Thursday, December 29, 2016

TREE MAJESTIC december 2016

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Monday, December 26, 2016

The Heart Seen... by (matthew montgomery!)

-in a school parking lot...  -great find/great shot!   "Thank You! Love You!".  xoxo

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Friday, December 23, 2016

GREAT COME-BACKS as experienced by (me!) sandra, tvgp

oh!  I like this time of year..   

when they come-back!    my daughter..  she came back from college and that sure elevates the spirits pretty immediately and significantly..

and then,

the college kids..   all those young adults I got attached to at alden lane,  and who abandoned me, with very little warning, it feels like

to pursue their educations.    "they come back!"   during the holidays, when they are off from school and returning home to visit their families..

they pick up hours again at alden lane.    "Rachel!   youre back!"  

"Austin...  youre back!"      "Brad...  you're back!"       "Joe!   you're back!"

and, so..       it's great come-back time.

and, emma here..    she is another treasure.    -turns out she plays the piano too, and


she is not overly fond of performing in front of people; gets a little nervous.

I said with a smile; I said,

"honey..  you could not be talking to anyone who understands that more than me!   you are talking to a phobic.."

and a small group of us, discussed our nervousness/anxieties/phobias/awkwardnesses/reluctance

when it comes to public speaking and performances.

   -good thing for all of us, john talked emma into playing the piano, and she over-rode her nervousness

and filled the alden lane garden/gift store with the very uplifting, joyful sound of

Vince Garbaldi Christmas music...

        -you know I cant "thank you!" enough..

it is the coolest thing ever to have that baby grand inside the store,
            but just sitting there...

   -left unplayed..  

that feels almost criminal.        "thank you!" for bringing things to life!


when I consider/remember how beautiful Melissa's piano playing was...

and add your talent..

and having seen John Dell's band perform..   his guitar talent and singing..

and then,   -I believe Zach plays the...     trumpet?

anyway..   you know my mind is at work on an Alden Lane Band..   What is up Connor's sleeve, musically?   I need to investigate...

I'm gonna find out who can sing, who can play drums...     and just wait

til you see me with a tambourine...

and how well I can lip synch


In Jesus puts me up to these things name..    amen!

oh!   Jesus...  you know what would be super cool..  !!

     -turning the electric carts..      using ..

like, the unexpected into instruments..

           oh!  my mind is off and running..

running!  water     -yes, running water over the foil wrapping.. what sound does that make?   branches on the flagstone?    the cash register,   -click; click..

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mixed Media on Wine Bottles, by (me!) sandra, tvgp

and, a public "thank you!" here to matt...   because even though it is a busy time,
even in the busy~ness

it is a great pleasure for me to create these..
wine bottles are my favorite canvas to work on
and working with paper, mixed media
  -gives me energy; does not drain me..

Merry Christmas!    Blessings to you & yours!

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THE DARE & RISK PATTERN IN HEALING as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I am going to bullet point what I wish I had time to detail:   -what happen is that I watched/listened to a variety of ted talks while I was creating/fulfilling my mixed media on recycled wine bottles order.   -pictures to follow

in the for a long time now, very predictable, seen over and over and over again patterns of human behavior category:

-how daring/risking to go public with any socially taboo issue

1. leads to healing
2. leads countless others to healing also.   

and how I believe healing   -true and complete healing

both, individual and collective, is literally impossible without bringing a given issue into

the light.

I could go on and on, but, will bullet point here:

pick your issue/topic, any given:     cancer; homosexuality; sexual abuse; clinical depression; miscarriage;   -the list is long, the pattern is undeniable

the issue is a variable; the pattern is fixed:    

  -first, an issue is somehow taboo in a given culture/society or family   {explore reasons for that later}

-next, a person, or small group of people, dare/risk, to share their issue publically; breaking the power of the taboo issue to be silenced

-next...   dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of people break their silence also..

and as a result..   incalculable amounts of people grow, learn, heal.

dark/light is quite synonymous with   silenced/spoken


same pattern:   variable + dare/risk + fixed = healing

just change taboo issue    /which is itself a variable,

to...   media produced false expectation.    we see the same thing; same pattern

over and over and over and over,  for years..

and i'm sitting there, listening, thinking..   "we already know this!!    its already been going on for YEARS!  DECADES!

