Sunday, December 27, 2009

ITZ~ITZ LOVE, ITZ~ITZ HOPE, ITZ~ITZ FAITH by (me!) sandra, tvgp

Thursday, December 17, 2009

LAUGHTER FOR BREAKFAST! from (squidmann!)

kinko's revisited. wednesday december 16th.

by leonard stegmann

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS.... "CHARLIE ROSE!" says (me!) sandra tvgp

i know most people would lean towards oprah as being the best television talk show host of all time, but they'd be mistaken

oprah could win as most popular, yes.. but you just can't give an award to a host -beautiful and talented as she might be - who, interruptes her guest in the middle of tragic life stories for a commercial break

-some conversations should not be put on hold; stopped mid-thought. there's something so wrong about that

taking your guest and viewers from one valid emotional state -ripping that carpet from underneath their feet

throwing them curbside; force-feeding a parade of product & service mini-movies

and then, ripping that carpet out, and landing everyone back in the studio where now -who knows what they should feel; or buy; or clean; or wear; or drive...

where were we?

"oh yeah... an entire family; murdered!"


and as long as we're in the process of elimination...

william shatner ... out!


"why did she cry?"

can you imagine? -he has a guest on -kelsey grammer- to be specific. -and God bless this man..

he has endured more than his fair share of tragic losses,

and shatner asks all about his tragic losses, of course, write... "how old were you when your father died? how did he die? who told you... where, when, how, etc."

and grammer explains his parents were divorced at the time, he hadn't seen his dad in long time.. there was some estrangment

and he was being driven home from school by his mom, when his mom broke the news that his father had been murdered -and he mentions that his mom began crying

and shatner asks, "why was she crying?"


well, i assure you, mr. kelsey grammer was as gracious and wonderful as he could be, but i wanted to reach write through that televsion screen and hit that william shatner over his star trek head!

since i couldn't do that, i just


and went to "my recordings" where several charlie rose episodes were waiting patiently for my time and attention.

"charlie.. i know YOU would never ask such a question... my goodness...

and YOU.. you never interrupt your guest for commercial breaks..

i love you charlie rose!"

-and i'm always surprised when i ask around, and learn some of my friends, co-workers have never heard of charlie rose

charlie rose!

he's been on pbs since... since...

for a long, long time. and he has the most fascinating guests.. scientists, movie stars, political leaders, doctors, poets, philosophers, authors, artists, directors, economists, robin williams; race car drivers, athletic champions; you name it

FULL, BEAUTIFUL, ENTIRELY ENGAGING, UNINTERRUPTED CONVERSATIONS! no live audience.. just charlie and his guest(s) 'round the big oak table

and most importantly -NO COMMERCIAL BREAKS!-

i think it is very safe to say, charlie rose is THE BEST TELEVISION TALK SHOW HOST OF ALL TIME

if you look at quality of guests

quality of questions

quality of program

charlie rose is second to none.