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original post 06/13/2008:

"you need to tape the big idea, with donny doosh... YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT" my sister tells me." -and i tried. i dvr'd it... watched flashy, busy blue lights, monitors and whatnot in the background, people talking really fast, almost yelling.. and saw some girl who has an exclusive dating service of some sort.. millionaires only

-completely, utterly; not my thing.

"try again," my sister tells me, "i watch it every night.. it gives me a good feeling watching people succeed.. and i'm not even a business person or anything, i don't have million dollar ideas. i don't know why i'm watching it actually.." -and she paused, reflected, then said, "maybe i'm watching it for you -you've got to write in"

and so i taped it again. watched 10 minutes.. not my thing.

i'm a charlie rose girl.. peaceful black, non intrusive background. long, uninterrupted conversations with a natural cadence, but still,

i taped another episode.. caught some valuable information at 95mph... taped it one more time.

and do you know who was on THE BIG IDEA with DONNY DEUTSCH the next time i watched it?

Dr Maya Angelou! -donny's credibility.. credibility for this fast paced, busy, loud show, the big idea shot up immediately.

and i've been watching here n' there ever since. -have sent several emails.

i do have a big idea. i have heard my million dollar voice..

but what shocks me is everytime there is a guest on who credits tradeshows with their success.

my experience could not be more opposite or removed.

TRADESHOWS ARE COUNTERPRODUCTIVE, COSTLY & EVIL. -that's my tradeshow experience.

whole lotta money, time, energy to be ignored by buyers while having my PRODUCT STOLEN by liars and thieves. television hosts LYING and SCREWING ME OVER ROYALLY

-that was my tradeshow experience. i will never do one again. i would discourage any small business person with a great idea to STAY AWAY

my experience is that TRADESHOWS are for the large corporations already established -the big chains. the big chains who can easily afford the big spaces send their people around to steal from the little guys. -that's my tradeshow experience.

and while i'm here venting.. i have a dream. my dream is that a producer from oprah, or donny deutsch, or someone, anyone.. can get a hold of the television segment where carol duval SCREWS ME OVER on HGTV. The Carol Duval Show #1539. -see if anyone will release it/good luck.

the products i was told to send in... the handmade, one of kind, mag time frames, showcasing lots of different craft materials, styles, utilities and designs -that i mailed UPS, and could prove were received and signed for..

mysteriously lost. -had to send them twice. did everything... handmade everything TWICE.

i was a) never invited on the show to showcase my own product, like so many others get to..

b) told my product would be ONLY ONE OF THREE shown on a PRIME TIME SPECIAL

but what actually happened is that i sent lots of kits and handmade designs NEVER SEEN AGAIN -AND NEVER SEEN ON HER SHOW. my product -barely mentioned- name ever mentioned? AND THE KIT NEVER SHOWN -face down on the counter!! it was on a regular show, not a PRIME TIME show, and with like, 25 other products -NOT TWO OTHER-

it was the biggest rip-off... i just ached, ached, and think i even got physically sick after seeing how royally i got screwed.

meanwhile everyone i see is telling me i need a patent. do i have a patent. i must get a patent.

and that is a whole 'nother expensive, horrible, bullshit process. -bullshit of the highest degree. i will go to my grave knowing i deserved one; go to my grave knowing mag time frames earned/deserved both utility & design patents -but i spent (sorry.. that would be my EX-husband..) -big bucks pursuing.. each letter, drawing, explanation costing more and more..

until not enough money to argue on my behalf anymore.

so no patent; and a chapter 13.

in my heart of heart of heart of hearts i know this: mag time frames are WONDERFUL, NOVEL, AWESOME, CLEVER, FUN, CREATIVE -and nothing was in, around or on the market that was anything like it before i introduced mag time frames to the marketplace. refrigerator magnets were pretty much the only gig. -since 2003.. lots of magnet decor stuff.

i worked LONG -LONG & HARD- experimenting with foundations, metals, magnet strengths, -long and hard finding a way to streamline this process for the creative consumer

long and hard explaining this new concept to store owners, craft designers..

my family/friends long and hard helping with packaging, boxing, shipping.

it is so simple.. it is so simple because i worked so long and hard behind the scenes.

my reward? thieves at the tradeshows. liars on tv. chapter 13.

no one would ever let me on QVC... and the scrapbook show... the amount of times, and geography of places they said the show would air, vs. when & where it actually did: HUGE DISCREPANCY -no coverage as latest/greatest product with the major magazine editors -despite them telling this to me over the phone and in person.

PRINT ADS: my own huge financial mistake and lesson. i paid way too much for print ads. print ads may or may not work for other products, -but for a new idea.. a new idea, that needs explanation/demonstration: print ads are a waste of time and money.

i could demonstrate at a workshop and sell more kits in 20 minutes than with 12 months of ads.

