Sunday, September 18, 2016

great tastin' tomatoes @ (alden lane!) photos by (me!) sandra, tvgp

who knew?!  not (me!)

 there are over 40 different varieties of tomatoes grown write in the farm at Alden Lane
 and this being harvest season..   they share the wealth of the yield by hosting an annual
free.  ~come one; come all...
 tomato tasting event.    Excellent response from the community!   That's Diane..  Tomato Guru
highly knowledgeable about all things tomato and happy to answer any questions..

I eavesdropped on lots of Q&A between Diane and Alden Lane Customers..    -how much I retained vs. heard I will not confess

the number one question I was asked,  "Which is your favorite?"

and, I'm not being polite, or inauthentic or ungenuine, when I tell you

"i love them all!"    -but for different reasons.    -of the ones I tasted, I thought some would be great for salad, others on a burger, others to eat like an apple,  -this one for skoozi bread; that one with mozzarella...

and the heartier ones for BLT's.   and for the very first time ever..   in my life..

I wondered, what tomato do they use at CafĂ© Main when they make those BLT's I love?  ive always focused on the B, which I prefer crispy and peppery.   perhaps paired with the Ace Tomato..  yes!

its too much to learn all at once..   this tomato for pastes; this one for salsas..

this one to snack on..  and speaking of;   ~very popular, the little sugar sun, and sun gold tomatoes.

and there were two types I thought..   even if you don't eat them, they should just be adorning your table because they are so..    ?...    enjoyable to look at.  such a pleasure just to glance at:  all texture~y and intriguing.   the big rainbow and something(?) that starts with a C... ~genovese

all in all, it was another great time and experience to be a part of at Alden Lane, so

"Thank You!"

IJN,   amen


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