Tuesday, October 31, 2017

HOT DATE.. for (me!) sandra, tvgp

"I got to go on a date!"      /and not just any ole date...      she says with a big smile.


let me start by saying  -that for no other man would I drive more than 2 miles..   but, when Robert suggested we meet first at his place, and then drive together from there (there = san jose) to capitola, my mind started coming up with a hundred reasons not to drive, but out of my mouth..   an altogether much more agreeable answer.    so,

to san jose I drove.   and I arrived at his door with some fragrant, pink, cyclamen from alden lane that Dianne had pointed out to me earlier in the week, and some cognac which he had mentioned liking in one of our many flirty texts..

and a wonderful tour inside his home of memories, treasures.. family pictures.. art, mementos from varying places in the world,  Taiwan, Africa, Germany...      and typical single male big screen tv and multiple recliners in a way cool media room     -lots I'm skipping here for now to get to the good parts:

/oh, my.. he has many good parts!

and what mom doesn't melt at the sight of children's pictures...   so, I was quite taken by the sight of a photograph of his son and daughter as toddlers, young children.    sweetest faces ever, posed on a ladder, and then, another, on a different wall,  as grown young adults..  the sister, tilted affectionately with her head resting on her brother's shoulder.   beautiful children.    and lots of family photos on the refrigerator..  and skipping lots again to get to the good

/his very good parts!


-k, so capitola is an ultra charming beach community, and we landed on a day tough to find parking because there was also a high school surfing competition going on, and a Halloween parade..  but we found  -after circling..

spot 789.  and the only reason I remember is because of the kids joke:   why was the number 10 afraid of number 7?       -because seven 8 nine..


had lunch at a wonderful restaurant,  looking out a giant window at the water, the birds, tourists, locals..    

let me correct.  I glanced out the window, but I stared into Roberts eyes..    was trying to be a good listener but was distracted by his smile

and occasional laugh

and the way he would squint..      /hey, that reminds me of steve shaw..

the way he would smile and stick out his tongue at the same time..   /that's what Michael Jackson used to do..

   -so, may I stop write here to point out, that while Robert is his very own unique individual self, and really should be compared to absolutely no one

damn it if he doesn't have these characteristics, these gestures that cerebral hyperlink to:

steve shaw:   my very first crush and first boyfriend.

and Michael Jackson:   my very first true love.

but its all very good.

so,    -he is a wonderful conversationalist! Robert..     passionate. intense. detailed. entertaining.  and I listened the very best I could in between my imaginations of having him alone and all to my very self.

and after lunch we walked out on the dock, where..   "do I hear live music?!?"

and turns out, there was a live band,  -joint chiefs, someone said they are called.. and they play old school, Motown, groove..  and so there we were, at a beach version of barones,  -outdoors, in capitola, surrounded again by slightly intoxicated happy dancing people, taking in the live music above the water

great atmosphere!     and, we strolled the neighborhood afterward..  hand in hand, pausing on occasion to kiss and kiss some more

and watch the surfers..

and eventually it was back to his place  -where he fixed me dinner.  a wonderful, delicious, pasta with Italian sausage/meatballs, asparagus flavored in some magical way, and fresh artisan bread with oil/vinegar to dip in, and a smooth cabernet

   -speaking of smooth..

[thoughts here I must keep to myself]

at some point he reached over and gently touched the tattoo on my face, and I explained "conquer the world with kindness"   and shared how it is 11 years old now, my tattoo..

and then he asked me if I had any others, and I nodded yes.

"where? what?"

and I just kind of smiled without saying anything.   so he said, "oh, are they in private places?"

and I said with a smile, I said,

"well, I think you might appreciate this more than others   -because you work in a prison system,"

   -and what I was inferring is that:   it is more pronounced, understood and applicable and hopefully exercised, in jails than other environments and industries

"I have two other tattoos.   -on the inside of my upper left thigh,    [and he smiled just to hear the location]  I have an outline of the state of California.

and, on the inside of my upper write thigh..  [and he smiled again just to hear the second location] I have an outline of a church."

and I watched his eyes as he imagined...

and then I said with the same smile, "because that is my way of helping remind people about the importance of the separation between church and state."

