Sunday, October 09, 2016

Thems' some awesome avocados! by (erin!) & (nicolette!) -as shared with (me!) sandra, tvgp

".. that.  -is like, the coolest thing ever!"    -my response to learning about my co-worker friends discovery of the gift God placed inside her

now, we all know about God given gifts; -write.   some can swim, some can sing, some can understand/speak foreign languages, some can walk high wires, some can get an entire room of 2 year olds to sit still for a story..

and some can draw, and some can paint..

and ive met a variety of talented sketch artists/painters over the years, and have always been fascinated by the what...   like, once you know you have the talent itself..  then there seems to be more specific  -whats,  unique to the artist.    so, for some painters the what is landscapes; for some, the what they paint is exclusively portraits, for others abstract..  for some a little bit of everything,  on and on..

and for erin..    " I can draw and paint avacados!  like, really well"

it is the funnest thing to listen to her tell the story  -she had no idea.   if I remember it correctly, she had an art class to take to fulfill some general education requirements, and an assignment to draw/paint a still shot

she tried nail polish..   hated the result.   tried some other things and did not like how it was looking/shaping..   and was very frustrated.    -somehow, when she thought to try an easy shape, and choose to experiment with an avocado

like, voila!     -this came easily, naturally, pleasurably..  and, "it's the only thing I ever got an A grade on"

and she has been drawing, painting avocados ever since.    mastering the art of the avocado.   and she can sketch them, paint them at will with a certain level of perfection..

"who knew?!"    -she was so delightfully surprised to learn this about herself..       

and how fun is that.  I have certainly learned over the years, that every human arrives with gifts and talents in different measure, different areas

and it is good here to pay attention to the circumstances that lead up to this personal revelation..

and how happy God must be to see her unwrap and enjoy! the surprise gift he gave her

that is, after all..   what it is for.

In Jesus great gift giving name!     amen!

the avocado paintings in this post are collaborations between erin and her friend Nicolette..  who also has a gift for painting/drawing..

    -pleasure meeting you!

and erin..        thems' some awesome avocados!


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