AND Yet I'm listening to young adults talk as if..       its all a big surprise, and they are the first to come across it..

specifically, I'm talking about a couple, who   -under the influence of glossy, magazines, and happy family advertisements,

where everyone is always beautiful, happy, smiling and connected and in love with life and each other


 -where images are CREATED and manipulated with very specific CAPITALISTIC PURPOSE behind them

and have very little to do with REALITY

   -well, anyway

the pattern, long established, and still thriving is this

people fall under the power/influence of media images/shows/commercials, etc.

-these images create a FALSE EXPECTATION inside people/individuals, groups, families, neighborhoods, etc.

and its all a set up which pits reality against false images, and the result

is everyone feeling like they are FALLING SHORT



INSECURE   and afraid to CONFESS their experience is not what..    

         -and for me personally, the

CURE and HEALING ARE SO OBVIOUS I don't think I should even have to write or mention it


well, it is part of the reason that I went on my MASS MEDIA DIET many years ago.   and I remain on it today..

it is the diet I went on that got the best results, in the shortest amount of time, and they have been very long lasting..

the quality of my life skyrocketed...

but, you are inundated out there..    and this diet requires a certain discipline, determination, constant vigilance

but it is worth it!

     in Jesus is the LIGHT of the World...

and things brought into the light...

      and one of the most beautiful, time-tested, patterns in this dark/light world is

the healing powers of God's love.   - & name


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Exceptional! to (me!) sandra, tvgp

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Heart Seen.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

outside the window of the room I'm renting.   -it is also where I enjoy my, CBS Sunday Morning one minute of nature, 

hours at a time.  birds, squirrels...     they take turns showing off

pairs very well,  -this view, with my morning coffee.    

hallelujah & amen.

Mixed media on wine bottles.. in progress... by (me!) sandra, tvgp

very pleasant surprise during my late night mixed media marathon...

   -turns out, these wine bottles glow in the dark.    when I turned off the light to finally go to bed, the wine bottles were glowing..

I thought maybe it was the way the moon light was coming through the window at first..  and so picked up and carried the bottles in different areas of the room

   -sure enough..    they glow!

it's in the grout/glue recipe I guess..    will research when time allows, but..

fun discovery.      '

and wonderful analogy.   -these things are not lost on (me!).

I once had a vision of every cross, on top of every church in the tri-valley   -glowing.  lit up at night.

   -and what that would look like from an airplane at night

-awesome~beautiful.    and that's something I would love to make happen...

In Jesus is the light of the world's name..   amen!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Xyron and the original jaw-dropping WOW! factor.. as seen & experienced by (me!) & (brian perrin!)

it was great fun then..  and it was great fun just now, very recently to see brian perrin's reaction to my xyron

"what does this do?"

"it's a sticker-maker"  I said with a smile.  "no batteries..  no plug...   no mess...   it just turns your paper into a sticker..    instantly!"

and it turns out, that is exactly what he needed at the time.   he had sale signs on what must of been 5x7 white paper, and needed to frame them on larger, like, 7x9 red paper backgrounds.

   -so I showed him, how you just roll the paper through...   remove the plastic film stuff,   and voila!

he stood there, and his bottom jaw, literally dropped.    "We have to have one of these!"   

When he said, 'we' He meant Alden Lane.   

And then I explained how it gets even better...   because you can just change the cartridge and you can laminate, or turn paper signs into a thin magnet..

