Saturday, October 29, 2016

"VICTORY WARRIORS!" congratulations! from (me!) sandra, tvgp

  now, the opening night game..   while some of you might be tempted to think their loss had something to do with the other team's strength, consistent basket-making, and the warriors temporarily un-energized defense, and un-synergized offense

-we- know..    in the super-natural, that..   well, my sister and I were not wearing our shirts and watching together..

but we do not live or park there.   we move..   


and, speaking of...      did you see?!  that?!       and, it appears, that our

our, as in,    us fans + the actual warrior players

we,   -as in, the same as mentioned above.    we are getting our groove back..  our moves back!

our..   watch us WIN! n' them lose knack.

oh no!  I feel a cheer leadin' song comin' on:

/somebody get me a skirt and some pom poms..


my imaginary bettin' money says..   Our Golden State Warriors will not lose to spurs a second time.  and, will win again tomorrow..

and win again, many games after that...

"to the exciting season ahead!"      clink glasses. take big sip.  touch heart. point to God.  "cheers & amen!"


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