Saturday, November 19, 2016

Quality Assurance Coordinator at Alden Lane! (me!) sandra, tvgp

"Thank You! Jesus.."    -it flashed in my mind..  when I was a Quality Assurance Coordinator for San Leandro Hospital..   and what a huge, life-long blessing to meet Kathy Biondi..  among others who are/remain life-long friends..

but the job itself...   the very small indoor office, tucked just behind the pbx operator,  with one window, which allowed us to view a hallway; not the outdoors.   and there were 3 of us in there...   Kathy, mark & I...

and we had many good times..   but, I only wish to compare/contrast the quality assurance responsibility and environments; then and now:

   -silently/internally I said to Jesus..   they want (me?!) to quality assurance check..   the solar butterflies and hummingbirds

   -outside!  on a beautiful day!  at...  Alden Lane!!!   well,   okay....


and I am currently back n' forth between the registers up front, and inside Ruthie's Room..  currently transformed into the Christmas Shoppe, with all the magic that Jesus upcoming birthday celebration brings..   and lovely instrumental Christmas music in the background, and  -happy customers excited about finding gifts and décor for themselves, friends and family

and I have to share a funny story about the open sign:


it is literally the first thing to see when you walk up to the nursery.  like, BOOM! there it is..  to greet you.  and it is beautiful, isn't it..

the funny thing is, about 1 minute after it was finally all put up..   a customer walking up, standing write in front of it, goes,

" is the Christmas store open?"

the question landed to Alex..     who had just helped secure the sign in position.   and, I have a heightened sensitivity for hearing not just words, but tone; not just words and tone, but underlying feelings/thoughts..  subtext..   and micro-expressions/micro-tones..

and, I don't think ive ever heard so many shifts in so few words   -

my interpretation is that he was battling what he really wanted to say; with what he knew he should say..  and he won

but, it was a battle between:    do you not see the sign I JUST PUT UP WRITE IN FRONT OF YOU

/the impulsive reaction, but which did surrender to, what he should and did say, which was..

with a smile, and gracious soft laugh:    "yes...  as a matter of fact, we just put up that sign... "


gave me the silent giggles for several hours afterward..   and it is the way of humans everywhere..   self very much included..   but at ricks picks too..  everyone who works there can tell you..   we put up multiple signs all the time...    50% off... or some kind of sale sign..  or a 2 for 1 deal..   long list..

but no one EVER... reads them.   or the ratio of people who read them, to those who don't is like,

19 to 1.

and I can no longer count how many times ive had to say, verbally, the words on a sign, directly in front of a customer.  very common.   and, I am guilty of the same..   I also cant count how many times ive stood write in front of a sign, with the hours of operation, or directions to the bathroom..

its write there..  but I ask the nearest person.

I know a trick though!    if you intentionally spell something wrong on the sign... or do some kind of gross injustice to grammar rules

... suddenly everyone notices.   ;true story.   try it.


anyway..   I started at Alden Lane in June, and have already been privileged to experience Art Under The Oaks, The Quilt Show, The School Tours, The Fall Festival/Scarecrow Contests..   and now, I'm here for Christmas Season..

and this includes...    picture-taking opportunities with a giant 8' bear wearing a Santa Hat, and winter scarf

and to add on to the HOW CAN ANYONE MISS THAT SIGN stories..   I asked the customers you see in the picture above.. the ones with the cutest/sweetest dog ever in the customized back-pack  -a 14 year poodle named lilly..

I asked them, from inside Ruthie's Christmas Shoppe,

".. Would you like me to take your picture with the big bear?"

and they both said, "What Big Bear?"

     -and when I showed them the giant bear they just passed on their way inside the shoppe, they just cracked up

how did we ever miss this?

and I took their picture with their camera phone...      and offer to do that for anyone who will let me.

I love taking people's pictures..   especially at Alden Lane.

and look who stopped by yesterday:    "Motown!"

always a pleasure.   and he says "hi!"  Keeshie..   and we talked again about face-timing you into the dance floor some time in the very near future..

In Happy Birthday Jesus is the ultimate gift giver's Name...   amen


At 2:48 PM, Blogger Karin Montgomery said...

Truly loved reading this!!!
Hello Motown! You are rockin it with the bear there. Haha
I will be back...,,. To join you both on the dance floor and of course will be timing it with P & J 🎶🎶🎶
Happy Thanksgiving:)


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