Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Heart Seen! /and gifted... to (me!), by (roy!)

double public "thank you!" here to Roy
1.  for the delicious! homemade jams, and 2.
the two heart seen rocks you see in the picture!


this is like a kind people of the world report:   -because, Roy, is an Alden Lane customer I only know because he is a friend of Vanessa's

and that is all I said, one day, when he passed through while I was at the register

I said, "aren't you Vanessa's friend that makes the jam?"     that's all I said!

and next thing I know

I returned to work one day, and he had gifted me with 3 different types of his very delicious homemade jams:  black cherry/cherry, pomegranate,  -not sure the other one..

anyway, they are in the Koopmann's refrigerator write now.

so, I wrote out a thank you card, and left it on the bulletin board for when he came through again..
only I didn't know his name,     -just,    the man who makes the jam..

but then he came through during one of my shifts, to make sure I received the jam, and I did get to learn his name, say thank you..    etc.

and then,  -please add on one more generous/thoughtful surprise, because, he

    -having seen my website/blog..

visited me at ricks picks and gifted me with the two heart shaped rocks you see in the picture above.    -turns out   -he collects heart shaped rocks!    and he knew I would be someone who appreciated...

and he was write.   I appreciate them very much!

double blessings!

"Thank You!"      /and in advance, also, because he is going to take a picture of his collection and send it to me.


and, may I share another wonderful heart-seen related blessing also

   -I had gifted a small frame in an easel which contained 9 heart seen shapes, to Cyndee at Alden Lane

and then,

she ended up sharing with me, that, before her dad passed away, when she, and her siblings asked him what his sign would be from the other side,

   -you know what he said, don't you:



In God's most glorious name!      amen & amen!


speaking of glorious..   I did not get to see the game live    darn it!  but Bob Koopmann just told me about Klay Thompson's crazy, awesome number of points scored in 29 minutes..

when a window of time opens, I will search out video highlights online..   "Go Warriors!"

hallelujah!     -off to work...



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