Monday, September 26, 2016

THE ALDEN QUILT RENDEZVOUS as experienced by (me!) sandra, tvgp

THAT'S WHAT IT IS!   "... very,  ~romantic."   this union, this pairing, this coming together,  -of fine art and venue.  how beautifully they meet:   colorful designer quilts and the big oak trees

under a perfect blue sky, with a gentle breeze sweeping quilt and alden lane appreciators write off their feet.   yes.  in one word:  romantic.   the way everyone strolls through alden lane with a smile on their face..    soft whispers of ooohs and ahhhs making their way from the entrance to the greenhouse, from the maples to the succulents, and everyone is so in love with alden's

"OAK! trees.."    

that's what it is..  romantic! to see these magnificent quilts in the great outdoors  -sending each other compliments all day long; nature flirting with fine art

"... hello darling...  you can hang from my branch anytime...  "

~ just look at that great big oak with a string of beauties...

yes. it was romantic, and beautiful, and colorful, and fun..   and inspiring!  to see the sun shine on these quilts vs. a spot light. to see the flowers, trees, plants,open sky, serve as a backdrop vs. an enclosed gallery of walls.    alden lane as venue, has a natural way of elevating the aesthetic value of each and every quilt; and each and every quilt has an artistic way of elevating the natural beauty of every living thing at alden lane.

and they have been meeting like this   -annually; for how many years now?

so, it just keeps growing; this exciting weekend romance..     and, if you missed it

jot rendezvous at alden lane September 2017 in your secret garden notebook write now

and seal it with a kiss.



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