Sunday, October 16, 2016

hey Dad.. you were close... sees (me!), your archivin' daughter

over the years, on random and cerebral hyperlinked inspired occasions, the following would take place:

dad:  "my sister,  -your aunt tina..   she invented tie-dye..     was part of the hippie revolution..  and invented tie-dye..    was one of the very first people..."

(me!)/sister/brother:   "...  mm, hmmm, really.   she invented tie-dye...   okay.   -if you say so..   that's pretty awesome.."

/and then we wink at each other, and look back at our dad and smile.    he has a reputation for being a bit of a revisionist..


BUT! to his credit, you can see here, where the story originated:  it was in Business Week, January 24, 1970.   And that is my aunt tina, my dad's sister,  -model, for Smooth Tooth, Inc.

and, i am post-poning for now, my dissertation on the interdependent ecosystem of the artist/executive/consumer.  



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