Saturday, October 29, 2016

mesmerized & hypnotized! (me!) sandra, tvgp

literally. in that order.   -only moments prior I was dashing this way and that, to capture different angles of the kids on the tour   -with my eyes, for the future tour, as I did not have my camera with me

and when we entered under the old oak and they all sat in the plastic chairs under the canopy

I stood to the side.   and my eyes glanced across from write to left; left to write   -it was all new to me.   what were we here for?    and then I slowed down my glance and stopped to read..

    ... something about...      about birds...  

and the kids were asked to be on the quiet side by the speaker..   and the speaker, I noted immediately, was experienced when it came to talking to young children..    I could tell by the way she leaned in and down, made eye contact, engaged them so directly with her volume and tone.

and perhaps on the first and even second glance my eyes missed..   because it was slightly tucked back, in the shadow and a bit camouflaged in the larger environment, but eventually my eyes

-locked- eyes with it.   I mean locked.    have you ever had that happen?   usually we glance at each other..   our eyes move a little when we talk and listen...   or there is a soft hold; polite in nature, that just lets the other know you see them.. you hear them..    you mutually acknowledge one another; that kind of thing

but when you lock eyes..    that's when your eyes meet and  -freeze.  and there is something that even surpasses a stare.   it is a fixation of sorts..

and me and this

gorgeous!   sensational!    amazing!    wow of a feathered creature, with giant golden eyes, and..

so quiet..   so still...     and yet so powerful in presence...!     what am I looking at here?   

     -and our eyes were mutually locked for the entire time these thoughts crossed my mind.

and I have no way to prove it, but..  I'm certain I didn't blink.   -that is, until

             oh my Good God, ...   don't do that...  

what a slow blink this gorgeous creature has!    part of me wondered if it wasn't in fact... not real.

something artists could create..     a life-like version...    

but..   I slowed my blink down, and blinked back.    I was imitating...    and I found myself taking one or two more steps closer..

locked eyes. staring.  slow blinking.     and, then..    how close am I allowed to get to this amazing, gorgeous creature?     -and I asked a couple questions of the care-taker, speaker, that brought the creature to the nursery

there was effort required on my part to even break my eye-contact so I could talk to..

Nancy, I think her name is.    and, "what is this owl's name?"

and she explained..   as a scientist. she is a scientist.   -that, they do not name the owls.  not in a personal way, only identified with scientific category names

so, to my understanding, I was looking at

  -I mean, more accurately, I had been mesmerized and hypnotized by

one of the largest owl's in the world. an eurasion eagle owl..  is how scientists identify it

and not, like

well, I just have to name creatures.   I am a poet, not a scientist.   we like to connect.  

not just observe.   but nancy,

/and thank goodness I do not have to describe her to you as...  
       Animalia                  Chordata
      Homo                                                               sapien   

but, nancy,  -she explained the reason they don't name them, like pets, is because

well, they are not pets.   they belong in the wild world, and to the wild world, not to humans,

and so,

the not-naming is born from a personal science community moral code which is noble in intention, motivation and gesture:

responsibility. respect. reverence.

so, from their scientific perspective; not naming is a form of honoring our responsibility to respect the fact we don't own them like pets  

but we are responsible to protect them; which is a form of revering..

-that's my take on what she explained.

and what happen write about this time in our conversation, was that I turned around, and..


like, all the kids were gone.   and Anthony..   the tour-guide for that particular tour..   gone.   they had all moved on to the next part of the tour, and I was not even conscious of the fact they had all left..

20+ children! walked write past me..

I was so engaged, enthralled, mesmerized by this perfectly quiet and still slow blinking beautiful feathered oval shaped

-I locked eyes one last time.    I telepathically said:

you just hypnotized me!    -good job.      and then I slow blinked back a pleasure meeting you to the eurasion eagle owl and verbalized a big "Thank You!" to the kind homo sapien speaker/teacher/scientist

and then when hunting for where all those beautiful children went..

In Jesus...  Thank God Jesus has a name! name..   amen!

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