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fruit of the spirit:  self -control.    self control, self control...   self control

wait..   be patient..   hang in there...   only three days.  only 2 days...  only 1 more day...

AND NOW AT LAST!!    Now that my daughter has opened her surprise,
I can share it with all of you:    /Dear God, that was a looooong 5 days!


AYESHA CURRY TO THE RESCUE:   K.  this is how it went down.  my daughter is a HUGE Ayesha Curry Fan.   And!  She also enjoys being in the kitchen; learning how to cook..   

if you've read (me!) for any amount of time, you know..   while i do many things, -cooking is not one of them. when i'm in the kitchen and see an oven, i don't think dinner, i think "shrinky dinks!"

anyway..     my daughter was headed back to college on the 22nd, but Ayesha Curry was appearing in Danville on the 26th.     - I prayed the obvious prayer..

but when i contacted Michael at Rakestraw Books..   this free/make reservations event was SOLD OUT.   -he advised i show up anyway, on the in-case someone couldn't make it and a seat might be open.  -so i showed up.

also, if you've read (me!) any amount of time, you know my ability to lie, is write up there with my ability to cook.  so, i'm not able to do the, "press pass",   or name-drop,  or sneak through the door when no one is lookin' kind of things.    when the greeter asked if i had a ticket...   even though a few ideas/lies/stories very slowly/awkwardly passed through my mind, what came out of my mouth:

"no.  i don't have a ticket, but i was told to show up anyway, on the in-case someone else doesn't show"

and then she kindly directed me away from the entrance door, and off to the side with the other group of no ticket hopefuls.    just look how cute and hopeful we all are:

and we chit-chatted, got to know one another a little bit, and bonded over our mutual experience/common love for autographed books; Ayesha Curry; The Warriors; /and for the others; cooking..   and we shared stories about the type of people who can sneak their way in..
vs. us..     who have only hope.   and as time passed and our excitement grew, we realized

-we started to realize,    -like, hey!  everyone with a ticket is already inside the church..  that means WE WILL GET TO SEE AYESHA ENTER THE BUILDING..   we don't even want to go inside..

and that's when it dawned on (me!),   the bible passage, so i said it out loud..

   "those who are first will go last!  and the last shall go first!   -its in the bible!"     AND JUST LOOK HERE:    exactly because we were last..   and exactly because Betty, the hostess/greeter from Danville Congregational Church extended a very -very!- special invitation,

us hopefuls/last in line got to be FIRST to meet and have a picture with AYESHA CURRY!  -BEFORE! the interview ever took place!   /this post could really use some cool music in the background...

but, really..  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!       /long hair blond/parted on side (?)    /must have sneak skill

AND so, yes, we all got in..    but as testimony to how much we bonded in the hopeful waiting area, when someone said, "what if only 3 of us can get in?"    -someone else,  i think it was zena..  she said, "we'll just sit on each others laps!  we are ALL getting in!"     /these are the type of people i want to clone..

and God helped, i know, with some seat-savin..  because we also ended up, off to the side, but very near the front..   and got to thoroughly enjoy, and soak up every word of the conversational style interview between Margo True and Ayesha Curry.      

and one more time.. if you've read (me!) for any length, you also know..  i have been audience to, about ...   a ...  gazillion interviews; round high, and so, this qualifies me to say,

her conversational style interview with Ayesha was..      -receives my highest praises!   She did an extraordinary job asking/listening/guiding the conversation..   

and Ayesha..    she is as delightful, beautiful; gracious in conversation as she is in appearance.   i'm grateful she is on my daughters admiration list. 

and, then..   of course the bonus for (me!), for everyone..  is the meet/greet/sign/picture taking opportunities after the interview..  and, i could go on and on, but i'll just post the pictures here:

and so i raced home, had the pictures printed..   got them all organized in a frame..   and wrapped it up, along with the personally inscribed cook book by AYESHA CURRY! to my daughter   /and might i mention here..    there is no way to make out her name from her signature, so these pictures help with that too:

 and then have been bursting at the seams..   for her surprise to arrive; and have her open it..    so i could SHARE THIS POST..       WOO HOO!!

i love you baby!


AND PUBLIC "THANK YOU'S" here to:    Rakestraw Books/Michael & team; to Danville Congregational Church/Betty; to (name?) nice lady who hosted hopeful/waiting area; to Margo True from Sunset Magazine; to AYESHA CURRY & her team, of course..    AND to my new friends and sisters in hope:  loved meeting each of you!   And always, always.. "Thank You!" Jesus..

and speaking of hope:   zena, my new sister friend..  she is part of an organization providing more than hope for others:   check it out here:

and lastly..    i have mentioned i'll be visiting a different church every sunday i go to church for the upcoming year.   upon hearing the introduction/welcome by the current pastor at Danville Congregational   "... when we say everyone is welcome here we mean..   no matter your education, no matter your political affiliation, no matter your orientation, no matter what you wear, no matter where you are at in your spiritual walk...   everyone is welcome here"

i will definitely be there very soon.   "Thank You!"   for hosting this amazing, very memorable, very inspiring, very exciting experience

In Jesus obviously loves a good book name...    hallelujah & amen!


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At 2:12 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

She signs her books: ♥Ayesha
You captured the evening so well, Sandra. We were the fortunate ones to have met each other that evening and got the special first meet with Ayesha Curry. We are blessed! - Donna

At 2:13 AM, Blogger Donna Lee said...

She signs her books: ♥Ayesha
You captured the evening so well, Sandra. We were the fortunate ones to have met each other that evening and got the special first meet with Ayesha Curry. We are blessed! - Donna

At 5:18 PM, Blogger reverendgdo said...

So fun to read. Hope to meet you some day. I'm the "other" and interim pastor who was not here that evening :(


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