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a fully converted; -non~converter (me!) sandra, tvgp

just notes:   gary a winter turned me on to -Gregg branden, heart intelligence seeker/teacher, and I'm fresh off one of his videos..

and, -yes! he points out that when a human is forming in the womb..  the evolution is from heart, and FIRST heart beat to brain..  not the other way around..    and the best science today cannot explain how that first heart beat..  -beats.     Cerebral Hyperlink

and I agree we give   -the lions share of credit/study to the human brain as the main/primary/chief communication system,   it telling everything else what to do..   while.. from the get go, it is the other way around,  heart to brain..

now..   I am a fully converted Christian.. and by that, I mean,   -there is no turning back for (me!), all my personal experiences & prayer leads to Jesus, and God, and the Bible, and I will gladly spend the balance of my life growing this relationship.   and you can see,   -there is evidence here on my blog, of how I graduated from   -praying for life or death related manners only..    to, Jesus as my invisible BFF..

but, to this very day..    I STILL, despite many sermons encouraging me to do so..

I still do not feel in any way compelled to convert others.   and I think two things

1:  I'm glad.  I'm glad because there are so many low key hostile relationships between families and friends, where the hostility exists exactly because person A feels very compelled to convert person B, and person B, wants nothing of it..

and resentment grows on the part of person B,  oh no, so n' so is coming over.. here we go again...   while life or death concern is growing on the part of person A..  accept Jesus or be doomed to hell! I'm trying to save your eternal life, don't you understand?!   and,    -there is no good genuine visit to be experienced in this scenario because person A arrives with an agenda, and person B strengthens their defense walls in anticipation of...

it ends up separating people; families and friends, which is the exact opposite of Jesus' goals, as I personally understand them.     -now, has the non-stop conversion pressure succeeded in some instances,   -of course..  but, i'm making a larger  -personal-    /not across all people and all of time; point.

2.   -one of the things I have really come to  -personally-   appreciate, understand, experience and value about my relationship with Jesus is this:

FREE WILL.    -not by force; by invitation..   NEVER by force..  NEVER by over-riding someone's own will, NEVER by manipulating/exploiting/tricking/PRESSURING...  will Jesus enter a human heart.  -period.   he will politely knock, and see if you answer; and he will return at different intervals..   and certainly if you initiate a knock..   he will answer

and I'm tempted here to say, he will answer immediately..   but I sometimes have come to appreciate/experience Jesus as.. 

God knows, if you genuinely want to connect vs. just alleviate your own pain in the moment..


do you know what you end up with... if you have/serve a God, who over-rides your personal free will to enter your heart,   -whether you want him there or not; whether you invite him or not...

       spiritual rape.

and, you really don't even have free will, if the choices are eternal life or hell.

here is the scenario in my imagination: 

a beautiful, perfect temperature lake for swimming in...   on one side.
a huge fire on the other, that if you are thrown in,  will scorch and suffocate you to a painful physical
death.   on which side would you like to spend the day?    -that is not a choice.  come on..

but my actual life experience, speaks very clearly to spiritual warfare here on earth.  

strongholds..   like, addictions, mental/emotional pre-occupations, neuroses,   -being a human slave to any number of chemical or mental/emotional things:  ego, flesh..    -the presence of evil, violence, hate, belittling of others..   harming others..   superiority/usurping the will of others..

and the deliverance from strongholds toward freedom, mental/emotional peace, love..  valuing all life; respecting the will of others..

and one of things I have enormous love and respect for is:


and I repeat here, the way I have  -personally-  reconciled the vast number of different Christian denominations is via the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT, as my NARROW PATH

manifesting the fruits of the spirit in my own life,   and,

observing them as SPIRITUAL LAWS, applicable to ALL OF HUMANITY, despite faith/religious beliefs

they UNITE US ALL:  love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control.

and, I do believe we are supposed to EVOLVE..   and I personally consider the human beings who manifest these fruits of the spirit in their lives,

as more evolved than those who do not.     -and I pray, and wish, and hope that we can help more people EVOLVE

from ego/flesh/   -mastered by,  - a slave to strongholds

to:  spiritually enlightened, caring, loving, patient, kind, selfless, respecting of others, joyful, grateful, creative and productive human beings.

Jesus,  -prayer   -people who teach about Christianity have helped me EVOLVE   -that's my path.  if you are inspired to learn more

Hallelujah! and Amen..      but if you EVOLVE, and manifest the fruits of the spirit by some other means/path..

Hallelujah and Amen!

lastly..    God provided me a beautiful vision in my imagination not too long ago

it had to do with,

life line vs. tug-of-war rope..

and, what I saw, is that..

  -a person asking for... reaching out, for a life line, from a position of drowning in an ocean..   and a life-line was thrown out, and caught...  and the person was pulled, safely to shore.


- two people in a tug of war, with a big rope.   each pulling with all their might, trying to get the other person on their side

and Jesus said to me; communicated to me, in this vision..

when it is a life-line..   throw the rope to the person and pull them safely to shore.

when you are in a tug of war.   just set down the rope.   let them go their way; and you go yours..

In Jesus makes the very best,   best-friend, name..    amen!


Cerebral Hyperlink


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