Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Prayers for Family/Friends of 25 year old who commited suicide. from (me!) sandra, tvgp

cerebral hyperlink:   that could have been (me!).     every time, which is too often, over the past several decades; each time I learn about someone who has commited suicide, the thought surfaces

that could have been (me!).   ive already written about it, so wont go on and on.   but the very next thing that passes through my mind

I picture of (me!) with my children.    only possible because I did not commit suicide on the occasions I ...     

and in fact, the amount of awesome life experiences/memories..   joy! ive been able to experience in my adult life..    a whole mini slide show will go through my mind

with the healthy, Godly, reminder..   ALL OF IT ONLY POSSIBLE BECAUSE I DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE.

now,  -from my own experience with this battle; my own perspective:

THE BIG LIE    -worth repeating:

when a person commits suicide it is because what they are feeling in the moment; at the time..

they think that is what they are going to feel like FOREVER

and in fact, if someone was going to feel like that FOREVER, it is true that life would not be worth living.

BUT THE LIE, is that the feeling is forever

THE TRUTH is that the feeling is temporary.   it may last a while, but it will not


so as ive mentioned before:  it is very accurate, the saying  'suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.'

I am a witness.   Praise God, hallelujah!

NOW,   -ive heard many things about, many ideas, regarding how God treats people who commit suicide on the other side..

what I believe is this:  I serve a very loving God.   a merciful, forgiving, understanding, and very loving God

and when a person is in so much physical/psychological pain; and they are stuck there.

unable to see or believe or hope that anything will ever change,

and in that moment, they decide to end their physical life

well, the God I serve, would never further stomp on, or punish,  in any way, a person already experiencing so much pain.   The God I serve

creator of free will

saves with love.    

and the God I serve, is the God of comfort for the family, friends and loved ones of people who commit suicide

because that is devastating, traumatic, and awful..

but that experience is not forever either.   it may last a long time, but it is not forever.

there is life to be lived, and God can love you back into wanting to live it

I speak from personal experience

 in his holy name, 



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