Alden Lane currently has a very large..   very involved..  slightly time-consuming   plug in/heat needed laminating machine.


no heat, no batteries, no plug,   -no wait, laminating tools.

the joy..

the joy is in getting to be the person who demonstrates it to someone else for the first time.   -the analogy for me

is getting to see and experience the difference between a manual typewriter and word processor

"WHAT?!?   it's that easy?!?   WHO INVENTED THIS!   THIS IS AWESOME!"


it was my reaction..   back in the day,

when I was first experimenting with the creation of mag time frame kits..   and adhering designer paper backgrounds onto wood surfaces.

Initially I was using spray adhesives..     it did work, but..   you don't want to do too much of that in an indoor environment.   and I ran into complications when it got breezy in the backyard..

and sometimes it did not come out evenly..    sometimes drippy..     clumpy..


and I don't remember exactly who or when..    was it sue at California Stampin' in Pleasanton?

but someone introduced me..

and the timing..     the timing!   -to have this available for teaching workshops, and providing in store demonstrations

if ever two innovations were made, literally   -for each other.

Mag Time Frames were already a 'help-you-sell' to independent scrapbook store owners, because they opened up a whole new canvas for every paper/embellishment on the shelves in the stores..

but Mag Time Frames also helped introduce scrapbookers/stampers to Xyron   -and helped sell a large number of those too;  along with the cartridges

which included permanent, or repositionable adhesives; laminate; magnet..

    /lets remember here..   the paper-to-magnet cartridge is such that the magnet is too thin, too weak for anything outside of DIRECT to metal surface.   If you try to hold up a piece of paper with the magnet..  the paper will fall..

        -and,  it was the pull-strength of Mag Time Frame magnets that made the product/innovation the first of its kind in the hobby/craft industry.

                 /oh no!  here SHE goes again...


i'll stop there.      in a trade magazine somewhere, I am quoted as saying

"every house should have 3 Xyron Machines, and only one T.V."

because...   how much more fun to be creating/doing...   than sitting/watching..

and I was hopeful during my Mag Time Frame days, that Xyron might partner with me in some way..

     collaborate...     take me under their wing..     help cross-promote...

I looked for that opportunity from a number of the large corporations..   Sizzix..    and..

Ive forgotten now the names..     I made countless efforts; wrote many, many letters..  made many many calls..

but I have more wonderful testimony about Xyron though, because..

The Xyron I have and am using write now are from many years ago..

and so are the cartridges.   and the adhesive cartridges have been through several moves with me, and in any variety of temperatures..

and they still perform like new.

and i'm certain this tool has only improved with time..    i'm certain it has evolved..   and maybe the price of cartridges has dropped..

i'll research their website again soon...

but Xyron   -the battery-plug-trouble free sticker/laminator/thin magnet maker tool..

A revolutionary innovation in the hobby/craft industry.   And I'm not certain WHO designed/invented/created this tool..

but it is still receiving jaw-dropping results from people who are seeing it for the first time.

"Congratulations!!"             -huge blessing to both practical & creative people everywhere

and i'll be busy using mine today to finish my recycled wine bottle art project...

In,  I'm stickin' with Jesus Name..      amen!


and, quick note here.. to say what a delightful surprise to cross paths in Ricks Picks recently with Jon & Chris..

husband & wife,  -and in the friendship circle during the time I dated Jacques    -so, its been a while..

turns out Chris is a scrapbooker..    and used to join in on the scrapbook social get togethers at Stampers Warehouse in Danville

"I used to have my product in their store!"

and I knew I was at risk here, of boring her to death with my Mag Time Frame stories..

so, I restrained..

but, fun to learn that even though the store closed many years ago,   -there is still a group of them that get together at her home and scrapbook together..

