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I have writers overwhelm, and know to release a portion of these cerebral hyperlinks in order to write current/fresh things.

and the first point I need to make, is that the very term, cerebral hyperlink,  -which I use because it seems more accurate than memory trigger   -the very term has become one.   the point I'm hoping to make is..  well, the same way, once you learn how to read a word, you can no longer NOT read the word:   I mean, just try and not read what you've just read.  it becomes so automatic, and you cant unread things..   and the same way that works, so does cerebral hyperlinks.  like, once they exist inside your brain..    but! the reason I prefer the vocabulary hyperlink vs. trigger, is because

-when you read a text passage online with hyperlinks,  the hyperlink exists, but you can CHOOSE whether or not you click on it, and investigate or read further, or SKIP over it, and keep reading the given passage; -write.    and so  -in any given day or week..  because I am 50 years old, the number of hyperlinks in my mind is..     "like, oh my good God!   I cant go one entire day without encountering one!"   and I recently wrote about trying to ignore the Otis spunkmeyer one, but then, add the champagne one, and...    no ignoring anymore.      and look here.   I mean, check this out!:   I do not even take or read traditional newspapers.  so -the only- reason I know about this little clip is because exactly as I was walking through the employee break room at alden lane, my co-worker friend, Anthony,  happen to be reading this passage out loud to a different co-worker friend. I was merely a passerby!  but...   as he read about the 1982 day in history....     well, I had just!  only days prior, maybe a week prior,  -just had the conversation with my daughter, and shared with her, that

ready to follow along?   -her dad; my ex-husband..   -his ex-girlfriend, (and I believe his true love), way before me..  -her dad INVENTED the safety seals we now see on over-the-counter medicines and other things AS A RESULT of this 1982 laced Tylenol case.    and it has been such a long time since I heard this initially...  I wasn't sure if my memory was correct, so I recently confirmed it all with my ex-husband.  yes.   -and apparently,  -the industry had big pockets + a serious need to address any/all concerns this ignited in consumers, and so..     he made a big fortune inventing the safety seals..    like, first commission check, generational wealth...

and having mentioned the cerebral hyperlink to Anthony, he gave me the clip...  and now, look at the clip!   not one, not two, but THREE hyperlinks for me..    1938, reference is what I'm reading about write now in Prague Winter..   /Prague is a cerebral hyperlink, and so is everything in the blurb..    then you have the 1982 reference already mentioned above, but doesn't stop there..   see how the word plumbing is at the bottom, entirely unrelated to today in history..  well, not for me.   PLUMBING is a cerebral hyperlink in my brain too!  and it makes me laugh.., so ive reposted it here for your entertainment:

original post 07/29/2008:

how did it start? how did it start? maybe it was jack asking how to pronounce a word he spotted on a truck parked on the corner of bernal and first:

valley plumbing

integrity before profit

yes, let's say it started like that, jack asking.. and giving it a try out loud..

"what does that word mean, mommy, how do you say it.. plumb-ing?"

lots of emphasis on the "b." -and so i start in on the explaining,

"oh, it's pronounced plum-ing. the b is silent.. why? -because there we go again with the english language.. nothing makes sense, you just have to memorize.. and for every rule they teach you, you'll see it broken the next day"

but taryn has already grabbed the ball and is rolling,

"no, jack, it's plumBer.. valley plumBing"

and i can't help but laugh.

"what do i wanna be when i grow up? why i'm wanna be a plumBER!

they put integrity before profit.. but I, I put the "ba" in plumBing!

here i am, plumBer at your service!"

and now i'm howling and jack is cracking up, adding in,

"oh! plumBer.. i'm going to school to become a plumBer"

and this little skit carries us half way to grandpa's house with the giggles, and now everytime i see the word plumber, i find myself smiling

and everytime i see the word "spring" too, -for which i have leonardstegmann to thank.


and now, go back and see the other picture:   recently met the restaurant manager from

   -heritage estates- is ANOTHER cerebral hyperlink..

and its all too long to post, but type midnight in the garden of good and evil,  and/or type heritage estates, or Bernie burke in the search bar of my blog here...


when I briefly mentioned my heritage estate memories to roger, "i played the flute there!  yes..  twinkle, twinkle, little star..   in my 40's!   -but it was my own arrangement.."

and, "i saved a books life, write in front of heritage estates...    midnight in the garden of good and evil...      great book!"

roger asked me, "what did you learn from reading it?"

well, ill tell you, now, several years post reading it, what stands out.    -how,  the writing!!  the craft!! the way the characters came to life!  -couldn't put it down!     -and, as it was based on real life events..

well, there oughta be a specific vocabulary for it:   something that explains how the readers compassion for the real life tragedy gets almost usurped by the quality/craft of the writing..

every teacher of creative non-fiction writing classes experiences this...       jim ott has a great poem.. where,  -not because the quality of the writing was superb, but rather, there were errors, and he had to stop at some point noticing the errors, and take in the more important fact:  the very real life tragedies that the writer endured in viet nam

anyway,  -some low level guilt about being so entertained by this book, when I re-realized it was based on an actual murder case.  sad; sad; sad...

anyway..   what did I learn?   well, as a writer myself, and a creative non-fiction writer at that

I learned WAY MORE from watching the interview between brian lamb and the author of midnight in the garden of good and evil on cspan, than from reading the book.

and I said, lastly, already, but

this time I mean it:  LASTLY..        -had to free myself from everything above, so I can work on what I really want/need to be working on, which is

-how, computers, and the vocabulary attached, ive mentioned before... NOTHING YIELDS BETTER ANALOGIES for describing/explaining humans.

like, the term default settings..    perfect!   we come with default settings, and some can, and some cannot be overwritten..     that is only ONE of many, many, many examples

BUT! that is true ONLY FOR THE FLESH PART OF HUMANS.   okay.  


so -computers/vocabulary for flesh part of humans  -best analogies/explanations!

but for the SPIRIT part of humans...


best analogies/explanations is the nature/vocabulary/essence of plants, flowers, trees..

and there is a lot id like to write about on this topic.. both of them:

and!   analogy is itself a cerebral hyperlink to hoffstadter and his strange loop book..  so

you can see what effort on my part is constantly required to move forward...  

I could get side-tracked at least 20 times a day!

in Jesus is a cerebral hyperlink too!'s name...    amen!  


At 8:13 AM, Blogger SHE said...


healing from PTSD. a recap:

#1! SLEEP! -full nights sleep. do whatever it takes..

#2! CEREBRAL HYPERLINKS! -proactively create as many as possible.. you cant eliminate traumatic memories, but you can dilute them. I have learned to use this knowledge to my advantage..

At 9:45 AM, Blogger SHE said...

3. re: Tylenol/safety cap/wealth -every fake flower, has authentic roots. there is a clear, identifiable path...


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