Thursday, November 03, 2016

The Entire Nation Should Boycott and not vote at all... dreams (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is just a dream, ~just a dream.  I do not have the time/energy/resources..   but I just thought to myself, I thought

this election, and the entire political process is so toxic and dysfunctional..   trying to vote our way back to a healthy political climate will take several generations..

but, what if..

what if, like,  The Entire Nation of registered voters united in a boycott..   and no one voted at all.

In my imagination, this would be heard more clearly,  and get results much quicker, than the current trajectory we are on..

  -wish I would have thought of it sooner...

such a potential activist...

as it stands now, it feels like a lose/lose situation.    voting does not feel like an honor or privilege, it feels like a contribution to, or condoning of,  the toxic/dysfunctional system that exists write now.

...  in the day dream files...
November 2016.    


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