Monday, November 28, 2016

Analogy to neuroscience and memory. to (me!) sandra, tvgp

Ive written this in parts before.. The entire earth as a mind..  Write now I'm just hunting for analogies to memory...

To see boxes of memories in now outdated video forms.   All those memories..  -there

but without any ability to access them, unless they are


how from one generation to the next, there seems to be this...

perpetual ...    chase?   hide and seek...?   cat/mouse situation with peoples memories.

"Here!  We've made it easier, faster, better than ever for you to capture your memories."

and then just about the time you've accumulated a library of memories in one Format

"Switch!".    and now you have them...  But can't get to them...

industries and businesses are born from it..   

and I'm just curious..   How many memories get trapped in the ongoing format shuffle.   Lost.   Thrown away.  

How many converted?    What memory..

What memory was captured at what time, in what format, which has been through the most conversions and is preserved even today..

and can be further converted, so that my great grandchildren can view it?    I'm just wanting/needing to convert handheld video recorder tapes to DVD's...   But my understanding is DVD format and is already on its way out...

but all of this...   Is there analogy to human memory storage?   I still enjoy thinking about all my memories..  And marvel at what it takes to Access them..     A picture/direct route..

first letter of a persons name..

revisiting a geographic location...

random mention in a conversation...

still marvel at how..

Just recently  -clear as I can see my own face in the mirror,

I saw, in the movie screen in my mind,   the face, of the district attorney in San Francisco, who helped me put a rapist behind bars for 20 years.   I remember his face so well.

-not his name.   But his kindness.  His support.  His follow through.  
His face.

I can pull up a picture of his face, at will.  I challenge myself for curiosities sake alone..

Stamina?   -when I pull up a face..  How long can I hold it there before it subsides/fades..

Of course.. I need to save these exercises for when I retire..   

I have to get ready for more work.. And I cannot simultaneously pull up faces/memories while I get ready and work..

it is a dedicated and focused-oriented exercise..

In Jesus remembers and   -does not forget/but. -erases- 
Name.    Amen!


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