-anyway- i dropped off some custom mag time frames to a friend yesterday. a friend who doesn't know the hell i've already been through over the past 5 years

-you really need a patent- she said -i don't want to see you get taken advantage of-

-this is a wonderful idea- -very creative- -you should talk to the scrapbookers..-

and I KNOW IT'S A WONDERFUL IDEA! i've been punished for it.

and so -i started to get all worked up again last night... all pissed off again at the thieves, the liars, the patent i deserve but don't have.. at carol duval.. at the bullshit of the arts/craft tradeshow.. the whole fuckin industry

and then i watched a movie: 10 questions for the dalai lama, and immediately -okay- well, not immediatly, but

slowly. slowly i began to detach.. to feel peace again. i am very proud of mag time frames. i'm grateful to my brother for the idea of the create-your-own kit. i am very proud of the experimenting, the hard work, the rethinking, the trying again and again until i had a create your own kit i felt proud to present to creative consumers

i get great results when i demonstrate, but i am exhausted. -and so i am just triply, triply grateful for the 14 mintues i was granted by robin fahr. -some praise and orders have resulted from it

but mostly.. it was wonderful to show my product, my way. just having that segment gives me a certain happiness and peace.

i love to design mag time frames and i still keep coming up with new utilities, new styles, new products.. i believe i will be designing mag time frames until my hands and/or body no longer allow.

it is my mission now to find a publisher -an agent/a publisher- to publish a big, thick, beautiful mag time frame book. -and the rest of it- i've let go.

the independent store owner lady who told me "you can teach a class here, but i'm not calling it a mag time frame workshop.. just a craft class - i don't have to call your product mag time frames if i don't want to"

i've let that go. all the buyers/chains i tried to partner with.. collaborate with.. who ignored or rejected (yet borrowed & stole); i've let that go.

learned and let go. -more important to me than public success.. is personal success. and more important to me than vengence is that... well, if i don't become one of them. that is success for me. -not becoming one of the ugly people. -not getting sucked in.

and now what was it that i was going to write about charlie rose?

-- the missing tie? --- i think that was the first time ever i've seen my charlie without his tie on -yesterday- i like him like that.

but that's not it..

oh yeah!

another guest on the show who says (paraphrasing) "writing is painful. terrible. hard."

and charlie says, "all good writers say that"

and there is some implication.. some implication that if you enjoy writing, maybe it's because you're not good at it

but i LOVE writing AND i'm think i'm pretty good at it.

the difference for me is blogs vs. newspapers or magazines.

to write for a specific audience; to write within a certain word count; to edit for political correctness; or to artificially add drama for shock value/attention

it is hard to write this way.

but let me write what i want, when i want, how i want; and not at all when i don't have anything to say

and writing; better than sex.

not better than an orgasm. but better than sex.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger FLRXMAN said...

sometimes you got to not hold back and just be really pissed off, to hell with all the dumb fuckers and shit heads.

You are more than just a little good at writting, you are fucking awsome.

The sex part made me bust out laughing. Also brought to mind something I have been meaning to blog about (whenever I get around to really writing again) When it comes to Orgasms, women have better orgasms but men have more of them (or I am doing something wrong, but that is a different train of thought) so which is better quality or quantity. I think it is quality, so I am envious of the female orgasm, does that mean I have vagina envy?

At 4:09 PM, Blogger KarmaLennon said...

Your mag time frames fucking tock. I LOVE mine. And writing is way better than sex, it's the most amazing form of release....Have you read Anais Nin? I just picked her up and I'm completely intoxicated. She write like I do at times.

At 7:38 AM, Blogger she said...

8": thank you! and thank you! and you made me laugh write back..

men with quantity; women with quality.. made me think of two things. first.. jack handey's article "how things even out"

and next the fabulous/humorous lines i got to say when i was in the vagina monologues: 'bout how the clitoris is simply a bundle of nerves. - 8,000 nerve fibers to be precise - "TWICE, TWICE, TWICE the number in the penis," and then

"..who needs a handgun when you've got a semiautomatic"

karma: thank you! (and hey.. you've been in the vagina monologues.. isn't that line hilarious! -so many awesome monologues

and yes! i love the writing.. very real, very raw, that you are doing on your blog. great release AND it helps with personal insight/introspection/growth

plus such a joyful high

"to blogs! and blog friends!"

love all around, ~s.

At 7:41 AM, Blogger she said...

-and, karma.. not yet familiar, but ALWAYS appreciate good book/author testimony; i'm adding anais nin to my "check it out" list

thank you!

At 4:39 AM, Blogger tine b said...

good luck dear

At 6:42 PM, Blogger she said...

tine b/my wild flower friend..

always great to hear from you
-just look at how your confidence in me exudes from your comment

fear not blogger friend!

i quote here from jason mraz

lyrics from his (awesome) cd, "waiting for my rocket to come"

song 3, titled (quite appropriately):

the remedy ( i won't worry)

now sing it with me ~ slow, loud and strong ~

" can turn off the sun

but i'm still gonna shine.. "

love from cali ~s.

At 5:50 PM, Blogger The Dalai Dog said...

Best. Line. Ever.

"and writing; better than sex.

not better than an orgasm. but better than sex."

At 9:50 AM, Blogger she said...

dd: thank you!! i remember quite vividly the occasion in which i learned the distinction ")


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