Wednesday, November 23, 2016

i've got an inkling... (me!) sandra, tvgp

I had a dream.   "i had a dream!"    -for the roundtable pizza parlor on main street in downtown Pleasanton, when the pizza parlor closed.

but, as with almost all of my dreams, it was minus the capital.

still, I am thrilled with what is there now.  THRILLED!    -and, very grateful.   I did find it upsetting that we were telling our tweens, our teens, our young adults, to get off the video games, and out of the house

and then when they came downtown, they were sometimes shewed away..

here at inklings..   you are very welcome to come in and hang out.   as a matter of fact, I was just there recently for a BSF fellowship

and as we sat getting to know each other better..     /fun stories here I must save to write later..

but just across from us, was a whole big table full of young people, playing cards, or something.. hanging out, laughin', talkin'   -having a wonderful time.

"Thank You!"   Inklings owner/staff.. etc.    Love what you've done with the place!  the books! the collages!  the literary stimulation!   the coffee.. tea...    divine desserts!

and I already went back, and found the best seat in the house    -write next to the window, of course!  and I found your almond croissant pairs quite well with the view, and the book i'm very slowly reading

In Jesus is the reason for the seasons' name.     amen!


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