              -priceless expression on his face!  priceless..    the kind you thank the heavens for

and he said, "... for real?!    is that real?   or is this just a story..  it could be either.. "

and he searched my facial expressions and my eyes and my smile to try and determine whether or not I have these tattoos

so, I said, "well,   as we get to know each other...   when we know each other better..   you can find out for yourself."


and, my night driving, my vision,  especially in unfamiliar territories..

I mean, it would have been downwrite dangerous, and irresponsible! for me to drive home in the dark of that October night all the way from san jose to san leandro by myself!   dangerous!

and that is [not] the only reason I had to stay over night on our first -real- date.


and then at 4 o'clock-ish this very morning I sent him another text and shared my morning prayer
   -something like this:

you are Christian.  A devoted father.
A wonderful conversationalist.
-have a strong, established work ethic
A gift for hospitality,  .. you cook..
your dance moves are enticing
you have a knockout smile
and your kisses drive me wild!

so, Dear Jesus..  whatever I have been doing write
to cause you to show me such favor

that I get to cross paths with this man            the narrow path..

please help me keep doing it!

hallelujah & amen!


now,  -what is one supposed to wear on a first date?  to capitola..    my sister and my daughter would usually be the ones..    yes this/no that;   get back in the house, try again..

but they are both gone.   I'm blessed also to work with some very beautiful, young high school girls who are savvy about current fashions..   the input from both jasmine and ava...

and according to pictures they pulled up on their phones   -the thing I should have worn:   flowy pants with a print and a solid sweater..

    -yeah, don't mix prints..      flowers or stripes on the pants.. not the top, top solid..

and, if I had the time, resources and all things required

truth be told..     who doesn't want to look and feel their very best?  I would have:   spray tan, wax, make-up, new outfit, new shoes, perfume, pedicure/manicure, emergency plastic surgery, ...   you name it.

but I was without both:  time & resources.   had to work with what was already in my closet.   jeans, strappy sandals, cute sweater..  but!  my toes are painted..   and with flowers..


the way he kisses, everythings gonna come write off eventually

timeless fashion:   birthday suits and the naked truth.



speaking of the naked truth.  Robert..   -a hard body.  works out like 9 days a week, and in 24 hour shifts or something

                [solid arms...  arm skin..    allow my mind to drift....]

this is a challenge..   (me!): female soft body..   not becoming so self-conscious I would miss out on...

            /to the saints..   "I am not going to miss out on this! are you kidding me.."

so, they toggled my self-conscious switch to the off position, which allowed me to remain quite turned on


when Robert grabbed my behind...    

   -sometimes you just want to die; yes..

"this is the BEFORE...    this is the BEFORE...      BEFORE you become my very personal trainer.."

and he said, in the worlds most sexy voice you ever have heard..

"we can work that..  "   and he smiled, and mischievously laughed, and stuck out and bit his tongue like Michael Jackson used to do..


now I have my very own gorgeous, sexy, personal trainer.   and I know

1.   there is a GOD.

2.  GOD is GOOD all the time

3.   I am the luckiest woman on the planet


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Last Night of another awesome season...

and the grieving begins..
but! oh, another awesome season
exceptional climates, amazing live bands, hours of outdoor dancing

I always describe it the same way:
~hundreds of slightly intoxicated happy people
/many who have given marriage a try one or three times..

some key people were missing on the last night for one reason or another -my favs, the regular dancing circle I am blessed to be a part of

"... mary re is in the house tonight...   'gonna make you feel all write.."

see my most pleasant surprise up there

"I got to slow dance!"   and..
fast dance

and dance, and kiss at the same time.

and I said to myself, 
to myself, and Jesus, and the saints,  
with a smile I said, 

I'm gonna need more than one of you -k.