  -that's awesome.

such a beautiful combination of making and keeping memories at the same time.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

CURRENCY & CALENDARS -by (me!) sandra, tvgp

ON a hilltop, driving east on 580 into Pleasanton passersby can see, very clearly, very beautifully, letters that read:


-having just written about how busy people become in December, and how being over-busy taxes our memories, and causes us to forget things..

well, here I AM with a friendly reminder:   not only is Jesus the Reason for the Season,

Jesus is the reason for,

well, when you flipped your paper calendar to the month of December    /for those of us who still have paper calendars

  -or for those of you exclusively using digital/internet devices,   -when you clicked..

or actually, sometimes you do not even need to lift your finger at all... the current date is updated automatically,

the point I'm trying to make however, is that, Jesus is the reason for our calendar!   The time/date system we are all using

   -ALL- as in, seculars, faith-filled, agnostics, atheists,  -younger/older   -poorer/richer    -republican/democrat, etc

the time/date system we are ALL using every single day is itself based on the birth of Jesus Christ;   -Son of God.

and, ALL of us,   -ALL-  as in, seculars, faith-filled, agnostics, atheists,  -younger/older   -poorer/richer    -republican/democrat, etc.

WE are ALL, here in the UNITED States of America using currency which reads:


Every single bill or coin,  be it $5, or $100, be it a penny, dime or nickel..    We are exchanging currency daily which reads:


Now, the next point I want to make, is that:  Well, I'm pretty certain cash is on its way out..

I don't mean out of our pockets/wallets..  that's obvious..

I mean on its way out, as in,   -like manual typewriters, which you only find now in museums.

and how quickly this will happen, I'm not certain,  -things are moving pretty fast these days

in 5 more years?   15?   

but, as we transition away from paper currency and coins which currently read


Well, I was kind of looking at other forms of paying for things recently, like credit cards, ATM/Debit cards, Coupons, Store-Specific Cash,

and, I'm not seeing that message on any other forms of currency....

but personally, my trust is not in credit card companies or banks or retail stores, and my trust is not in money.

it really is IN GOD that I trust...


"Merry Christmas!   Everyone...     & Amen!"

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Heart Seen Exhibit at the (pleasanton library!) -February 2017

   -a surprise visit from my daughter at alden lane yesterday..  and! the good news from Jennifer at the Pleasanton library,  that my heart seen exhibit will be in the write display case for the entire month of February 2017.     these are the kind of things that do put an extra kick in my step

  -that, and the addition of a radio..   music! in the register kiosk   "thank you! Shirley & heather"

and made me laugh to hear brian o say,  "... it only took 62 years..."

and I need an extra kick in my step..  and an extra reason to laugh and smile..   -because

-because don't you know its HARD

HARDER at the holidays to be without my sister, niece and nephew..    you miss everyone extra.  and, then I learned like,

3 people I just have come to love, admire and adore for one reason or another, brian o among them, are all leaving alden lane soon

"NO! NO! NO!    just STOP IT!"       -I will never adapt or acclimate, ive come to realize, at the easy come, easy go nature of working environments.    -but, what I feel very good and happy about, is that..   it serves as absolutely no deterrent whatsoever for me when it comes to wanting to get to know and attach/connect to new people as I meet them.

   -sometimes that happens.  where people figure, since you'll be leaving soon anyway, I wont bother to get close

but quite frankly, i'd rather get close and feel the pain of the goodbye, than miss out on the connections all together.

perhaps that is the very reason for the breaking of my heart so many times throughout my life

    -and yours too

its all spiritual training.            "carry on soldiers!    carry on..."


p.s.   -don't tell  anyone

not a soul!    what a good time I am having as a cashier

honey..    I was paper-crafting to Bruno mars music yesterday, and looked out at the rain

and had to restrain myself from running out in the middle of the nursery to scream out loud "i love you Jesus!"

    -look at these beautiful papers!   and I'm helping paper punch, glue, for the paper bags which will be lunch bags on Inspiration by Invitation Day at Alden Lane..


SPEAKING OF BEAUTIFUL PAPERS..    I have another signs and wonders story for you:

   -got a wine bottle art order, to make 6 of my recycled wine bottle art pieces  "thank you!" matt

and, I had decided I wanted to go to half price books in Dublin for an art book, and use those types of pages to do some of the bottles

I arrived with certain criteria..  the book needed to have pictures which inspired me.   the book needed to be under $10.    the book needed to showcase art that showcased God..

