Monday, August 17, 2009


so, like many people around me these days, i need a job.

write away.

and i've been interviewing here n' there for a variety of positions, most recently for a sales position -straight commission. 25%

let's call that nudge #2.

the tri valley haven has had their budget cut by $200,000! and i've been staying awake nights considering the consequences of this cut

at the risk of repeating myself: i am a 3 time survivor of sexual assault. kidnapped/raped at age 6, 16 & 17. i am 43 years old today, so the services the tri valley haven provides were not available to me, or my family, back then

but what a profound and personal understanding i have for the life-saving value of these services for victim/survivors today. and not only does the tri valley haven provide amazing, loving, compassionate (and legal) services for sexual assault victim/survivors, but they also provide shelter/services for domestic abuse victims, and a food pantry for our local homeless, hungry and in-need families

let's call that nudge #1

i self-published my first collection of creative non-fiction a few months ago. i made/passed out some post cards and sent out some emails re: my "launch party" at towne center books back in may

and i was invited/appeared locally on tv30, with jim ott & kathy cordova, on in a word to briefly talk about my book

but you know what

i haven't done much else. -i haven't approached one other independent book store.. or made any additional efforts to market/sell my book


i have received a handful of letters, notes, emails, and 1 phone call in praise of the book.

most recently, an email from patti benson that read, in part:

..what a book, you are quite the writer. once i picked it up, i couldn't put it down, and I DONT READ, I DO BOOKS ON TAPE, so the only thing i have left to say is, WHEN DO YOU PUBLISH YOUR NEXT ONE.
knowing you and your family made the reading extremely personal. i cried at some things and remembered so much of you, jack and taryn, what wonderful children...

and a card from charlotte severin which reads, in part:

It is hilarious! You are Very (underlined) funny & fun (underlined)!

let's call that nudge #3 -because you know what:

i've really needed this feedback to help build my confidence.

so.. in that magical way things gather together, mix and stir in the heart, soul and mind to motivate one into action

it turns out these were the 3 things i needed to help set my mind, and kick me into focused action -and very important that ALL 3 exist in combination, because with just 1, or even 2.. nothin'

but with 2, 1 & 3!:

why on earth, when i have my own product (eat, write & exercise) would i devote my time/energy to selling someone else's product and working for someone else when i could & should, be working on my own behalf

essentially, it is the same, isn't it; promoting your self-published book: a straight commission position. and i can earn 100% commission -and donate a % to tvh ($2.13 per book sale/100% on sat. oct 3)

so i hired myself yesterday for the job.

but i have needed something beyond myself, my own profits, to motivate me into action. i really do need a greater/higher cause if i'm going to successfully do what does not come naturally or pleasurably to me: phone calls, cold calls..

and this budget cut tvh is experiencing is that higher call; my great motivator

but even with my great motivator and great need for a job, write away -and the potential for higher % commission

i still really needed (continue to need) the positive feedback from readers to kick me into gear; to help build my confidence

help me believe in my own product

so that when i'm on the phone, or at the door

i have that inner-knowledge/confidence, that what i'm offering, what i'm selling

is worthy of their investment as a bookseller

and worthy of your time, as readers.

so thanks be to God for supplying me, through others, exactly what i needed to get serious about promoting/selling my book