Saturday, September 24, 2016

Don't be surprised. says (me!) sandra, tvgp

(me!):  "Shirley, at work..   she says to me, 'You're such a dreamer... 

daughter:  "..  remember when Robin Williams was gonna be my step-dad.."

(me!):  "well, the ONLY reason that dream didn't come true, was because we never met..  had he met me..     

daughter:  "oh.  yeah.  ~because you never met..     of course."

(me!):   "and all I'm sayin' now..   about me & Russell crowe..   is well,

don't be surprised, is all i'm sayin'..    if you get a postcard from me from Nana Glenn..


I am very convinced...   when it comes to determining a person's health and well being


the doctors with their thermometers, and stethoscopes and needles for extracting blood, and containers for collecting body fluids..


how I take my own temperature:

can I still dream?   can I be playful?   do I respond to art and beauty?    am I dancing?

writing?   being creative?

laugh? when its funny..     cry? when it hurts...        ;love.

    -then all is very well with my soul.

TYJ!  amen..


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