   -like, I feel compelled to constantly remind people where their creative gifts come from...

anyway..    the first book I came across, had inspiring art for sure, but was $25..

I glanced through a couple more, and was like,   -maybe my criteria is unrealistic.

and the very next book I came across

"it opened to page 213!  and look....

and!  $7.99!

    "THANK YOU!"  Jesus, Kurt Wenner, and Half Price Books...       amen!8/

Thursday, December 15, 2016

awesome & enchanting creations by (sue fordyce!) of alden lane.

I love taking their pictures... these creations..     they are so photogenic!    -the enchanting fairy door is a sample created by sue to promote her class feb 25th 2017, and the tillandsia wreath, she created as a sample for the class/workshop she is hosting at the inspiration by invitation event on feb 11th.     -very good creative times ahead at alden lane as you can see:

only one of many exciting events & opportunities in 2017 at (alden lane!)

and check this out:   my first badge of honor

U.I.D. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is happening to everyone in one form or another.   and they are not, 'senior moments'; they are not early signs of Alzheimer; or from lack of proper nutrition and/or exercise

-what happens

is that we are all Under the Influence of December.   and in December, people start

   -people who were already squeezing 15 hours worth of things to do into 12 hours

start squeezing in even more.   but the earth does not slow its rotation on the axis for Santa, Jesus or any of us elves.

so, what happens is,   at least to my personal theory and experience:  when we squeeze unrealistic amounts of things to do and accomplish into smaller and smaller amounts of time in which to do it

what happens is:

well, I said to myself,     "i can save some time if I don't have to wash and blow dry my hair today!"

and so, I grabbed the shower cap, and hustled into the bathroom.   I sat the shower cap down on the toilet while I got the water going..

then I hopped in the shower, and shampooed my hair.    and when I stepped out, I saw the shower cap on the toilet.

     -like, a lot of good that did me.    -write.


Here I come in prayer unto you Jesus!     -In your, yoke is easy, and burden is light, name.   Amen!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cookies then exchanged for a Christmas Kiss from (rick cahall!)

trust me,

 he did not stop by to say hello.  he did not stop by to see the beautiful nursery.  he did not stop by to shop at the Christmas store. 

he came for the cookies.  

/and I sure am glad I had some cookies.

  -Carla,   it was you that made his favorite..  /I say with a smile.. 
so, I put a variety in the  -way charming wise man packaging, by team sherry/betsy,
and was sure to put a few of the peanut butter/chocolate kiss ones on top

then I held them hostage
with two conditions...

"it worked!"

-but he's gone again already..

and, the cookies are too.

In, I wonder what would be Jesus favorite cookie? 's name...   amen!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

CHRISTMAS COOKIE EXCHANGE PARTY 2016 by, (my mom!) sharon zuro

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Feliz Navidad from (me!) sandra, tvgp

ive been pronouncing this gorgeous flower's name wrong my entire life.   -with only 3 syllables,  poin-set-ta;  not 4.    but after hearing brian perrin and 3 additional horticulturists at alden lane say its name correctly

well, I decided not to be stubborn on this one because it sounds prettier said correctly: 


it is named after joel r. poinsett
 u.s. ambassador to mexico,   -back in the day
and credited/recognized for bringing this flower to the attention of botanists.

this makes me immediately want to say,

"thank you!"


~ feliz navidad 

In Jesus Birthday Celebration is almost here's name...    amen!

