Wednesday, July 28, 2010



so yesterday, we were driving from here to there listening to the radio, and my son, reached over

/oh, i can barely admit this to you squidmann

but my son, he reached over, and changed the radio station

in the middle!

of a paul mccartney song.

"oh! you just brought a curse upon yourself!" i told him, "you can't change the radio station in the middle of a paul mccartney song! how rude! you'll pay a price for that, i just want you to know. that was paul mccartney from The Beatles!"

and, squidmann, you might want to close your eyes and skip reading the next part, because, you won't believe what he said,

he said, "The Beatles? aren't they dead"

i almost pulled the car over [-k- you can open your eyes again]

"oh, now you've really brought the curse on," i told him "you better pray i don't tell leonard what you just said"

and then he just sat quiet for a moment.

and i changed the station back to paul mccartney, and he changed it back to -whatever

"you just watch now what happens" i warned him.

then he sat quiet for another moment

then he said, with a hint of concern, "mommy, am i really gonna be cursed?"

i said, "you just can't change the station in the middle of a song by paul mccartney, i'm just tellin' ya"


when he spilt his orange juice all over the table and floor later that afternoon, i said, "i told you!"

and when he bumbed his head leaving the kitchen, i said, "i told you!"

and when he couldn't sleep well...

and then when he woke up this very morning, i promised him it was a new day, and he had a chance for forgiveness and fresh start. the curse only lasts one day

"so i hope you learned your lesson"

-and he just smiles and shakes his head... but with that hint of concern.

i sure wish you could see.