~ to peel my hand off this body


next thing you know, my drink got accidentally knocked out of my hand
spilled all over the dance floor

that freed BOTH of my HANDS 
so, I could grab Robert on each side of his face and really plant one

/no help at all those saints.


then let myself get lost in the every kiss of each moment

sing hallelujah!


two times!

did you SEE that WARRIORS victory last night

in Jesus is the reason for every season's name..     amen!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Patience. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is a fruit of the spirit

and I wonder, 

how many people on the planet write now
could accurately describe their patience
as being in full bloom?

it would be a good self assessment exercise:
if you think of your spiritual nature as a garden

where the seeds have in fact already been planted:
love, joy, peace
kindness, goodness, gentleness

which are in full bloom? in you  
which need some more water and/or sunshine?
which need pruned here or there?
how's the soil?   etc., etc.

I have become more and more patient over the years, 
but full bloom?  ready for anything?    a noble goal.

to flirt or not to flirt... by (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is an important question.    -the act of flirting will remain the same throughout time, but the cultural environment that encourages and/or discourages it can literally change from one room to the next.  one social setting to the next

safe here?     yes here.    not there.  

is there such thing as 'innocent' flirting?      -safe to flirt with that person, but not that one..

/oh, what I have learned from try..      from mostly error.

turns out the whole topic is far more complicated than one wink of an eye might suggest.   but, as I've mentioned before, there is a flirt that lives in me.  but, -had to put her to sleep for a variety of reasons


the chance it could be misinterpreted, or cost me my job, or cost a friendship, or cost me time/energy

but the good lines I have   -almost!   vocalized,

restraint.      ive been letting restraint win for some time now..

which is all prelude to sharing with you, how funny it was, when vanessa came for a surprise visit, and,

since I do not work with Robert, and since Robert is not married, and since Robert is in fact incredibly sexy

when she asked about anything new going on in my life,  -with great enthusiasm I said,

"I have someone I can legally flirt with!"

and she said,  "why?   did he just turn 18"


I just love that girl.

Monday, October 23, 2017

good times! & worthy causes! public "thank you's!" from (me!) sandra, tvgp

to lee ann for hosting a most wonderful   -save your sanity-  night, where we visited, enjoyed a potluck variety of delicious foods, and played LCR where the $ was matched and donated to help in Puerto rico

and, jokingly when she brought out the dice, I was like, "I'm good at this game!"   -because 1. we play it at my mom's annual cookie exchange parties, and 2.  the criteria for playing is that you can tell your left from write from center...    and just for the record:   I did in fact win the first round.

to  heartstonerocks.com     -& everyone who showed up to support both the band, and our local firefighters       -what a concert!  the band was on fire..    exceptional, and the family-friendly brewery was packed with children, parents, singles..   young adults, grandparents..    kids were playing connect four, adults were playing jenga..    great environment

and we made a new friend  -from ohio!-   my parents homestate..   in the area for 10 months on a work project/assignment

and we met  -gunner, the ambidextrous chocolate lab, who will shake, and then if you say, other hand, will shake with the other paw too.  precious.

"thank you!"    xoxo   blessed to know you!

"why are you skipping?" -she asked (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is that time of year at alden lane:  school tours.   -mostly elementary school age children, 1st and 2nd graders

and mostly they go in groups  -by classroom.

but we had a grandparent call, not part of a given school and ask if her grandchild could be included in one of the tours

the answer was yes of course.

and now, having worked there over a year now, and participated last year..  I have the advantage of knowing just how awesome these tours are

when the grandparent/grandchild arrived at alden lane, they approached me with some concern

"are we too late for the tour?  did we make it on time?"

and I immediately projected a grander, deeper level of concern than may have actually existed, and I kicked into gear trying to find out which tour..   what time it was write now, what time it was leaving, etc.

and, I just did not want this precious child to miss out on this tour!  I was determined to find a way even if they were late

but as it turned out

"you are not too late!   you've made it on time!   -follow me!"    -and, I started kind of skipping toward the area where the kids wait for the tractor

and the precious little girl..    she says to me with a bit of confusion

"why are you skipping?"

