Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BRAGGING WRITES for (me!) sandra, tvgp/writeousmom

 " -did you see my son up there?    -what do you mean which one?!   the best looking and funniest one..    "


still smiling from last nights HOMECOMING SKITS at Amador Theater.  Always a BLAST!  Fun class rivalries..   Freshman vs. Sophmores vs. Juniors vs. Seniors..   always entertaining, and yielding nothing but 1 + hour of smiles, laughter and cheers..      Ive come to prefer it at the Amador Theater vs. the stage at the fairgrounds, and..     -not revealing the winner until homecoming?   -keep us all in suspense?!?  

      no suspense really, we all know who the winner is:    "Juniors! #1!"


and speaking of winners!   I happen to know a few...

my co-worker friend, Gerry Schoon,  1 FIRST PLACE, and 2 SECOND PLACE in the recent Mount Diablo Rose Society and Alden Lane Nursery Fall Rose Show & Competition.  And pleasure to learn the rose that earned Gerry 1st Place, is named the David Lowell, -after a beloved and local Livermore Rosarian, now deceased, but who is responsible for hybridizing this particular rose.  Apparently he never named it..   so,  -it is the write thing to do:  The David Lowell Rose..



"Congratulations!!"  also, to my California State Record Breaking, Power Lifting friend:  Chris Lampson!   ..just broke 3 state records in a recent power lifting competition, and is now in training to do the same on a national level

   -really, he is strong, and handsome, and..   engaged...    and! he..    cooks the best meals, and creates some of the best desserts ive ever tasted..       so "congratulations!" on all that too..

/that's Chris, with..   my mountain man...  at the fairgrounds last year.    /tattoos & kilts, I find it hard to recover..


but you know I owe you such a big "THANK YOU!" here too, for the recent surprise visit, and..  being able to facetime talk to my sister, niece & nephew!!..    oh! to SEE them.. and not just hear their wonderful voices..    I do not yet have such a fancy phone..    but we are living in great times! and being able to SEE who I'm talking to...     still in awe..


and God do I miss each of you..   and feel it even more pronounced with Warrior Season beginning, Barones Season ending...


In Jesus is so proud of each of you,  's  name,    amen!


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