Friday, December 09, 2016

RAINDROP THOUGHTS an essay-ish writing by (me!) sandra, tvgp

when exactly did I write this piece?  -not certain, but, I do remember I read it out loud during an event   -perhaps an open mic, at towne center books in Pleasanton.    and in the audience that day, was Karen Hogan

and after hearing me read this, she invited me to come be a guest reader/speaker at the 4th Street Saturday Salons in Livermore and that ultimately lead to a variety of my writings being published in her annual Livermore Wine Country Literary Harvests.    -so, more gratitude...    "Thank You!"

and so, I can only know this was written sometime prior to 2005..  my guess is,  2003 or 2004, but I think the same way today, as I did when I wrote it. 

and the reason I am reposting it this morning/retyping it, is because during my operation radical declutter phase IV, I came across the plastic children's rainstick toy that inspired the writing, and that I used when I read it out loud at towne center books:



humor me by closing your eyes and listening     -or not-

[turn rainstick upside down, so the audience can hear what sounds like sheets of falling rain]

When I close my eyes and listen.         In my imagination this is the sound of a million different thoughts falling from the sky.   Each and every drop

-a thought.

Thoughts  -like water in a constant cycle.  Land. Atmosphere. Ocean.  Condensation.  Precipitation.  Evaporation.   Yes!  That's it.     Evaporation.

Vapor Thoughts!   Thoughts in a constant cycle no different from water.   -and how do you change the state of water from a liquid, to a solid or a gas?

You Change The Temperature!

Change the temperature in the room.   From warm and cozy friendly thoughts to better keep it cool thoughts.  Watch me heat things up thoughts.   Private thoughts.  Steamy thoughts.  I'd die if you knew what I was thinking thoughts.

Random thoughts.  Heavenly thoughts.  Under the influence of Mozart thoughts. 

And as time goes by, there are those clever hide and go seek, senior moment thoughts.   And mean and nasty, vengeful thoughts coming to a slow, full boil.

-boiling water, by the way, evaporates more quickly.   I had to stop and share that thought.

Then there's the man with the sexy smile.   The sight of him makes me so nervous.  He looks at me and if I can speak at all, it comes out in a stutter.  He makes my heart race and my brain slow down.  Seeing him always makes me lose my train of thought.  

Where was I anyway?

Oh yes.  Thoughts like water.

In liquid state:  I see free flowing conversation.  Words pouring out from our lips, reaching ears and touching hearts.  Beautiful music.  Interesting stories read aloud.   And I hear his voice..

Thoughts in solid form:  every single thing you see.  The clothes you're wearing, the chair you sit in, the shoes you stand in, the car you drove to get here.  

-every single thing you see, touch, taste, smell...      was first! a thought.

It's all so romantic.  I see a library and the museum of modern art.

And in my imagination, it is our passing thoughts, that just like water, evaporate into vapor thoughts   -but unlike water, impurities are not left behind.   No thing filters the thoughts leaving our minds and entering the atmosphere.

Millions and millions of unedited, uncensored, raw and wonderful vapor thoughts travel every second into the atmosphere and gather together to form


Good ideas, bad ideas, brilliant ideas rise above us, invisible to the naked eye, they travel by wind, pick up new ideas along the way.  They talk amongst themselves, listen, share, debate, argue, have sex, reproduce until new understandings are born and bring rain.

-sometimes in the form of a light sprinkle.  Sometimes a heavy storm.

Open-minded people, I think, live in rain forests.

I have a picture in my head of some people I know but don't like much.  When new ideas come along, they run indoors and start complaining.  But when I picture the people I love, my family and friends, open-minded sensitive, and compassionate people, artists and poets, singers and actors and writers.  I have visions of them singing in this rain.   Leaning their heads back, sticking out their tongues and drinking it up.  And I see them gather to splash in the big, muddy puddles left behind.

Just as plants absorb water from the soil   -we absorb ideas into our minds, our souls.  Our roots; key nutrients for sustaining life.   Wars born form a collection of destructive, unchallenged thoughts.  Violence from a collection of angry thoughts.   Cancers and fatal diseases from exposure to too many hopeless thoughts.

But brilliant ideas   -these manifest into civil rights movements, paradigm shifts, cures and solutions, a blend of philosophical and tangibles that contribute to our evolution.

Passing and unused thoughts recycle back into the atomosphere.  Old ideas mix with new ideas creating novel ideas and then it rains again.

When I open my eyes,

I see an 8" plastic toy.    Inside the clear plastic cylinder, a collection of tiny, colorful plastic beads pulled by gravity through an arrangement of triangular slots in 8 thin, colorful plastic disks.