"  -because I'm so excited for you..."


but maybe..

maybe the real underlying reason I was skipping

is because

"I have someone I get to slow dance with!"  

  -at barones      ~music under the stars

for the final night of the 2017 season

and, I did some calculations the other morning, and looked at the calendar, and added this, and subtracted that, and threw in some long division


what I realized is that

"it  has been 100 years since I slow danced with a man"

I might just show up at 2:30 in the afternoon and wait...

        /and since it has been such a long time..   he text to help remind me what is involved:


something about how his arms will go around my waist

and he'll pull me close to him..

my arms go around his neck and shoulders..

              [keep your arms and hands around his neck and shoulders Sandra]

we get to slowly sway...  

and I told him..

with my age..    and vision...       its hard for me to read small text sometimes.   he might just have to whisper these instructions in my ear


In Jesus is my favorite dance partner's name...      hallelujah!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

2 out of 3 insights. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

when people say You are God, or God is in You.

to my understanding, if you start with God is LOVE.  as synonyms.  then, the way we experience love is via interpreting an internal experience; we feel love inside ourselves,  whether it is we love someone, or feel loved by someone; either way, it is an internal experience, and so it rings true.  If God is Love, and you experience love internally  -then you have God in you..  what is in you, is a part of you..


God is good all the time.   again, God is Love, so..   start with those as synonyms:   Love is good all the time..

and sometimes when you see raw suffering/tragedy..   secular people will respond  -like, how can you look at this, and regard God as good all the time?

-fair question.

to my understanding, let's use a square as an analogy:   

in order for a square to be a square  -it must be equal on all sides; yes..   the size does not matter, 2x2x2x2, or  16x16x16x16


when four sides are straight/connected/equal; you have a square.  that is always true.   -all the time.

if you make any alteration...    any bump, any curve, one side different from the others..   even by a fraction of a fraction of an inch

you no longer have a square.  it ceases to be a square; period.  you are no longer talking about a square.

same with God being good all the time.    -God is good.  God is love   -all the time

if you make any change to that as a true, fixed definition   -you are no longer talking about God or love.

it would be similar to trying to make a small change to the definition of a square..

any change to square; any change to God; any change to love; any change to good

    -ceases to be what you called it  -and becomes then, something else.

these are the analogies that allow me, personally, access to understanding

that is,
  to -feeling-   like ooohhhhh,  yes,  I get it.  I understand it!

God IS in you!   and/or  God IS good all the time!


now, I do not currently have an analogy which helps me have that same internal  -feeling-
of understanding regarding the omnipresence of God


I do understand the definition of omnipresence; that is not the issue.

            but God; all seeing/all knowing/everywhere at once/inside the hearts and minds and motives..

 I would describe myself as in waiting for words, or an experience, or something I can't quite articulate, predict, but which will provide insight/understanding on a deeper level.   -and I will KNOW when I have landed on it

and I will share it when I do.

In Jesus always holy, always wise, name    amen!

with love & healing prayers for california -from (me!) sandra, tvgp

Friday, October 20, 2017

Foreigner. Turns out this was...


Thursday, October 19, 2017

BLINDFOLDED by (me!) sandra, tvgp

Blindfolded..  all the way from Indonesia!    The quail sold at alden lane.   I did this last year too..  for the first time,

unpackaged and priced.   after you unwrap the first layer of cardboard, the last thing to get removed is this..


and every time, it reminds me..  of the man who was blindfolded by his friends for his 40th birthday, and brought to Otis spunkmeyer's DC3 sky tours

as his friends held his hand, and helped guide him up the stairs into the plane, they asked,

"do you know where you are yet?"

and he was like, "are you taking me on a roller coaster?"

and they had so much fun,   "nooooooo"

and then after he was in the plane..   they removed the blindfold


   -super cool! moment to observe and be a part of..

