Monday, October 17, 2016

I AM A BOOK. (me!), sandra, tvgp

what we have, are pre-blogger policy & procedures still being used in a post-blogger world.


-this is the best way to think of it:   each blog post is a mini-book of sorts. and each online reading venue, as a book store.     so, dear editors & publishers,

no book store owner would suggest that if I sell my book in their store, that I cannot sell my book in any other book store.   the point; the goal

would be to have my book in as many book stores, on as many book shelves as possible;   -yes.

my posts, then, are BOOKS.    so it seems silly to me, for anyone to suggest, that if they are posted here

they cannot be posted there.


ran into this problem, as some of you know,  -indirectly, with the 9 year blog/comment relationship on leonard stegmann's blog.    once he agreed to publish with..    amazon (?), I think it was

he had to, per agreement,

eliminate the posts from his own blog.    /and therefore, 9 years worth of my entertaining comments too.


I think this rule needs to change  -yesterday!    and above, is the best way to explain why..

this whole, exclusive non-sense..       it is from a pre-blogger era.

readers naturally go to different online sites, the same way they visit different book stores..
and I would never expect to find that I could only buy glass castle, for example, in one book store

and not any others.    -the book should be on the shelf in every book store I enter..

who else knows I'm write again....   

and who can help make the change...

In Jesus,  even the bible evolved from old to NEW TESTAMENT name...     amen! 


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