When you turn it upside down, the toy makes music.   A sound similar to falling rain.

Or,   -if you are stressed out, short tempered or in a bad mood.   It just makes noise.

Either way, this little plastic toy is the result of a clever thought.   and often.   one clever thought leads directly to another.

Greetings and Gratitude from and for (alden lane!)

...add on please
several more "thank you's!"   
for the Thanksgiving Feast.. and the Christmas Breakfast...
and the Christmas Dinner
where all of the men looked so handsome
and all of the women looked so beautiful!
and we could visit and talk, guilt free
/not feel like when we were talking, we should really be working..
and where I got to know
my extraordinary co-workers a little better,
and meet their equally remarkable loved ones..

there is more.. but..   really
top of the blessings/gratitude list
"Thank You Jesus!"  and Jacquie..  and everyone at Alden Lane and Orchard who
contributes to the nursery, and events

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Heart Seen! /and gifted... to (me!), by (roy!)

double public "thank you!" here to Roy
1.  for the delicious! homemade jams, and 2.
the two heart seen rocks you see in the picture!


this is like a kind people of the world report:   -because, Roy, is an Alden Lane customer I only know because he is a friend of Vanessa's

and that is all I said, one day, when he passed through while I was at the register

I said, "aren't you Vanessa's friend that makes the jam?"     that's all I said!

and next thing I know

I returned to work one day, and he had gifted me with 3 different types of his very delicious homemade jams:  black cherry/cherry, pomegranate,  -not sure the other one..

anyway, they are in the Koopmann's refrigerator write now.

so, I wrote out a thank you card, and left it on the bulletin board for when he came through again..
only I didn't know his name,     -just,    the man who makes the jam..

but then he came through during one of my shifts, to make sure I received the jam, and I did get to learn his name, say thank you..    etc.

and then,  -please add on one more generous/thoughtful surprise, because, he

    -having seen my website/blog..

visited me at ricks picks and gifted me with the two heart shaped rocks you see in the picture above.    -turns out   -he collects heart shaped rocks!    and he knew I would be someone who appreciated...

and he was write.   I appreciate them very much!

double blessings!

"Thank You!"      /and in advance, also, because he is going to take a picture of his collection and send it to me.


and, may I share another wonderful heart-seen related blessing also

   -I had gifted a small frame in an easel which contained 9 heart seen shapes, to Cyndee at Alden Lane

and then,

she ended up sharing with me, that, before her dad passed away, when she, and her siblings asked him what his sign would be from the other side,

   -you know what he said, don't you:



In God's most glorious name!      amen & amen!


speaking of glorious..   I did not get to see the game live    darn it!  but Bob Koopmann just told me about Klay Thompson's crazy, awesome number of points scored in 29 minutes..

when a window of time opens, I will search out video highlights online..   "Go Warriors!"

hallelujah!     -off to work...


Sunday, December 04, 2016

"JOY!" to you this holiday season, from (me!) and my (Dr. Maya Angelou!)

Kissin' The Chocolate Blues. 
page 22

Faith Alpher as Dr Maya Angelou
tv prop
verbatim from conversation on People Are Talking


"JOY is what I sign in every book, always, in every autograph, in everything I end with

Joy!   It is kind of an umbrella word...

it means health.
it means focus.
it means commitment.

It means religion, if you have that.

It's everything!   It's really an umbrella word.  So if you say, 'I'm out for Joy'

-that means I take responsibility for the time I take up, for the space I occupy.

I am out for JOY!     Yes..    "

Thursday, December 01, 2016

photo by (gerry schoon!)

  -Gerry captured this gorgeous photo on her drive into Alden Lane 11/30/16.   View from Tesla,  -approaching Livermore from Tracy.    Awesome shot!  "Thank you!" for sharing...

and every encounter of a rainbow for (me!)
is a cerebral hyperlink to:   God keeps his promises.