/my goodness..   he must be having his surprise 70th or 75th this year..


I do it with the quail..       all the way from Indonesia!

point them toward the greater nursery..   do you know where you are yet?  

  whip off the coardboard blindfold

"SURPRISE!...    you are at Alden Lane!"


and what a pleasant surprise the fall is..

Brain PlumBing ... II.. for (me!) sandra, tvgp

   ~sometimes you have to flush twice; yes..

 pictures to come..

THE RING  -several months ago my mom bequeathed to me her "mother's ring"    -which has the 3 birthstones of her children:   two amethysts (my brother and I, both February aquarian babies) and an alexandrite in the middle (my sister, a june cancer baby).  a ring she gifted herself in ...(year?).   -and, may I say, at the time, her ring finger must have been.. well, I believe it to be about a size 5.  much too small for my ring finger now.

"thank you! so much...   it is now a sibling ring then!"    and I placed it on the pinkie finger of my write hand     /which is my left.

and so it has been my morning jewelry ritual for some time now..  the mother/daughter necklace gifted to me by my daughter on my 50th, the courage/strength bracelet gifted to me by my daughter on a past mother's day I believe, a few color coordinated sparkly bracelets from rick's picks, and a pair of earrings..   and my new sibling ring

and, then..  

I looked one day and it was gone; my sibling ring   -just gone.  I never even felt it leave my finger, I just put in on in the morning, and then at the end of the work day


and of course I prayed to the saints of lost things  -whose names I still have not memorized, and who show nothing but mercy and understanding..

but simultaneously     I may never see it again..  and I know it is only a symbol, that the true love for my brother and sister...    etc.

and several weeks passed.    and in the meantime my mom received a new ring from her husband for their anniversary, and as she shared it with me..

well, that would have been     -well, germane to the topic to have mentioned what happen to the mother's ring she gifted me, which became the sibling ring..

and it is not that I didn't trust that she would understand and forgive me..  of course she would..

but I couldn't get the words to come out.   I skipped the topic all together


how this is sequenced may be off some, but..   that very morning, as I walked through the employee room there was a conversation about some customer/item in the lost and found at alden lane


and when ava went to look for this item..   she had seen a ring in the lost and found box

she mentioned it to me..     does it have two bands, like multiple bands?

I said no..   disappointed..   but it has 3 birthstones...

but just to double check on the maybe..     sue brought me and showed me the lost and found box


don't you know!    there was my ring;   my sibling ring!

and I stood stunned for quite a bit..   looked at sue saying,   I never thought I would see this ring again.    who turned it in?   who do I thank?

and I do not have a name of the person who turned it in..     someone just handed it in at the information desk

but, whoever you are...   "THANK YOU!"        it means the world to me.


and I have long noticed and claimed and shared:   alden lane not only has the best customer service of any place I have ever worked

they have the best customers of any place ive ever worked also!

    -correlation?     when you treat your customers so wonderful, with such care and attention..

they give the same back to you.


just yesterday a customer who had   -accidentally-  received a couple extra bags of soil LAST SPRING    -insisted!-   on paying for it upon her next visit, which was yesterday    -months later..

and alex, management..  he tried insisting she not even worry about..   it was not necessary for her to pay, we could just let it go,

but she INSISTED.

and doesn't that just do two things

[1.]   make you ponder the internal difference between a person who will launder/steal from all kinds of people without any regard for the consequence on others   -vs. the person who had been excused from an accidental oversight, but insists on making it  -write, where the actual dollar amount is of no great consequence to the individual or business..

