Monday, October 16, 2017

getting to know each other... robert & (me!) sandra, tvgp


allow me to introduce Robert..    my most pleasant surprise!   the one I mentioned in a couple previous posts, that I met at Barones Music Under the Stars..

He is single.  Christian.

and will dance all night long..     -has quite a gifting for hospitality,  i.e., 

founder:  Party Time Productions

and is a master level de-escalator in his position as a deputy

my admiration/respect is very high for de-escalators; and very low for people who are consistently easy to provoke; agitate; irritate, etc.   -or who enjoy provoking others


today he is co-hosting a golf tournament..

and to introduce the writer in (me!) to him..    I quite think he should read this:

"did you just say golf?"      /cerebral hyperlinks..


and now, Rick..   retired san leandro police officer and friend for life      -he just comes and goes too often, too unpredictably

or rather I take that back..   quite predictably he just takes off...      and randomly shows back up...

and so, 

what heart can invest?      not mine.

but I love him like..    I cherish him!   I will cherish him always just the way he is..

platonically; forever.

and as he knows    -he is the ONLY person in my entire life history, that  post, romantic relationship, we have somehow managed to remain friends    -with every other past intimate relationship.  once it is over, it is OVER.  -all contact is terminated quite permanently; save only the father of my children, for the exact reason that he is their father..


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