Saturday, October 14, 2017

insomnia part I: brain plumBing by (me!) sandra, tvgp

things that make me giggle:   henry louis gates jr. being interviewed by my Charlie rose

     -but wait..  actually, he asks and answers so many of his own questions there is hardly need for a host


   back in the day:  prior to attending a church, I was forewarned...   of the terrible~ness of religion, the money hungry fake/hypocrites..     -how they were just after tithes, and the rest is show..

what I have learned since then is this:   that is  -sometimes-   true.

    /and there are many! passages in the Bible that discuss doing things for show vs. for authentic reasons...


what I what would prep you with today:    -they,   where they ='s true followers/believers of and in God

well, you should be very grateful.    they have done a lot of research, work, study, contemplation, testing, reading, meditating, thinking, feeling, realizing on your behalf

-they have put in quite a bit of time and energy to arrive at the conclusion
                           and, can we get a number?   how many people have, do, or also will arrive at this same conclusion:

Jesus IS the way, the truth, the life


I am to write on the topic of value permanence.

and I feel quite qualified to do so, because..   I regard it as one of the great benefits of my Christian walk

that is..   what a job it is for anyone to figure out their value in this world..  to this world.

in any given social circumstance, whether in the company of one, or hundreds of people

the question:     "am I of any value to you?"

and, seems infinite, the settings I have actually, and can/do imagine myself in

     -just how many times the answer  -real or imagined-  comes up

NO.     you are of no value to me, or to us, whatsoever.

or, you are only of value to me IF/WHEN you do this, or earn that, or can achieve this, spend this much, help me achieve..     with some attachments to money, status, political/social ambitions, etc.

and where your value so often fluctuates..    on age, circumstance, trends, records, appearance, financial status..    education..   popularity..    ratings...  


in the eyes of God where you are enormously valued as a human being  -period.  AND!  your value does not fluctuate; it is permanent

it is not..     I am of great value when in the company of people who are less intelligent, less well off

but, of less value, when in circles of people much more educated and wealthy

    it is not   -I am of great value as long as I am succeeding..   improving..

and of no value when I fail, or drift backwards..

true Christians understand they are valued by God  -permanently; as is.  consistently..  

and that understanding;  -being the recipient of this unfluctuating value

being permanently loved and treasured

allows then the recipient to pay it forward..  fills you up; spills over...  and you value others just the same.

-for the same reasons:   just because..

         and so if a person only feels valued if/when...   that is what they pay forward also

and so imagine..

if all human beings felt enormously valued, treasured, loved

all the time.


it is a good exercise I think

to ask the question:   how valuable am I to

this person?  that person?  this company?   that business?    that industry?   this social circle?

and more important to ask the follow up question:

based on what?



I am in receipt of an email from a friend with a spouse who is helping out in Puerto rico..

  -I always appreciate hearing from people who are actually there  -and directly, vs. filtered through the news/social media


what spiritual strength is required! to be in the middle of such devastation and such raw suffering; such loss..     but does God ever shine through volunteers, people helping people..

rescue and restoration..      this IS very much God's business..

the business he is in..

"to..   the way to truth and light..   is often  -but not always-   through suffering...    "

            I have done some of the work on your behalf, let's say...

/and I am certainly not the first or last person to arrive at that conclusion..
         I am what number?



and now, it is as if..

the cerebral clogs have been successfully identified and removed


At 11:42 PM, Blogger Karin Montgomery said...

I Love this!!!! Very well said and warms my heart even more hat I am a Christian and truly appreciate what you have just shared. Thank you!!!
She says with a smile’s sis 💕


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