I'm so wow'd by the moral/conscience/integrity spectrum in human beings..

would not steal a penny......  hurt a fly    

   plot to steal millions..   violent; quick to murder a human life

-this customer, she mentioned while at the register      "we answer to a higher authority"

and I was like,   YES!   and  [2.]  THANK YOU for restoring my faith in all of humanity!

and she is only an example!   so many of our customers share this value system..

and I have already mentioned, yes..   how the young people I work with give me such hope!

outside of alden lane, I hear such concern and criticism of the young people today..

but, what I see vs. what I hear..

the world is in very good, capable hands...


that said,  I want to add on to what I see as the greatest challenge of our time

I have already mentioned   -technology out-evolving human beings, and how we need to HELP HUMANS EVOLVE

and, look to the example of the customer above vs. the criminal to see an unevolved and very highly evolved human being

but, also..

getting more people out of poverty...    closing, shrinking the exponentially growing gap between rich and poor.    I believe this generation and the next can address this

it is internal and cultural      -not race culture..    attitude culture!

        -what makes you proud?      owning slaves..    having way more than others...   and the less others have that are around you the better you feel about yourself?    look how many little people compared to ME!

or,   -helping people UP..   helping others thrive?   the more people you can bring into livable, thriving circumstances..    look how many people I have helped!

so,   -remember I said culture is malleable..  don't ever forget it..       apply.   and culture is everywhere!   nationality, race, geographic,  cultural dance, food, celebrations, traditions  -that is just one

every home, every workplace, every neighborhood..   there is a culture.  and that culture is malleable, and if you don't like the results..

BE THE CHANGE   ~maker.


SWEET PEA    -oh! I was provided an opportunity to rescue a toddler.    and it was such a sweet moment

but it started out not sweet at all.   it started out with a child screaming, crying..

and that sometimes happens just about anywhere children go.. but it is usually pretty short lived.  in this case..   the crying, screaming seemed to be lasting longer..

I was working with Daniel.. who I just love!  so funny..  hardworking..   and he had visual access from his side of the kiosk, I said,

what happen, did a kid fall?      can't have a pumpkin he wants?

and pretty casual Daniel says, "no.  a kid just got his head stuck in a hole."


and so speed walked toward the sound of the crying and screaming which was increasing in intensity and volume

"oh...   you're just nervous..   that's okay"  I said,

as I landed upon the planet's cutest little blond two or three year old (?) boy with his parent holding him up so he could put his precious face through one of the cut out circles of a painted wood board which allow up to two people at a time to poke their heads through and become part of a sweet pea painting

and don't they make the cutest memories and pictures!

the problem was..   the cut-out for the sweet pea is not exactly a perfect circle.  it is oblong, and tilted slightly.   very easy to see you need to tilt your head slightly to enter through; you have visual access going in

-but not memory.   and while the back of all mom's heads have eyes, this is not so for our children.

  -the instinct and nature then of a toddler:  pull your face and head straight back out.

by the time I reached the scene this effort had been tried several times unsuccessfully, and the little boy was in a very big panic   -trapped for life! with his head on one side of the world and his parent on the other

and the parents..   their efforts to guide and help..   well, he was just a little too panicked to hear or take instruction

I touched his cheek very gently, and he immediately calmed and quieted   -such a beautiful moment! and I said with a smile, I said,

"honey.. if your head went through the hole this way.. it will for 100% certain go back out too!  but what I'm noticing is that..

well, I'm going to need to turn your head a little bit, would that be okay?"

and in under one second..

out! safe and sound, quiet and calm.  

and now, did I a little bit expect a gesture of gratitude from this precious toddler I had just calmed and rescued from having his head stuck for life; the toddler I spared from becoming a permanent sweet pea picture icon

from being separated from his parents...  being fed and read and talked to through a hole at alden lane into his middle age

I did.

but, you know what he did instead..  he brushed me off and clung to his parents like he may never see them again; ever! he held on so tight.  very quiet.   -recovering.

but on my way home, I said to Jesus..

