Friday, December 16, 2016

The Heart Seen Exhibit at the (pleasanton library!) -February 2017

   -a surprise visit from my daughter at alden lane yesterday..  and! the good news from Jennifer at the Pleasanton library,  that my heart seen exhibit will be in the write display case for the entire month of February 2017.     these are the kind of things that do put an extra kick in my step

  -that, and the addition of a radio..   music! in the register kiosk   "thank you! Shirley & heather"

and made me laugh to hear brian o say,  "... it only took 62 years..."

and I need an extra kick in my step..  and an extra reason to laugh and smile..   -because

-because don't you know its HARD

HARDER at the holidays to be without my sister, niece and nephew..    you miss everyone extra.  and, then I learned like,

3 people I just have come to love, admire and adore for one reason or another, brian o among them, are all leaving alden lane soon

"NO! NO! NO!    just STOP IT!"       -I will never adapt or acclimate, ive come to realize, at the easy come, easy go nature of working environments.    -but, what I feel very good and happy about, is that..   it serves as absolutely no deterrent whatsoever for me when it comes to wanting to get to know and attach/connect to new people as I meet them.

   -sometimes that happens.  where people figure, since you'll be leaving soon anyway, I wont bother to get close

but quite frankly, i'd rather get close and feel the pain of the goodbye, than miss out on the connections all together.

perhaps that is the very reason for the breaking of my heart so many times throughout my life

    -and yours too

its all spiritual training.            "carry on soldiers!    carry on..."


p.s.   -don't tell  anyone

not a soul!    what a good time I am having as a cashier

honey..    I was paper-crafting to Bruno mars music yesterday, and looked out at the rain

and had to restrain myself from running out in the middle of the nursery to scream out loud "i love you Jesus!"

    -look at these beautiful papers!   and I'm helping paper punch, glue, for the paper bags which will be lunch bags on Inspiration by Invitation Day at Alden Lane..


SPEAKING OF BEAUTIFUL PAPERS..    I have another signs and wonders story for you:

   -got a wine bottle art order, to make 6 of my recycled wine bottle art pieces  "thank you!" matt

and, I had decided I wanted to go to half price books in Dublin for an art book, and use those types of pages to do some of the bottles

I arrived with certain criteria..  the book needed to have pictures which inspired me.   the book needed to be under $10.    the book needed to showcase art that showcased God..

   -like, I feel compelled to constantly remind people where their creative gifts come from...

anyway..    the first book I came across, had inspiring art for sure, but was $25..

I glanced through a couple more, and was like,   -maybe my criteria is unrealistic.

and the very next book I came across

"it opened to page 213!  and look....

and!  $7.99!

    "THANK YOU!"  Jesus, Kurt Wenner, and Half Price Books...       amen!8/


At 5:46 PM, Blogger Karin Montgomery said...

That is so exciting!! I'm very happy for you ❤️. Can't wait to see your bottles too:)
All is good 😊
Love you


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