staple mag time frames plus, as always, my create-your-own kits.

even more exciting for me this time out though was this opportunity to read my poetry -from my personally designed, hand-stamped/embossed beautiful fish book

i opened with this true story:

in our early 20's my sister and i used to go dancing at black angus here in pleasanton. the rules, have thankfully changed since then, but back then, the proper etiquette was to wait for a handsome man to come ask you to dance before going out on the dance floor

torture for two girls who loved to dance but suffer for patience.

without having any serious conversation about it, telepathically, in that sister-to-sister secret code of communication we've established, we agreed it was a stupid rule.. standing around waiting for someone to ask you to dance when all the great music was pumping through the night air

and so we just got out on the dance floor by ourselves and busted a move, as they used to say.

didn't stop there. we ended up having such a good time by ourselves, that eventually, she took to dancing on top of the 4ft speaker on the left, and i took to dancing on the matching 4ft speaker to the right. we made our own stage! danced the night away.

no longer needed anyone to ask us to dance -although it happened with some frequency and we rarely said no.

and i'm so grateful we have and we share this spirit. not waiting around for someone else to kick start our good times. we could have potentially missed out on a lot of good times, a lot of good music, a lot of good life and soulful exercise

but we didn't.

and it is in this spirit i self-published beautiful fish. i have queries out, proposals out for my memoir and some other writing adventures. but in the meantime, i hear good music playing right now

don't want to miss out waiting around..

keep finding speakers to stand and dance on while i wait for a handsome publisher to come ask me to

sign a lucrative contract.


thank you so much, every single one of you, who attended my reading & mtf show! thank you for your time, attention, every purchase and kind word!

my books sold out, with three on order

and my passion for creating mag time frames -hot as always

Saturday, September 08, 2007

VISION BOARD by (me!) sandra, ttgp

here is the vision board i created some time ago, mentioned and described in my post below. if i were doing it over, i might make a few different vocubulary choices inside my peace on earth cd cover, but the goal is clear.

link to shutterfly slide show:

click on view pictures and then click on view slide show.