"thank you!"     I'm so glad that kid got his head stuck in that board..

and that's not write is it..  but, did it ever feel good to help calm and rescue someone.



there is no counting how many customers pass through alden lane with dogs, that will share in conversation that their dog is a rescue

just yesterday a customer said she and her husband will go to the pound and determine just what dog is in the most need out of all of them..  and that's the one the take home and nurture..

and these rescues are not overnight adventures.. in many cases..   it took three years before..

or longer.

and, alden lane's famous dog..  haley..   she herself was rescued by the general manager, cyndee..  at 6 months..   and what a win/win that has turned out to be..


so often I want to share..  I want to say in response,

and only one time I did

"I'm a rescue."    -because that's how I feel:    rescued and restored by Jesus.

do we refer to humans this same way?   children in foster care, that were abandoned, but placed eventually with healthy families..  people who care

the lost or lonely or addicted..     who eventually are found, loved, made free..

I like this word:  rescue.     and I love this pairing:   rescued and restored.

"to human restoration!"     amen


SKITS!   it's my favorite night as a parent of the school year!   -save of course, proms & balls..  when I turn into mama~razzi     -but, skits!   so entertaining, funny, light-hearted jabbing from one class to the next.  non-stop smiles

and to see my son this year..   animated, dancing, singing, being silly and having fun
-to see my friend's young adult children.. ive watched since..   in some cases, pre-school
-to see kids I don't know, but..   just enjoy watch being young and having fun

/he can dance!   he's got some moves, that one...

highlight!   and if I can figure a way to share clips of video..    "treasure!"

you can't tell we're proud or anything, can you?

and so happens, we went to the 5 o'clock show, which allowed us to get back in time for


it's WARRIOR season again..    !    oh!  just painful watching them lose by one, home court, opening night..    and I know, I know..

everyone thinks it has something to do with the way they were..   playing.   but I know..

well, I had my shirt on.

my mom had her shirt on.

   -her husband rick   -he did not have his shirt on!    and they lost by one.


do not underestimate your contribution as fans


Robert and my entertaining vision    -k,

he works out.  he has muscles..     he has the kind of muscles you can see,   /and can't wait to touch..

and!  more importantly he has exercised the kind of muscle you cannot readily see or touch

  -flesh and spirit muscle.    in our conversation he shared about how he trains the younger men who will be working in the jails.    and the criminals; inmates..  they will instigate, provoke, irritate..

and he explains to the young recruits..   you have to know it is in you..   the natural instinct to react

but you cannot react   -you have to rise above..  you have to take it and rise above..

and that muscle!

everyone should be trained this way.


and I really appreciate how he acknowledges,  it is in you..  

because it seems true about temptations of every kind..

          -if you are committed to another person in a romantic relationship..   but, a he or she comes along that can potentially distract/destroy..   the instinct to take bait; it is in you..

it's not always that it isn't there.. doesn't surface..

it is in you..   but you do not react; don't take the bait!    -rise above..

same, if you are committed to a diet, or studies, or any goal..

the opportunities for distractions..    to be tempted by this or that

the ability, the cerebral and spiritual muscles you must know and work and exercise daily in order to keep your eye on the game..  on the prize...  higher goals; noble

that's the muscle I'm most interested in learning about when I meet people     -and it may very well be the ignorance and/or neglect of that very muscle that lands people in jail in the first place.  the ignorance and neglect of that muscle that ='s divorce, drop out, addictions, unemployment, etc.

that's the muscle ive been learning about and exercising for  -ever!;

and quite to the exclusion of any of my physical muscles,

so I had to say to Robert..      who does a physical work out every day..    " I'm much more familiar with nestle crunches than the kind of crunches you are doing.."

and my entertaining vision was of the two of us standing in front of a mirror naked..

 " you are not allowed to laugh or grimace; promise!  swear on a stack of bibles!"

i'm like,   -"what can be done with me from this point?   can you help?"


this explains why   -I so often look like a crazy person

so randomly giggling out loud while I stand somewhere all by myself    -no one near, only in the distance

you've seen people like (me!), yes..

walking down the street, talking to no one, laughing..  

it's all in our head.

do I hear an amen?      why yes I do!   even when no one else is around...


my art pricing experiment:   lots of compliments  -no gamblers.    but I have incredible patience..

