Monday, October 03, 2016

parable of the couch sale, as experienced by (me!) sandra, tvgp

be the change you wish to see in the world   -ghandi


now, if you are in sales, you most likely have quotas to meet, and there are in fact, a number of very solid reasons to meet them:  stay in business; keep your job; feed your children.

I know that.  I understand.

and yet, I personally cannot sell things I KNOW are wrong to sell to people, for one reason or another, even though, making the sale/making the numbers is that important.

I prayed on this.

and there have been times, I let a sale go, and watched someone else make a sale, that of good conscience I could not make.     -I remain open here, to their good conscience ='ing,

keep my job/feed my children.   and so,

I know; I understand.  I just cant do it myself.

I prayed some more.

the very next day, a customer shared with me, that his elderly mother had just been taken by a fast talking sales person at a furniture store in a different city,  and ended up with a couch she not only didn't need, and didn't have space for, and couldn't afford;

but she literally couldn't even get in and out of.

he was justifiably upset.    and apparently there was quite a headache and several obstacles ahead trying to return this couch.  I have not seen him since, to follow up.


but, as I listened, I realized..   

well, I'm glad I'm not the type of person who can sell something to someone when I know damn well, it is not the write thing to do.

and I spiritually received the timing of this conversation with the upset son of the elderly mom who had just been financially taken    -as a sign from God, and the sign was

"Thank You!"     thank you for not being like that.


and yet I realize in this capitalistic free market culture we live in..     the pressure from the idea, to the manufacturing, to the distribution, to making the sale..


the upshot:   and I switch here to explaining (only 1 of many reasons why)  I am voting for Hillary Clinton, and not Donald Trump

it is my personal assessment, that

Trump knows how to sell couches without any regard for WHO...  in fact, without any regard for who,  what, where, when or why

he makes the sale.  period.  he can convince; he can persuade; he can fast talk; he can bully; he can say what you need to hear in the given moment; he can manipulate; he can exploit.  he can make the sale with  no concern for aftermath.    and if you want to return the thing you didn't need or really want in the first place

good luck.

being a top sales person requires a certain skill set.     being the president, leader, representative of the United States of America to leaders, statesmen, governments, militaries, schools, communities, families, individuals around the world

 requires a different skill set.   I do not want the United States of America being regarded as a fast-talking, manipulative, care about the sale/money,  but not about the people or the aftermath kind of country

I want the United States of America to CARE ABOUT PEOPLE more than money.

and it sure seems to me, that all the people who have been sold on the idea of voting for trump,

well,  it is my personal assessment, that you are at high risk of getting a president you don't need, don't really want, don't have space for, can't afford;

and then after you make that discovery;  can't get rid of.   

In Jesus name I sure do pray...       amen!


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