Saturday, October 22, 2016

celebrity spotting at Barones.. by (motown!)

but I keep lettin' Jesus get a hold of (me!), and..

-because the potential for sadness/depression to set in:  with Barones music under the stars season coming to an..

and, the days becoming so much shorter, and it getting dark so early..      and..    why isnt my sister here..

but I held those thoughts captive! put 'em through the holy filter.    and, instead of missing out on the feast of blessings write in front of me..  I enjoyed them!   every moment..  every conversation...   every friend..  the live band.. 

really. pride &; joy..  the perfect climate! the lit trees..  the outdoor dance floor PACKED with happy dancing people..     and my heart is filled with big "Thank You's" again..    motown! i feel so blessed and lucky..   and arturo (sp?).. michael,  steve, shirley, ken, ..   sheila..   you really helped me navigate through..  all the behind the scenes..   and the magic..      -it is the kind of thing you just want to never stop

and for the first time ever,  -exactly because I didn't want the night to end..  I joined the group that heads over to New York Pizza afterward..  stretched out the evening "Thank You!" alexander, ken, steve..   barones friends I know by face, and not by name...  

  and may I stop to tell you here:  -I sat write next to a trump supporter.  so, co-existence is possible.   and I wont go gettin' too political or religious on you, but

all i'd like to point out is:  if you prelude all these political events with great live music, alcohol and dancing in the great outdoors..  add pizza.   everyone seems to get along.  pay attention to that  -okay.

/she says with a smile.

and there is live music and dancing at other places over winter..  but there is no place like Barones and so..

and maybe last night was the last night of the season, if next Thursday it rains.. or maybe there is still one more     ~an awesome Halloween Costumed music under the stars finale..

but, I'm already counting down to next year..     and, turns out there was no brand new irresistible dance hit song this season..   uptown funk still reigns as THE SONG that packs the floor, widens the smiles, animates the moves..   and power springs everyones arms up toward heaven..

"... don't believe me..  just watch!"

I would love to have birds eye view video of the dance floor during that song..

  I say, "Jesus..   feel free to play with time, and fast forward me to may 2017!"

anyway...  before I close,  -believe I have bragging writes to share with my son, and baseball fan family & friends..

Motown pointed out..    at the table write next to us..   and later, write next to us on the dance floor:

Baseball Hall of Famer:  Rickey Henderson.     -he's got moves on the dance floor too.   and fun to learn Motown has his autograph in his own collection of great memories,  from ...    not sure what year?   but,

I understand that joy.

dear joe & Maricela barone... & Thursday night team,   "thank you!" again..

In Jesus loves a happy gathering Name, amen!


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