I want to really explore how we place monetary value on art..

and, a part of me..  

well, the price is only going to go up!    and in the near future I'm going to bullet point out things, and let people determine how much one of my California wine poppy bottles is worth at what bullet point..

top dollar based on....


but overall:  the ignite event  -a very successful launch!   a great joy to see the community out and about, good people traffic..

and, not living or working in Pleasanton anymore..   what a good number of familiar faces I got to re-see..  visit..  say hi

climate was perfect     -and that's been key to the level of success for the quilt show and fall fest at alden lane too.


on my list to do a prayer flag picture for northern California fire victims..

          -surrounded by tragedy and trauma - everyone/everywhere write now..  all parts of the world; visible  -hyper media attention and the ongoing but unseen

so, grateful to be attending a potluck  -contributing to raising funds..  helping even in a small way

overwhelmed; yes..

but trained with ability to compartmentalize; cast cares.. so I can be present and of value at work, with family, friends, etc.

Praise God!


details later:     full understanding of God in us; full understanding of God is good all the time

   -waiting for full of understanding of  omnipresence..  that one word or phrase which locks in the understanding..  makes it all perfectly clear.


your mind is the battlefield..  title of a joyce meyer book


working on analogy:

with computer hackers vs. helpers..

the enemy   -hacks.   breaks in..  against will, with ill intention..

the holy spirit   -must be invited..  welcomed..     like when you provide the password info and someone from remote location can  -with your permission,   take control of your cursor..

Monday, October 16, 2017

getting to know each other... robert & (me!) sandra, tvgp


allow me to introduce Robert..    my most pleasant surprise!   the one I mentioned in a couple previous posts, that I met at Barones Music Under the Stars..

He is single.  Christian.

and will dance all night long..     -has quite a gifting for hospitality,  i.e., 

founder:  Party Time Productions

and is a master level de-escalator in his position as a deputy

my admiration/respect is very high for de-escalators; and very low for people who are consistently easy to provoke; agitate; irritate, etc.   -or who enjoy provoking others


today he is co-hosting a golf tournament..

and to introduce the writer in (me!) to him..    I quite think he should read this:

"did you just say golf?"      /cerebral hyperlinks..


and now, Rick..   retired san leandro police officer and friend for life      -he just comes and goes too often, too unpredictably

or rather I take that back..   quite predictably he just takes off...      and randomly shows back up...

and so, 

what heart can invest?      not mine.

but I love him like..    I cherish him!   I will cherish him always just the way he is..

platonically; forever.

and as he knows    -he is the ONLY person in my entire life history, that  post, romantic relationship, we have somehow managed to remain friends    -with every other past intimate relationship.  once it is over, it is OVER.  -all contact is terminated quite permanently; save only the father of my children, for the exact reason that he is their father..

Sunday, October 15, 2017

2nd stop coffee house tour... xoxo

Saturday, October 14, 2017

California Poppies. mixed media wine bottle art by (me!) sandra, tvgp

Ignite Your Chances -

~ To own one of Sandra Harrison Kay's inspired, hand-painted, hand-designed, California Poppies recycled wine bottles; limited editions $150.00/each

Unless you would like the chance to pay only $25 by your willingness to risk paying $279.

Opportunities to gamble will ignite your risk taking impulses. Inspired by a combination of love of state, beauty of Alden Lane and an orange flower fetish, these pretty mixed media wine bottles sparkle as home d├ęcor for wine and art enthusiasts and can romantically illuminate any area with just the lighting of the candle on top..

Center of attraction:

Booth #3 at tonight's IGNITE event, downtown Pleasanton to visit and learn more. Created by Pleasanton's Past Poet Laureate 2013-2015, and non-stop blogger
[ SHEsaysWITHaSMILE.blogspot.com ]

there will also be poetry worksheets and quick crafts for children.

Scatter things of beauty

Catch an eye ~open hearts

California Poppies

charm with color ~fresh new starts

"Thank You!" for your support

-for helping keep my creative fires burning...