Thursday, October 06, 2016

TOP QUALITY yeah, that's (me!) sandra, tvgp

gotta share a little magic moment from alden lane yesterday.   electric cart training!  


alex:  "why is it you asked to be trained to drive the carts?"

(me!): "because I want to be cross-trained so that I can contribute in as many areas as possible. I want to be able to jump in and help as a carry-out

-and one day, I want to help with kids tours, and birthday parties, and dance lessons.."

alex:  "dance lessons?    we don't have dance lessons here?"

(me!):   "not yet.."

alex:  "okay.   well, we only let top quality people train to drive the carts.  how do I know you are top quality?"

(me!):  "......     because.....     because you are agreeing to train me, which means you have already assessed me as being top quality...   and you are a very wise person of great discernment...?  "

alex:  "would a top quality person show up to work with their shirt on straight and buttoned correctly?"

(me!):   ".....           oh no, ............   I did it again.  my shirt is not buttoned correctly is it?"

/two buttons off, left side hanging slightly low..     -immediate repair.


alex:   "we have five senses...    [counts his fingers] one, two, three, four, five.."

/and I did not interrupt here to explain how we have way more than five..

  -which sense do you think is the most important when driving the electric cart?

(me!):   "the sensation of the wind blowing through my hair...."      

alex:  "that is not a sense...     which sense do you think is the most important..?"

(me!):   "vision."

alex:  "correct."   [abundance of cautions, warning, safety instructions, operating instructions; key, pedal, green switch...]   "and now I want you to drive over to the desk there, as straight as you can, make a turn, and drive back here"

(me!):  "um, this is gonna sound terrible, and might make you nervous, but...   what desk? I don't see a desk"

alex:  "look straight ahead..   straight ahead...    that   -it doesn't look like it, but that is a desk."

(me!) sign of cross. turn key write. click green switch to forward.  press on pedal...

go!   "it's like I always tell my children....

                                                                  safety first!

                                                                                     thrill seeking second.....!"

alex:  "no thrill seeking."

and I passed that test, and then was instructed on driving in reverse.

alex:  "now go to the desk, and drive all the way back here as straight as you can; in reverse."

and I did.  straight to the desk.  green switch to reverse position.   looking backward over my write shoulder.. and gently stepped on the pedal...    and with a jolt, started driving backwards..

and saw out of my peripheral an 18 wheeler heading directly where I was about to cross..

"HOLY.... GIANT TRUCK!"     STOP.  green switch to forward.   forward as fast as I can back to  desk.

and so, I passed that test too.    

and, I gave Alex a   -well, I call it a wake up, he calls it a scare.  one very minor, little unexpected wiggle in the wrong direction near the end of my first lesson...

but, no one was injured or permanently scared so...  


and it has got more go, and a steering wheel that needs constant attention, and a very tight turn...   this alden lane carry-out electric cart.  I could tell quite instantly the only way to master this, is through repetition..

practice.  get the feel...     it will take a few errands before I feel completely comfortable and confident.

and I did do one short mock trial carry-out run.  properly lifting several bags of soil, loading the cart..  driving across the nursery, stocking the soil near the registers..

and its too early to suggest such a thing, but

i think the carts should have #'s on them, and sponsor stickers..

#213!  Ghirardelli          -------------------there SHE goes....


public "thank you!" here to Cyndee/Alex for the privilege...  

i am only being playful.   -i will be very responsible; promise..    safety first!

                                                                                                                      thrill seeking second.

In Jesus would have loved an electric donkey cart name,   amen!


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